As weeks turned into months Jocelyn and Erica continued their personal rivalry, and their professional relationship. When no one from the firm was around them they were openly hostile toward one another. They seemed to dislike each other for two reasons. First, in spite of the fact that both women were beautiful and sexy each was envious of her rival’s looks. They were also jealous of one another's sexual prowess because neither could dominate the other. As divisive as their personal relationship seemed to be they had a ‘fatal attraction’ type of fascination with one another. They were obsessed with each other sexually, and each wanted to make the other her love slave.

Their sexual competition now had rules which both agreed to follow. They continued to alternate between their two apartments for their sexual encounters. Ties were not allowed and they would continue to go at one another until one of them lost. When a winner was decided the loser had to pay a penalty in the form of any type of sex act which would satisfy the winner and humiliate the loser. They were now sexfighting two or three times a week, and they would challenge each other at the drop of a hat.

The first sexfight following the meeting they had to establish the rules took place at Erica's apartment. As usual they competed in the nude. They started by taunting each other over who had the nicest ass. They stood back to back and started to grind their asses together. Then Erica challenged Jocelyn to a pussy fucking contest on the bed. After kissing for awhile to turn each other on even more they moved to a trib position and started their pussy fight. After a few minutes the two women were so aroused each grabbed the other's leg. While still grinding their pussies together each one started to suck her rival's toes. This was just enough to give Erica the edge. With a loud shriek Jocelyn started to go off. She could no longer control herself, and waves of pleasure began to run through her body.

Erica had won and she was going to take full advantage of doing whatever she wanted to Jocelyn who had to submit because she lost. Erica immediately knew what she wanted Jocelyn to do. She played with Jocelyn's tits, and pulled on her nipples. Then Erica laid back, spread her legs apart and demanded Jocelyn to make her cum by stroking Erica's clit with her nipple. After getting Erica off Jocelyn promised she would get even the next time they locked up together.

Jocelyn didn't have long to wait. A few nights later the two had their next sexfight at her apartment. After a nasty verbal attack on one another the two locked together and began pulling each other's hair. This didn't last long as both realized a catfight wouldn't settle anything sexually. Jocelyn challenged Erica to a nipple fucking contest, and the two of them banged their nipples together time after time. After they got on the bed they exchanged nipple bites. They fastened their teeth to each other's nipple, and began pulling it out as far as they could.

Jocelyn reached under a pillow and pulled out a long double headed dildo. She wanted Erica to share it with her, and said the one who went off first would be the loser. Erica agreed and the two faced each other ready to compete. They spread their legs, moved closer to each other and slowly inserted the dildo. When their pussies came close together making the dildo disappear the two of them began to slide their pussies back and forth. Both women immediately began to gasp from the sensations. They knew it was a matter of will power and self-control. This contest didn't last long as Erica squealed and then cried out, "Oh God! You bitch. I'm going off."

Sounds of Erica's eruption echoed throughout the room. They were followed by Jocelyn's loud assertion of triumph. Knowing ahead of time what she would do if she won Jocelyn ordered Erica to get on all fours. Once she was in position Erica knew what was coming. Jocelyn moved in behind her and started grinding her pussy into Erica's ass. She reached forward with one hand and pulled Erica's long blonde hair as she was massaging Erica's ass with her pussy. As Jocelyn went off she taunted Erica saying, "How does it feel to have a woman cum all over your ass? I love having you this way when you can't fight back."

As the weeks passed Erica and Jocelyn had many sexfights, and took each other every possible way women could have competitive sex. After every sex duel the winner would try to humiliate the loser by having her submit sexually to a variety of acts. Each was very imaginative when it came to how the loser would satisfy the winner. They had many clit fights, but two of their matches would stand out as being somewhat different than the others.

One night at Erica's apartment the two women argued over who had the best looking and strongest legs. They ended up on the bed getting into a very sensual looking leg to leg wrestling match. They seemed to take turns pinning each other's legs, and more importantly it turned on both of them. They ended up propped up on their elbows staring at each other. Erica became aggressive as she pushed one of her feet against Jocelyn's breast. In short order the two were pressing the soles of their feet into each other's breasts. Jocelyn then moved her foot down to Erica's pussy and immediately Erica did the same. Each dared the other to do what they both knew was going to happen. Very quickly the two women were toe fucking each other, and in less than five minutes both reached a peak and were crying out in pleasure. It took a long time to break the tie, and when they were finished both were exhausted.

Perhaps the most unusual sexual episode the two women experienced together involved a strap on dildo and a stopwatch. They were in Jocelyn's apartment and she had a most unusual idea for how they would compete. It was beautiful in its simplicity. Outlining the idea to Erica she said, "It's not complicated. I will use this strap on to make you go off. You click the stopwatch as soon as I penetrate you, and when you reach an orgasm I will click it off. We will then reverse positions, and you will use the dildo on me. Whoever can hold out the longest is the winner. Are you up to the challenge?"

Erica assured Jocelyn she was up to any challenge. Jocelyn oiled up the dildo, strapped it on and was ready to penetrate Erica. Erica lay back, spread her legs and waited for Jocelyn to insert the dildo. When the dildo was deep inside Erica she clicked the stopwatch. Jocelyn knew the quicker she could get Erica off the better her chances of winning. Erica wrapped her legs around Jocelyn's waist, and the two began to passionately kiss while Jocelyn was sliding the dildo in and out of Erica's pussy. Erica lasted longer than Jocelyn expected, and screamed out in ecstasy in eight minutes.

A few minutes later the two women exchanged positions, and Erica started to slide the dildo in and out of Jocelyn's pussy as fast as she could. Jocelyn was in exactly the same position as Erica had been. She had her legs wrapped around Erica's waist, and they were tongue kissing while Erica was fucking her with the dildo. Jocelyn had a little more staying power than Erica had exhibited. She managed to hold out for almost 9 minutes before she erupted. Jocelyn won this unusual competition, and made Erica lick her clit until she reached another shattering orgasm.

The following Monday both women were called in to the office of the CEO. He explained to them that the firm had just acquired the country of Costa Rica as a client. The two women were to research on a worldwide basis any and all legal matters pertaining to Costa Rica going as far back in history as they could. He told them this would be a very expansive and detailed project and would have the highest possible security. They were to do most of their work together at night, and would use a new security room created just for this project. He also promised the two women a large bonus when they completed the project. Still being the perfect actresses Erica and Jocelyn told the CEO they were thrilled to be working together on such an important project.

The new security room could only be opened with an electronic key card, and once the two women were inside no one else could enter the room unless it was opened from within. A red light over the door told people there was someone working inside. The room was equipped with two computers, a conference table on which to work, and a few chairs. The only remaining question was how well Jocelyn and Erica could work together given their intense feelings toward one another.

The two had become so aggressive that they became sexual with each other even at the law firm if they were sure no one was watching. One day Jocelyn was in the women's lounge standing in front of the mirror when Erica walked in. She looked around to see if anyone else was in there, and then walked up behind Jocelyn. Jocelyn watched in the mirror and wondered what was going to happen as Erica approached her. Erica slid both hands around Jocelyn, grabbed her breasts and started to squeeze them. She gleefully said, "I know we don't wear anything under our skirts, but I was hoping you didn't have a bra on because I really enjoy playing with these."

Jocelyn angrily pulled Erica's hands from her breasts, spun around to face her and replied, "If you want to play this game I'll be more than happy to accommodate you slut."

In a heartbeat the two were squeezing and pulling each other's breasts. They were really getting into it when they heard someone open the outer door. Erica scampered into the nearest stall, and Jocelyn quickly went back to brushing her hair. A woman came in, greeted Jocelyn and left with a few paper towels. A few seconds later Jocelyn followed her, but before leaving said to Erica, "We'll finish this tonight bitch."

That evening the two started working together on their large project involving Costa Rica. They managed to work for almost 3 hours without any hostility. After wrapping up for the evening they were standing next to the conference table facing one another. They both knew what was going to happen, and it was just a question of who was going to start it. Erica moved closer to Jocelyn and asked, "Now let's see. Where were we this afternoon when we were so rudely interrupted?"

In an instant the two women were all over each other's breasts with both hands. Each treated the other's breasts as if they were silly putty, and squeezed, jiggled and pulled on them. It was an erotic scene seeing two women compete this way fully dressed. They mashed their breasts together, and even with their clothes between them both moaned from the sensations. Embracing each other the two were cheek to cheek, whispering insults in each other's ear. With lust in her voice Erica dared Jocelyn to get up on the table with her and go pussy to pussy.

Jocelyn immediately got on the table, and beckoned Erica to join her. She wasn't backing down from this challenge, and would prove to Erica she would fight her anywhere. Once on the table the two women pulled their short skirts up so they would be out of the way, and slid together ready to pussy fight. This would be their first sexfight in which they were not naked. When their pussies met they threw their heads back from the pleasurable sensations. They started thrusting into each other, and almost from the beginning both were gasping and moaning in pleasure. They sat up and brought their bodies together, and began to feverishly kiss. Erica said, "I love getting my pussy juice all over you."

Jocelyn replied, "My love juices are already deep inside your pussy. Come on slut. Show me how good you are."

As they got closer to exploding in ecstasy their thrusting became faster and wilder. They couldn't get enough of each other, and brought their mouths together in one final kiss. Both reached a peak of erotic feelings at the same time. As they started to go off each buried her face in the other's neck to muffle their sounds of ecstasy. They weren't sure the room was soundproof, and they didn't want anyone to hear them. This was one tie they wouldn't break as each of them got off the table, tried to regain her composure, and left the room a few seconds apart.

Two nights later Jocelyn decided to get even with Erica for what she had done in the women's lounge a few days earlier. Both women wanted the bonus promised to them when they finished the project so they decided to work together without any further confrontations in the security room. It was almost midnight when they finished working, and headed for the elevator. As soon as the doors closed and the elevator started to move Jocelyn reached over and hit the stop/lock button. As the elevator suddenly stopped Erica looked at Jocelyn with a question in her eyes. Jocelyn pinned her against the wall of the elevator and said, "Remember what you did to me in the women's lounge a few days ago? It's time for a little payback. It's after midnight and there's no one here except me to hear your sounds of surrender."

With that Jocelyn reached under Erica's skirt and started to finger her pussy. It took her by surprise but within a few seconds Erica responded by getting under Jocelyn's skirt and doing the same thing to her. They stared at one another as they stroked each other's pussy, and both promised victory. Jocelyn took Erica down to the floor and the two women continued stroking while on their knees. They alternately kissed and cried out from the erotic feelings. Jocelyn said excitedly, "I feel your love juice all over my hand. Cum for me you lesbian slut."

Erica passionately replied, "You're the lesbian slut, and after I make you cum you'll suck your own pussy juice from my fingers."

By now the two women were so aroused they were actually helping one another by humping each other's fingers. Each had two fingers deep in her rival's pussy, and both were very close to going off. Gasping for breath the two beauties cried out in total surrender as they erupted in an intense mind blowing orgasm. They held on to each other tightly as the sensations engulfed both of them. When she finally recovered enough to speak Jocelyn said, "This is one tie we are going to break because I'm not through with you tonight. Follow me home and let's get this settled once and for all."

When they arrived at Jocelyn's apartment the two of them went into the bedroom and began to strip. Jocelyn reached into the night stand, and brought out a small black case. She opened it and showed Erica what it contained. Inside there were two thick black dildos about 6 inches long. Jocelyn said, "Okay bitch! Choose your weapon."

Since they were identical it really made no difference who had which dildo. Erica reached over and took one from the case. Jocelyn took the other one, and with their weapons in hand they approached one another on their knees. When they were a few inches apart they stopped and stared at one another for a few moments. Then Erica took her dildo and slid it up between Jocelyn's breasts. For the next few minutes the two ran their dildos over each other's breasts and used them to bend each other's nipples. This aroused both of them, and they began to passionately kiss.

As if on cue both women spread their knees apart so each could easily slide her dildo into her rival's pussy. Both women moaned from the sensations as they attacked each other with the dildos. They started sliding them up and down with each trying to get the other off first. They embraced with their free hand, and pulled one another as close as possible while still stroking each other with the dildos. They started to tongue fight, and both women were starting to lose control. Erica taunted Jocelyn asking, "Are you having fun riding my dildo? I love fucking you with it."

Jocelyn caustically replied, "You're the one having fun. After you cum all over it I'll make you lick it dry."

They began kissing again and between kisses described one another using the words cunt, whore and of course lesbian slut. They started to buck and thrash as their mutual squealing and moaning signaled the erotic culmination of this sensual dildo duel. As they went off they toppled over to one side, and pressed their bodies together trying to get every ounce of sexual energy from each other. Now lying side by side the two women knew they weren't finished. During the next hour they slid the dildos in and out of one another getting each other off countless times.

With every ounce of energy drained from their bodies the two were laying side by side just staring at each other. Finally finding the strength to speak Erica said, "You know. We have been trying to dominate one another sexually for more than nine months, and neither of us has been very successful. I can remember times when you have won twice in a row, and I can think of times when I've won twice in a row but neither of us has ever won three in a row. We could go on like this forever. I've been thinking about it, and I believe I've come up with a way to find out which one of us is really the best. I have a possible solution and it's probably an unusual approach but I think it'll work."

Jocelyn was curious and said, "Go ahead. I'm listening."

Erica continued, "It's simple enough. We go to the WildKat club and find three women who are willing to come home with us. Then we have sex with all three of them, and rest between sex sessions so everyone starts off fresh. Then they vote on which of the two of us is the best lover."

Jocelyn questioned, "It sounds good to me. But why three women?"

Erica replied, "One woman isn't enough because that wouldn't give a clear picture. Two women could end in a tie with each of us getting one vote. However, with three women there can't be a tie."

Jocelyn agreed with the stipulation that neither of them could pick a woman either had ever been with before. She also told Erica that they would have to have sex exactly the same way with each woman. They agreed to do it at Jocelyn's apartment for the simple reason that she had a bed much larger than Erica's. They picked the following weekend for this unusual contest, and decided they would abstain from sex until the night they would compete with each other using the three women.

The following Saturday night Jocelyn picked up Erica at her apartment, and they traveled together to the WildKat club. During the 20 minute trip the two women were strangely silent until they arrived. Both were wearing very sexy outfits designed to get attention. The club was very crowded so they decided to stay together as they walked around looking for women who might be interested in their situation. After looking for awhile they noticed a beautiful black haired woman talking to a bartender. The woman told the bartender she was new to the area, and was asking about any wild or unusual activities that might be taking place. The bartender told her if she waited long enough she would be able to find connections to any type of activity that might interest her.

Before she could walk away from the bar she found Erica and Jocelyn surrounding her on both sides. Jocelyn explained she had overheard the dark-haired beauty's question to the bartender, and told her she and Erica had a proposition she might like. The woman's name was Rosie, and she was more than happy to listen to a proposition from two beautiful women. Erica explained the situation to her, and Rosie became excited over the prospect of having sex with two gorgeous blondes.

Then Jocelyn and Erica fell into the perfect situation when Rosie said, "If you're looking for 3 women you won't mind if my two roommates join us. They like the same things I do.

Having said that Rosie pointed a short distance to a table which was occupied by two very attractive women. She explained that the three of them recently moved into the area, and they all had the same taste in various sexual activities. She led Erica and Jocelyn over to the table, and introduced them to her two roommates. One was a brunette named Susan, and the other one a redhead named Maureen. Both were attractive women who after listening to Rosie's description said they would love to be involved in a sex filled evening with Erica and Jocelyn.

Jocelyn and Erica couldn't believe their good fortune in finding three women so quickly. Erica got in Rosie's car so they wouldn't get lost, and they all followed Jocelyn to her apartment. Once everyone was inside Jocelyn served some tequila to loosen up all of her guests. Then all five women went to the bedroom where Jocelyn and Erica explained how they would proceed. They would have sex exactly the same way with each of the three women. They would wait 45 minutes between sexual encounters so everyone would start off cool, calm, and collected. The entire process would take less than two hours after which each of the 3 women would vote who was the best lover between Erica and Jocelyn.

Their three guests stripped everything down to their stockings while Jocelyn and Erica removed everything so they were completely naked. Rosie, Susan, and Maureen all displayed nice bodies which meant, if nothing else, Jocelyn and Erica were going to really enjoy themselves. Rosie and Maureen positioned themselves on their knees on the bed ready for the two blonde beauties. Susan had to be content to watch the first round knowing she would be part of the second and third rounds.

Jocelyn and Erica approached Rosie and Maureen knowing exactly what they would do. The four of them started out by passionately kissing. Their tongues played together to the delight of all four women. They began rubbing their breasts together, and by now everyone was feeling highly aroused. At almost the same time Erica and Jocelyn pushed Rosie and Maureen down on the bed, spread their legs and began to suck their pussies. When Jocelyn and Erica each felt their sex partner was ready they brought them up, got in a trib position, and pussy fucked them until they went off. Sounds of eroticism and loud moans filled the room.

As was indicated everyone waited 45 minutes before starting again. They passed the time with more tequila, and the three guests shared some of their experiences. At the end of all three rounds Jocelyn handed all three women ballots which she had created, and gave them easy to follow directions saying, "There is nothing for you to write. All you have to do is put a checkmark next to whichever one of us you think is the best lover. After you are finished fold them up and put them in this little metal box."

After Maureen, Rosie, and Susan marked their ballots they placed them in the little metal box Jocelyn had shown them. She then put the cover on and shook the box a few times. Then she opened it and pulled out one of the ballots. She looked at it, and then put it down on the bed so everyone could see. The checkmark was next to Erica's name. Jocelyn repeated the same process with the second ballot, and found her name had been checked off. The third ballot would break the tie. When she pulled it out and looked at it Jocelyn exclaimed, “Oh no! This is why we wanted three women. We wanted to eliminate the possibility of the tie. I don't believe this!"

She threw the ballot down on the bed, and everyone saw checkmarks next to both names. Someone had voted for a tie, and that's the way it ended. Erica and Jocelyn each finished with one and a half votes. Erica wanted to know which of the three voted for a tie, but no one would admit it. Rosie and her two roommates began to get dressed. They started to leave and as they got to the bedroom door Rosie turned and looked at Erica and Jocelyn who were still on the bed. She smiled and said, "The two of you claim to dislike one another, but I think that's bull. If you're honest about it you'll admit that you give each other the best sex you've ever had. Actually I think you're both incredible. That should tell you who voted for a tie. Maybe we'll get together again sometime."

A few seconds later Erica and Jocelyn heard the front door close, and knew everyone had left. They were still lying on the bed, and after a few seconds turned to face each other on their sides. They propped themselves up on one elbow, and were less than a foot apart. After a few moments Jocelyn broke the silence saying, "She's right you know. You're the hottest sexiest woman I've ever known, and we have fantastic sex together."

Erica replied, "I'd be lying if I disagreed with you. You do things to me no other woman has ever done, and I love it. Our sex duels have taken me to a level I never thought possible. Where do we go from here?"

Jocelyn thought about it for a minute and then said, "I would love to look at you and tell you we should live together, but that can't happen for a couple of reasons. First, sooner or later the firm would find out we are lesbians, and probably fire both of us. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, if we tried to live together we'd kill each other. Having said that I don't see any reason why we can't continue seeing each other as often as we do now. We could ‘accidentally’ meet somewhere for a weekend or even end up going to some place far away for an exotic vacation together. We are too competitive to stop challenging each other, but don't have to compete every time we make love. I think one thing has to be stopped, and that's what we've been doing to each other at work. Sooner or later if we do it enough times someone will catch us, and that will end our careers. We make too much money to be careless."

Erica was a little disappointed, but ultimately agreed with Jocelyn. Both were aware there were times they had the hots for each other while at work, but knew they had to move it to the back burner. For the foreseeable future the two women would have to be content getting together two or three nights a week. Erica said, "We are entering a new element of our relationship together. I think we should seal it with a kiss."

The two slid together and began to kiss. Naturally neither one of them was satisfied with just one kiss, and they were soon turning each other on again. After one very passionate tongue kiss Jocelyn said, "There will never be a time when we don't test one another, but tonight we'll just fuck each other silly."

Erica loved the word never, and knew that however they did it the future was going to be very good to both of them.