The strawberry blonde moved with a dangerous grace on the stage, Andrea admitted grudgingly from her seat in the front row, although the deliveries of her lines were still very stiff. The other members of the cast seemed perfectly mesmerized by the cheerleader's presence, however, as well as her incredibly tight body shaped by long hours of dancing. Andrea had to admit the blonde had a body that demanded attention. Lovely, long legs were topped by a gorgeous ass that was the envy of the other girls on the cheerleading squad, and which she paraded on stage by wearing black bicycle shorts that clung to her butt. She had beautifully smooth skin, tanned a sexy light bronze from the sun and sharp, sexy features to match the rest of her toned body. Firm, almost perfectly round breasts strained against the blonde's tight Lycra top. Somehow, the cheerleader always managed to arrive breathless from the gym before rehearsal, the brunette thought, although she had appreciated having another female hard body to compete with, especially a blonde cheerleader, at least at first. Andrea crossed her long legs in front of her slowly as she caught the blonde's sparkling blue eyes from the stage; the cheerleader stood perfectly still for a moment, caught in the smooth, defined lines of Helen's strong legs.

"Helen!" the director said suddenly from her seat next to Andrea. When the blonde looked up coolly, she prompted her somewhat impatiently, "...Your line?"

The sneer of triumph which graced Helen's generous red lips faded as Helen delivered her line calmly, as if nothing had happened. The rehearsal continued, and Andrea took the stage, silently seething, which added an extra edge to her delivery. Helen had a very minor role in the production, and the girls didn't even have a scene together, but Andrea found herself thinking about the blonde as the rehearsal continued, aware of every small movement that the cheerleader made, from the bitchy, impatient shifting of her powerful hips to the exaggerated sighs she affected which gave everyone else an even better look at her lush cleavage, always keeping the blonde in the periphery of her vision. At one point, the brunette even caught Helen staring at her own tight ass, and Andrea gave it an audacious shake beneath her spandex shorts. The blonde kept staring, however, only glancing away when a female cast member turned to ask her a question.

After rehearsal, Andrea looked around quickly for Helen, but the blonde was swept away on a small tide of her friends, and the brunette was similarly waylaid by several of the actresses in the department who wanted to talk about the play. She talked with them absently; her thoughts kept turning back to the blonde cheerleader. Helen and Andrea had known each other only in passing, through a few of their common acquaintances before last week when the blonde had decided she wanted to have a part in the next play staged by the drama department. The brief, hot glances which they had traded in the halls before suddenly became much more serious and appraising in a very short time, as their personalities clashed at rehearsal. Despite the fact that they didn't share any scenes together, both Andrea and Helen could occasionally hear the other make a catty snipe at each other to another cast member, and the sheer physical presence of the other girl seemed to drive each woman to seething sexual rages. Both girls demanded to be the center of attention, with their aggressive beauty and forceful presence. Andrea could not believe the blonde had the presumption to demand (and draw) as much attention as she did from the other cast members, despite having such a minor role in the play.

Meanwhile, Helen was enjoying every single moment of her experience in the production, especially upstaging the bitchy brunette who she had taken an almost immediate dislike to. The cheerleader was known as a complete slut and some of the more snotty cheerleaders whispered among themselves of the unbelievably dirty things Helen had done, and with some of the other cheerleaders, no less, but the blonde possessed a lurid attraction which most people found hard to resist. For her part, Andrea had an almost matching reputation among the actresses in the drama department, but like her rival, she had a vitality that drew people to her, even some of the girls that whispered about her behind her back.

As the brunette walked back to her apartment alone, her thoughts turned to one particular story she had heard tossed around the drama department about Helen and another blonde actress in the department named Wendy. During spring break, a lot of students from the college went down to a nearby beach, approximately sixty miles from the campus, and some of the parties tended to get extremely wild. The general rumour was that the two blondes had gotten wildly drunk at a beach house party, and had traded incredibly dirty insults before an equally inebriated gathering. After the party had disintegrated, some of the guests there swore they saw Helen and Wendy leaving discreetly to meet down at the darkened beach in their provocative two-piece suits. No one actually saw the girls together, but neither of them could be found the next day, although when asked about it, both girls blamed their absences on hangovers. Andrea had been unable to get the story out from Wendy, who had gotten increasingly uncooperative with her during the past quarter, and none of the cheerleaders could get anything out of Helen, either.

Andrea let herself into her apartment, where she found her roommate Harumi sitting typing away at the computer. The Japanese girl looked up at her curiously as she came in. "Someone knocked on the door and left you this," Harumi said.

She held out a fistful of rose stems gingerly, the blossoms having been sheared completely off. There was a small white envelope taped to the bundle with "Andrea" printed on the front. "Another angry boyfriend?" the Asian girl asked her friend with quiet amusement.

"Something like that," Andrea said with a rueful smile. Her heart was racing as she took the envelope from Harumi, though. Helen's bold, sexy face, which she had been brooding on all afternoon, forced itself to the front of her consciousness with such violence that the brunette's legs almost buckled, but she managed to laugh and say, "I won't even bother reading this." She tossed the stems into the garbage and crumpled up the note in her hand, but when Harumi turned back to resume her typing, Helen surreptitiously made off into her bedroom with the note in hand, and closed the door with a trembling hand.

Notwithstanding her experience in girl to girl confrontations, Andrea never failed to get an incredible, almost orgasmic rush from a challenge. The brunette eagerly tore off the envelope, but the only thing she found on the piece of paper inside was the word "BITCH" written raggedly in red lipstick. Taking a seat at her desk, Andrea almost screamed with frustration. Crumpling the note in her hand again, the brunette considered all of the possible authors of the note. Despite what she told her roommate, Andrea's casual affairs never got serious enough to provoke any harassment from angry boyfriends, but the brunette had certainly gotten into a number of dirty showdowns with several other girls on campus. Any one of those bitches could have sent her this note. Still, Helen couldn't forget the hungry, jealous glares that she had exchanged with Helen during the last week, and there had been sordid rumours about the blonde cheerleader and other girls on campus even before the supposed fight last spring with Wendy.

Andrea finally settled on sending a similar note to the blonde. Taking a stick of her dark crimson lipstick from a desk drawer, she scrawled wildly in an attempt to mask her handwriting, "I KNOW IT WAS YOU, SLUT," on a piece of paper. She knew Helen's address from a common friend they shared, and the next day, she sent her letter off without a return address.

The brunette spent the next few days at rehearsal discreetly observing her blonde rival, hoping wildly for some sign from Helen that would confirm the challenge. She was disappointed, however; apart from the usual cool looks exchanged by the two girls, she got nothing from the cheerleader. The blonde continued to wear her tight aerobics outfits to rehearsal, simpering around the stage like a prima donna, but after a completely uneventful week, although she sometimes thought of the blonde, Andrea largely forgot about the note, swept up in the excitement of the production as opening day drew closer.

Andrea was studying late at the library one night for a history exam the next day when a sudden impulse to examine the costumes for the play seized her. She walked quickly across the length of the campus, and let herself into the building which was deserted at this hour. The brunette navigated the dim maze of hallways until she came to the dark, damp basement where the costumes were kept. Fingering the gauzy fabric of her costume, a floor length evening gown, Andrea smiled mischievously. The gown already showed a great amount of the brunette's creamy cleavage, but if someone would cut the skirt up to her thigh, it would make a wicked outfit for a tussle with the slutty cheerleader. A small shudder ran through her body as Andrea fingered the pearls which would rest between her two creamy breasts and she imagined locking legs and matching cool breast flesh with Helen, who looked absolutely delicious in her cheerleader's outfit, her red-gold hair held back innocently with a red ribbon. With a small sigh, the brunette put back her outfit and left the building to head for home.

There was a soft rustling in the bushes outside when Andrea emerged into the night air. The brunette froze, listening intently, but a group of laughing girls walking across the brick pathway masked any further sounds she might have detected. With an uncomfortable glance around her, Andrea began to walk uneasily toward home, glancing over her shoulder occasionally at the dark bushes and pine trees that grew all over campus and which, she thought somewhat nervously, contained a thousand hiding places for anyone who might be following her. The brunette thought she heard footsteps at times as she made her way off campus; every sound seemed magnified in the darkness and a snapping twig almost sent her scrambling with unaccustomed fright. She made it home without anything further happening, however, but as she thought about the incident later that night, safe and warm in her apartment, Helen was almost certain she had heard a female's low laughter afterward. The sound magnified itself repeatedly in her mind as the brunette brooded on it, until she could almost hear Helen's bitchy nasal voice playing in her head. A hot flush slowly suffused Andrea's ivory skin, until she slammed down the textbook she was reading, and sat down at her desk to plan her revenge on the blonde cheerleader.

Helen paused as she ran through the mail spread across the top of her desk when she saw another plain white envelope addressed to her without a return address. The shaking in her hands as she tore open the envelope and spilled out its contents only intensified as she read the note the brunette bitch had typed her:

"Helen, I was thinking about you the other night while I was browsing through the costumes for the play. I'm sorry they gave you such a plain dress, girl, but we all have to make the best of what we have, don't we? - Clothes as well as looks? Iíve seen you staring at me on stage, Blondie, and I know you think you are one hot slut, but if you really want to find out who the hottest bitch on campus is, you'll stop stalking me like a little pussy and meet me woman to woman. I dare you to face my creamy boobs with yours, my hot ass with yours, my SEX with yours - just us girls, as long as it takes, to the finish. Afterward, I might let you lick the tits you're always staring at. How does that sound, bitch? Meet me down at the basement of Gould Hall on Friday night at 6 pm, if you want to settle things between us. There probably won't be anyone around, but be quiet anyway, we don't want anyone finding us before we're through with each other, do we? Why don't you wear that cute cheerleading outfit of yours, bitch. I have one from high school I've been dying to use for just this kind of thing. I'll be waiting for you, whore!"

The blonde literally snarled when she finished the letter, ripping it apart in her hands, letting the pieces flutter into the garbage. "So, the bitch wants to tangle with a cheerleader, does she?" Helen murmured, walking over to her closet and taking out her cheerleading outfit, holding the tight sweater up to her cleavage and modelling the skirt which came down just past her lean thighs against her long, elegant legs. An unmistakable sexual excitement was twisting Helen's stomach into knots. The blonde began to perspire with excitement, thinking about the brunette in a similarly short skirt, their long legs locked angrily underneath; red claws lifting tight cotton sweaters over tight cleavage; rolling over and over on the cold floor of the basement, writhing with the passion of their fight. Helen licked her lips as she thought of the arrogant brunette lying defeated underneath her boobs and sex, forced into a sobbing admission of the blonde's dominance of her as a woman. "I'll be there, bitch," she whispered.

Friday night seemed to take forever to come around for the blonde cheerleader. The cool, hostile looks that she previously exchanged with Andrea had been replaced with hungrier, more frightening glares, and the slow, arrogant sneers the brunette occasionally gave the blonde with her full lips drove Helen to almost uncontrollable sexual rages which had seriously hurt her performance during rehearsal, to the point where the director continually rolled her eyes whenever Helen delivered her lines. The blonde promised herself that she'd pay Andrea back for each and every humiliation she had endured during rehearsal, though, and much, much more...

Helen stood outside Gould Hall at 5:50 and forced herself to calm down. She was dressed casually, in a pair of sweatpants, a grey sweatshirt, and running shoes. A blue athletic bag slung over one shoulder carried the cheerleading outfit she would wear in the fight with Andrea. As she walked through the doors and moved toward the basement, Helen worried briefly about the damage Andrea could do to her outfit with her red nails, but the brunette had mentioned body fighting in her letter, and she had noticed during the past week that the brunette had clipped her nails short recently, so Helen didn't worry too much about a vicious clawing contest with her rival. Besides, the thought of tangling with Andrea's hot body in tight cheerleading outfits was enough to convince the impetuous blonde to disregard all caution.

Andrea had been right: the building was completely deserted except for a few janitors. The blonde slipped into the girl's room on the first floor and changed into her outfit, almost dizzy with excitement. The basement was just around the corner to the right, so Helen chose not to put her shoes on. The concrete flooring of the steps felt cool on her warm bare feet. The stairway to the basement was dimly lit, and as the cheerleader pushed open the door, she was engulfed by complete darkness. She looked around the room quickly for her rival, then relaxed when she found that she had beaten Andrea there. Closing the door behind her, Helen glided across the floor toward the far corner and hid herself partially behind a rack of costumes.

Almost ten minutes passed in silence. Helen fumed quietly, digging her red nails into the palms of her hands and imagining what she would like to do to Andrea with them. She was certain that the brunette had no intention of showing up to their fight, and she was about to leave when the door opened slowly, letting in a small ray of light which nevertheless had Helen blinking painfully. The clatter of heels sounded uncertainly on the hard floor as a female figure moved into the room, looking over her shoulder nervously.

"So, bitch-" Helen began angrily before she was cut off by a hand which reached through the doorway confidently and switched on the lights, blinding the blonde momentarily. Covering her eyes frantically with one hand, the cheerleader squinted across the room desperately only to find a small girl standing staring at her confusedly. A pair of ridiculous stiletto heels graced the girl's small feet, and standing next to her was Andrea, dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt. The brunette gave Helen a sneer of complete triumph which almost caused the cheerleader to throw herself at her rival's body, despite the presence of the little girl.

"Oh, I didn't realize anyone was here," Andrea said innocently. She took the little girl's hand in her own and said to her, triumphant laughter hiding just underneath her words, "C'mon sis, we'd better leave."

"But you said we could look at the costumes!" the girl said petulantly.

"We'll get some ice cream," the brunette said placating, pushing the girl gently up the stairs. She turned back to the blonde cheerleader and said with a cruel sneer, "Nice outfit, Helen," laughing softly to mask the desire which the sight of the barefoot blonde in her tight outfit excited in her. The cheerleader gave her rival a look of absolute hatred as the sisters disappeared up the stairway, with the little girl complaining, "These weird shoes are hurting my feet, Helen..."

Much later that night, Andrea was sitting with her legs drawn up beneath her on her bed, absently running a hand up and down the smooth lines of her legs, picturing Helen again in her tight sweater and skirt, seeing once more the hatred and desire she had seen in the blonde cheerleader's blue eyes down in the basement that night. She didn't know what Helen intended to do, but Helen was certain that she, at least, was not going to let their rivalry dissolve without consummating it with a hot fight with the blonde bitch's sexy body. Andrea fingered the white cotton sweater of her high school cheerleading outfit which she had spread out on top of her bed. The brunette had dropped from her school's cheerleading squad after her sophomore year, having had enough of the sheep-like girls who had comprised the majority of the cheerleaders at her school. It was not much of a surprise, then, when the sweater proved uncomfortably tight when Andrea pulled it on over her ample cleavage. She took a look at herself in the mirror: the sweater barely came to her belly button, but even that added to the innocent sexuality of the outfit, Andrea thought, smiling nastily in anticipation. There would certainly be nothing innocent about what the two rivals would do to each other in their outfits.

The football team had a home game this Saturday, Andrea thought. It was the perfect opportunity. Andrea wore a large coat and loose jeans to the game, which she watched from the bleachers with a few friends. The action on the field and the subdued cheering from the small contingent on hand to watch their team were both white noises to the brunette w ho kept turning her head to watch the blonde cheerleader with the red ribbon in her hair dancing on the sideline. Helen's generous breasts jiggled underneath her tight sweater as she bounced up and down, waving her red-and-white pompoms, and the brunette found that she had a hard time keeping her eyes off her blonde rival enough not to arouse the suspicion of her friends.

"You don't look too good, Andrea," Harumi said a little worriedly when the game ended and the crowd began to disperse.

"What?" Andrea said absently. "Oh - I'm fine," the brunette said. "I was just thinking of something I need to take care of." She took a quick glance around the stadium, noticing Helen's blonde head of hair moving toward the locker room with the other cheerleaders. "You guys go back without me," she said, "I'll be back later tonight."

Leaving her friends at the foot of the bleachers, Andrea pushed her way through the crowd and into the school gymnasium, which the cheerleaders had entered a few minutes ago. Slipping into an empty corner, the brunette quickly stripped off her coat and jeans and stuffed them into the bag she had slung over one shoulder, leaving her dressed in her too-tight cheerleading outfit. By this time, most of the other girls had already dressed and left the girl's locker room. As she made her way carefully toward it, Andrea hoped fervently that the blonde had seen the single rose stem she had left outside the girl's locker room door right before the game started.

The brunette took a deep breath before she pushed open the door and slipped quietly inside the damp, harshly lit locker room. She quickly spotted Helen's blonde mane with its bright red ribbon, but there were still a few other girls hanging around the locker room, so Andrea made her way to an empty stretch of lockers. The sweater which the brunette wore looked enough like the cheerleading outfit of the school, at least from the back, that none of the other girls noticed her. Andrea took a quick glance at her blonde rival over the row of lockers which separated them. The blonde was sitting on the bench in front of her locker, pretending to rummage through her bag, meanwhile sneaking little looks around the locker room. When she spotted Andrea's dark brown eyes staring at her, the blonde turned back to her bag with an angry toss of her golden mane. Bending over, the blonde began working on her shoelaces, pulling off her tennis shoes and socks, leaving her barefoot on the concrete floor of the locker room. Seeing this, Andrea also removed her shoes, wiggling her toes on the smooth grey floor, enjoying the intense sexual sensations that always preceded one of her girl fights, and the moist, sweaty odour of the locker room. The two rivals were completely alone at this point, and they turned toward each other with hungry looks on their beautiful faces.

"What's the matter, Andrea?" said Helen. "Didn't you bring anyone to protect you this time?" the blonde demanded angrily, being careful not to raise her voice to much more than a soft hiss. Even though the gymnasium should be largely empty by now, a loud disturbance might draw a curious cleaning lady or a straggling cheerleader, and neither girl wanted anything to interrupt their long-awaited confrontation. Even so, the echoes which resounded in the empty locker room easily carried the cheerleader's words to the brunette in the next row.

"This is really more of private fight," the brunette said smoothly. "...Don't you think so, Blondie?"

"Come over here and face me then, whore," Helen said raggedly.

"Strange words for a stalker to use," Andrea sneered. She began walking slowly down toward the end of her row of lockers. Turning smoothly on one long leg in front of Helen's row, Andrea put her hands on her powerful hips, thrusting her straining chest out in front of her in a challenging pose. The actress's large brown nipples could be seen quite clearly by the blonde, outlined provocatively against the stretched fabric of her sweater. The girls studied each other's bodies silently for a full minute from opposite ends of the row, separated only by the cold concrete.

"What did I write?" the brunette said to Helen softly. "...woman to woman?" She lifted the cheerleader's skirt she wore up with her hands to show Helen her naked cunt underneath: full, wide sex lips surrounded by a dark jungle of pubic hair. "Why donít you show me what a big woman you are, pompom girl?" Andrea said.

Keeping her eyes on her rival's furry cunt coolly, Helen reached underneath her own skirt and smoothly slipped off her pair of pink panties. The blonde put one of her feet on top of the wooden bench to the side of her, giving her dark haired rival an almost complete look at the cheerleader's strong tan thighs and rippling leg muscles, before reaching down and flipping up her skirt, exposing her light blonde cunt, with its pad of soft cunt hair. Andrea could clearly make out the tan lines around the cheerleader's crotch; the skin surrounding the blonde's cunt was a milky white, soft and smooth.

"That's a pretty cunt you have, girl," Andrea said softly. "But can it pump with mine?"

"Do you want a fuck fight, bitch?" Helen demanded.

"What I want is everything your prissy body can give me, blonde meat," Andrea said.

"You can suck on my sweet tits with your dirty mouth, whore."

"You can suck on my big nipples, bitch," the brunette retorted.

"After you lick my hot snatch, cunt."

Andrea's lovely mouth curled back in a sensual sneer. "If you only knew how many blonde cunts I've whipped-"

"You've never met a blonde cunt like mine," Helen assured her rival. Moving her foot off the bench, the strawberry blonde began to walk slowly toward her rival down the warm concrete row. "And your hot ass won't be the first I've whipped, either."

"I've seen you raping me with your blue eyes on stage, girl," Andrea said, matching the cheerleader's slow strides, closing the distance between the rivals with agonizing deliberateness. "Now let's see if you can do it with your hard body, bitch."

"I'm going to drag you out of this locker room by your black hair," the blonde promised her. The girls were now only a few feet apart. Helen's cruel blue eyes locked onto Andrea's hypnotic brown orbs in a glare which held a dangerously hot desire. The blonde cheerleader made the first move between the rivals, driving a fist hard into Andrea's belly, right underneath her tight cotton sweater. The impact elicited a pained grimace from the actress, but she retaliated immediately, sending her fist flying into Helen's left breast underneath her sweater, provoking a muted cry of fury from the cheerleader. The fight which both women had dreamed of for weeks had begun, and now the rivals let loose all of the sexual anger they had built up on each other's hard bodies, sending a series of rough punches in to pound flat stomachs and firm boobs. As each fist was driven home, Andrea and Helen let out a sexy grunt that was almost a growl, driving each other to even greater levels of girlish anger.

Helen grimaced as she pushed her body in close to the brunette's, her sweater thankfully absorbing some of the force from a powerful punch delivered by Andrea. Reaching up with two hands for her rival's inky locks, the cheerleader gave Andrea's scalp such a vicious yank that the brunette's legs almost buckled. Sensing an advantage, the blonde used her powerful legs to spread apart her rival's strong pair and suddenly pushed her hot cunt up into Andrea's. The brunette's fur was rougher and more abrasive than Helen's, but the actress was too surprised to do anything to the blonde's cunt with her pussy fur at the moment. Helen drove her stumbling rival down the concrete row, aided by the considerable mass of her cleavage pushing against Andrea's conical boobs through their sweaters, until the brunette twisted her supple body and allowed her rival to push her down onto the hard wooden bench.

The cruel smile which parted Helen's red lips as she slammed her rival's back down onto the bench disappeared as Andrea wrapped her dancer's legs around the blonde's slim waist, using them to pull her rival down to meet her body. The girls hissed softly in each other's ears as they rolled roughly down the wooden bench slowly, pulling soft hair and fitfully trying to pull tight sweaters over hard boobs. Andrea ripped out the red ribbon which graced Helen's blonde mane and let it flutter down to the floor. It was harder for the blonde to get a good grip on Andrea's short, silky locks so she went to work on the brunette's sweater, jerking it upwards roughly in a side to side motion to pull it off Andrea's chest.

The girls locked their sexy young legs together as they tangled on the bench, smooth leg muscles rippling with effort as the girls wrestled, rolling over and over slowly down the wooden board. By the time the girls reached the end of the bench, both sweaters had been pulled clear of heaving cleavage, and hung uncomfortably around each girl's neck.

The girls toppled off of the wooden board and onto the concrete floor with a hard thud. Unfortunately for the actress, she landed on her back with her blonde rival on top of her, and had the wind knocked out of her for a few moments. Helen delivered two stinging open-hand slaps to Andrea's soft face from her seat astride the brunette's chest. The cheerleader's hot crotch inadvertently rubbed up against Andrea's smooth cleavage from this position. Seeing this, Andrea moved her chest side to side, rubbing the blonde's furry crotch with her tits, evoking a momentary shudder from the blonde which allowed the actress to buck her off. Rolling apart from each other on the warm floor of the locker room, the rivals separated to sit back on their haunches several feet from each other, breathing with exertion and the hot, sticky lust each girl felt.

"You dirty bitch," Helen hissed angrily, rubbing the blonde fur of her crotch with one hand softly, as if to erase the touch of Andrea's breast flesh from it.

"What's the matter, Blondie?" Andrea asked softly, nastily. "I would have thought a big slut like you would have done just about everything?"

The cheerleader's blue eyes narrowed in anger. "Listen here, whore," she said raggedly. "I'll crawl into the filthiest gutter with your body any day, slut."

"Will you let me fuck you with these big nipples of mine, pussy?" the actress demanded.

"Only if you let me fuck you with mine, you pale bitch," Helen whispered.

In answer, Andrea rose to her bare feet dangerously, wiggling out of her short skirt sensuously, letting it fall to her feet, as her blonde rival bared her own blonde pussy. The girls pulled off the cotton sweaters bunched up around their necks, giving their soft manes a bitchy shake as they removed the last of their clothing.

"I like your bikini, girl," Andrea sneered, referring to the expanse of milky skin around the blonde's crotch and the creamy lower half of Helen's firm boobs. Smiling nastily, Helen displayed the entire length of her supple body for Andrea with a slow and sensual undulation of her frame in a simple dance move she had learned from a friend who stripped at a local club.

"It's even better up close, baby."

"Touch me with it, whore," Andrea breathed. The girls came together almost gently this time, taking each other by their smooth shoulders and easing each other down to the warm concrete. Andrea grabbed a hold of Helen's hard tan calves with both hands, spreading the blonde's lissom legs apart deliciously, as she felt the cheerleader parting her own long legs. Gingerly, the actress pressed one of her hard boobs into the steaming valley between the cheerleader's thighs, her brown nipple hardening to its full length as it entered the smothering confines of Helen's pussy, rubbing wetly against the soft pink folds of the blonde's labia. The girls slowly began their dirty contest, fucking each other's steaming pussies with their erect nipples, humping each other's bodies while they lay side by side on the floor.

"You dirty, dirty bitch," Helen moaned, her blonde pussy tingling with an almost painful pleasure, the sensations the brunette was forcing upon her were so intense.

"You like it, don't you, whore?" Andrea breathed, her words coming in short gasps as her own cunt bore the assault of the blonde's tits.

"Not as much as you like feeling my nipple inside you, bitch," the cheerleader said, as she lifted her top leg and cradled her rival's head between her muscled thighs. She gave Andrea's head a soft squeeze, and immediately felt her rival's thighs wrap around her own head, encircling her beautiful face with creamy girl flesh. The blonde suddenly felt Andrea's short nails dig into her tan thighs firmly, and she let out a strangled gasp as the brunette jammed her hard boob deep inside into Helen's steaming crotch. As if it sensed the presence of Andrea's dark probe, the blonde's sex horn emerged from its place within the cheerleader's pussy, hardening into an erect, tingling sexual weapon.

"I'm going to tie your little clit into knots with my nipple, lover," Andrea promised her rival with a soft snarl.

With another violent thrust inside the cheerleader's cunt, Andrea's rubbery brown nipple found its target, licking down the length of Helen's clit deliciously. A small explosion of pleasure took hold of Andrea's left breast, but it was nothing compared to the orgasmic eruption which shook the blonde's lovely frame, causing her to buck wildly against her rival's creamy flesh. Riding Helen's spasming body expertly, the brunette rolled on top of the cheerleader, her boob still lodged firmly inside Helen's drooling pussy.

"You are so wet, girl," Andrea gloated, continuing to hump Helen's cunt with her breasts. The brunette's firm ass cheeks could be seen pointing skyward from her position on top of the cheerleader, tight with tension as she braced her long legs on the floor on either side of the blonde's body.

"So are you," Helen said defiantly, thrusting upward with her chest at the furry cunt above her, the cheerleader's powerful ass lifting off the concrete floor with the effort, but Andrea agilely arched her pretty ass even higher into the air, avoiding Helen's tits. The blonde snarled with frustration and then gasped as Andrea's nipple found her clit again, caressing it electrically. Helen knew she couldn't take much more of Andrea's nipple-work on her aching cunt. Reaching over her head with her sharp red nails, the blonde dug into the creamy ass dancing on top of her prone body, spreading Andrea's smooth ass cheeks apart painfully, causing the surprised actress to let loose a strangled gasp and, more importantly, stop her dirty work in Helen's crotch . Finally able to relax her clenched teeth, the cheerleader let out an explosive breath, and sent her rival stumbling forward to fall on her knees with a rough push against her ass.

The look Andrea gave the cheerleader was murderous as she whipped around to face her, but the blonde didn't give her time to say anything as she lashed out with a long leg at the brunette's face. Andrea ducked underneath her rival's attempt and began to flash kicks at the blonde's hard body herself, aiming for the cheerleader's flat stomach and the smooth curves of Helen's breast flesh. The girls danced around each other for several minutes, their long legs lashing at each other's smooth flesh in high, cheerleading kicks which looked spectacular, but rarely delivered more than a glancing blow.

Almost by accident, one of Helen's high kicks connected, her barefoot pressing solidly against Andrea's soft cheek, driving the actress crashing into a row of lockers ass-first. The cheerleader was on her in a second, locking her fingers with Andrea's and lifting the brunette's arms over her head, then meeting her rival violently breast on breast, slamming the actress into the metal lockers roughly. The metallic rattle which resulted echoed loudly around the empty locker room.

"Now let's see how your breasts do when they have to face another girl's boobs, bitch," Helen whispered vindictively, pushing her erect, pink nipples into Andrea's firm breast flesh. The brunette actress moaned and struggled against the blonde's hands which kept her own pinned to the locker, and the girls engaged in a slow-motion test of strength. After a full minute of painful arm wrestling, filled with girlish grunts of anger, Andrea managed to free her hands from the side of the locker. The girls stood more or less in equivalent positions now, arms thrust out between them, and powerful hips thrust out behind them. Besides the palms of their hands, the only contact between the girls was made by their sweaty breast flesh pressing roughly together.

"Are these the tits I hear all of the girls talking about, doll-baby?" Andrea asked, rubbing her tits dirtily into the blonde's sweaty orbs.

"These are the tits you're going to be sucking, slut," Helen hissed, her ass muscles clenching as she drove her round tits forward to grind against the brunette's breast flesh.

"No, they're the tits I'm going to milk," the actress replied. "Milk with my big nipples..."

"You can't milk a big bitch like me with those weak things," Helen breathed, her warm, sweet breath kissing Andrea's face delicately. "Let's see how much milk a big cow like you has in her." With that, the actress began rubbing her tender nipples against her blonde rival's pink probes, bending them painfully.

"I've got more milk than you do bitch, but you'll never get it out of me unless you suck it out." The blonde's long nipples were every bit the match of Andrea's, bending the brunette's brown weapons as much as the actress bent her pink nipples as the rivals matched each other stroke for stroke; firm, juicy breasts moved minutely inside their hot arena, as each girl fought to find room for her nipples to work, determined to best her rival in their intimate battle. Long, erect nipples slid across each other erotically, occasionally separating to dig at tender breast flesh, but always returning to fuck roughly against each other.

Andrea's more conical boobs would have appeared to give her a slight advantage in a nipple fight, but the cheerleader was an experienced alley cat, and she knew how to maneuver her chest to evade Andrea's attempts to stab at her sensitive pink aureoles, moving them up underneath the brunette's tits, forcing the actress to feel their firmness painfully.

After ten minutes of this excruciating struggle, both girls were absolutely drenched in sweat. Andrea actually felt a large bead of sweat drip off of her silky locks and strike the small of her back, tickling its way down her creamy ass and travelling the length of her straining, lissom legs. The soles of her bare feet were also uncomfortably wet on the smooth concrete now, as well. Suddenly, one of the blonde's feet slipped out from under her. Helen desperately held on to Andrea's sweaty palms, pulling her rival along with her as the girls stumbled toward the back of the locker room and toward the blue tiling of the showers.

This time, it was Andrea who pushed her rival back into the wall with a satisfying thud. Taunting her rival with her liquid, brown eyes, the actress whispered, "How about that fuck fight I promised you, Blondie?"

Spreading the cheerleader's legs apart with her potent thighs, Andrea slammed home her fuck assault, grinding down roughly on the blonde's snatch. Thankfully for the cheerleader, Andrea's crotch was dripping wet by this time, so that her rough cunt hair merely tickled instead of scratching Helen's soft cunt.

"Give it to me, girl," Helen snarled, squirming against her rival's body, struggling to get out from the wall behind her.

"Here I am, bitch," Andrea hissed, putting on a sudden spurt of power with her ass and feeling her engorged clit slip its way inside the cheerleader's pussy. The blonde hissed as she felt her rival's invasion of her cunt, but she obligingly sent her pussy plunging into the brunette's cunt, feeling her clitoris part Andrea's inner cunt lips, searching for her rival's clit. The girls found each other almost simultaneously. The rivals squealed as their clits touched, licking each other wetly, sending tingling waves of sensation down their long legs and up their spines. Gradually, the girls began to pump into each other harder, their engorged clits no longer licking each other, but slashing and stabbing at one another, as the girls fenced inside the smothering heat of their linked pussies.

Helen's lipsticked mouth suddenly opened wide and fastened itself onto Andrea's lush lips, kissing it fiercely, hungrily. The brunette pressed her lips against her rival's eagerly, sending a moist tongue out to stab at the cheerleader's own pink organ, and running it down the length of Helen's white teeth. Sucking at each other's mouth while their clits made war beneath, the girls panted and moaned toward a shattering orgasm.

"I'm going to beat your blonde snatch off with my big clit, whore," Andrea whispered in her rival's ear as the girls broke off their kissing for a moment to catch their breath.

"Feel how hard I am, bitch?" Helen demanded. A violent thrust from the cheerleader's pussy bent the brunette's sex horn back deliciously, and the blonde grunted girlishly in satisfaction.

"You can't make me come with that fat clit of yours." Andrea growled as she increased the efforts of her pussy. The blonde cheerleader had an amazing set of hips and an incredibly strong ass, but the brunette had never backed down from any girl's ass or cunt, and she still had the cheerleader backed up against the wall.

"I don't know what kind of prissy cheerleaders you've been fighting, girl, but this is what a real woman's clit feels like," she said, biting Helen's ear softly with her teeth. Snarling angrily, the cheerleader took a gentle bite of Andrea's neck, just enough to raise an angry red goose bump.

"You said I could have your milk if I suck it out, right, slut?" Andrea said raggedly.

"Uh-huh," the blonde said. "Let me feel that tongue of yours on my nipples before I feel it on my clit, bitch."

"Whatever you say, cunt," the actress said, sending her tongue to attack the cheerleader's erect stilettos. The girls shuddered as they humped each other, licking hungrily at reddened nipples, alternately purring and growling felinely as their clits fought hotly for dominance. The blonde cheerleader's growls gradually began to be replaced by agonized sex moans as Andrea pumped her hot cunt into the weakening blonde's. Desperate for escape, Helen groped behind her, finding the knob for the showerhead above the struggling girls, and turned it hard, sending a rain of hot water splashing down on the rivals, no longer caring if anyone found the girls here, consumed by fear and sexual rage.

At the first touch of the hot water, Andrea gave a surprised start, which allowed the blonde cheerleader to extricate herself from the wall. Furiously, she threw the surprised actress to the wet tiles and attempted to mount her. Andrea's powerful thighs kept Helen off of her however, and the rivals began a wild, wet journey across the tiles o f the shower area. The steam rising from the running shower began to fill the locker room as the girls wrapped their smooth, supple bodies around each other as they writhed in their intimate girlish battle. Coupled with the short, sharp gasps of excitement each girl forced from the other, the rivals began to have trouble breathing, or even seeing much of each other's bodies through the roiling steam.

"Dirty pompom girl," Andrea gasped as she humped her rival.

"Slutty starlet," Helen replied, wrapping her legs around Andrea's slim waist, pulling their crotches together even tighter, as both girls sensed the end. Squeals of pain and pleasure echoed through the locker room as the girls humped and pulled sopping wet hair, their drenched bodies writhing furiously underneath a shower of water and steam. Andrea's awesome ass muscles finally began to dominate as she forced moan after moan of distressed pleasure from the cheerleader, whose pussy thrusts began to get gradually weaker.

"Who's the hottest bitch on campus, cheerleader?" the actress demanded cruelly as she ground her cunt roughly into Helen's defeated pussy. The blonde's lovely body convulsed in a sobbing, exhausted orgasm, and her whispered answer was swallowed by the insistent spray of heated water, but both girls knew what it was.