(A story by ANONYMOUS)

A few weeks into her first year of college, Colleen returned to her dorm room one afternoon and planned to spend the rest of the day studying for a test she was going to take the next morning. She quickly changed out of her clothes, and put on a comfortable pair of denim shorts, and a loose fitting t-shirt. Colleen stood about 5'2" and weighed around 102lbs, with shoulder-length brunette hair. She was somewhat of an athletic girl who enjoyed biking, running, and aerobics whenever she had any free time, and tried to always keep herself in excellent shape.

Colleen grabbed one of her books, and lay down comfortably on her bed on her back, and began reading and studying for her test in the morning. A few minutes later, Colleen's roommate, Michelle, came back to their room.

"Hi Colleen." Michelle said, as she entered the room, and closed the door.

"Hi," Colleen replied, glancing up from her book. "Aren't you back a little early?"

"Yeah," Michelle answered. "My last class was cancelled today. Cool, huh?" Michelle put her books down onto her small desk, and sat down on the edge of her bed. Michelle was a very attractive girl, standing about 5'4" tall, and weighed no more than 110lbs at the most. She had long flowing blonde hair which hung down to about the middle of her back. Michelle was dressed in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, along with white running shoes.

As she sat on the edge of her bed, she looked over at Colleen. "So," Michelle smiled. "What do you want to do?"

"Nothing," Colleen replied, as she glanced up from her book again. "I have to study this afternoon. I have a huge test tomorrow morning, and I'm way behind."

"Come on," Michelle said, as she got up to her feet, and walked a few steps over to the edge of Colleen's bed. "Let's go out." The blonde continued, as she looked down at Colleen, who was still stretched out on her back, trying to read.

"I can't." Colleen replied, getting a little frustrated now with Michelle's interruptions. "I told you... I have to study."

Michelle quickly put her one knee onto the side of Colleen's bed. "I know what we can do," Michelle smiled, as she brought her other leg up and over Colleen's body, straddling the brunette, and kneeling above her stomach. "Let's wrestle around for awhile."

"Get off of me!" Colleen yelled, her book sliding off of her chest, falling off of the bed and down to the floor. "I have to study!" The brunette tried to push the attractive blonde off of her with her hands.

"Too bad." Michelle laughed, as she took hold of Colleen's wrists, and quickly pressed them down to the mattress next to the sides of the brunette's head. "You can study later."

Colleen began to struggle and squirm beneath Michelle, as the blonde sat astride her stomach. "Let me up!" Colleen demanded, as she tried to topple Michelle off of her.

"No way," Michelle smiled, as she slid her cute butt forward just slightly, and pressed her knees down onto Colleen's shoulders. "This is way too much fun."

Colleen was getting extremely angry with her roommate. The brunette just wanted to be left alone for a few hours, but now, she had Michelle suddenly sitting astride her, and pinning her down on her own bed. "Come on Michelle." Colleen said to the blonde, looking up at her. "You're really asking for it......Let me up!"

Michelle just smiled down into Colleen's frustrated face and shook her head no. "If you want up," Michelle laughed, "You'll have to do it yourself." In a very quick move, Colleen's legs came up from behind Michelle, and on the first try, the brunette managed to get her feet between the blonde's arms and the sides of her body. Digging the heels of her bare feet into Michelle's breasts now, the brunette was easily able to push Michelle back off of her, and the blonde suddenly tumbled off of the bed, and fell down to the floor next to it.

As a slightly dazed Michelle tried to get to her knees, Colleen was suddenly all over her. The brunette jumped off of her bed, and grabbed hold of Michelle, forcing the blonde back down to the floor, and rolled her over to her back. Michelle began to squirm around now, but Colleen was way too quick for her. Within an instant, Colleen had straddled the blonde with her legs, and was quickly sitting up astride Michelle's stomach. The brunette took hold of Michelle's wrists, and pressed them down to the floor next to the sides of her head.

As Michelle continued to squirm around on the floor beneath the attractive brunette, Colleen scooted her butt forward slightly on the blonde, and put her knees onto Michelle's shoulders, now completely pinning her roommate down to the floor of their dorm room.

"You should have left me alone." Colleen threatened the blonde trapped beneath her. "I told you I wanted to study."

Michelle continued to struggle, bucking and kicking, and occasionally attempted to bring her long legs up from behind Colleen, just as the brunette did to her. But because of the jeans the blonde was wearing, Michelle's leg's were slightly restricted, and no matter how much she tried, she couldn't quite get them up high enough to wrap around Colleen's body.

As Michelle squirmed on the floor beneath her, Colleen was being forced up even more on the blonde's body, and soon found herself sitting directly astride Michelle's breasts. Michelle continued her struggle, but Colleen realized that she was in no danger of being thrown off of her roommate, and as she kept the blonde's shoulders pinned to the floor under her shins now, she released Michelle's wrists, and put her hands onto her hips while she easily rode the squirming girl's body beneath her.

Colleen slid her knees in a little, and trapped Michelle's head between them. The blonde was now forced to look straight up at her brunette roommate sitting so dominantly astride her breasts. It was becoming obvious to Colleen that the blonde beneath her had no upper-body strength because even with her hands free, Michelle was unable to get her shoulders out from beneath her shins.

Michelle continued to struggle and squirm slightly for a few more minutes, but her body soon became almost motionless as she lay trapped beneath Colleen, completely unable to free herself. Michelle slowly placed her hands onto Colleen's knees, as they pressed up against the sides of her head, just below her ears, and meekly looked up at her apparently stronger roommate.

"Ok," Michelle said, a little out of breath. "You win.... You can study now.... and I won't bother you."

"Too late," Colleen replied, moving her hands off of her hips, and letting them rest on top of her thighs now. You're staying here for awhile." Colleen smiled down into the blonde's face staring back up at her from between her knees. "Besides", Colleen teasingly added, "You look so cute like this."

"Please Colleen?" Michelle seemed to beg. "I give up.... please....let me up?"

Colleen ignored her roommate for the moment, and suddenly slid her butt forward even further on the trapped blonde beneath her, until it came to rest comfortably astride Michelle's throat and neck. Michelle's shoulders were still pinned to the floor, beneath the brunette's ankles now, as she suddenly found herself in a very uncompromising position beneath her roommate.

Michelle felt the warmth and smoothness of Colleen's thighs as they pressed up against the sides of her head, covering up her ears, along with the rough denim from her shorts, as it seemed to surround the sides of her face. Michelle was almost afraid to move now, as her chin and jaw were being pressed up into the crotch of Colleen's jean shorts.

"Please..." Michelle protested softy, moving her mouth and jaw as little as possible. "Please......move back."

"No way!" Colleen laughed, keeping her hands resting on the tops of her thighs, and smiling down into Michelle's cute face stuck firmly between them. "You started this, remember?" Colleen noticed that the book she was reading earlier, before Michelle started to wrestle around with her, was laying on the floor within her reach. Colleen leaned forwards slightly, attempting to grab hold of it, and in the process, the crotch of her denim shorts rode up over Michelle's chin and jaw, and was now just barely an inch above the blonde's mouth and nose. After picking up the book from the floor, and realizing the position she was in above Michelle's face, Colleen quickly decided to humiliate her roommate a little bit, and instead of moving back to sit astride the blonde's throat and neck, the crotch of Colleen's shorts came to rest directly on top of her roommate's mouth.

"MMMffff!!" Michelle moaned, as Colleen now sat comfortably astride her face.

Colleen began laughing as she glanced down between her thighs, only to see the blonde's wide open eyes staring back up at her.

Michelle was motionless on the floor, laying there beneath her roommate in this extremely humiliating and embarrassing position. She felt the crotch of Colleen's shorts seemingly press down harder and harder onto her face, crushing her mouth and nose. Michelle wanted to cry out, but she was too afraid now to even open her mouth. All she could do was occasionally moan and whimper as her roommate completely dominated her now.

And it wasn't long before the tears started to form in Michelle's eyes from the humiliation of being in this erotic position beneath the brunette.

Colleen began bouncing her butt slightly up and down as she sat astride Michelle's face, essentially grinding the crotch of her denim shorts fairly hard into her roommates mouth and nose. A steady flow of tears now ran down the blonde's cheeks as Colleen continued to embarrass and humiliate her roommate beneath her.

After a few moments, which seemed like forever to Michelle, Colleen eventually slid the crotch of her shorts off of Michelle's face, and made herself comfortable again astride the blonde's throat.

She smiled down into Michelle's teary face, stuck between her thighs. The blonde's eyes were closed now as she continued crying and whimpering.

"Why are you doing this to me?" Michelle asked meekly, as she slowly brought her hands in, and rested them onto the tops of Colleen's thighs as they gripped tightly against the sides of her head.

"Because," Colleen replied confidently. "I told you I wanted to study, and you started messing with me." Colleen opened up her book as she sat astride the blonde's throat. "So now, I'm going to study." She began flipping through the pages as her roommate lay motionless on the floor beneath her.

As Colleen read her book while astride her roommate, she could feel Michelle's warm tears flowing onto her thighs as she kept them pressed firmly against the sides of the blonde's head. Michelle continued to lay almost completely still beneath Colleen, whimpering and crying occasionally, as the brunette continued to read through a couple of chapters from her book.

Eventually, Colleen felt her legs getting a little stiff from being in this sitting position astride Michelle, so she decided she needed to stretch her legs. The brunette closed her book, and put it down onto the floor next to her. Colleen put her hands onto the floor, slightly behind her to balance herself, and extended her right leg out in front of her. The brunette quickly did this with her other leg also, and was now sitting right on Michelle's throat, balancing herself with her hands on the floor, her legs extended straight out in front of her now.

In a very quick move, Colleen reached forward, and grabbed Michelle's head by her hair. She began pulling the blonde's head up, forcing her roommates cute face into the crotch of her denim shorts once again.

"MMMffff!" was all Michelle could moan. Keeping hold of the blonde's hair, Colleen rolled off of Michelle, and ended up laying on the floor, with her legs still extended, keeping Michelle's head trapped firmly between her thighs. The brunette locked her ankles together, and began squeezing at the sides of Michelle's head held tightly between her thighs.

Colleen slid her legs down just a little, now getting them wrapped around the sides of the blonde's neck, and continued to slightly increase the pressure of this vice-like grip she held on her roommate.

"If I let you up," Colleen asked Michelle, "are you going to leave me alone, so I can study?"

"Yes," Michelle moaned. "Please....please're hurting me.."

"You better." Colleen warned the blonde, as she unlocked her ankles, and moved her legs away from her roommate, freeing her from this painful vice.

Michelle slowly rolled over to her back on the floor. She brought her hands up and placed them onto her throat and neck. The blonde was still whimpering and crying a little as she lay completely humiliated, embarrassed, and beaten on the dorm room floor.

Colleen was quickly kneeling next to her roommate on the floor as she looked down at her, smiling into her cute, but teary face. The brunette swung one of her legs over Michelle's outstretched body, and was quickly sitting astride her roommate again. Colleen took hold of Michelle's wrists, pulling them away from her throat, and slid up slightly on the blonde, now resting her knees onto Michelle's shoulders.

"There's one more thing." Colleen smiled, as she slid her knees in slightly, and pressed them up lightly against the sides of Michelle's face, against her cheeks, forcing her roommate to look up at her.

"What?" Michelle mumbled pitifully.

"From now on," Colleen said with a demanding tone in her voice as she looked down into her cute roommates face stuck between her knees. "I'm in charge here. Whatever I say...GOES... Understand?"

"Yes," Michelle replied quickly. "Please......stop"

"Good." Colleen smiled, as she released the blonde's wrists. Colleen quickly got up to her feet, and stood astride her sprawled roommate on her back on the floor. Michelle turned her head slowly to the side, unable to look up at Colleen standing above her.

The blonde suddenly felt the brunette's bare foot press down onto the side of her head. "If you ever argue with what I say," Colleen warned her roommate, as she pressed her bare foot down harder onto the side of Michelle's head. "This is going to happen to you again. Understand?"

"OK!" Michelle yelled. "Please......stop!"

Colleen finally removed her foot from Michelle's head, and bent down to pick up her book. The brunette walked over to her bed, and lay down on her back again, and began to read through her chapters, completely ignoring her roommate Michelle, who continued to sob and wimper outstretched on her back on the dorm room floor.