Thirty-Five Years Brings Déjà vu to Reality

By H.G. Hunt

Chapter 4


The door slamming shut jarred them to their senses.

The surprised girls looked up to see Wanda staring at them with the most shocking look of surprise and disbelief that one might imagine. She could only evaluate what she could see and from her vantage point it looked like her two best friends were simply having a hell of a time with lesbian sex (which they were of course). But she couldn’t have imagined the prelude and the intensity of feelings that had brought Lisa and Jean to this point.

Needless to say the girls, so surprised, and embarrassed, stopped their progression towards sexual fulfillment and sheepishly rolled apart, having been caught so blatantly with their pants down. Neither girl wanted to tell the truth about what had happened, so their spur-of-the-moment mumbles to explain weren’t very convincing. Wanda was flabbergasted, and distraught. She cried as Jean and Lisa put their clothes back on. The silence was eerie as Jean readied herself to leave. She did manage to whisper in Lisa’s ear before she left “This is not over.” Lisa’s response, “Count on it,” came back swift and solid, though quiet.

Ironically, considering the cause of the fight, it turned out that Wanda had very recently begun making plans to transfer to another school and had been ready to share the news that afternoon. She actually waited a day to tell her two girl friends, due to the awkwardness of her intervention. The plans to move off-campus with Jean were off and Jean would have to find another roommate. Lisa wouldn’t have had the benefit of Wanda as a roommate next year either way. In hindsight the friction between the two girls was over nothing substantial (at least as events played out), but the friction between them and stimulation it had produced had become very real. Both girls meant what they had whispered to each other. Both girls also had discovered something else; the power of lesbian lust within the context of a confrontation. The seeds had been planted. They would be slow to germinate, but such seeds are very hardy and when planted in good places, are likely (destined?) to produce a bounty sooner or later. Jean and Lisa turned out to be such “good places.”

The semester came to a close and the girls parted ways. Lisa, having second thoughts about her career path, also decided to transfer to another college with a better nursing program and she never saw Jean again.