OK, so firstly maybe I should set the scene, because itíll clarify what follows a little bit. Iím a keen photographer, mainly portraits and fashion shoots, but Iíve always wanted to do just one girl-on-girl shoot. Last year, I got engaged, and as my fiancťe was kind of reluctant to let me out on a stag night, she came up with a better solution. If I could find another girl (and youíll see she was very specific about the kind of girl she wanted), then sheíd be the other model in a two girl shoot. She laid down some pre-conditions, of course Ė I was to concentrate on her, not the other girl. She would kiss and touch the other girlís body, but she wouldnít do anything sexual. And she was adamant that this would be just for me and she wouldnít be turned on at all.

So I spent a while trawling internet sites, looking for an experienced adult model. My fiancťe is black African, 5 foot 8 inches tall, with a fabulous body Ė slender, with small, round, pert boobs, a taut flat stomach, and the most amazing round butt youíve ever seen. I needed a black girl around the same height and build as her, amazing breasts (because theyíre my fiancťeís favorite body part), and nice bum but not as nice as my fiancťeís (because thatís my favorite body part and she didnít want me looking at the other girlís ass). Told you she was specific! So it took a while but eventually I managed to find one I thought would suit, and booked a spectacular hotel suite as a location.

Once the shoot was over, I asked my fiancťe to write down what happened from her point of view, and what was going through her mind. Boy, was I in for a surprise! This is what happened, in her own words...

I have to admit. My manís done a pretty good job of things so far. The hotel room is beautiful. Everything seems so crisp and white, from the walls and furnishings, to the linen on the huge bed. I hope heís as good at picking women as he is at locations.

I check myself out in the mirror. I do look hot. New weave. Simple makeup. Wrapped in a towel, underneath I just have a pair of plain white hipsters, and I pace around nervously while my man sets up his lights and camera, waiting for the model to arrive.

Thereís a knock at the door and he tells me to go and answer it. I open the door and see her for the first time. My heart is pounding and I start to get excited for the first time. Heís chosen very carefully. Sheís beautiful, but in a way that I know heís selected for me rather than himself. Mixed race, with maybe a hint of oriental in there too. My height, with long, black poker straight hair. Heís very devious Ė he knows Iím going to think sheís hot and also be relaxed that sheís not his type. She has a sheer, loose-fitting dress on and I can see her nipples standing proud through the material. Iím shocked to find myself thinking about her breasts touching mine for the first time, but immediately push the thought from my mind. I donít want this to get out of hand and Iíve always told my man that Iím doing this for him and that I wonít get turned on at all. I donít want to give him the satisfaction of seeing me enjoy it.

Introductions are handled, with an awkward formality given that we both know what weíre going to be doing with each other in a few minutes time. My man gets down to business straight away. He instructs us to pretend heís not there, to not look at him or the camera at all, but to look at and concentrate on each other at all times, to not break our positions between shots and stay in the moment. He puts on some R & B to get us in the mood and stop the camera shutter from distracting us, and tells her to take off her dress, and as she does so I realize that I really have underestimated my man. He knows my fascination with breasts and hers are beautiful, round and pert. And he knows I know how much he loves the female bum, and while hers is nice and round and toned, encased in a similar pair of white hipsters to mine, itís nowhere near as nice as mine, so I know heís going to be concentrating on me and not her. Iím almost annoyed with him for being so smart, and finding a woman that Iím going to think is hot but that heís not. He tells us to face each other, holding hands, leaning our bodies into one another but not touching, and moving our open mouths towards each other till our lips are only centimeters apart. I can feel her breath on my face. Iím looking into her eyes, but she returns my gaze and I have to look down. I can see her lips Ė big, beautiful, full lips - so close to mine and again I canít help but wonder what theyíll feel like on mine. With each click of the shutter, we adjust our poses slightly Ė our legs, our hips, the angle of our heads - but still carefully avoiding any parts of our bodies touching apart from our hands. Itís actually very difficult, especially making sure our boobs move around each otherís, at times only millimeters apart, and it just builds the tension between us because I know that soon itís going to be pressed against mine, and Iím starting to want to know what itíll feel like.

Iím vaguely aware of my man instructing her to move her hips closer, and before I have time to react, the lower part of her stomach is suddenly pressed against mine. My heart is pounding so hard Iím scared sheíll hear it. Still we shift positions, and whilst our top halves Ė our lips, our breasts Ė continue to dance around each other without touching, below the waist weíre pressed gently together, and each change of position creates a subtle friction between us, hips grinding slightly, thigh rubbing on thigh.

I hear my manís voice again but I donít really realize what he is saying until she leans forward and gently takes my bottom lip between her lips. Instinctively I close my mouth a fraction, and now have her top lip between mine. The softness of her lips sends a shiver up my spine, exacerbated by the fact that I can now feel her breasts tap lightly against me, nipples flicking gently over nipples. My man tells us we can stop holding hands now, to just do what feels natural. Weíre almost dancing now, shifting positions in time with the shutter and the music, lips touching and sliding over lips, breasts pressed against breasts. She pushes her leg between mine, forcing them apart, and I respond, thrilled as I feel the soft part of inner thigh against mine. She pushes in further, the top of her leg pressing against my pussy. Her hand runs up my leg, over my bum and the small of my back, while mine moves up her ribcage and over her breast, my fingers gently brushing her hard nipple.

My throat is dry from nerves and excitement, forcing me to swallow hard. This causes my lips to close on hers, and she, thinking it is a kiss, responds. As my lips part again, her tongue flicks lightly in and touches the tip of mine. I gasp slightly, praying that she doesnít notice. I begin to panic, until I hear my man gently urging us on. We kiss with more aggression Ė at one point she takes my bottom lip in her teeth and I take her top lip in mine, at another she sucks hard on my tongue. Iím aware of my man moving in closer, taking close-ups of our lips locked together, and it encourages me further, pushing my mouth harder against hers, our tongues slipping and sliding all over each otherís. She grabs the waistband of my panties and begins to pull me hard into her, and I catch my breath as I feel her mound of Venus push against mine. I respond in kind, grabbing her panties and pulling her hips firmly into me. As my man urges us on, we pull harder and harder, our panties sliding up into our asses, locking our hips together.

My man calls time, and I have to fight to maintain my composure and look calm as we separate our lips and bodies. I donít want either of them to know Iím even remotely turned on. We change position with me facing the camera, and her behind me. He wants us posed, half in passion and half in aggression, so itís ambiguous as to whether weíre fighting or fucking. She takes a handful of my hair, twisting my head round towards hers, and I reach over my shoulder and grab the back of her head, pulling it towards me until again our lips gently touch. She reaches round and places her other hand on the inside of my upper thigh, and my man tells me to grasp her wrist with my free hand, so that itís not clear if Iím pushing her hand down, or pulling it up towards my pussy. I push my ass back against her and I feel her thigh push in between my buttocks. Again, we shift position subtly between shutter clicks, my ass grinding on her thigh, our lips moving against each otherís until, without even realizing how it started, weíre kissing again. I can hear my man gently urging her to move her hand upward, and it slides inch by inch up the inside of my leg, until her index finger is pushed deep into the cleft at the top of my inner thigh, her thumb resting between my legs, just a fraction of a millimeter of fabric separating it from the flesh of my pussy. As we shift positions, her thumb moves against my pussy, sometimes just resting there, sometimes pressing slightly. Is she doing it on purpose, I start to wonder? I panic slightly that Iíve been so lost in what Iím doing that I might be wet, and that she might feel how excited I am, and Iím half relieved and half disappointed when sheís instructed to move her hands, one on my breast, and the other on my lower stomach rather than my thigh, just slipping the tips of her fingers into the waistband of my panties. Again, I grab both wrists tightly, and as the camera starts to go to work again we immediately begin to kiss, our tongues and lips work hard on each other. Her hand slips a little lower inside my panties and although I havenít heard any instructions from my man to do this, I donít resist, but push my ass harder into her. Her hand inches lower again, agonizingly slowly until the tip of her middle finger can go no further without curling underneath and between my legs. Iím torn between fear that sheíll do this and feel my wetness, and a desire to feel her fingers in me. I have to concentrate hard to fight the urge to moan, or gasp, or give any sign that Iím enjoying what sheís doing to me.

My man breaks us up again, and I begin to wonder whether heís seeing how turned on Iím getting and is stopping it on purpose, or whether heís completely oblivious to it. So far, heís given no sign that heís anything other than just a photographer and weíre two models. He orders us to take off our panties, points to some baby oil on a side table and asks us to give ourselves a light covering all over so that the light will bounce off our bodies, making us look slightly wet and sweaty. The model tells me sheíll do my back if Iíll do hers, and I agree, but instead of turning her back to me as I expect, she surprises me by facing me, putting her arms around me, and rubbing the oil on my back. I have no real choice but to do the same and so we stand there, arms around each other in an oily embrace, our bodies sliding against each other as I feel her close-cropped pubic hair brush through my own neatly trimmed bush. Iím aware of the camera starting to click again Ė my man is nothing if not an opportunist - and so we continue, our hands working slowly all over each otherís bodies. My man moves in close again, taking close ups. My nipple pushes up against hers, both hard as buttons. Her thigh wedges hard up between mine, pushing against my pussy. We shift positions against each other for what seems like an eternity, all the time pushing our bodies harder and harder into each other, and the tension is unbearable as by now I have to fight the urge to just cut loose and grind my pussy into hers. I canít believe Iím feeling like this, that Iím actually wanting this.

Once again my man calls a halt and tells us to separate. He hands me another pair of slightly larger white hipsters, telling us to both put them on. The model seems slightly confused, but I tell her I know what he means. I know exactly what heís doing Ė itís a fantasy heís told me about many times before.

I bend down and she puts her feet into the leg holes. Still bending down, I maneuver my feet forward and do the same. Itís not easy, but I manage, and slowly begin to work the panties up our legs. I begin to see why weíre oiled up now. My man thinks ahead. As I pull the panties higher, our bodies are pulled tighter and tighter together, and by the time I near the top of our thighs Iím beginning to think maybe heís miscalculated and thereís no way theyíll fit over our asses. Our pussies are already locked together, and I can feel her pubic hair digging into me. She reaches round and grabs the waistband, working the panties over my ass, and I do the same to her, physically pushing her oily buttocks down through the waistband until finally it eases over the top, snapping our hips in, crushing and mashing our pussies together. Locked together, my man tells us to kiss, and by now I need no encouragement Ė my lips are on hers almost immediately. As he clicks away, we move to the music, our pussies stuck fast to each other. Her hands work expertly down my back and begin to gently knead my buttocks, her fingers occasionally sliding into the crack of my ass. I concentrate on her boobs, stroking them, fingering her nipples, pushing my own breasts into hers and moving our nipples over each others. Whenever heís told me this idea in the past, Iíd always thought it was a bit bizarre, but now that Iím actually doing it I can see what he means Ė it feels amazing, being physically stuck to the woman by our most intimate area.

My man tells us to get onto the bed. Locked firmly together as we are, itís not easy, and we totter over, flopping onto the mattress with our legs tangled. We slide gradually and awkwardly up the bed, each movement forcing our pussies harder into each other. We finally lie there, me on top, both of us breathing heavily from the exertion. My man tells us he wants us to wrestle to see who can pin the other one down. Immediately, she wraps her arms around my waist and tries to flip me over, but I spread my legs wide apart to stop her turning me. I plant my hands on the mattress and push my shoulders up, my pussy forcing hers hard into the mattress. For the first time, I hear the faintest moan escape from her lips, whether in pleasure or pain Iím not sure. Her hips squirm and writhe under mine as she tries to escape from the pressure but to no avail. I can hear my man clicking furiously, and I know heís shooting between our legs, taking pictures of our pussies pushed together by the taut strip of material thatís stretched across them. It feels strangely good to have power over someone, but just as I think I have her, she leans forward, reaching round and down behind me, and pushing a hand over my bum and roughly between my legs. I feel a finger press hard against my pussy, trying to force its way through the material and inside me, and instinctively I bring my legs together. Seizing the opportunity, she launches her hips up and flips me over. Now itís my turn to be pinned, as she grabs my hands and forces them above my head so that weíre face to face, breast to breast, pussy to pussy. She forces her hips down, grinding her pussy into mine, and as I gasp involuntarily a slight smile plays across her lips. I struggle hard, arching my back, pushing up with my hips, but nothing works. She totally has me and as if to prove her dominance she leans down and kisses me hard on the lips, forcing her tongue roughly into my mouth. I grunt in half-hearted protest, torn between fury that sheís forcing herself onto me, that this isnít part of the deal, but also loving the feeling of having her inside me. Her mouth is locked so hard onto mine that I canít turn my head away, and so I try to force her tongue out with my own. Weíre welded together at both ends now Ė our pussies mashing and grinding hard against each other, and our tongues wrestling, pushing, sliding in and out of each otherís mouth. Iím starting to get more and more frustrated that Iím so helpless, my mouth invaded, my crotch pressed into the mattress, my mind in turmoil. But then I realize that the movement of her hips on mine is almost rhythmical now, and I start to wonder, is she as turned on as I am? I start to match her rhythm, soon weíre so intent on the struggle that in the end my man has to cough loudly to attract our attention, and tells us we can take the panties off now. It takes a while, working together with her still on top of me, to slowly work the waistband over our buttocks and down our thighs. As our movement becomes less restricted, our pussies move more freely against each other as we wriggle and writhe to work the panties down our legs and even as we do so, she keeps one hand firmly on my ass, holding me pressed against her even though weíre no longer wedged together. Our eyes never leave each other as we work ourselves free, mine blazing with humiliation at her domination, her eyes seeming to me to be sneering slightly. As she releases me, she leans forward and whispers in my ear.

ďIím gonna make you come so hard.Ē

Iím so shocked. Sheís actually trying to make me come. Right here, in front of my man? I canít let that happen. I canít. But my mind is racing about what I can do to stop it. Weíre both panting hard now, our bodies wet with sweat from our exertions, but thereís no let up. My man immediately instructs her to lie on her back, her legs open. He then orders me to kneel over her, legs apart, my thighs scissoring hers. I do as he says, stretching my legs apart and lowering my pussy over hers until theyíre inches apart. My man starts to click away as we pose. I lean forward and take one of her nipples gently between my teeth, and feel her body twitch. It feels good to have her in my control now, and so I suck it, gently at first, then harder. I feel her thighs moving against mine, her hands on my body. I move up to kiss her mouth, looking into each of her eyes, showing her some defiance. Whoís in charge now, bitch? I feel my knees beginning to move further apart, the oil and sweat making it hard to hold my position, and start to panic. I know my pussy must be soaking wet by now, but before I can do anything about it I can feel the lips of her pussy brush against mine. I canít believe my pussy is touching another pussy!

My man tells me to sit up, and as I do my pussy sinks down onto hers. Iím so wet that the lips of my pussy open almost immediately. She responds by pushing hers up, and the combined pressure pushes her open too, enveloping mine in warm, soft wetness. I canít help but look down, and see our pussies almost merged, as if engaged in a passionate kiss. I have to keep my hands pressed on her thighs to stop them from shaking, but she takes this as a sign that she should spread her legs wider. I feel something small and hard flick against my clitoris and realize that itís hers. I look up and see a smug grin on her face. Oh my God, she did that on purpose! She shifts her hips again, flicking my clit with hers and sends a bolt of pleasure through me. How dare she? Is she actually trying to fuck me? Before I can stop myself I push back down slightly, flicking my clit back over hers. I look up and see her bite her bottom lip. Yeah, how do you like that? Using a change in position as cover, she pushes back up, again causing our clits to gently bump over one another. I donít know what it is, but I have to fight back Ė maybe subconsciously I think the only way I can save myself from coming is to make her come first. With each click of the shutter, we push back against the other, our pussies gliding over each other. I wonder whether I could come without my man knowing, and push her legs further apart, opening her up to me, imagining what it would be like to actually fill her with my juices. I have to fight to stop myself grinding on her too obviously, too rhythmically, but itís driving me crazy now and I can tell from the way sheís looking at me that she wants me too Ė itís only a question of who gets who first.

She begins to sit up, wrapping her legs around me, and as I fall back she grabs my ass and pulls me firmly into her, forcing my legs wider and around her as she does so too until weíre face to face, breast to breast, our open pussies melding together. I reach round and pull her into me too. I canít believe Iím doing this. I canít believe this is happening. Two hours ago, I was nervous about holding hands with her, and now weíre wrapped around each other, our wet open pussies grinding and sliding all over each other. I wonder if I have some of her juices inside me, or if some of mine has dripped into her, and the idea of our juices mingling together excites me even more. Weíre so wet I can hear our pussies squelch slightly as they squash together, and Iím frightened my man will hear, but heís still too pre-occupied with what heís doing. Heíd be so smug if he knew what was really going on, how horny Iím feeling right now.

My man tells us to lie back, and we do so, our legs still entwined so that I can feel her inner thigh on mine, her wet pussy on the back of my leg. He then tells us to roll over onto our fronts, and we do so, our legs still scissored, asses knotted together. She rolls slightly to one side, allowing us to push further into one another, and grinds her ass harder and harder against mine with each click, pushing our buttocks further and further in between each otherís. I grip the sheets and push back, maneuvering my ass, twisting and turning Ė I want, I need, to find her pussy with mine again. Just as I find it, our buttocks clench on each otherís with pleasure, I feel her leg start to slide out from under me as she raises herself up, and I follow her, my ass still pressed hard against hers, until weíre on our knees and elbows, our asses pressed together. Our buttocks slip and slide over each other, slick with oil and sweat, and up against our exposed pussies. I can feel pussy juice and sweat drip down my leg and I canít tell if itís hers or mine, or a mixture of both.

Iím beginning to wonder how much longer I can keep control, when my man calls a halt again. I want to fuck him so hard right now and relieve this tension, but not until Iíve made her come first. She started this and it needs to be finished. He tells her to lie on her back and then orders me to turn and face her feet and straddle her face. I kneel over her, and her arms snake around me, her hands grabbing my ass and pulling me lower till my pussy is just above her mouth. Shit, now Iím at her mercy, and I can feel her warm breath on my pussy as my man starts to shoot. My legs are slippery from oil and sweat and I have to work hard to not slip lower, especially as she is pulling me down. I put my hands on her boobs and try to push myself up but she has a tight grip on me. And then I feel it. Very, very gently at first, but then firmer and unmistakable. Her tongue, slowly moving along from my clit to my pussyhole. Jesus, sheís licking my pussy, and I have to act like thereís nothing going on. I quickly look up, but my man is shooting from the side, and canít see what sheís doing to me. Her tongue continues to lap, and I canít help but part my legs further, lowering myself slightly on her so that I can feel her soft lips on me. She pulls me slightly forward and further down, and slides her tongue inside me, my ass smothering her. I squeeze her breasts, trying to make every movement seem like just another pose. Iím not going to let him know Iím loving this. She pushes her face further into me, and I can feel her tongue sliding in and out, rolling and turning inside me. Finally, I canít stand it and flop forward onto her. I slide my hands down and grab her bum, and start to kiss her belly, her hips, the tops of her thighs, knowing itíll drive my man crazy. I begin to kiss down the inside of her thigh, lower and lower, knowing that her leg is blocking his view. I reach the top of her leg, and run my tongue along the crack between her thigh and her pussy, tasting her for the first time. Iíve never tasted another womanís pussy juice before, and Iím surprised at the sweet and sour flavor, tempting me to lick closer and closer to her pussy but not daring to go too far.

I hear my man curse, and I look up, trying not to gasp as she withdraws her tongue sharply from my pussy. Has he seen whatís going on? Is he angry? I have to suppress my laughter when he says his memory card is full and he has to run down to the car to get a spare. He tells us to stay in position. No problem, honey! The second the door closes behind him, she pulls me back slightly and takes my clit into her mouth, sucking on it while massaging it gently with her tongue. God, it feels so good. I respond instantly, pushing my lips into her pussy, kissing, licking, sucking. I move my hands around her ass, and slide a finger inside her Ė immediately her hips begin to rock, and encouraged, I begin to slide it in and out. God, I hope my man takes his time. I want to come so hard. Weíre both moaning loudly, rocking back and forth. I can feel myself starting to lose control, grinding my pussy into her face, and as I do I lose any last inhibitions too, one finger inside her becoming two, my mouth enveloping it in my lips and sucking hard on it, locking onto it to maintain position as she starts to buck. Yes, baby, thatís right, you come. She grinds harder and harder into my lips, and I drive my fingers harder and harder into her, pressing them forward to find her g-spot. Her hips start to snap as she loses rhythm, and suddenly I feel my face flooded with warm liquid as she orgasms. The thought of making her come, of having that power over her, turns me on like Iíve never felt before, and instantly my own orgasm hits me, my hips shuddering, losing control. I try to lift off but she has my thighs in a vice-like grip, keeping my clit locked in her mouth. I have no control over my body now, my hips thrashing wildly, my body shuddering as I come again, but still she doesnít release me. I can hear her moaning, muffled by my ass smothering her, and bury my face harder between her legs, until she comes again too. We suck harder, wave after wave crashing over us until our rhythm is so lost that weíre literally mashing our pussies into each otherís face. Weíre starting to come down as I hear the keycard in the door and I quickly try to replicate the position I was in before.

My man isnít happy. No sign of the other memory card. Heís so apologetic, bless him, that he doesnít even notice that my mouth is wet with her come. I ask him if heís at least got everything he wanted. He says yeah, pretty much. And he asks me the same question.

I say yeah, Iím pretty satisfied.