(By Unknown)

The next day dawned hot and sticky. The morning forecast predicted that a rare cool front would make its way south, accompanied by thunderstorms, possibly severe.

Margot went about her morning routine. She was generally an early-morning type person, who rose before sunrise. Diane was more of an owl, and liked to sleep late when she could.

Diane ambled down about 10:00 AM, and shuffled into the large kitchen to pour herself a cup of coffee. She squinted at the glaring sunlight outside.

Margot was seated at the wooden table going over some paperwork. She was dressed in her standard workday clothing of custom-fitted jeans and a white short-sleeved blouse with a button front. Three buttons were undone. When she leaned over, the curve of her breast was visible behind the white lace of a bra.

Diane wore a short purple terrycloth robe. She had been casual about belting it about her. When she sat down with her mug of coffee, the robe opened enough to display a surprising amount of bulbous breast. Margot regarded her cousin with interest. Diane’s eyes were narrowed. She gulped two large swallows of coffee. Life seemed to flow back into her face. “Ahh….the black elixir of life,” she sighed.

Margot smiled, and took a sip of her own cooling coffee. “Welcome to the land of the awakening. We’ve been expecting your visit for some time now.”

“Smart ass,” Diane growled.

Margot laughed. “After you suck down your caffeine, do you want to do some shopping?”

Diane got up to refill her mug. Her strong thighs, visible under the short robe, flexed with her motions. “Sure. Let’s go teach Neiman-Marcus a thing or two.”

After Margot finished with some necessary paperwork, and after Diane changed into some form-fitting khaki slacks and a pullover knit shirt, they made themselves a quick brunch, and were soon headed in the Lexus towards town.

While they were driving, Margot brought up the subject that was on her mind. “Say, honey, have you thought about it any? You coming down here?”

Diane sighed. “Margot, you know I love it here. But I’m a senior editor now, and I’ve got quite a stable of writers that are counting on me.”

Margot persisted, “You know, there are ways you could do that job from down here. We could set up an office, everything you need, computer, video-conferencing, the works.”

Diane said, exasperated, “It just isn’t the same as face-to-face. If you’re seriously in publishing, you’re in New York. I’ve told you that before.”

Margot, sensing an argument, shifted to another topic. “Okay.” She paused. “So, where do you want to eat?”

As they sped into town in the Lexus, the conversation buzzed about new restaurants. But Diane kept thinking. She had been pondering her career and life in Manhattan, but in all seriousness, she wondered if that part of her life hadn’t been used up. True, she loved the publishing work, and dealing with writers. But it had been a long time. Was there something else she should get into? Maybe something that wouldn’t require a New York address?

It was late afternoon when they headed back. The trunk of the Lexus was stuffed with bags, their credit cards had taken a happy and severe hit, and the early supper was warm in their stomachs. The air was still, the temperature over a hundred, and the Lexus’s air-conditioning was on Max Cool. Towards the northwest, they could see the beginning of what looked a mountain range of gray clouds.

It was early evening by the time they arrived at the house. As they left the car laden with bags, Diane pulled the neck of her blouse from her body. “It is like a sauna out here, cousin!”

Beads of perspiration shone on Margot’s forehead. “I know, dear. But maybe things will be better tomorrow, if this front has any strength.”

They got things put away, and gathered in the kitchen for iced tea. They sat there at the large table. Visible in the east, a fat orange moon hung there in early twilight.

“That’s so beautiful,” Diane said. She rose from the table and stood by the window, looking at the globe.

Margot regarded the shape and curve of her cousin in tight khaki. She hummed slightly to herself. The lights flickered. “Uh-oh,” Margot said. “This is not good.” She left for the study. Diane followed her, carrying her glass of tea.

Margot looked out the north windows. A towering range of angry cumulonimbus had overtaken the thin gray line of clouds, purplish-black near the ground, ominous gold and red nearer the top. The sun had just set. As Margot watched, a jagged bright finger leapt from cloud to ground. She counted to herself. At twenty-five, she heard a low rumbling, like a slow growl. Five miles away.

Diane came beside her, placed one hand lightly on Margot’s shoulder. “That’s where the main power distribution station is, isn’t it.”

Margot nodded. “This is common enough to warrant an emergency generator. And we have one. Except the damned thing has a bad cylinder. Which is going to be replaced. Next fucking week.”

Diane said, “Oh, great.”

Margot said, “Maybe we’ll get lucky.” There was another white-hot rope of lightning in the distance. The lights flickered again.

Diane said, “Or not.” Again a low rumble as the slow sound worked its way across the land. Closer this time.

The women could see the thunderhead piling high into the deep blue sky. The clouds almost visibly roiled. One more bolt. This time the lights died and didn’t return. The cool hush of the air-conditioner ceased.

Diane asked, “What are the chances they’ll get it fixed soon?”

Margot grumbled, “Zero to none. We’re likely out for the night.” She regarded her cousin’s clothes. “If I were you, I’d try to find something cooler to wear. It’s going to be a sticky few hours.” Margot found a flashlight in the desk drawer, and led them up to their rooms, opening some windows as they went. Already it was getting warm.

Ten minutes later, they met again in the study. Because it had windows on three sides, it had the best chance of getting any wayward breezes. Margot had fetched a couple of gas lanterns, and their hissing white light illuminated the study. Margot had changed to a long, thin blue cotton skirt. The hem brushed her bare feet as she walked. There were slits on the sides that went to mid-thigh. The top was large and sleeveless, almost a baggy vest. She wore it with just a couple of buttons fastened. She was naked save for the skirt and top. Her large round breasts swayed from side to side as she moved, the tops of her globes easily visible in gaslight.

Diane had stripped off everything, and found a faded white shirtdress. It came down to mid-calf, but only a few buttons were fastened near the middle and top. Perspiration stippled the tops of her breasts, like shiny glitter in the lantern’s glow.

Margot had found an old, battery-powered AM radio. She turned it to a country station. Between flashes of static, they listened to oldies.

Diane was sitting in one chair, one leg raised, the other resting on the thin rug. “Isn’t there anything but that on,” she said crossly.

Margot’s eyes flashed. “It’s the only thing that’s clear on AM. Besides, I like it. You used to.”

Diane grumbled.

Johnny Cash’s voice faded. The DJ said, “Yes sir, that was the Man in Black, singing his classic “Ring of Fire”. And speaking of fire, the Weather Service has issued another severe thunderstorm warning for our county. So you all be careful, and listen up. And now, Patsy Cline.”

The music to “Crazy” started playing, the tinny sounds interspersed with static. Margot was bored. She put down the book she had been reading by gaslight, and stood up. She could feel the warmth and moisture like a washcloth on her face and head. She went to stand by the east window. The clouds had not yet overtaken the moon. It was bright and cast a pearly light into the room.

Diane looked at her. The moonlight flowed around her cousin, revealing her shape through the thin cotton. Her legs and ass were semi-visible, along with the fuzzy patch of her crotch. Diane watched as her cousin swayed gently to the music.

In an effort to cool herself just a little more, Margot undid the remaining buttons on her blouse. It parted like a book being opened, the insides of her cleavage illuminated by moonlight.

Diane stood up. She looked at the approaching storm. In the flickering of lighting and the pale moonlight, she saw the dark mass growing closer. Soon, she thought. A cool downwash of air suddenly came through the open windows. Diane said, “Ahh…..” and lifted her dress with one hand, exposing her thighs to the breeze. With her other hand, she undid another couple of buttons by her chest, to the point that her breasts were in danger of spilling out.

Margot kept her eyes on Diane as she enjoyed the cool breath of air. A brilliant flash of lightning limned her cousin, and she could see the strong lines of thigh and calf, the firm round curve of her ass. Margot came around the chair to her cousin, and said, “Dance with me a little. It’ll take our minds off the heat. Maybe it’ll make the storm get her faster.”

Diane paused for a moment, regarding Margot quizzically. She said, “Oh, okay.”

The DJ said, “That was the great Patsy Cline. Now here’s the wonderful Willie Nelson, and “You Were Always On My Mind.”

Diane and Margot arranged themselves in the center of the study, lightly holding each other as they swayed to Willie. Diane’s head rested on Margot’s shoulder. Their breasts casually bumped into each other as they slowly danced. Both women found their nipples starting to harden. The flashes of lightening came a little faster. The sounds of thunder were more distinct. The glare of the lightning made quick shadows of them on the wall, still silhouettes of the dancing women. Between the thunderclaps, the hissing of the lanterns played behind the scratchy sounds of the radio.

Margot raised her lips to Diane’s forehead, pressed them there in a gentle kiss. She could taste the salt. Diane tightened her arm resting on Margot’s back. Margot said softly, “You know, it could be like this all the time. You here. Us together.”

Diane raised her eyes to meet Margot’s. “We’ve been through that.” She squeezed her right hand, just a little harder then necessary.

Margot squeezed back, equal pressure. “I know it’s what you really want to do.”

Diane pulled her arm in a little roughly. Margot’s body was pulled into Diane’s. Diane said, sharply, “So what. I want to do a lot of things. I have some responsibilities, cousin.”

As they danced, Margot tightened her embrace. Their breasts were beginning to press together. She said, “Fuck responsibilities. It’s time for us.”

A flash of lightning lighted up Diane’s face. She said, “You’ve always been upset that I was the one who left. The one who got to pursue a dream.” The thunder sounded sharply. As the echoes died away, Margot looked down into her cousin’s eyes, and said, “Funny. And I thought you were always mad because I was the one who got married. The dream you really wanted.” She brought her face within inches of Diane’s as she spat the last words.

Diane gasped. Angrily, she yelled, “I did not! I did not! Oh, you malicious bitch!” She pushed back from Margot’s arms, grabbed her hands tightly, and swung her cousin around.

Margot was taken by surprise. She yelped. She grabbed at the front of Diane’s dress. Margot began to fall backwards, with Diane following. The buttons on the dress gave way, and Diane’s large rounded breasts became fully visible, followed by the naked thatch of pubic hair. Margot’s blouse flew open as she hit the rug with her backside. Her breasts quivered and shook with the impact. Diane and Margot collided. Their breasts crushed together, erect nipples digging into tender flesh. Margot’s blue skirt rode up as her legs spread. Diane’s naked thighs fell between them, and the only thing preventing their pussies from bare contact was the thin cloth of Margot’s skirt. Despite that, both women felt the charged impact of their cunts violently meeting.

Margot was angry now. She grabbed hold of her cousin’s shoulders and rolled. Under hissing gaslight and the flashes of lightning, they wrestled across the floor, hands slapping against breasts and pulling hair, making incoherent cries and grunts. They traded advantage as their twisting bodies moved roughly across the thin rug.

Diane, in frustration, grabbed Margot’s skirt and pulled. The cloth tore easily and soon the skirt was nothing but long tatters. Their crotches came into brief contact as they fought. Finally, Margot had Diane pinned. She sat up, her legs straddling her cousins heaving chest. Sweat glistened on both of them as they panted. Margot leaned over, her hands holding Diane’s against the floor. Her breasts dangled above Diane’s tits, the nipples brushing.

Margot groaned. She slid her body down and brought herself to lay full length on top of her cousin. Diane’s legs spread slightly under the weight. Their breasts were pancaked together, their bellies smooth against each other. Still holding her cousin’s hands out, Margot placed her lips on Diane’s mouth and kissed her cousin. Diane responded, arching her back, her legs opening and her mound welcoming the exploring pressure of Margot’s cunt. She opened her mouth and their tongues met and danced.

Margot’s hips began to rise and fall, as their pussies rubbed together with delicious friction. Diane felt her cunt get wet. She felt her clit lengthen and harden. The lightning was increasing in frequency and intensity. It started to make a ticking sound before the blinding flash of light and the cannon roar of the thunder.

Just as the clouds opened, and the rain crashed down, Diane cried, “NO! NO! Not again!” She pushed Margot off her. Margot fell to the side, chest heaving, her mouth slack with sexual excitement. Her cunt was wet and swollen.

Diane rose unsteadily, and started running to the hallway, the wide open dress flapping. Margot, wearing the tattered remnants of her blue skirt, followed. Diane opened the back door to the storm. She rushed out into the yard, arms trailing behind her. Margot saw her lift her face to the pouring rain. Lightning was striking all around, blue electric strobes of light.

Margot ran out to the yard and touched Diane’s shoulder. Diane whipped around, and yelled, “It’s not fair! IT’S NOT FUCKING FAIR.”

Margot yelled back, “COME INSIDE!”

Diane shook her head, the rain plastering her thick brown hair. “Oh, no! You have to prove it! If you want me, TAKE ME HERE!” Diane shrugged her shoulders, and her dress fell back. She stood naked, being pelted by the rain, eyes closed.

Margot found herself more aroused than she had ever been. Disregarding the raging storm, she ripped of the last of her skirt, and was just as naked under the rain as her cousin. Her large breasts shook as she turned in the downpour. Water collected between her legs, soaking her pussy.

Diane opened her eyes and leaped at her cousin. They fell to the wet lawn and rolled, thighs and breasts and crotch meeting in fleeting touches. They grabbed hair and pulled their faces together. Their lips met fiercely and their mouths opened for a tongue war. As the rain poured down, they slammed their bodies together, their breasts and nipples meeting in slaps of wet flesh. The lightning played like the electronic strobe of a photographer, rendering bright still shots of the sexual combat.

Here, the hands pressed mutually into each other’s tits, squeezing while faces contort in lust and pain. Another flash, and an intense bear hug squeezes them together, eyes wide open and flashing, lips pressed desperately together. Again, the light flashes. They are on their backs, legs joined together at the crotch, ramming their cunts together. The rain crashed down. Patches of mud stained their legs and elbows. Margot grunted and mounted her cousin. As the storm raged, Margot and Diane humped with urgent need. Their juices flowed easily from their cunts, soon to be washed away in the rain. Their hands went to each other’s ass and gripped the fleshy cheeks. The pulled their hips together with their strong arms in a rapid wanton rhythm. The women gasped and panted and cried their sexual craving with meaningless syllables.

Naked under the lightning and rain, they slammed their bodies together. Their labia mashed together as the hot needles of their clits clashed and the cunt liquid spurted.  Diane yelled, “NOW! OH, FUCK ME, NOW!”

Margot screamed, “YES, NOW, NOW, NOW!”

Lightning struck the rod atop the main house, the closest flash yet. A deafening clap of thunder rolled over the thrashing women. The electrical field of the bolt charged the wet grass as the cousins met in shaking screaming climax. Their bodies arched together as the orgasm rolled over them like white-hot waves of fire. The coming shook them for at least a minute until they collapsed together on the lawn, on their backs, eyes glazed, sweet honey trickling from the pussies.

* The Next Morning *

They were in the large claw-footed tub in Diane’s room. Margot and Diane reclined at the ends. Hot water and fragrant bubbles filled the tub. They were lying together so that their legs wrapped around the other’s hips, and their crotches joined together in pleasant slick friction. A bottle of chilled champagne rested in a bucket of ice on the floor near them. Margot was caressing Diane’s left foot. She slid her strong hands around the arch and pressed firmly.

Diane arched her back and purred. “Oh, that’s nice. I ought to make you do that to me every day.”

Margot giggled, and said, “You think, huh?” She ticked the sole of the pink foot.

Diane pulled her foot back, then worked the toes around Margot’s large breasts, getting one large nipple caught between the toes. She squeezed.

Margot laughed, “Mercy, darling! Mercy!” She slid around, the foot slipping off. The slippery movement of their crotches together made her sigh. Margot said, “So you think you can be down her in six months?”

Diane said, “Yes. Now that I’ve had some time to consider, I think I can take the writers I shepherd now, and have the beginnings of a good literary agency. One that I can run mostly from here.” Diane paused, took a drink from the champagne glass. “You were right, damn you. This is where I want to be. With the one I love.”

Margot sat up. They moved together in a close, wet embrace. Margot kissed her cousin as their breasts met in sliding electric sensation. Their pussies softened and opened. They started to press against each other, the water and suds splashing a little. Margot said, her breath catching, “And with the one I love. Oh, Sweetheart! Oh, cousin!”

At the end, in their sweet embracing battle, the water splashed over the top of the tub.