Kindergarten Moms - Part 1
(by EAGLE)

It was a warm September day in the small community of Ridgley, and the end of summer meant the beginning of the school year.  Shannon Murphy parked near the elementary school, and brought her daughter Erin over to join the other kids who were ready to start their first day of Kindergarten.  Shannon knew most of the kids waiting for the school day to begin because they had been in preschool classes with Erin.  As she joined the other mothers Shannon stood out from the rest for one simple reason.  She was easily the most beautiful woman in the group.

At the age of 30 Shannon looked 10 years younger, and had the build of a model.  As part of her Irish heritage she had long wavy red hair which came well below her shoulders.  She was 5’ 6“ tall with a great body and beautiful legs, and although she would never say anything to anyone Shannon believed her 34D breasts were perfect.  She had enough confidence in herself to believe no one could compete with her in the beauty department.

Kindergarten had their own private entrance to school, and the parents gathered the children together waiting for the teacher to come out to lead them to the classroom.  As they assembled Shannon noticed a blue convertible which pulled up next to the school.  What really caught her eye was the woman who got out of the car.  Even at a distance Shannon could tell that she was a very attractive blonde.  She moved to the passenger side and opened the door for a little girl who got out.

Shannon wondered out loud who the woman was and Rita, a friend of hers, said, "Her name is Bridget Kendrick, and that's her daughter Becky.  I met them a few weeks ago while I was in the school office.  She came in to register Becky for kindergarten.  Like you Bridget is divorced and she has only lived here for a month.   After seeing her close-up the only other thing that crosses my mind is that you may have some competition for the sexiest mom in school."

Shannon ignored that comment, but couldn’t help wondering more about Bridget.  During the next few weeks Shannon rarely saw Bridget.  They seemed to miss one another as they dropped off or picked up their daughters at school.  Then a month after school began everything would change.  There was an open house one evening at school for parents of kindergarten students.  They were encouraged to attend even if they could not find a babysitter.  Kindergarten students who came with their parents were gathered together in the classroom and monitored by teacher’s aides while adults assembled in a meeting room.

Shannon and Bridget were seated a few chairs apart, and seemed to ignore each other.  However, from time to time each woman glanced at the other as unobtrusively as possible.  As the meeting began Mrs. Robinson, the kindergarten teacher, handed out a list to parents of everyone’s telephone number and e-mail address so they could remain in touch with one another when necessary.  She then asked parents to sign up to assist with holiday parties.  At the end of the meeting just before everyone left Mrs. Robinson asked to see Shannon and Bridget.

As the two women walked up to the front of the room they wondered why Mrs. Robinson asked to see them.  This was the first chance Shannon had to look closely at Bridget.   Although she was wearing a floppy sweatshirt and jeans it was easy to see she was a very shapely woman.  She had a pretty face which was accentuated by long wavy golden blonde hair which came one third of the way down her back.  Shannon had to admit her friend Rita was probably right.  Bridget could give her a run for her money as the sexiest mom in school.

When they reached the front of the room Mrs. Robinson explained to them that they were the only two who had signed up to help with the Halloween party.  She handed Shannon a list of items to buy, and reminded the two women to save their receipts so they could be reimbursed.  She added, "I'm glad the two of you are helping with the party.  Your daughters have become inseparable friends.  They spend all of their free time together."

Shannon and Bridget looked at each other and neither was particularly happy upon hearing that their daughters had become best friends.  But they tried to make the best out of being in this situation, and agreed to meet after they dropped their daughters off at school the following Tuesday. When the time came to meet Bridget followed Shannon to her house, and then got into her car.  Both were dressed casually in jeans and light colored tops.  As Shannon drove to the shopping center there was a period of awkward silence.  It was clear that the two women didn't particularly care for one another, but the mood somewhat eased when they spoke about their daughters.  Both expressed surprise that the two young girls had become so close.

When the two reached the mall it took them almost 45 minutes to pick up everything that was on Mrs. Robinson's list for the Halloween party.  When they reached Shannon's house they unloaded the car and put everything inside.  Then they started talking about some of the items in the boxes and how much they enjoyed eating and drinking them as youngsters at Halloween parties.  Somehow this got translated into how much each of them weighed.  Shannon was sure she weighed less than Bridget, and of course Bridget claimed Shannon weighed more than she did.  After arguing for a few minutes Shannon said, "Arguing about this is ridiculous.  I have a digital scale in my bedroom.  Let's use it and find out which one of us is right."

Bridget agreed and the two made their way to Shannon's bedroom.  As they reached the scale Shannon turned around looked at Bridget and said, "Let's be fair about this.  Every piece of clothing we are wearing weighs something.  In addition to taking off our shoes I think we should strip so neither of us will have an unfair advantage."

Bridget agreed, and both women quickly removed their clothes.  Shannon stepped on the scale first and found that she weighed 115 lbs.  Then it was Bridget's turn.  When the scale settled at 114 lbs. she stepped off the scale, turned to Shannon and smugly said, "It pleases me to no end to know that I was right, and more importantly you were wrong.  I'll bet you're not used to that."

Shannon was about to reply when something else grabbed her attention.  When the two of them stripped and then took turns getting on the scale they hadn't looked closely at each other.  Now they were standing only a few feet apart, and their eyes were completely focused on each other's body.  It was as if each was seeing the other for the first time.  Shannon thought to herself, "I knew she was really hot, but I didn't expect her to have perfect breasts the same size as mine."

At that point she realized Bridget was staring intently at her breasts.  Shannon cupped her own breasts as if she were offering them to Bridget and teasingly said, "Do you like what you see?"

Bridget quickly exclaimed, "You're the one who's staring at my breasts.  Did you think you were the only one in the world with beautiful breasts?"

The two began taunting one another as each claimed to have the better breasts.  It reached a point where both realized nothing was going to be solved verbally.  Shannon took a step toward Bridget who took a step of her own in Shannon’s direction.  Neither one was going to be intimidated by the other.  The result of both women taking a step forward meant that their breasts and nipples were almost touching.  The only question was who would be the aggressor, and begin their confrontation.  That was answered when Shannon pressed her body against Bridget's, and said, "I'm glad this happened.  Our little sex duel is not just going to decide who has the best breasts, but who is the better woman.  I think the loser should suck the winner's pussy.  Are you up to the challenge?"

By now the two had their arms around each other and were standing cheek to cheek.  Bridget whispered in Shannon's ear, "I think you are an arrogant bitch, and I hate you.  But I've never backed down from a challenge and I'm not going to start now."

Shannon quickly replied, "Slut!  You don't have a monopoly on hate.  I feel the same way about you, and I can't wait to make you suck my pussy."

The two of them had just expressed their mutual hate.  However, their actions would belie their words.  The reality was that both women were so wrapped up in their daughters’ lives that neither of them had been in any kind of a relationship for almost 3 years.  The only way either one was ever sexually satisfied was her use of sex toys at night after her daughter was asleep.  This added up to zero as far as either woman having an intimate relationship with anyone else.

They moved their heads back so they could look closely at one another, and each saw a look of carnal lust in the eyes of her rival.   Their breasts and nipples were already pressed together, and they hadn't even started.  Since each woman believed she had the best and most beautiful breasts it was only fitting that they began by testing them against one another.  They released one another from their tight embrace, and joined hands down at their sides.   They slowly brought their very erect nipples together, and started rubbing them from side to side.  Although both women were lightly gasping from the sensations neither gained an advantage.  Then they started to bang their nipples together which caused Shannon to say, "No woman has ever beaten me in a nipple fight, and you're not going to be the first."

Bridget replied, "There's a first time for everything.  You're not as good as you think you are, and I'll be happy to show you how to really compete with another woman."

The trash talking lasted for a minute or two, and then the two women turned their attention back to what they really wanted to do.  Instead of continuing their nipple duel they started to rub their breasts together.  Neither would admit it to the other, but both were enjoying their tit fight.  It aroused them even further.  They moved back into their tight embrace, and the sensations were causing both women to moan.  After grinding their breasts together for a while Bridget wanted to take their competition to another level.  She said, "I can feel how you like to use your tits.  How good are you with your tongue?"

Shannon replied by sticking it out.  Bridget slid her tongue out to meet Shannon's, and the two started a long tongue fight.  After twirling and sliding their tongues together Shannon began sucking Bridget's tongue.  Then the two brought their open mouths together in their first passionate kiss.  They kissed as if they were looking for one another's tonsils with their tongues.  Each was determined to show she was the better kisser.  Between their kissing and grinding their breasts together both women were becoming very aroused.

Shannon went down to the floor on her knees, and she pulled Bridget down with her.  The bed was only a few feet away, but they chose to be on the plush carpeting instead.  Shannon slid her right thigh into Bridget's pussy, and not to be outdone Bridget did the same to her.  They began rocking back and forth hoping to get each other off first.  Bridget grabbed Shannon's ass with both hands, and pulled her closer.  Shannon did the same and they kissed and fucked at the same time.  Their gasping and moaning became louder.  Since it had been a long time since either one of them had sex of any kind with another person each realized her self-control wasn't going to last much longer.  In a lust filled voice Shannon challenged Bridget to pussy fight her.  Bridget accepted the challenge, and they quickly moved into a trib position.

When they brought their pussies together the feelings of intense pleasure caused them to throw their heads back.  As they started thrusting them together each woman knew she couldn't last too long.  Just as Shannon felt she was about to go off Bridget cried out in ecstasy and reached a mind blowing orgasm which engulfed her from head to toe.  Shannon, who never stopped pussy fucking Bridget, reached her own shattering orgasm a few seconds later.  As close as their fight was Shannon was the winner and she wasted no time telling Bridget that she had lost saying, "Well slut you lost, and that means you get to suck my pussy."

Bridget didn't argue and started to pay her penalty.  She spread Shannon's legs apart and began to lick and suck her pussy.  As Shannon was still very aroused from her love duel with Bridget it didn't take long for her to cry out in pleasure.  When she was finished Bridget rolled away and climbed to her feet.  She walked over to look at herself in the large mirror over Shannon's dresser to see how she had fared.  Shannon walked up behind her and the two looked at each other in the mirror.  She said, "I guess we really don't hate each other do we?"

Bridget replied, "No we don't, but that doesn't mean I like to lose.  I will never stop trying to win."

Shannon smiled and said, "You can have a pussy to pussy rematch whenever you want it."

As Shannon said this she slipped her arms around Bridget, cupped her breasts, and started to gently caress them.  Bridget immediately placed her hands on top of Shannon's, but instead of pulling them away she pressed Shannon’s hands harder into her own breasts.  She closed her eyes, and allowed Shannon to play with her breasts.  After a time Bridget pulled Shannon's hands away, and turned around to face her.

The two women began to squeeze and pull each other's breasts.  When they lightly pinched each other's nipples both began to gasp from the pleasure.  Shannon and Bridget had discovered something different about one another.  For the average woman her breasts and nipples are sources of erotic feelings during foreplay and sex.  Shannon and Bridget were far beyond that.  Their breasts were an erogenous zone, and while not as sensitive as their pussies were a close second.

For a number of minutes the two women stood close together, and attacked each other's breasts with their hands.  They squeezed, pulled, pinched and tried to outdo each other in this erotic duel.  They only broke apart for a few seconds to get on the bed.  Now on their knees each woman cupped her own breasts and guided them toward those of her rival. They banged them together, and at the same time slid their arms around one another.  Bridget whispered something in Shannon's ear, and she nodded in agreement.

The two lay down on the bed opposite each other, and it quickly became apparent what they were going to do.  Shannon began to kiss and lick one of Bridget's breasts, and at the same time Bridget was doing the same to her.  They caused one another to squeal in delight as they lightly clamped their teeth on each other's nipples and began to suck.  They spent several minutes attacking each other's breasts with their mouths.  Then as if they both received the same signal at the same time they rolled apart and got up on all fours facing each other.  They looked like two cats stalking one another.  Which one was going to attack first?

Shannon immediately saw her target.  While they were on all fours their large hanging breasts were very inviting.  She reached over, grabbed one of Bridget's breasts, squeezed it and at the same time pulled down on her nipple.  She told Bridget, "I'll bet you love being milked like this."

Not to be outdone Bridget reached over, grabbed one of Shannon's breasts, and did the same thing to her.  She said, "I may like it, but you really love it."

In fact both loved it as shown by the erotic sounds coming from the two women.  They continued to fondle each other's breasts as they straightened up, and came together on their knees.  After a passionate tongue probing kiss, Bridget, in a lust filled voice, said, "Now I want the rematch you promised me."

Shannon nodded her head, and the two quickly moved into a trib position.  However, this time Bridget was much more aggressive.  She pushed Shannon down and assumed a dominant trib position looking down into her rival's eyes.  Shannon tried to fight back by reaching up with her hands and grabbing Bridget's breasts.  However, it didn't help and Bridget controlled the pussy to pussy action between the two women.  Both were very wet as their love juices flowed together, but Bridget was imposing her will on Shannon, and taunted her saying, "I'm in charge now bitch.  Cum for me.  This time you eat my pussy."

Bridget got her wish, and with a series of uncontrollable squeals Shannon went over the top.  Her whole body seemed to be shaking from the sensations.  Even though she had lost this battle Shannon kept fighting, and got her consolation prize when Bridget cried out in ecstasy as she reached her own orgasm.  Bridget collapsed on top of Shannon, and after a few seconds the two of them started tongue kissing.  It was as though neither of them had gone off, and they were turning each other on all over again.  Bridget finally pulled back a little and said, "All this hot kissing changes nothing.  You lost and I want you to pay the same penalty that I did when I lost.  It's time to suck my pussy."

Shannon nodded her head, and rolled Bridget over so she could get started.  It didn't take long to bring Bridget to a point of ecstasy.  Bridget actually helped by squeezing her own breasts and pinching her own nipples as she was being expertly licked and sucked by Shannon.  Soon the room was filled with sounds of passion as Bridget reached another long pulsating orgasm.  Having fulfilled her part of the bargain Shannon crawled up to Bridget and lay down next to her.  For a time the two just stared into each other's eyes as if they were looking for some particular message.  Then Shannon spoke, "I don't think either one of us believes we are finished.  Wait here for a minute.  I'll be right back."

When she got back Shannon was carrying a bottle of scented oil and a towel.  When both women were on their knees on the bed Shannon told Bridget what she wanted to do.  Bridget nodded and each woman put some oil on her breasts.  Then they used the towel to wipe any excess oil from their hands.  They had agreed to a breast battle which was going to be made even more erotic with the addition of oil. 

The two naked beauties approached one another on their knees, and placed their hands on each other's waist.  They began by bringing their tits together, and rubbing them from side to side.  Each time their nipples slid together each woman felt a sensation running through her.  Then they changed to rubbing their large breasts up and down, but all this did was arouse them even further.  The presence of oil heightened their sensations, and made them feel more erotic.  Shannon challenged Bridget to a tit fucking contest and she accepted.  They banged their tits together time after time, but neither gained an advantage.  After almost 10 minutes neither was winning, but truth be told both women were enjoying this contest.  They slid their arms around one another, and pulled together in a mutual bear hug.  However, all the tit grinding in the world wasn't going to change anything.  They had reached a stalemate, and decided if one type of competition wouldn't work they were going to try something else. 

They began to feverishly kiss as each hoped the other would lose control.  Shannon raised the stakes by reaching down, inserting two fingers in Bridget's pussy, and starting to stroke   Bridget was startled by the change in tactics, but quickly countered with some pussy rubbing of her own.  Even though they were passionately kissing both women were moaning into each other's mouth.  They were so aroused they started humping each other's fingers.  By now their level of eroticism was immeasurable, and each realized she was no longer in control.  Crying out in pleasure the two threw their heads back, and screamed out in ecstasy as they both reached very intense orgasms.  The encounter had drained both of them, and they hugged each other in order to stay upright.

After a few minutes Shannon said that it was time to clean up.  Both had oil all over their breasts as well as each other's love juices on various parts of their bodies.  Bridget asked who would be first in the shower.  Since neither trusted the other to do anything, even something as simple as taking a shower Shannon proposed a compromise.  She said, "Okay, there’s a way we can do this together.  Since I have a double shower we can get in at the same time, and watch each other so no one gains an advantage."

They walked to the shower, and after Shannon turned on the water they both got in.  They watched one another liberally apply soap to their bodies.  Then they shared a bottle of shampoo because their beautiful long hair was matted and streaky.  After they rinsed off Shannon turned around to shut off the showers.  Just as the water stopped Bridget reached around Shannon from behind and cupped her breasts.  As she squeezed them, and lightly pinched her nipples Bridget said to Shannon, "Isn't this what you did to me a little while ago?  I think it's only fair that I get a chance to get even."

After allowing her breasts to be fondled for a few seconds Shannon pulled Bridget's hands away, and turned around so the two were facing one another.  After locking their eyes together Bridget moved very close to Shannon and softly said, "I'm better than you are."

Shannon answered in two simple words, "Prove it."

Bridget took Shannon's hand, pulled her out of the shower, and led her back to the bedroom.  They went down to the carpeted floor, and faced each other on their knees.  It made no difference that both were still wet from the shower, and their hair was soaked.  The two sexy women wanted to prove something to one another.  They engaged in what had quickly become one of their favorite modes of attack.  Each grabbed her rival’s nipples, and began pulling and pinching.  Both began to gasp from the erotic feelings, but each knew this was only the beginning.

After they attacked each other's nipples for a while Bridget told Shannon, "It’s time my pussy taught yours another lesson."

Shannon replied, "This time will be different slut.  I won't let you get on top, and I'll be the one doing the teaching."

They moved to a trib position, and each closely watched the other so neither could gain an advantage.  They brought their pussies together, and started to slowly grind into each other.  As time went by they began to slowly twist to one side while they were pussy fucking.  Shannon was the one providing the impetus for the twisting of their bodies.  She forced Bridget to twist once more, and the two of them found themselves lying on their stomachs.  Each woman quickly propped herself up on her forearms, and they continued thrusting their pussies together.  In addition to their pussy battle their asses were banging together as well, and the combination of the two created a very erotic picture.  After a few more minutes of fighting in this position both women began to cry out, and they completely lost any control they had.  Through their wild thrusting each caused the other to explode in a violent orgasm.  Later after they calmed down, and rolled apart Shannon declared, "Now that's how one woman fucks another."

In spite of just finishing a passion filled trib fight Bridget found herself wanting more, and without any warning jumped on Shannon.  They rolled back and forth a few times before coming to a stop side by side.  It would be physically impossible for two people to get any closer than Shannon and Bridget did as they prepared for yet another test of their sexual prowess.  They entwined their legs, and locked thighs with each other.  Their nipples and breasts were tightly pressed together, and they invaded each other's mouths with their tongues. They were making up for almost 3 years of celibacy by having an afternoon of sex fighting, and making each other cum as many times as they could.

They began this round of their naked sex duel by grinding their thighs into each other's pussy.  Their wild kissing became animal like as each tried to exert her will on the other.  Their thrusting turned into wild humping, and neither had any control over what was to come.  Both women were losing it, and neither could hold out any longer.  Their bodies trembled, and they experienced feelings of pleasure which ran through them seemingly to the core of each woman.  They held onto each other until the feelings subsided.  However, they didn't move apart, and once their heavy breathing calmed down they started all over again.  During the next hour they got each other off many times.  Finally Shannon pushed Bridget away from her saying, "I think we have to stop."

When Bridget questioned her as to why Shannon answered, "I just glanced at the clock, and we have to pick up our daughters soon.  We need to get dressed and leave for school.

Reluctantly the two broke apart, got up and started to dress.  By this time they were completely dry, and only needed a brush to make their hair presentable.  After slipping into their jeans, and stepping into their sandals they were ready to leave.  As they approached the front of the house Bridget suddenly grabbed Shannon, pushed her against the door, and forcefully kissed her.   Shannon asked, "What was that for?"

Bridget replied, "I know we are going to do this again, and that's just something for you to remember me by until next time."

Shannon smiled and returned the kiss with one of her own.  By now they had their arms around each other, and their kisses were turning them on all over again.  Neither wanted the kissing to end, but there were two things working against them.  First, tight jeans are not conducive to hot sex.  The other was the clock which reminded them that they really had to leave to pick up the girls.

Once again Shannon and Bridget became kindergarten moms.