Thirty-Five Years Brings Déjà vu to Reality

By H.G. Hunt

Chapter 1

The recognition was instantaneous. Lisa glanced out the door of her cubicle office on the 2nd floor of the Midwestern hospital where she worked and in a most jarring moment of “what the hell is she doing here” immediately recognized the woman she spotted walking through the hallway. The shock to her senses of that woman’s presence was dramatic. She had thought of Jean off and on since college, more often during the past five or so years. But in an instant, an entire set of emotions, symmetrical to the ones she had felt back in college over 35 years prior, came flooding back into her consciousness.

She remembered the sneer that had come across Jean’s face shortly after their first interlude. She remembered the hot flush of anger that had turned her face crimson. She remembered the lust that had built within her loins that long ago spring day. She recalled the vision of Jean’s naked body approaching her own and the dagger-stare that she returned with equal venom. These thoughts and a smorgasbord of others overtook her. Her work tasks fell instantly to the back burner. She lost all focus and struggled to make it through her day as a nursing supervisor. Her job was an important one, and she loved it. But this day, and the 4 hours that remained in her shift were likely among her least productive ever.

Jean, unaware of the recognition that had occurred as she paused at the counter in that hallway, was happy to have landed her new job as an administrative assistant at the hospital. She had worked in various jobs over the past 30 years, moving up from various health care related employments, including billing control, and office supervisory positions to become a well-respected manager of some large departments in medical facilities. Her new job was a step up and it suited her talents well. She was on her second day when she had taken a quick tour of the facility and it was during her cruise that she had unknowingly entered the view of the woman that had fueled her competitive drive in a way that only another sexy woman could. Jean, a beautiful woman of 56, had thought about Lisa off and on during the passing of the decades. She could not have forgotten the sequence of events that had transpired back in 1971. She was only 20 at that time, but for now she was unaware that she too would soon have a Déjà vu moment, including the similar swell of emotions and hormones from that long ago interlude; returning with a vengeance that would almost knock her off her feet.

The women had changed of course during the intervening years and a lot of water had passed under the bridge in both their lives. Both were happily married, Lisa to Sam, and Jean to Brent. Sam worked in the business world and travelled a lot. Brent was a contractor and both men were good husbands and partners to their respective spouses. Both had kids that were grown and out of the house. They now lived in the same metropolitan area and enjoyed the same types of activities, both social and private. Jean had spent a dozen years a thousand miles away, but she had returned near to her roots, only a hundred miles from the college town where she had first crossed paths with Lisa. While their lives weren’t exactly parallel they did share a common thread of the stages of their lives passing at about the same times, and the cycle of passion in their marriages was also very similar. With the children gone, and the maturity of their years giving them the confidence in themselves, both women had expanded their sexual repertoire in concert with their husbands, to the benefit of both. Jean had willingly shared her encounter with Lisa to her husband. Brent, eager to spark their lovemaking, very much enjoyed the type of encounter Jean revealed. He would bring it up every few months and Jean, knowing how horny the story made him, would retell the story as prelude to or incorporated within their lovemaking. She may have embellished the story a little, but even in its most accurate retelling it had a wickedly exciting impact on both of their libidos.

Back in the early seventies all that was long in the future and the two young women, a year apart in age, had met in a dormitory about midway of the school year. Jean, at 20, was a lovely young lady with soft medium brown hair, and very sexy. Her facial features were smooth and pretty in a genuinely attractive way. Her infectious smiles made her easy to approach and get to know. She really enjoyed college and was looking forward to her move off-campus the next fall with a small group of girls she had come to know. One of those girls was Lisa’s roommate Wanda.

As Jean’s friendship with Wanda had grown over the semester, and they were spending more and more time with each other, Lisa had grown annoyed by the lack of attention she was getting from Wanda. Lisa really liked boys, but the close relationship she had developed with Wanda occasionally sparked some lustful lesbian thoughts in Lisa’s pretty head. A little bi-curiosity seemed quite exciting and not at all perverted. Wanda was a very sexy beauty and Jean shared the same hidden lustful curiosity towards her that warmed Lisa’s loins.

Wanda and Lisa had been roommates that fall and they did practically everything together. But as the spring semester developed, the enmity and jealousy between Lisa and Jean had sprouted more fertile than could be contained. Each sensed in the other a threat. It wasn’t because either of them were actually Wanda’s lover, but somehow the female-to-female bond of friendship (and deeply hidden lesbian lust) towards Wanda just didn’t work as a triumvirate. Both Jean and Lisa grew attuned to the friction that grew stronger by the week.

Lisa, a gorgeous dark-haired beauty, was yet 19 and her bitterness at the thought of Wanda leaving the dorm to go live with Jean was stirring pretty intense feelings of rivalry. That rivalry naturally included the mutual comparison of their figures and beauty. They were very similar in build. Fine shapely asses and full round breasts made them seriously sexy, and their lovely faces were sure to cause a lot of the horny college guys to grow rigid at their sight. Either would have been quite a catch.