Amy was a veteran wrestler. She went by the name “The Dark Mistress.” She loved to dominate her opponents in the ring. Amy was 35, around 5' 7" and weighed about 190lbs. She had short blond hair and was very attractive. She was very strong and had a very curvaceous figure. Amy found out she was going to be wrestling a trial match with a newcomer, some young fitness model trying to make it as just a pretty face in the ring. Amy smiled remembering all the beatings she gave others who thought that wrestling was just fake entertainment. Amy got dressed for her match pulling on a pair of shiny black pantyhose and a black spandex and rubber corset which she stretched over her large breasts with some difficulty. She next stepped into a pair of extremely tight black latex hot-pants, and pulled them up over her pantyhose clad thighs and struggled to get them up over her well rounded ass. Finishing off her outfit was a pair of knee high black high heeled boots. Adjusting herself in the mirror she went out to the ring.

Amy was shocked by what she saw waiting in the ring. Assorted bondage type items were laid out next to the ring apron, whips, spanking paddles, handcuffs, even some oil and lubricants of some type. Inside the ring was an X-shaped restraining table, with cuffs for a person's feet and hands. She slowly walked around the ring wondering exactly what was going on.

Amy's opponent, Jean, now entered the ring area. She was definitely fit. She was a redhead with large green eyes and was about 5'8" tall. She had on a tight blue spandex top which seemed to contain a nice sized set of breasts and showed off an amazing set of abs. She wore blue spandex bike shorts which clung to her like a second skin and she wore plain short white wrestling boots. ‘Clearly she wasn't educated in what the fans like to see’ thought Amy.

After Amy climbed into the ring her manager came to both girls and said, "This is a match to see if Jean is ready for the big time. There are special rules for this match. If one of you cums, you will lose the match. Also, if either of you get pinned you will lose the match. Are the rules clear?"

Amy started to protest these absurd rules when Jean asked "Are you afraid I’m going to make you cum Blondie?"

"No way is that going to happen! I don’t like scrawny Barbie Dolls like you! I'm all woman and I like men!"

"You'll like me when I'm through with you!" sneered Jean.

Amy thought this girl had spunk calling her out like this but all the newbies flapped their gums until the match started.

"All the items in and around the ring are free for both of you to use any way you like." Match begins at the sound of the bell.

The bell rings and Amy charged at Jean. Jean dodges Amy's attack and scrambles behind the big girl and slaps a bearhug around Amy's waist.

"ughnnnnnnhhh" grunts Amy as Jean squeezes tight.

"Stronger than I look aren't I Mistress?" Amy's high heeled boots stomp the mat as she struggles in Jean's grasp.

"I'm going to....unghh...rip your ....ughnnnhhh...arms off when I get you...." replies Amy. Amy manages to finally break free of Jean’s grip and tosses her to the mat.

"Now you’re in for some pain!" shouts Amy. Amy grabs a nearby whip from one of the tables and snaps it at Jean who is still getting off the mat.

"Owwwwwww" screams Jean as the leather snaps against her ass.

"There is more to come, bitch!" yells Amy as she snaps the whip at her again. This time Jean dodges the attack and grabs a length of rope from a table. Amy tries for another swing at Jean but misses as Jean quickly runs around her faster and faster. Too late! Amy looks down and sees the rope getting spun around her boots. With a strong tug, Jean pulls Amy's legs out from under her. Amy's high heels help her lose her balance as she falls to the mat. Amy quickly tries to get her legs untangled as Jean is reaching for some items around the ring. Jean gets back to where Amy lays on the mat and wraps her legs around Amy's waist and begins a leg scissors.

"I run 10 miles a day! Don't my legs feels strong?" says Jean.

Amy can't believe the strength that this scrawny bitch has, her pantyhose clad legs are struggling to find someway to free her from this hold. "I can't even feel it!" lies Amy.

"This all you got? You will never pin me with these sorry skills!" laughed Amy.

"Oh I don't want to pin you!" smiled Jean. "I want to make you call ME mistress! I'm going to make you cum!"

"You are wasting your time! I’m going to beat you senseless!" grunted Amy.

Amy rolled over and used her superior size to break out of the scissors. Amy found a spanking paddle at one of the side tables and came at Jean with it. Amy tried to get close enough to Jean to use it but Jean was just too quick, racing around the larger girl and slapping her rubber clad ass teasing her.

"Stand still and fight! Stop running!" said Amy.

"All part of the plan!" laughed Jean.

Amy was getting tired, she wasn't in the kind of shape to run around all day chasing an opponent and the scissor hold had taken a toll on her body. Her pantyhose and rubber hot-pants were starting to get uncomfortably hot and sweaty. Jean stopped running suddenly and Amy charged at her.

Suddenly Jean dropped to the ground and tripped up Amy in mid step. Amy fell hard straight into the restraining table that was in the ring. Amy picked herself up and turned around looking for Jean when she heard a "click" as one of her wrists was snapped into the restraints. She quickly tried to move but Jean had snuck behind her and "click" Amy's other wrist got caught in the restraints.

"Let me out of this NOW!" yelled Amy.

"I'm sorry but I'm going to win any way I can!" laughed Jean.

Amy's legs were still free and as Jean tried to get the large girl’s ankles locked in Amy kicked at her with her stiletto heeled boots.

"Be nice!" laughed Jean. Lunging at one of Amy's feet Jean curled around it and forced Amy's ankle into the shackle. "Click!" Amy was getting desperate. She kicked at Jean with all she had with her remaining free leg but all Jean did was catch her boot and pull it into place. With a final "Click" Amy was fully secured spread eagle.

"Let me out of this you crazy bitch!" struggled Amy.

"Not until I've won!" said Jean.

"We will be here a long time then!" said Amy, "Because you can't make me cum!"

"We will see!" said Jean. Jean walked over to one of the tables with the different jars and tubes of oils and lotions and picked up some things.

"I think this will be great to get things started!" Jean says as she holds up a tube. Jean squeezes some lotion from the tube into her hand and walks to the squirming Amy.

"Let me put some of this where it will do you some good!" Jean says.

Amy watches helplessly as Jean pulls at the tight rubber covering her chest exposing one of her huge breasts.

"Wow, your tits are incredible!" says Jean. Amy gasps as Jean puts her mouth on her nipple and begins to suck hard on it.

"mmmmmphhh...unghhhhh...stop that you bitch!" moans Amy. Amy's hard nipple betrays her as Jean stops sucking her breast.

"Your nipple is so hard I'd say you are getting a bit turned on honey!" Jean then spreads some of the lotion on Amy's rock hard nipple. Amy can't suppress a deep moan as the lotion burns hot on her sensitive nipple. Seeing Amy's reaction Jean slides to the other side of the big girl and again pulls open the tight rubber top and repeats the procedure.

After Jean is finished with the lotion she pulls Amy's rubber top back over her breasts. Amy is dazed. The friction from the rubber top is increasing the heat from the lotion. Her tits are aching to be touched she has never felt her nipples this hard. She is struggling just to stay focused.

Jean takes a step back admiring her handiwork. She watches as Amy's nipples are straining against the tight rubber of the corset. She watches as Amy's ass is struggling in its rubber prison, her pantyhose clad legs straining to break loose. She can tell that Amy is getting hot. All is going according to her plan.

Amy couldn't believe the situation she was in, helplessly tied down and at the mercy of this crazy bitch. Amy could feel the sweat starting to form on her skin as she struggled. Beads of it started to run down her chest into her corset and over her burning tits, increasing the burning sensation of the oil applied by Jean. She watched as Jean came over to her wondering what was next.

"Time to get the party into overdrive!" smiled Jean. Amy could only watch as Jean crept closer.

"Let me out of this and fight like a wrestler!" demanded Amy.

"Winning is the only thing that matters!" laughed Jean. Jean knelt down by Amy's high heeled boots, and began to caress Amy's pantyhose covered legs, massaging gently and sliding her hands up Amy's struggling thighs.

"Stop it you pervert!" screamed Amy.

"Relax and enjoy it!" sneered Jean as she continued slowly up Amy's leg.

Amy felt Jean working her legs. She tried to squirm away but was firmly secured and all she could do was buck and wriggle her hips a bit. Amy suddenly felt Jean’s hands on the inside of her upper legs applying a firm pressure against Amy’s' sensitive thighs. Amy let out a small groan as she felt the first trickle of moisture leak from her pussy.

‘I have to fight this, like it or not she is getting me hot and I won’t be able to withstand her sexual attack for too long!’ thought Amy.

Hearing Amy's moans Jean stepped up her rubbing, moving her hands to the rubber crotch of Amy's hot-pants which were so tight Jean had no trouble finding Amy's hidden pussy.

"Ughhhhnnnnnnhhh, stop that you mother......unghhhhh....!" moaned Amy as she squirmed against Jean’s assault on her crotch.

"Ok, let’s try something else then!" said Jean. Jean went to another table of lotions and oils and came back quickly to her prisoner. "Let’s see how you like this. It's called Fire Water. I think you will like it!" smiled Jean.

Amy watched as Jean reached for the waist of her rubber hot-pants and began to pull at them.

"Wow, how did you ever get these on?" chuckled Jean. With some effort Jean managed to pull open the front of Amy's shorts and then stretch open Amy's pantyhose. Jean then proceeded to pour the contents of the Fire Water into Amy's squirming rubber pants watching the liquid roll down Amy's groin and over and into her pussy.

"You should be feeling much better soon!" said Jean as she let go of Amy's pantyhose and hot-pants and let them snap back into place. Amy couldn’t believe the sensation as the liquid ran down her pants, tingling, hot and cold, burning, stinging, she squirmed to try and keep the oil away from her crotch but it was no use! Her pantyhose and tight rubber shorts wouldn’t let it escape.

"Oh fuck....feels....so....goood...ughnnnn" struggled Amy as the Fire Water pooled in the crotch of her pantyhose and seeped into her pussy slowly. Amy's mind was reeling, her pussy was throbbing, and she never felt so wet. She struggled to fight the sensations ripping through her body.

Amy struggled helplessly against her restraints. She was getting so hot from the Fire Water slowly seeping into her pussy. She tried to squeeze her thighs together to get her burning crotch away from the liquid soaked pantyhose but her super tight hot-pants wouldn’t let her find any relief. Looking up Amy saw Jean coming towards her with another item from one of the tables.

"I think this will be something you will really enjoy!" sneered Jean. Jean held up what looked like a leather thong with 2 silver beads on it. "Let me help you on with this!" said Jean.

Jean unbuckled the waist and crotch strap of the leather g string.

"Don’t touch me you bitch!" yelled Amy.

"Come on honey, you will love this item for sure!" smiled Jean. Jean fastened the waistband tightly around Amy's squirming hips then pulled the crotch strap between Amy's legs and pulled it up over Amy's struggling latex covered ass. "I guess this wasn't made for someone so curvy!" said Jean as she strained to get the crotch strap to its buckle on the waistband of the thong.

"Ughhhh, owwwwww, stop please..!" whined Amy as she felt the leather strap getting pulled up into her crotch and forcing it's way between her ass cheeks pushing Amy's tight rubber pants and pantyhose into her burning crotch and giving her a wedgie at the same time. Amy felt the Fire Water force its way into her pussy as her pantyhose were squeezed by the thong. She was desperately trying to remain focused as she was being forced closer to cumming. The leather thong was grinding against her hot-pants with every movement, forcing the rubber shorts and pantyhose to just rub against her sensitive clit that much harder.

Finally Jean clicked the crotch strap into place and closed a tiny lock on the waist of the thong which would leave no way for Amy to take it off even if she had been free.

“My, don’t we look comfortable?” said Jean.

"Fuck you! Get this off of me!" squirmed Amy.

"Well, I'm not finished adjusting it yet!" snickered Jean. Jean came over once more and grabbed the silver bead on the front of the thong and slid it down right over where the crotch piece had pushed its way into Amy's camel toe.

"That should be just about where your clit is hiding!" sneered Jean. Jean then went behind Amy and moved the other bead into the spot where Amy's backdoor was located making sure it was nice and snug up against the champ. Stepping back in front of Amy Jean admired her handiwork as she watched Amy sweat and squirm as she fought the effects of Jeans' work.

"Now let me tell you that thong has another fantastic function that you are sure to love. The silver beads on the device are tiny ultra-powerful vibrators and they are controlled by this remote!" said Jean as she walked to a nearby table and picked up a small remote.

"Don't you dare!" shouted Amy.

"Why not? I think you will like it! Here, let me show you!" Amy was breathing hard. Her large breasts strained against the tight rubber fabric of her corset. Her hot-pants were being ground into her pussy by the tight leather thong. Amy could only watch helplessly as Jean's finger pressed a button on the remote.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh godddddddddd....noooooo....ughnnnhhhhhhh..stop.....ungghhhh...please....!" wailed Amy, her hips thrashing as the powerful vibrators went to work on her. Amy felt herself getting closer and closer to orgasm! She tried to twist her hips any way she could but her pants were so tight there was no way to find any relief.

"You look like you're really starting to enjoy this!" laughed Jean.

"Fuck....ughhhnnnnn....you....Ughhhnnn....!" struggled Amy. Amy was pulling against her restraints trying any way possible to get her hands free to try and escape.

Suddenly Amy heard one of the wrist straps break. Jean was too busy enjoying the show to notice. Amy waited to see if Jean would come closer so she could take advantage but she didn't have much time. She was getting close to cumming by the second.

Jean came over to the struggling wrestler. She placed a hand over Amy's crotch and rubbed seductively against the vibe on her clit. With all the strength she could muster Amy brought her newly freed hand down on Jeans head.

"UGHHNNNNNNhhh!" cried Jean as she crumpled to the mat. Amy quickly unbuckled her other wrist and freed her ankles. Amy pulled at the vibrator attached to her hot-pants but couldn’t get it free no matter how she tried. Finally she saw the remote laying by Jean. Amy grabbed the remote and was finally able to turn off the vibrating thong. She then tossed the remote into the corner of the ring.

Amy slumped on the top rope of the ring exhausted, still fighting the effects of Jean's lotions and oils running over her body. Jean was still on the mat. Amy found a towel in the corner of the ring and pulled down her top and wiped as much of the stimulating oil off of her breasts as she could. She tried to get her pants off but couldn’t because of the locked leather thong. Amy took a moment to try and adjust her pantyhose and hot-pants to try and give her some relief but there was not much she could do. Amy felt the circulation returning to her ankles and wrists, and headed to Jean's crumpled form for some payback.

Jean was beginning to come around and as she opened her eyes Amy grabbed her and hoisted her to her feet by her hair.

"Owwwwwwwwwwwwww!" yelled Jean.

"It's payback time Bitch!" yelled Amy and she swung her fist into Jean's midsection.

" Ughnnnnnnnnnhhhh!" sputtered Jean as she dropped to her knees gasping. Looking up Jean noticed that the leather thong was still tightly secured to Amy's crotch but Jean didn't see the remote. As Jean felt Amy grab her by the ankles she saw the small remote laying across the ring in the corner.

"Ughhhhnnnnnhh....Owwwwww..!" yelled Jean as Amy twisted her legs in a painful hold. Amy knew she had to finish Jean off quickly because she didn't have much strength left and her pussy was still dripping wet and burning for release under her pantyhose and hot-pants. Jean pulled herself towards the remote using her strong upper body with Amy still twisting her legs painfully. Amy didn't notice what Jean was up to and let go of her legs to get up and grab Jean again. Using her momentary freedom Jean scrambled the last few feet and dove for the remote.

"Where are you trying to run to?" laughed Amy as Jean sat up smiling.

"I'm running to victory!” laughed Jean as she pressed the remote once more.

"I don’t think....you...ughhhh...can.....!" began Amy as she suddenly felt her hot-pants erupt in a vibrating assault on her pussy and ass.

"Looks like the payback is over..!" giggled Jean as she watched Amy's once strong legs and thighs shaking and straining in her high heeled boots trying to fight the effects the vibes were having on her.

‘I have to fight this!’ thought Amy as she pulled helplessly at the crotch strap of the vibe. "Ughhhhh...can't ....Ughhhhnnn...move ...it...!" struggled Amy as she desperately pulled and twisted at the device that was locked tight against her rubber clad ass and pussy.

Jean got to her feet and Amy struggled to keep moving forward on wobbly straining legs.

"Let me kick it up a notch for you, this is only the low setting!" said Jean. Jean pressed the button twice and Amy began to shake even more.

Grunting "You...Can't...ughhhhh...beat....ughnnngh...unghhh.me...I....I ...will.Ughhhhhhh!" struggled Amy.

Sweat began pouring down Amy's face and over her and into her breasts. Her hands went to her crotch pulling desperately at her ass and pussy, trying to pull her hot-pants out of her burning nether regions.

Jean watched as Amy's pantyhose clad legs finally could take no more and Amy dropped to the mat on her knees, shaking and still struggling to pull the thong off. Jean pushed Amy to the mat on her face, Amy's ass was still up in the air and Jean proceeded to spank Amy's shaking ass hard.

"Owwwww...you ...Owwwww...ughnnnnhhhh... Bitch....Owwww!" struggled Amy but she couldn't escape! It was all she could do to try and fight the building orgasm inside her pants, but the spanking was pushing her over the edge.

"Here let me finally get this off you!" said Jean as she unlocked the leather thong from above Amy's squirming ass. Amy slumped to the mat...exhausted and spent, but still in the fight as she hadn't cum. Amy tried to catch her breath and recover a bit when she felt Jean roll her over onto her back.

"Time for me to become the champ now!" said Jean. Jean laid herself up against Amy and pinned Amy's arms to her sides. She then began to lick and suck Amy's neck and ear, moving down to Amy's heaving breasts.

"Ughhhh stop that....ughhnnnnnnhhh...what ...are...you...ughnnnnhhh...doing....stopp...?" moaned Amy. Amy couldn’t believe how good Jean's tongue felt on her body and as Jean began to suck on her nipples Amy knew she was in trouble.

Jean saw how hard Amy's nipples were and as she licked and sucked on them she slid her hand into the tight hot-pants of her struggling foe and under her wet pantyhose and found her helpless clit.

"Nooooooo, Don't...!" moaned Amy as she felt Jean's fingers start to work her swollen clit. Amy squirmed on the canvas with Jean sucking on her tits and working her pussy to frenzy. She was helpless. She tried to bridge out but her high heels were not able to help her get a good grip. Her pantyhose clad thighs were quivering as she tried to close off her pussy to this woman but Amy didn’t have any strength left to resist.

Amy’s body was exploding! Her tits burned and her pussy was on fire! She thrashed on the mat but couldn't avoid the obvious outcome!

Jean saw the champ’s distress building and increased her work inside Amy's pants.

"Ohhhh...uhnnnnghhh...fuck....I'm.....going.....to....unghhhh....no.....unghhhhhhhh,,,unghhhhhhh....cum.....!" struggled Amy. Her hips began to buck uncontrollably, her breath coming in ragged gasps....as she lost control of her pussy! "Oh...God...I’m .....uunghhhh cummmingggggg.....unghhhhhhhhhh,unghhhhhhhhhhhh,, ooohhh,,m.....,mmmmmmmmmm...!” whimpered Amy as she spasmed on the mat with Jean still on top of her.

Jean pinned Amy's arms over her head as the ref counted Amy out for the win.

"Maybe we can have a rematch one day?" sneered Jean as she stood over the spent wrestler. Amy couldn't form a reply and just laid there, her breasts out of their top, her pantyhose showing the wetness from her orgasm peeking out from the legs of her hot-pants. She pulled herself to a sitting position using the ropes and just sat there...her head and body still dizzy from the massive orgasm ripped from her.