TRAINING DAY - Chapter 3


Alisha breathed calmly against Judy’s silky smooth body as she glared keenly into the other girl’s eyes. She had thought for a minute that she might just verbally intimidate the white girl but obviously that wasn’t happening, and to be honest she would have been disappointed if Judy had backed down. She wanted to fight Judy again badly.

“Let’s go into the back,” Alisha said quietly. “I don’t want anyone to hear you screaming for help.”

“You’re the one who’s going to be screaming before we finish this, honey,” Judy said dangerously. Alisha grabbed the white girl’s wrist and tugged at her and they walked in their bare feet back into the darkened shower stalls. Judy stalked up ahead of her and she watched the white girl’s creamy ass shake as her feet slapped across the floor, the impacts rippling through her nearly bare body as her girlish, sexy gait took the strides. When they’d reached the center of the dripping, empty shower stalls Judy turned to face her in the dim light and suddenly smashed forward, smacking her torso into Alisha’s with a mighty slapping sound. The fight was on. Both girls’ hands immediately flew into each other’s hair and they lunged against each other, bracing together as their strong arms crushed their upper bodies against one another. Alisha grunted as she felt her breasts crush out against Judy’s and she snarled into the redhead’s grimacing face as they tore at each other’s soft hair. The girls twisted around one another, struggling for balance on the slippery floor, and the initial violent flurry of action immediately slowed to a slow, groaning contest of attrition as both girls realized how dangerous it was to fight on this hard, slippery wet tile floor. Alisha hauled Judy’s face in closer with her hands and sank her teeth into the redhead’s creamy cheek, biting just hard enough to make Judy hiss in pain before pulling away.

“Remember that, bitch?” she said hotly as Judy thrashed against her. Both girls took wide stances to maintain their balance while their upper bodies pivoted and danced around each other looking for advantage. Alisha felt her head wrenched as Judy yanked her hair and pulled her face forward and for a second the redhead’s soft lips brushed her cheek before the white girl snarled and bit her in return. Judy kept one fist clamped on Alisha’s hair and used her free hand to slap Alisha viciously across the face before landing several quick, devastating rabbit punches in the black girl’s side.

Alisha pulled a hand free to retaliate and Judy briefly snatched at her, causing the girls to interlock fingers for several moments of hard face to face wrestling. They each jerked each other’s hair both to cause pain and drag each other closer while each girl attempted to bite at the other’s mouth and chin. They growled and snarled during this oral combat, using the only weapons each had free. Neither dared kick at the other, knowing that if one of them fell the other would go down on the unforgiving tile floor as well. Finally their gripped hands broke free and Alisha jabbed a fist into Judy’s firm stomach. The redhead grunted but Alisha was surprised at how the girl’s tough abdominal muscles absorbed the impact. Judy immediately smacked a fist into Alisha’s gut and the black girl steeled her stomach against the blow as it landed with a thud against her belly.

“I’m gonna beat you down you stuck-up bitch,” Alisha hissed as the two girls exchanged brutal blows. Her back muscles and thighs strained at the sheer challenge of maintaining her balance and she realized that she had made a huge tactical mistake by confronting Judy here. Not that the redhead had any advantage over her, but both girls were expending just as much effort keeping themselves from falling as they were in attacking each other. They gauged their blows carefully, inflicting as much pain as they could without pushing the limits of what might cause their opponent to hit the floor and drag them down with her.

“You’re not as tough as you think you are, baby,” Judy growled back at her. Both girls managed to drag their heads within striking distance of their yawning, hungry mouths and for a long, sizzling second they locked into a double bite, Alisha sinking her teeth into Judy’s inviting lower lip while Judy’s teeth snagged her upper lip. Now the fight really slowed as the girls maintained their bites, gasping into each other’s faces with neither daring to release her grip on her rival’s lips. They panted against each other for a moment, tugging sadistically in slow pulls at each other’s hair while their free hands explored each other’s bodies looking for targets to attack in the clinch. Alisha found Judy’s left nipple underneath the silky fabric of her bra cup and pinched at it, squeezing her eyes shut as she tried to imagine the size and shape of the hard, rubbery rod under her fingers. Judy immediately retaliated and twisted one of Alisha’s hypersensitive nipples, forcing a squeal of pain out of her mouth. She could feel Judy trembling and screeching into her face too but the attack on her own nipples felt devastating to Alisha. She jabbed two more slow, methodical punches into Judy’s belly and Judy answered her blow for blow. The effort of maintaining her balance was agonizing and Alisha could feel her strength ebbing as the fight pushed into its fifth minute. She could feel a mist of sweat breaking out on her skin in the damp locker room air and Judy’s body too now felt cool and moist to the touch as the girls wrestled against each other. Finally and mercifully the girls managed to disengage from their bite down and hugged into a clinch with their heads on each other’s shoulders. They groaned as they continued to punch each other’s flanks and smack at each other’s bare, sticky backs. Finally Judy reached down between them and gripped Alisha’s crotch firmly, clamping a viselike pressure on her sex as Alisha moaned against her.

“Get your hand off my snatch you bitch,” Alisha snarled threateningly as she fought for her own handhold on Judy’s cunt, feeling her way down the other girl’s belly as Judy backed her hips away. She looked down the redhead’s bare back to see her big ass dancing behind her as the girls shoved against each other with their legs spread wide.

“How’s it feel, you little black whore?” Judy growled into her ear. “You want me to jack your pussy again?”

“Not if I get you first, honey,” Alisha said as her fingers finally reached Judy’s mound. She squeezed the firm, soft flesh between her fingers roughly until Judy hissed in pain. The two girls spent long moments wringing each other’s cunts as their flexing buttocks and thighs controlled the pace of the battle, and Alisha felt the same old feelings of humiliation and sexual fury lighting her pussy on fire as Judy’s fingers attacked it. Judy’s own groans of exertion were mixed with the rapid breathing and husky moans of arousal but Alisha could feel her own sexual heat coming on even faster. She couldn’t let herself be taken like this again, she thought to herself, finally releasing her hold on Judy’s cunt and reaching down to grab the white girl’s wrist and slowly wrestle it away from her crotch.

“Couldn’t take it, you hot bitch?” Judy sneered into her face. “You’re just as weak as I always thought you were.”

“I’m gonna finish you on this floor tonight, honey,” Alisha growled back at her. “I could hear your horny moanin’ with my fingers on you too so don’t tell me you’re better than I am.” The girls fingers crushed against each other as they fought to escape the standoff and finally their two upper bodies slapped back against each other as they hugged into an even more intimate and crushing clinch. Alisha gasped against Judy as she felt the other girl’s soft body forced against her own, each of them yielding to one another’s flesh as their bellies and chests slid stickily across one another. Each girl tugged at each other’s hair with one hand while their free hands searched again for new ways of attacking each other. But the battle had reached a new interval as the girls for the first time braced their hips against one another, their inner thighs sliding length to length so that no part of the fronts of their bodies was now open to attack. Alisha felt her way down Judy’s flanks, clawing and punching where she could, but Judy’s arms now pinned hers against the side of her body and there was precious little room to wind back for a punch. The girls grunted slowly as they mashed into each other, exhaustion turning the duel into a grueling, slow motion grind. They pressed together cheek to cheek now, lush mouths twisting in hateful snarls as their lips curled next to one another.

“I’m going to crush your big chocolate body you black bitch,” Judy’s low voice threatened. “I warned you about messing with me but you wanted a nice hot locker room duel so I’m gonna give you one you’ll never forget.”

“You’re so full of hot talk you pale little redhead pussy,” Alisha growled back at her. “You’re the one that’s gonna submit to me in here and your body’s gonna submit to mine way before this is over.”

Suddenly she felt her thong yanked up between her butt cheeks and she snarled as she furiously grabbed at Judy’s panties and jerked them too between the redhead’s big, quivering buns. The girls groaned as they engaged in a savage wedgie battle and Alisha’s crotch jerked against Judy’s furiously as she struggled to lessen the friction tearing across her labia and up in between her buns, savaging skin and hair that no one had ever touched before.

“You really want to play dirty, baby, I can do you dirtier than anyone’s ever done you!” Judy grunted as she tore at Alisha’s underwear. The black girl winced as the battle between their two bodies heated up; she was slippery with woman-sweat now and Judy’s body slid against her own skin slickly. She jerked ever harder at the white girl’s red underwear as Judy tore at hers, and she could hear the stretched fabric tearing underneath each girl’s fingers. The strain on her sex from the taut briefs was unbearable now and Alisha was actually relieved when the material came away in Judy’s hands and left her lower body fully nude. She eagerly ripped at Judy’s panties, briefly smacking at the other girl’s buns before giving her thong one last hearty yank and tearing it free of Judy’s ass.

Both girls instinctively smacked their free hands down onto each other’s naked, sweaty buns as they wrestled bottomless for the first time. With their tiny thongs on before they had each been showing off just about every square inch of ass flesh they each possessed well before they had torn each other’s panties off but the knowledge that they were truly bare-assed for the first time lent a new urgency and heat to the duel. Judy’s blue eyes blazed into Alisha’s and Alisha gasped as she felt the white girl’s thick, curly bush crushing hot and hairy against her own. Judy grunted and punched her cunt into Alisha’s and Alisha groaned in protest.

“You white cunt!” she said, smacking her fat pussy back into Judy’s roughly.

“You fucking black bitch,” Judy snarled, thumping her groin into Alisha’s again before smacking both hands down onto Alisha’s ass cheeks and giving the black girl’s crotch a long, hot, nasty rubdown. Alisha kept her own hands free, hugging at Judy’s upper body for a moment as she aimed her hot crotch against her rival’s and pummeled Judy’s sex with her own in retaliation.

“This how you want it, girl?” she hissed as the two girls pounded against each other.

“Bring it on,” Judy said huskily as she flexed her pelvis against Alisha’s. Loud, deep smacks echoed in the empty shower room as both girls’ lush hips collided flesh on flesh, the hiss of pubic hair scratching together adding a searing counterpoint to the percussive noise of meat on meat and skin slapping skin. Alisha breathed haltingly as she tried to time her pussy blows against Judy’s and the girls glared into each other’s faces viciously as the war moved into this new stage. Judy’s pelvis and thighs matched against Alisha’s perfectly and the black girl could feel the power and heat in this white bitch’s hips more than measuring up against what she had. She slid her hands down Judy’s sweaty back and let the girl’s quivering, impressive ass fill her hands until she dug her fingers deep into the big muscles and tugged their dueling pussies into even tighter contact. She began her own slow, sadistic grind down on Judy’s cunt as she felt the redhead match herself up against Alisha. Her tightly curled, coarse pubes interlaced with Judy’s soft corn silk and finally Alisha began to feel an advantage appearing between them. Judy’s pubes were as rough as any white girl’s but Alisha’s black fur was a solid, impenetrable thatch of abrasive fur. There was no way to fight now but crotch against crotch and in this war of attrition Alisha felt she might have the upper hand.

It took only a few moments more of hot grinding before Judy’s uncomfortable moans began to indicate that Alisha was right. “Oh, you don’t like that, bitch?” she murmured as she hugged and squeezed the other girl’s ass. “Is my big black bush too rough for you?”

“You big bitch, you have no idea what a fight like this is all about,” Judy sneered, maintaining her grinding friction against Alisha’s cunt.

“Oh and you do?” Alisha retorted. “I suppose you pussy fight like this all the time?”

“I’ve been in more fights than you ever have, girlfriend, and I’ve beat down more girls just pussy to pussy than you ever will.”

“Don’t make me laugh,” Alisha snorted. “Some rich white priss like you? Just because you caught me by surprise one time don’t mean I can’t wipe the floor with your sorry fat ass right here and now.”

“You’re gonna have to prove that to me, just your pussy against mine, bitch,” Judy said. Alisha felt the other girl’s fingers dig deep into her big brown buns and force their throbbing cunts even tighter together. Alisha didn’t know how she would do just crushing her cunt against Judy’s but she knew the grinding gave her the advantage with her coarse pussy fur against the redhead’s so she was careful to give herself maneuvering room to grind down against Judy’s superheated crotch. The girls groaned as they rubbed fiercely, hissing obscenities under their breath as they bared their cunts against each other. Alisha winced as the contact and friction began to take its toll on her too, but Judy’s moaning and keening was increasing exponentially as Alisha bore her black pussy hair against Judy’s fluffy fur. In a few more moments she had Judy forced against the slippery tiles of the shower room wall and had muscled her body flat there. She could feel the redhead’s strength ebbing but Judy’s fury only increased as she bucked and thrashed against Alisha.

“You fucking hot black cunt!” the redhead snarled as her body beat slickly against Alisha’s.

“Give it up, you creamy white pussy!” Alisha said as she jerked and pumped her body roughly into Judy’s. “I’m gonna pay you back for what you did to me once and for all!”

“Get that big black brillo brush off my snatch, whore!” the white girl groaned beneath her.

“I’m gonna put it to that white pussy of yours even worse than what you did to me,” Alisha snarled. Her brown buns flexed, burning with muscle fatigue as she began to enact long, vicious strokes against Judy’s cunt, thrusting her abrasive fur deep into Judy’s snatch. “Just admit I’m thicker and tougher where it counts than you’ll ever be!”
“I don’t have to admit anything to you, slut,” Judy moaned, beating her bush back fiercely against Alisha’s. “I’ve got just as much fur between my legs as you do and I can tangle up with your big bush as long as you want to!”

“Yeah?” Alisha taunted Judy, pressing against her face. “I don’t feel much friction down there coming from your weak snatch, lady. All I feel is my pussy hair tearing yours apart.”

“Dream on, you big black bitch,” Judy snarled. “I’ve taken on plenty of hairy cunts like yours before.”

“I don’t think so, girl, and I don’t think your priss white girl’s fur has ever beat down on any fine black girl pussy before tonight and you’re gonna find out what that’s all about before I’m through with you!”

“Don’t lie to me you hussy bitch—you’ve never done this before girl to girl so don’t think you’ve got what it takes to mess with me.” Judy was talking tough and keeping their slamming cunt duel moving briskly even backed up against the shower wall. But Alisha could hear the fatigue and uncertainty in her voice even as she herself gained confidence. Her thick black fur was like armor against Judy’s soft curls and she knew she was scraping the white girl’s delicate pussy flesh raw with every flick of her strong black pelvis.

She could feel the other girl’s soft thatch giving way to her now as her rough bush made contact with Judy’s bare vulva and even thrust that aside to scour her exposed labia. She exulted huskily as she felt those delicate folds underneath her snatch while her own throbbing sex lay safe and protected behind a wall of black hair. Judy managed to land several tough punches into the sides of Alisha’s ass, her fists penetrating the thick flesh enough for Alisha to feel her glutes begin to cramp and burn, but she was determined not to let up on her grinding assault on the redhead and she absorbed the blows and gritted her way through the pain before managing to pin Judy’s wrists to the wall. The white girl’s attempts to fight back against Alisha’s pussy with her own pelvic thrusts had all but ceased and Judy’s moans were becoming increasingly desperate.

“You little slut,” she snarled at her black enemy, “You couldn’t beat me if you didn’t have that fucking stiff cunt hair of yours!”

“But I do have it, honey, and now you’re gonna find out what it’s like to be dominated by a powerful black bitch like me.” Her wide stance had now brought their dueling hips to within a couple of feet of the floor, and Judy’s legs were beginning to collapse beneath her. She slowly rode the white girl’s body down to the wet shower room floor and consolidated her position, pinning Judy’s sweat-soaked body beneath her own. “I’m gonna beat your big puss until you can’t take any more,” she grunted.

Judy could only moan underneath her now as she flexed her ass and drove her cunt down on top of the redhead’s mercilessly. The friction and heat was almost unbearable but she knew the sobbing girl underneath her was getting it far worse than she was. She felt a tingling warmth spreading through her body as she realized how her own elf-worth was being validated by this physical victory over another girl and how she had measured herself against this stuck up white whore ever since she had first set eyes on her. Judy’s mouth yawned open limply underneath her own and Alisha drank in the other girl’s creamy, vulnerable beauty. Her heart pounded as she smelled the mix of perfume, lipstick and sweat coming off Judy’s face and drank in the warm, sweet breath of her rival as Judy writhed and panted under her body. She let her face drift down a bit and her generous lips contacted Judy’s, fluttering across the other girl’s sexy mouth for a moment, and Judy seemed to open her mouth even wider as if inviting Alisha in. She flashed on that moment during their first fight when the tips of their tongues had touched and the electrical jolt that had rocketed through her body then. She had something like the same feeling now, only it was a slow, buttery warmth engulfing her from her hips to her back and scalp. Was this what it felt like to dominate another woman? She had been in scuffles with other black girls but she wondered if this beat down with a white girl was somehow even more exciting and satisfying.

Somehow Judy’s bucking hips and still-strong, creamy white thighs still had some fight in them and even as Alisha spread her black thighs to consolidate her position the white girl’s sweat-soaked body managed to squirm between Alisha and the wet tile floor and in a thrash of arms and legs suddenly their positions were reversed. Judy threw her strong arms around Alisha’s upper body and locked her legs around Alisha’s and suddenly Alisha watched the redhead’s lush, naked hips gyrate on top of her own, pressing into her bare cunt to bare cunt and bearing down with surprising force. With her arms pinned against her body she could only snatch weakly at the sides of Judy’s ass as the redhead started to pay her back grind for grind and slowly, forcefully drag her overheated, soft bush back against Alisha’s. Neither girl talked as Judy mounted this last counterattack: Alisha only squirmed and writhed slowly under Judy’s body, bracing her pussy against the white girl’s corrosive snatch as she took what she had been dishing out only moments ago. She gritted her teeth and moaned as Judy slowly, spitefully rubbed that hot, hairy crotch against hers and took it, gauging the feel of the other girl’s coarse fur against her own. She felt the burning friction as her brown vulva were assaulted and scraped by the other girl’s dense pubic curls and Judy landed several vicious blows with her cunt against Alisha’s sex. Alisha panted and gasped as Judy seemed to know exactly where to press, probe and push to get at the most sensitive parts of her pussy, and a cold fury overwhelmed her as she replayed the other girl’s previous violation of her and wondered desperately whether she was going to go down at Judy’s hands a second time.

The pubic fighting intensified as both girls aimed short, violent thrusts into each other, gasping in pain, effort an arousal, and Alisha struggled to control herself. Her thick black fur was still protecting her against the bulk of Judy’s attacks and only gravity was giving the tiring white girl the advantage now. Alisha marshaled her energies, biding her time to wait the white girl out as she maneuvered her pelvis and thighs against Judy’s. Slowly she began to undulate underneath Judy’s twisting body, spreading her legs until she managed to lock one calf against Judy’s knee and split the redhead’s legs further apart. In a slow, muscular war both girls struggled to control one another until Alisha finally forced Judy back against the wall and managed to consolidate her position until she had pressed her slippery, meaty pelvis back on top of Judy’s lush white hips.

Judy’s face twisted in defeat as Alisha began to thrust with cold, deadly precision down on top of her. The white girl valiantly forced her pussy back up against Alisha but the black girl’s jungle of dark pubic hair had proven itself superior to Judy’s soft, delicate curls. Judy suddenly squealed and convulsed underneath her and seemed to almost pass out, going limp and cold, her breathing shallow. Alisha stared down at the white girl coldly before administering several more slow, finishing strokes down on the redhead’s warm, damp snatch. She wasn’t finishing Judy off, she realized. She was finishing herself.

To be continued