(By Unknown)

Margot was reading when she heard the car pull into the long driveway. She put down the well-worn volume of D.H. Lawrence and laid her reading glasses on the table. In that peculiar grace that tall woman seem to have, she rose from the davenport in the large, old-fashioned library, walked the long hallway to the front of the house, and pulled back the curtain near the foyer.

Outside, in the bright North Texas sunlight, she saw the Town Car ease up to the front entrance. In the back seat, barely visible behind the thick window tinting, was her cousin. She was finally here.

Margot’s full-lipped mouth curved in a half-smile. Diane was here for the first time in ten years. Margot checked her face and clothing in the mirror over the hallway table. She was big, with large, pear-shaped breasts that filled her white blouse nicely. Her waist was narrow in comparison in to the broad hips and round, generous ass. Margot had always been pleased with the way she looked. Womanly, with curves and lines and supple muscle. Not a stick, all angles and bones.

She wore tailored blue jeans that displayed her strong legs. She had an abundant mass of thick, auburn hair, a wide mouth, and piercing green eyes. She was a striking woman, glowing with health, and at 41, perhaps in the best shape she had been in years.

The uniformed driver quickly opened the passenger door. Diane swung her nylon-sheathed legs around, and stepped out of the cab. She was perhaps two inches shorter than Margot, but the roll of the genetic dice gave her a similar build. Her slightly smaller frame made the breasts appear even larger than they did on Margot. Perhaps self-conscious about this, Diane had always dressed to minimize her bust.

As she stepped out, Margot could see she was wearing a pale blue suit, the hem of the skirt two inches above the knee. Dark hair came down to just below her shoulders, in an elegant and sophisticated coif. She had on a white pleated blouse that hugged her neck. Over this, she wore a jacket matching the skirt. A pair of just-this-minute four-hundred-dollar mid-heel pumps completed the ensemble.

Margot stepped out of the cool of air-conditioning into the humid blast furnace of August. She came down the steps as the driver retrieved two bags, large and small, from the trunk. He carried the suitcases up to the entrance, tipping his hat to Margot.

Diane shifted her dark glasses to the top of her head. Light brown eyes with flecks of gold brightened at the sight of her older cousin. “Margot! Sweetheart!” She ran up the steps into Margot’s quick, firm embrace. They kissed each other lightly on the cheek.

Margot said, “Hey, now! You look splendid, Di! It’s so damn good to see you.” She smiled broadly, showing even, white teeth. Her eyes crinkled at the sight of her cousin. The driver waved a quick salute and left quickly, heading down the long drive to the front gate.

Diane stepped back from Margot’s arms and looked up at the stately house. “Oh, God, I’ve forgotten how wonderful this place looks. I’ve really missed it.” Her voice was New York cultured, but Margot could still detect a trace of a Texas drawl. You can’t eradicate it entirely.

“I’ve missed you,” Margot said. “But let’s get out of this heat. We will simply wilt if we stay out here.”

“Oh, absolutely. I’ve forgotten how sultry this place can get.”

Margot picked up the large Samsonite case easily. Diane got her smaller bag and they moved into the cool of the house. Margot led the way upstairs and down the long wood-floored hallway. She opened the door to a large bedroom with a big four-poster bed along one wall. Dark antique furniture was arranged in a tasteful fashion. Margot laid the suitcase on the bed.

Diane kicked off her pumps, sat down on the bed, and wriggled her stocking feet. “Oh, Lord, that feels good!”

Margot said, “I’ll give you a chance to change, dear. Then why don’t you come on downstairs, and I’ll get us some iced tea. The help has the afternoon off, so it’ll just be you and me.”

Diane said, “Oh, stay and talk with me, Margot. It’ll just a take a little bit to unpack and change.” Diane got up and shed her jacket and laid it on the bedspread. Her blouse was a sleeveless number, hooked in the back of the neck.

Margot said, “Sure. How was the flight?”

“Oh, it was okay. Not too crowded. Halfway decent meal for a change.” Diane fetched some hangars from the large armoire. She pulled a pair of navy-blue slacks from the suitcase and started to hang her clothes, moving back and forth between the bed and armoire. They continued to make small talk during the unpacking. She undid the catch on her skirt, and slipped it down her hips. She wore a nude shade of sheer pantyhose without any panties. As she turned around, Margot could see Diane’s pretty legs rise up to the dark, thick bush between her thighs. It was neatly trimmed for swimsuit season, but abundant over the labia. Diane turned her back to Margot and lifted up her brown hair with both hands, exposing the back of her slender neck. Margot always got a thrill out of that gesture.

“Could you unhook me, dear?”

Margot moved behind her and reached to the hook. She slipped the catch as she breathed in the smell of her cousin. A slight trace of Opium, her favorite.

Diane pulled the shirt over her head. In pantyhose and a Victoria’s Secret underwire bra, she was an incredibly delicious vision. She pulled the hose down, and the pussy came into view, hairs starting to uncurl, damp and twisted.

Margot caught her breath. Diane slid the shoulder straps down, and slipped the cups off her large breasts. They were crowned with dark, prominent nipples, surrounded by pebbly areolae. They swayed free, slightly pendulous. She rubbed them, the flesh pliant and bouncy.

Diane pulled a pair of plain white cotton panties out of her case, and slipped her legs into them. This was followed by a pair of dark blue shorts and a baggy white pullover shirt with a scoop neckline. Her breasts moved from side to side as she walked, nipples poking the fabric.

They went downstairs to the big country kitchen on the west side of the house. Margot got a pitcher of iced tea from the stainless-steel refrigerator and poured a couple of tall tumblers and added a slice of lemon. They say down at the wooden table.

Diane looked out the window. “I remember the land. Those rolling hills. It really takes me back.”

Margot followed her gaze. “We could sure use some rain, though. This summer has been murder.”

Diane said, “Most of the land has been rented out, right.” She took a sip of her tea.

Margot nodded. “After Daddy died, it seemed the simplest thing to do. There’s still a lot of work to do – government forms, bookkeeping, tracking the markets.” She hesitated. “Did you think about what I asked you?”

Diane said, hesitantly, “I … still have to think about it some. I mean, I have a good job in New York, and coming down to help you run this place has its attractions, but…I just don’t know, Margot.”

Margot reached out and squeezed her cousin’s hand. “That’s okay. Take your time. I just think it could be fun.”

Diane asked, “How about your son? How’s he doing?”

Margot said, “Brad’s doing great. He’s in his sophomore year down in Austin. But he’s fallen in love with computers and a freshman who wants nothing to do with farming or raising cattle.”

Diane casually said, “And how’s Tom?”

Margot’s face glowered. “That SOB wouldn’t help a little old lady across the street, let alone me. I am so goddamn glad I divorced him.”

Diane giggled, “I guess that takes care of that.” Diane yawned, stretching her arms. Her heavy breasts moved under the white shirt as she arched her back. Margot couldn’t help but watch.

Margot said, “Why don’t you grab a nap, sweetheart? Later on we can put on some fancier duds, and go get some dinner.”

“That sounds perfect, Margot. I could do with a little sleep.” She put down the glass, leaned over to kiss Margot on the cheek. “See you in a bit.”

* Margot remembers *

It is another hot day, twenty-one years prior. Margot is due to get married soon to Tom. Diane is excited about leaving for Columbia University. They have been taking these last few days of summer to spend time together. They are inseparable. They are each wearing tight denim shorts and white V-neck T-shirts. The shirts are a little small for them, and they hug their breasts tightly. The shorts ride up, accentuating the curve and cleft of labia, exposing tanned slivers of their buttocks.

As they walk among the rolling hills in the sunshine, they link arms, talking of nothing important or memorable. It’s as if the banality of their conversation could make it seem an ordinary day, not one of the last they would spend together for a long time. They are perhaps ten or fifteen pounds lighter than they would eventually be, but each girl has her full height, and they each have the round, large breasts and delightfully full bottoms that is their genetic heritage. They come to a shaded stream bank, far from the house and outbuildings. They sit down and giggle and chat. It is cooler in the shade.

Diane says something teasing, and Margot pushes her lightly. Diane pushes back. The friendly shoving soon becomes a wrestling match. The girls have long enjoyed wrestling, the pushing and shoving, the rolling contact as they tested their strength. This time it becomes something more, built from the knowledge of their separation, of Margot’s upcoming nuptials. The grips become harder. Diane pushes Margot down, and swings her legs to straddle her stomach. Their tight shorts pull against their mounds.

Margot reaches out with her arms to push Diane off. Diane easily knocks her arms out of the way. Getting frustrated, Margot blindly pushes out again, and her hands come into rough contact with Diane’s breasts.

Diane gasps, and takes her own hands and presses them firmly against Margot’s breasts. They push against each other, grunting. The pressure increases, the nipples becoming erect against the bras.

Margot lifts her pelvis upward quickly, her crotch pressing into Diane’s. Diane finds herself thrown backward, and Margot gets up and throws herself on Diane. Their large breasts crush together. Their breathing gets faster, with grunts and sharp sounds. Anger starts to contort their faces. Margot has her hands on Diane’s shoulders, and their bellies and crotches are in close contact. Diane tries to lift her hips up, driving her denim-clad pussy into Margot’s. In their gyrations, they start to slide down the grass back towards the stream. They both cry out as their legs and hips slide into the water. Again they struggle, hips bouncing up and down, making wet slapping sounds. Something else starts to grow. The frustration and anger are suffused with growing sexual excitement. They feel their pussies start to lubricate, then flow. They moan. Their mouths come together in urgent need, wet pink tongues meeting. Their bra-clad breasts slide together under the T-shirts, nipples fully erect and throbbing. The splashing gets louder as Margot’s hips beat into Diane’s.

Diane wraps her legs around Margot’s waist as the humping increases in tempo. The crotches of their panties, soaked from the stream and their own lubricious fluids, folds into the lips of their cunts. The rough wet fabric of the denim slides against hard clits. A flock of birds suddenly takes wing from the trees as their simultaneous scream of orgasm pierces the woods. Margot and Diane lay together in repose, in sweet surrender.

To be Continued