Thirty-Five Years Brings Déjà vu to Reality

By H.G. Hunt

Chapter 15

As quickly as her subsiding pain allowed, Lisa moved to Jean and resumed a clinch, except this time, with their pubic mounds no longer snared together; she probed her right hand between Jean’s legs and found the focus of her dreams for the last 35 years. Her fingers found Jean’s pink lips, slathered in wet pussy juice, ready for all the ministrations Lisa intended. She rubbed her palm towards the back, then to the front, again and again, relishing in the slippery lubrication that so willingly covered her hand. She felt the soft fullness of Jean’s outer labia. She felt the bulge at the upper reaches of her slit that confirmed her clitoris was alive and “in the mood”. She savored the grinding of the moat of pubic hair that surrounded Jean’s pussy as her hand caressed her crotch. Jean’s pubic hair grew downward between her legs surrounding her pussy with soft brown curly hairs; quite long, as they eventually dwindled to a just a smattering at the lower confluence of her labia and the puckered perineum skin. Lisa didn’t let that orifice go untouched either. Her third probe ended with her middle finger reaching clear under Jean’s crotch to examine her asshole, her nail just ever-so-delicately scratching the perimeter before plunging her finger inside one-knuckle deep. This produced an audible gasp from Jean for two reasons; first it assured her that Lisa would stop at nothing to try to defeat her and bring her to orgasm and second that Jean was well aware that her sensitive asshole was one of the spots likely to cause enhanced arousal. “Damn, that was fast!” Jean thought to herself as Lisa’s finger tweaked her tissues a couple of times before slowly pulling out and trailing back frontwards through the lush lips of her pussy. What came out of her mouth was a bit more provocative than what she thought upon initial digital penetration, “You fuckin’ slut. I’ll get you for that!”

While Lisa’s right hand had been exploring between Jean’s legs, Jean had taken the opportunity to grab Lisa’s beautiful breasts and get a good grip, kneading, pulling, twisting (not too hard to be sure) and teasing her nipples. She did nothing to prevent Lisa’s exploration between her legs and Lisa did nothing to stop Jean’s tit-tweaking fun either. But as soon as the first few seconds of their explorations began, the women settled to the ground as a more comfortable place to come to grips with their destiny; which woman would be able to force an unwanted orgasm from the other.

“You are just as slimed up for me now as you were back in school. I’m gonna make you cum so hard you might quit breathing.” Lisa crowed at Jean with an almost identical phrase to the one she had used so many decades earlier, and to similar effect; defiance.

“Oh, yeah I’m wet alright, but you’re the one gushin’ all over the blanket.” It was true too. A solid blob of wet cunt juice formed a stain about three inches across just under Lisa’s crotch. “And it will be a lot worse when I get to work on it.” And with that Jean’s left hand slithered between Lisa’s legs and found the mark. Her fingers slid through what was left of Lisa’s brown furry mound and nestled between the lips of her crevice. “Mmmmm. you are drenched.” She purred to Lisa, but loud enough for all to hear. Now the fingers of both women became little engines of desire and energy, pulling lips apart, snaking deeply inside their holes, one, two, or sometimes three at a time.

Lisa let out a low guttural sort of growl that gave proof that her animal instincts that were taking over. She loved the emotions that came boiling out of that deepest cauldron of lust deep inside her. The logical thought processes may not have been eliminated, but they were only secondarily in control now. Those instincts of survival and dominance were in charge, and it felt good, really, really good to be in the sway of such powerful instincts and emotions. Her fingers found Jean’s clit and prodded it from side to side, gauging its firmness and flexibility and size. It felt like a good-sized marble attached by a strong elastic band to a place deep insider her. That elasticity allowed Lisa considerable ability to manipulate Jean’s hump-ready clit, slippery as an eel, and resilient to respond as it pulled back to its normal configuration instantly after pressure was withdrawn. But each time that happened it seemed to grow just a little larger, so that each new fingering was just a little more productive than the last.

Jean listened to Lisa’s breathing, noting the rise and fall of her breasts, the temperature of her skin and her pussy. The radiating warmth was keenly sensed by Jean’s probing fingers. Lisa had one hot pussy! Those lips, oh how sweet they felt between her fingers. They might as well have been soaked in a gallon of olive oil for all the slippery moisture that had saturated them from within, and oh so smooth; in sharp contrast to the bristly pubic hairs that circumnavigated their way around her cunt. Jean relished an occasional foray into that slender strip of forest on either side of Lisa’s lips, plucking an occasional hair in a quick yank. She was still angry at the pain those hairs had caused her own when they pulled apart a few minutes earlier. Jean sensed that Lisa liked at least a little bit of pain, and knowing that the loser of this fight wouldn’t necessarily be the one whose orgasmic fuse was the shortest, but would probably be the one whose physical dominance could not be projected over the other. Jean felt certain that she would be able to win either way, but she wanted to use EVERY tactic that might give at least a sliver of advantage. She didn’t overdo it, just a few little dark brown hairs got separated from their owner and Jean went back to fingering Lisa’s twat with lusty abandon.

The girls had been seated side by side during this interlude and were leaning into each other; Lisa from the left and Jean from the right. Soon the awkwardness of how they were positioning their hands began to bother them. Lisa made the first move to rectify that situation and at the same time tried to get Jean’s probing fingers out of her cunt. She pushed Jean’s hand away and swung her body to a position in front of Jean’s splayed legs, giving her more head-on access to Jean’s pussy. Both hands went into a frenzy of manipulation, one hand snaking fingers in and out of her vagina while the other tweaked and played with her moist clit.

Jean, confidence in full swarm, challenged Lisa, “Go for it bitch! See what you can do down there. I’ll give you a minute and then its ON!”

“You’ll wish you never said that you filthy slut.”

“Ooooo, tough talk for brunette trash.”

“It ain’t just talk whore.”

Back and forth the epithets rang out across the cove as Lisa worked diligently to create the arousal she knew lurked inside Jean’s loins. She was right of course and Lisa knew it, but she also knew that playing defense was going to be an important part of this battle unless she got very lucky in the next few seconds. So to help solidify her position on offense she curled her left leg around behind Jean’s back and her right leg flashed across in front of Jean so she could put a leg hold on Jean’s midriff. Lisa’s legs locked around Jean’s waist while her fingers twirled away at Jean’s pussy, pumping hard against her very wet slit and clit. Jean reacted in instant anger, fouling the air with more epithets and threats. “Get your ugly legs off me you cunt!” Jean yelled and reached for Lisa’s legs to try to peel them off, but they were too strong and well locked due to the surprise move that had caught Jean off guard in her moment of bravado. But Jean didn’t give up trying to unseat Lisa from her throne. Since Lisa was bent around a bit to keep the access to Jean’s pussy she had earned earlier, Jean had to lean forward to get at Lisa’s shoulders, which she managed to grab and start pulling her away from her pussy. The strong pull did not do much about Lisa’s pussy hold. She resisted and pulled back against Jean, keeping her fingers firmly in Jean’s womanhood. For a moment Lisa thought she felt Jean’s hips rock subtly against her ministrations. It was fleeting and very unobtrusive, but Lisa was sure she’d noticed the first telltale sign of that leap to a higher level of arousal that is necessary to reach the heights of orgasmic bliss.

Jean was in a predicament and she knew she needed an escape. Pulling on Lisa’s shoulders wasn’t working and her torso was being squeezed between Lisa’s strong thighs. Snaking her left arm through Lisa’s armpit and grabbing her forearm with her right hand she pulled with all her might. The leverage was enough, when combined with her weight and strength to roll Lisa onto her back at Jean’s side. Jean succeeded in adding a bit of rolling momentum she twisted herself atop Lisa and now she could put her feet in the ground and push up forcing Lisa’s legs to unravel from around Jean’s waist. It had been a weak position for Jean and she had known the weakness could have been very hard to overcome unless she had broken Lisa’s hold. She had also recognized that involuntary twitch in her crotch against Lisa’s hand, fully aware of the implications it would have had if Lisa had been able to maintain that degree of control. It was absolutely necessary for her to break out of Lisa’s strong legs and by virtue of her own guile and strength had re-evened the playing field.

Both women were breathing a little harder than before from the strain of the effort they had used to both gain, or hold, or regain the advantage. Now the two women, neither shaken in their belief in final victory, surely both realized that no victory was going to be easy, and that probably no victory could come without even more intimate connections than had been formed already. With no positional advantage present both women went for the other’s respective cunts. After the strenuous exertions of their brief wrestling encounter words of challenge rent the air. “Oh what a wet pussy you have,” intoned Lisa as her fingers re-entered Jean’s dripping vagina, “It will never compare with mine though!”

“Get a grip on reality bitch!” Jean shot back. “Your pussy might as well belong to a goat for as powerful as it is. It stinks like a barnyard and there’s no way in hell that it can handle my pretty pussy.” Her fingers didn’t seem to mind that Lisa’s pussy was so ‘goat-like’, because her three middle fingers were buried three knuckles deep inside as they twisted and turned amidst the super-lubricated slew.

“Jean,” Lisa called her by name in a condescending tone, “I don’t think you really dare match up your pussy with mine, cause if you did you wouldn’t be so hell bent on using your pathetic fingers on me.”

Jean laughed out loud, “What the hell do you think you’re doing to me cunt? I think you’re the one that is scared as a chicken when the fox comes around.”

“Let’s go for it then if you think you’re woman enough. Right now! Cunt to cunt.”

“I thought you’d never ask you slimy slut.” With that Jean pulled her fingers out of Lisa’s pussy and the air popped with the sound of suction being broken. Lisa slid her fingers slowly out of Jean’s pussy, taking a lingering moment to give a couple of quick thrusts of her palm against Jean’s protruding clit.