Thirty-Five Years Brings Déjà vu to Reality

By H.G. Hunt

Chapter 12

For a second time Lisa and Jean needed a break. The spectators would have been glad to see them continue unabated, but all understood the situation. They were offered more water, with both gladly accepting. The blankets absorbed the reclining women as they recovered from their exertions. Jean and Lisa focused on their recuperation and were not chatty, not even Jean with her husband. Soon they would resume, but for the moment the lull gave all a chance to take a deep breath and another drink under the broiling sun.

The sun bore down on the small crowd tucked into the cove, sheens of perspiration glistening off all twelve. The recent round of action kept the visitors absorbed with the crushing tit-battle, but while transfixed, all of them had loosened their own inhibitions about clothing and soon only Jean’s husband Brent had any clothing at all remaining. He wished he could have been as naked as the rest, but he felt awkwardly constrained by his sworn duties as ‘official photographer’ and he chose to leave the trunks on, even if they did little to hide his prominent erection. Mara and Robert had boldly taken the lead and became the first to peel their suits off, allowing all the assembled group easy visible access to their not-so-private-anymore physical assets. With the focus on the heated battle between Jean and Lisa at a pause, the others were quick to note when Robert’s pants came off. His prize cock was fully sprouted and appeared to be nine or ten inches long and proportionally large in girth. “Nice,” whispered Norma to Bill as she recognized the manly proportions of the younger man’s erection, “But yours is nicer.” She grinned. Bill nodded in affirmation of both statements and the grin on his face, which had already been present, got a little wider at his wife’s favorable comparison of his penis to Robert’s organ. Mara had a perfect figure, not willowy thin, no visible fat anywhere, and enough hip and breast dimensions to ‘just barely’ suggest curvy as an applicable adjective. Her face was as delectable and enchanting as they come, with her dark hair, alluring eyes, and Mediterranean bronze complexion. A “stunner” any way you looked at her.

Carrie, while very much a lesbian, was favorably impressed by both Mara and Robert’s disrobing and she stroked Alicia’s leg as she leaned in and whispered her own inspired insight; “Mmmmmmm. Wouldn’t that be a nice couple to pair up with?” Alicia, unsure of Carrie’s hidden agenda, was a bit shy about letting Carrie be “too” aware of her own BI-sexuality. She didn’t let on that she would have LOVED to slide up and down on Robert’s thick meat the whole rest of the afternoon, if she could have done so without any consequences. She just whispered back, “You got that right.” Her ‘bi’ leanings were new to her and she enjoyed all the pleasures of Carrie’s lovely body, both in straight lovemaking and their occasional forays into sexual competition. Their frequent visits with Lisa over the internet had kindled in both of them a strong desire to test themselves sexually against just such a mature and beautiful lady. Seeing Lisa so strong and powerful in her own contest with an equally mature woman, stimulated respect from both of them. The battle was hardly begun between Jean and Lisa, and the two younger women were feeling a compelling sense of wonder in the demeanor of the two fighting vixens.

Molly, Jade, and Felicity, situated close to Bill and Norma, had followed Mara in peeling out of their suits. The spectrum of female sexuality and body shapes grew even larger as their feminine assets opened up to the sky, sun, sand, and the eyes of the rest. Molly’s full rounded shape and voluminous breasts and ass were easy to spot, even from a hundred yards away. They were awe inspiring in their own right. Molly, as exhibitionistic as they come, smiled coolly as her bikini bottoms slid off her meaty calves. “That’s better,” she cooed to the others.

“Nice,” Jade smiled a giddy smile as she absorbed Molly’s BBW figure. “What are we waiting for?” The question prompted Felicity to join Jade in wriggling out of her suit. The two were strikingly different, yet each totally feminine in appearance. Jade’s slender torso, smallish tits, and finely featured face were strikingly beautiful. Her natural oriental bush contrasted wonderfully with her pale skin tone, as did her long black hair. She looked almost porcelain delicate but her eyes gave away the kind of fiery determination to get what she wanted at all costs. The dichotomy of those perceptions was intriguing to all who looked. Felicity had probably the sternest face of the assembled females, maybe with the exception of Jean and Lisa. Her smile was pleasant enough but it hinted at a deeper burning inside that wasn’t easily definable. Her body was a combination of the similarly endowed fighters and that of Molly, a rounder, fuller, version of femininity. Felicity had a very ample bosom, muscular thighs like Jean, a shaved mound like most of the younger women, a thick protruding butt, and long blonde hair, today arranged in long dreadlock-style braids. As soon as her suit was gone, she lay back on her reclining beach chair and immediately began fingering her pussy for all to see. In moments she had crafted her own shimmering climax, full of oohs and aaahs and jerky contractions, her fingers came away soaked. She was about to suckle her own juices from her fingers, when Jade intervened and snatched her hand away, performing the clean-up herself. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. That was nice.” While no one else so dramatically injected their sexual desires onto the group, Felicity’s actions did loosen up the remaining libidos so that crafty sharing of little hand-pleasures, short kisses, and tongue dances seemed to be the norm the rest of the afternoon, even after the battle resumed.

Some snacks were passed around and shared by all, including Jean and Lisa. Brent snapped a few more pictures, including some of the “guests”, after getting a nod from each that it was ok with them. Evidently they wanted their presence at this event to be recorded for posterity. Lisa and Jean were not oblivious to the stirrings of the gathered clan, but they remained somewhat distant, and in the background of their minds. They were focusing on the impending clash. Unspoken to the group, the two women had, in their work place encounter yesterday, agreed upon a bit of structure to their “meeting.” First were the eyes, followed by nipples, breasts, and of course asses. After that their only agreement was that the first to come was the loser and that the winner would have “rights” of sexual pleasure over the loser (and more as it now appeared) as a prize. With the first three events behind them, the stakes firmly in the mind of both, the ass fight loomed in their immediate future.

“Are you ready?” Jean questioned Lisa, who nodded “Of course. You bet your ass I am.”