TRAINING DAY - Chapter 1


Alisha Jackson set her teeth grimly as she stepped outside her campus dorm building where her posse of girlfriends had gathered to meet her. She brushed her long brown fingers through her short, stylish head of softly curled black hair before adjusting the backpack on her shoulder. She could already see a couple of the girls snickering at her clothes and probably her hair too. Most of the other girls were either bigger than her overall or shorter and stockier. They were all African-American like Alisha.

She caught the word “priss” coming out of the mouth of one of the girls as she came within earshot of the group but she didn’t catch which girl had said it, although her roommate Tanya could be heard admonishing one of the other girls.

Alisha wasn’t quite black enough for some of the other girls. She was African-American, upper middle class, too tall to be petite and too short to be statuesque, and definitely not “street” enough for most of her girlfriends. Her chocolate brown skin was flawless, and almost as dark as some of her friends’ were, but still light and smooth enough to be considered “light-skinned” among the crowd she hanged with, and that was a curse for a girl her age. Between the fairly straight way she wore her hair, her delicate features and slender build, well" you might as well be white,” Tanya had said to her once.

Alisha made her usual attempt to blend in as the girls headed for their evening Women’s Self Defense class. She had spent her life since her early teens training herself to speak with proper diction and not to fall into the street slang of her neighborhood upbringing, something that had been drummed into her head by her mother. When she got upset or mad she still found herself talking more ghetto-style, a fact that only made her streetwise girlfriends tease her even more mercilessly. She’d never be authentic to them. What made things even worse was all the attention she got from boys, both black and white. Her big doe eyes, soft features and brilliant smile and her cute figure attracted all kinds of flirtation as well as ire from the other girls. But she had to admit she didn’t mind being compared to Halle Berry or Kelly Rowland and sometimes she thought her peers were just jealous.

She snuck a look at herself in the mirror as she and the posse entered the dance floor where the class was held, the same room she took tap class in but now covered with big blue mats on the hardwood floor. Her black leotards showed off her trim, dancer’s figure, a little larger around the hips than she was at her upper body. She had a curvy behind that was just big enough for her own taste but it was no “ghetto booty” and the other girls called her bony. Compared to most of the white girls in the class, however, Alisha’s buns were lush—even a few of her own friends had literally exercised their butts off to fit into the low-riding jeans all the girls wore. Alisha had found a few pair that fit her and she enjoyed showing off her taut brown belly in them, but she also enjoyed showing off a real derriere. But that still wasn’t enough for some of the other girls. She was always in between, she thought glumly, too skinny or not skinny enough. Tanya and the rest of the posse laughed raucously, pushing and shoving around as they entered the rehearsal space before the instructor arrived. A couple of them had taken the class as a joke—as they had pointed out, they could “defend themselves” just fine. Alisha had thought it a good idea since she often walked the campus alone at night and wanted to feel a little more confident about that. She thought some of the other girls just wanted to watch her go through the drills so they could comment on her “prissiness.” She found many of the posse loud and obnoxious, and they put a premium on toughness and getting right into the face of anyone they thought was disrespecting them. That was another “street” quality Alisha lacked, she knew. She just wasn’t a big enough bitch for most of them.

“Hey Alisha,” one of the girls whispered as they sat down next to one of the big floor mats, “There’s your white twin.”

That remark got a gale of rude laughs from the other girls. Alisha blushed hotly as she glanced up to see a girl with bright red hair arranged in soft, short strands around her pretty but slightly distracted face. Her name was Judy Miller, Alisha remembered. She could see why the other girls always made the little twin remark every damn time the redheaded girl walked into the class. The white girl was just about Alisha’s size, her hair was only a little bit shorter, and something about her cute features and sparkling blue eyes seemed to mirror the set of Alisha’s attractive face. Her features had a roundness to them and her mouth was remarkably full-lipped for a white girl—not as wide as Alisha’s but lush and pretty. And where Alisha’s hips might not have been quite big enough for a black girl’s, Judy’s were just the tiniest bit large for her white girl figure, flaring out provocatively below the pale, bare expanse of belly revealed by her leotards. Alisha noted a few of the bitchy white girls on the other side of the mat glancing disapprovingly at Judy’s butt as she walked past them. It wasn’t all that big, she thought to herself sympathetically. In fact Judy’s body was pretty much identical to her own, she realized. She had found herself checking the white girl out curiously more than once as she realized how similar the two girls were in build and looks so the “white twin” remark stung more than she cared to admit. It even looked like their breasts were around the same size, Alisha thought, a musing that made her unconsciously arch her back and wriggle inside the tight, confining sports bra she was wearing. Alisha’s breasts weren’t large but they were well-shaped and one aspect of them was unusually large—she had always had long nipples since junior high school, another trait that got her teased and made her dread stepping into a locker room. She wore black tops as much as she could to conceal them but they still stretched and scratched uncomfortably against her clothes, especially tight Lycra and nylon.

“All right, today we’re going to practice ground fighting,” the instructor said as she entered the room. “We’ll start by having you work with someone your own size. I know a lot of the time young women aren’t used to being physical with one another so you need to get over your inhibitions and use the tricks and maneuvers we’ve practiced so far.” The instructor looked around the room for volunteers and Alisha smirked. There were never volunteers.

“Okay, let’s have Alisha” the instructor glanced at the other side of the room as Alisha groaned.

“Oooh, we get to see Alisha kick ass,” one of the girls in Alisha’s group giggled.

“and Judy,” the instructor finished. Alisha’s eyes flashed over to the redhead and saw the white girl blush fiercely. A gaggle of other girls seated near Judy suddenly burst into a fit of muffled laughter and began whispering into each other’s ears as Alisha stood up warily, well aware that her own brown cheeks were flushing a dark crimson as she and the redhead took off their jackets and stepped nervously onto the mat to face each other. Alisha stared at the snickering white girls on the other side of the room and then looked back at the sullen, stoic face of Judy. She realized now that the redhead’s friends—if they really were friends—must have been teasing Judy about her resemblance to Alisha the same way Alisha’s posse had been dissing on her. Her eyes flashed briefly over Judy’s body, from the long, nicely shaped legs with just the right amount of muscle to her curvy, lush hips, flat belly and high, pert little boobs packed into a snug black jogging bra just like Alisha’s, right down to the soft strands of red hair that framed her face in a similar way that Alisha’s shiny, jet black hairdo did. She wondered for a second whether anyone thought she had copied Judy’s hairdo. She had not had to straighten her hair all that much but she was well aware that she had cultivated that light-skinned, preppy look and suddenly her appearance was being thrown into sharp relief as it contrasted with the redheaded girl’s look.

She glanced back at the posse and saw the girls staring at her with looks she’d never quite seen before. They were studying the white girl sharply and whispering seriously among themselves and some of them even shot some of the other white girls seated across the room fiery, hard looks as Alisha and Judy faced off.

She turned back to face Judy with a sudden, sick realization. The posse expected Alisha to beat this white girl. Alisha had been in a couple of scuffles in junior high and high school, nothing serious, but she felt like she could take care of herself. You never knew what another girl might do, though, she realized as she studied Judy’s bare arms and shoulders. They were smooth and pretty like hers, certainly not over-muscled, but smooth and supple. Her legs looked strong all right. Alisha swallowed as she felt the eyes of her friends boring into her back. She knew there was an assumption that whites just weren’t as physical as black people, and she had seen some of the girls she knew use that assumption to intimidate white girls who crossed them. Alisha had never done it herself but she knew enough to know that psychology could be half the battle in any fight. She swallowed and met Judy’s eyes as their instructor positioned them on the mat, spreading each of their legs a little to give them a more stable stance. Judy met Alisha’s stare with those brilliant blue eyes and for a second Alisha had to struggle to maintain eye contact with the other girl—those eyes were intense, she thought. She had to admit the other girl was striking, especially for a white girl. Even as she almost looked nervously away from the redhead she saw Judy blink a little as she too studied Alisha’s face intensely, and Alisha suddenly felt a little swell of righteous pride. Maybe this white girl was cute but she was damn pretty too, as pretty as any pale little pixie white girl.

The instructor had the girls grip each other’s arms and Alisha squeezed Judy’s left bicep under her long fingers experimentally. The muscle there was firm all right, and she felt Judy’s fingers digging hard into her own arm as they went to grips.

“Okay, go!” the instructor said.

Alisha felt a wrench as she was suddenly tugged forcefully by her opponent. She stumbled backward with Judy coming after her and she had to force herself to get back in the game and shove back against the redhead. Their upper bodies strained together as they pushed and shoved and Alisha’s breath began to come in quick gasps as she exerted herself. The girls grappled, grabbing and swatting a bit with their upper arms before they each threw an arm around each other’s shoulders and closed together, their feet slipping around on the smooth mat surface beneath them. Alisha had to fight the urge to grab at Judy’s hair and forced herself to concentrate on the holds the instructor had taught them over the past few weeks. She heard a few isolated cries of encouragement from the girls around them and there was a palpable air of excitement in the room as she and Judy struggled against each other. She threw some force against the redhead’s shoulder in a quick effort to topple the other girl but Judy held her ground and then shoved against her in her own attempt to throw Alisha down. Alisha felt a little sweat begin to break out on her forehead as she realized how evenly matched the two girls were. As they tussled her eyes met Judy’s and a look of cool regard passed between them as each girl acknowledged the other’s strength and determination.

Suddenly Judy’s legs locked around Alisha’s and the room seemed to topple over to one side around her. The mat suddenly smashed against her as she hit the ground with Judy on top of her and for a second the air was pushed out of Alisha’s lungs. She heard a roar of surprise from the other students at this turn of events and now girls were openly cheering and taunting the two wrestlers as they fought each other.

“Use your legs, Alisha,” the instructor said calmly. Alisha had felt herself beginning to panic a little as Judy seemed to overwhelm her and she struggled to concentrate on specific moves and countermeasures as Judy’s body pressed down on her, pinning one arm to the mat and locking one leg around one of Alisha’s to confine her movements. She fought to remember the teacher’s instructions and began to slowly jam one of her legs under Judy’s and wriggled slowly underneath the white girl as she prepared to try and flip the redhead off of her. The other girl’s breath kissed Alisha’s ear as she panted against her and both girls groaned with the effort of wrestling and controlling one another.

Alisha felt her Lycra leotard hiss against Judy’s as she wrenched underneath her and finally managed to throw Judy off with a thud as the other girl’s bottom hit the mat. She dove on top of the redhead and the two girls thrashed against each other for a moment until Alisha stabilized herself and managed to lock her legs around Judy’s waist. Judy looked up from the mat and held Alisha’s keen stare, still wearing that cool, ‘you-don’t-scare-me’ look on her face despite her now mussed red hair that had begun to stick to her forehead and temples in sweaty ringlets. She forced herself to match that look as she glared down into the white girl’s eyes. Judy’s thighs crushed against hers as the other girl began slowly wriggling out of Alisha’s scissors hold and she felt the white girl’s pelvis beginning to force itself against hers as the redhead struggled to buck Alisha off her. As quickly as she’d gotten Judy down Alisha suddenly felt the white girl escaping her. With their legs interlocked Judy suddenly flipped their positions and dove on top of her, spreading her legs wide to prevent Alisha from flipping her back over and forcing Alisha’s wrists to the mat.

There was a droplet of sweat on the redhead’s nose and as Alisha watched the drop shook loose and splashed down onto her face. Judy stared at her coldly as she consolidated her position. Alisha suddenly noticed the volume from one side of the room dropping like a stone. She could no longer hear the voices of her posse cheering her own.

She was losing. This white bitch was dominating her in front of the entire class. Alisha thrashed violently as she felt a hot fury beginning to wash over her. Why the fuck did the instructor have to pick her for this shit? All the teasing she’d taken from the other girls since she’d arrived in college seemed to play in her ears now as she fought against the white girl. She couldn’t imagine what she was going to hear if she let this pale bitch kick her ass in front of everybody now and the thought gave her enough furious energy to break one arm free of Judy’s grip and twist off a little to the side. There was no doubt this girl was at least as strong as she was and maybe stronger, and she was one hell of a determined opponent, Alisha thought to herself desperately. She was tiring and she wasn’t going to win this one muscle against muscle right now. She needed a secret weapon and fast. She slipped her free arm down alongside Judy’s flank as the two girls twisted their bodies at right angles to one another and Judy’s bare belly pressed down against Alisha’s. She could see the redhead’s body in profile on top of hers now, her pelvis hovering over the floor next to Alisha’s hips and just over her free hand.

Alisha slid her fingers down Judy’ bare side and felt the other girl shiver against her as her nails dragged down across the redhead’s belly and down onto the front of her leotard bottoms. The way the two girls were twisted together now Alisha knew no one in the classroom would be able to see what she was doing. She felt the other girl’s pubic bone as her hand disappeared beneath Judy’s pelvis and then skimmed the bulge of the white girl’s crotch until she could feel the division between her vulva. Alisha estimated the location of Judy’s most sensitive spot with her fingers and then jammed them upward against the white girl’s crotch.

The redhead convulsed on top of her and let out a throaty bellow; Alisha adjusted in a fraction of a second, taking advantage of the white girl’s shock to throw her off and reverse their positions. Growling under her breath she smashed the redhead’s body underneath her own and pinned her to the mat.

Alisha avoided eye contact with Judy as she took her seat on the mat and the instructor paired up some other girls in the class.

“You go, girl!” Tanya whispered as she sat down. “You put that little bitch down good!”

Alisha nodded silently as she tried to catch her breath. She could see the looks of respect from the other girls in the posse, but even as she absorbed the backslaps and praise she realized how close she’d come to being humiliated by the redhead. On the other side of the room Judy sat, seemingly in her own little world, but occasionally she glanced over at Alisha in a cold fury and Alisha bravely met her stare, gamely trying to avoid any further intimidation.

After class Alisha decided to walk home alone. She didn’t know what was worse, the posse’s teasing or their new respect. She was torn between anger at Judy Miller for pushing her around on the practice mat and fury at herself for having to cheat to defeat the white girl. She had always laughed off all the teasing she’d gotten from her friends because whether Alisha was tough or not had never really been an issue for her; being a bad-ass wasn’t part of her plan for life—she wanted to get a good education and make something of herself. But now her self-image had taken a body blow. Maybe it wasn’t true that a black girl like her should have been able to dominate any white girl her size, but Alisha felt she should have at least been able to hold her own against Judy. She was already planning on a new workout routine and getting herself into better shape. There was nothing wrong with the way her body looked but she knew she could make herself stronger.

Alisha was so lost in thought she barely noticed that she was in the middle of the campus alone at night. She almost let out a yell when she heard a familiar voice behind her.

“Hey bitch!”

Alisha froze. It was Judy Miller’s voice, hot with anger, and she could hear footsteps approaching her at a furious clip. She almost had an instinct to run but she forced herself not only to slow down but to stop and turn around to face the approaching girl.

Judy emerged out of the darkness into a pool of light beneath a lamppost Alisha had stopped by. She still looked pretty in the cold light of the lamp as she set her backpack down beside her and faced Alisha. Alisha’s blood chilled a little at that action; clearly Judy had not come here to talk.

The redhead’s first words were still ringing in Alisha’s ears and despite her nervousness they produced an automatic response. “Who you calling a bitch, girl?” she said hotly.

Judy didn’t answer the question but stepped in until she was only around a foot away from Alisha. “I hope you enjoyed copping your little feel back there, honey,” the redhead said.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Alisha snapped back. She knew in the dim light Judy probably couldn’t see her blushing furiously and she forced her body language and voice to remain as confrontational as possible. The thought that Judy was right and very likely deserved an apology only made Alisha more tense. She had crossed the line and there was no turning back now.

Judy stepped even closer at Alisha’s words. “If you ever touch me like that again I’ll tear you apart,” she said simply. Alisha marveled at how Judy’s voice, which always sounded so pleasant and affable in class, was now pitched low and dangerous. She had to admit she was impressed with this girl, she thought as she glared back into the redhead’s sparkling blue eyes. She didn’t look like a tough girl at all but she obviously knew how to handle herself physically and she was not afraid to confront people verbally either. But Alisha knew she could not let an explicit threat like that stand even when no one else was watching.

“Oh, you think you such a bad-ass?” she snapped, fumbling her words a little as she let a little bit of the street invade her language. It always happened when she was under stress, but in this case she knew it might help her confront this white girl. She swallowed as she took inventory of her tired muscles, which were still singing after grappling with Judy in class. She was going to be sore tomorrow even if she managed to scare the other girl off now and she felt a little flutter of actual fear as she wondered what this strong redhead might be capable of out here with no witnesses and very probably no rules.

“You don’t want to know how bad I can be, honey,” Judy said, her voice pitched low. Alisha could see a few students wandering at the edge of the big clearing between buildings she and Judy stood at the center of; there were a few trees blocking their view and most of the other people looked well out of earshot. That was fine with Alisha; she didn’t want anyone else seeing this if it should happen to go badly for her.

“You are not all that, girlfriend, and you don’t want to be starting any shit with me so you best step off while you still can,” Alisha said with as much conviction as she could muster.

“If I’m not all that how come I had your big ass pinned to the mat?” Judy demanded roughly. “At least until you made your dirty little move.” Her face was so close now Alisha could almost feel the heat coming off of it. Judy had beautiful, porcelain skin, she found herself thinking, marveling at the way the white girl’s creamy complexion contrasted with her bright red hair and dazzling blue eyes. Alisha had always been proud of her perfect, unblemished chocolate skin and her bright doe eyes, and she could definitely see things about the redhead that must attract people to her the same way they were to Alisha.

She found herself glaring down at Judy’s hips as the words “big ass” came out of the other girl’s mouth. “Don’t you diss my ass, honey, when you’ve got some ghetto ass of your own!”

“Fine, you want to talk trash?” Judy moved nose to nose with Alisha now. “If you want to settle this right now in private I’m more than ready for you.”

Alisha swallowed again and looked down at the ground next to her as she shrugged off her backpack and tossed it aside. She had been half hoping to talk the other girl out of this but obviously the redhead wasn’t having it. She looked back up to meet Judy’s eyes and licked her lush lips before replying. “You wanna go, girl?” she said, raising her hands in a “bring it on” gesture. “Let’s go if you’re so hot.”

The two girls glared at each other in silence for a second, as if each were trying to overwhelm the other just with the force of their personalities. Judy looked her up and down at point blank range before glancing off in the distance to gauge whether they were being watched. When she spoke again it was in a hushed, low voice. “I’m warning you, girlfriend—you’re not the first bitch who’s regretted messing with me.”

“Girl, I don’t regret anything yet,” Alisha replied. “You don’t think I haven’t had my own little wars? You wanna fight, we’ll fight.”

Almost before the words were out of her mouth Judy was up against her and shoving into her violently. Alisha stumbled backward but managed to stay on her feet as Judy muscled into her and after a second of flailing she managed to dig in her heels and push back against the redhead. The two girls groaned as they collided at full strength and Alisha felt a moment of pride as she was able to stop Judy’s advance and for a second even shove the white girl backward a bit. Both girls sent their arms flying at one another and landed glancing blows off each other’s shoulders and chests as they traded blows and blocked each other’s shots. They danced, gasping and grunting, in a tight circle as they lashed out furiously and Alisha hissed as Judy’s palm connected with her cheek with a wicked crack. She staggered back but managed to launch a return blow, landing a loud, open-handed smack against Judy’s face.

“You bitch!” Judy snarled as her other hand snapped out and fastened on Alisha’s black hair, yanking the black girl’s upper body in close to her. The redhead’s free fist pounded on Alisha’s sternum just as Alisha jammed her knuckles into the redhead’s belly, forcing a groan from the other girl that blared loudly in Alisha’s ears as their faces closed on each other. She grabbed her own handful of Judy’s soft red hair and the two girls thrashed against each other’s upper bodies wildly as they tore at each other. After a second’s frantic struggling each girl got both her hands in each other’s hair and tugged, wrenching their heads back and forth and straining against each other even more tightly. In the cool autumn air the shrinking space between the two fighting girls was now hot and damp from their breath, the shock of new sweat and the friction of their two thrashing bodies. Alisha pressed forward with all her strength until her chest and stomach made contact with Judy’s and she could feel the other girl’s warm, yielding torso strain into her own. The collision of flesh suddenly added a strangely pleasant sensation as the redhead’s soft stomach and her high, jiggling little breasts suddenly came into contact with the same areas on Alisha’s body and the redhead’s warm, smooth cheek pressed in against her own.

Girls always felt soft no matter how strong they got, she thought for a second as she crushed against Judy. The white girl’s body felt deliciously lush as it pressed into Alisha’s but she could still feel the solid core of muscle beneath the other girl’s soft, girlish fat and she hoped idly that the redhead could feel Alisha’s muscle straining against hers too. Now that they had fallen into the hot upper body crush both girls’ legs were braced backwards, giving and taking with all the power their muscular lower bodies could muster. Alisha glanced down Judy’s back from where her jaw rested on the white girl’s shoulder: she saw the muscles bunch in the girl’s pale back where her sports bra left the space between her shoulder blades bare, and she studied the big tendons leaping as they channeled down on either side of her sacrum just before the big swell of Judy’s two pear-shaped, thrusting buns. Her ass was shoving her legs so far behind her now she almost looked like she was parallel to the ground, and Alisha felt like she was in the same position as she gave as good as she got. Now that they were locked together so tightly the fight really was centered between their two powerful pelvises, Alisha realized—Judy’s ghetto butt against her own. She knew she still had a lot of power there and at least in these opening moments the fight had been very even-sided.

The sensations spreading into her flesh from where she was making contact with the other girl continued to confuse Alisha as they contrasted against the violence of the fight. Judy smelled good—whether from a body wash or perfume or good old soap and water, her skin and hair were sweet, and even the tang of sweat and hot breath exuding from the other young woman was making Alisha almost dizzy from drinking it in. Then there was the feel of that smooth belly touching her own. She had almost forgotten that the two girls were still bare there until she felt the smack of Judy’s abs slapping against her own tightening belly muscles. The girls’ stomachs glided across each other momentarily as they closed, then periodically smacked and pressed into each other, giving them each a good measure of the other girl’s ab muscle as they flexed and coiled beneath their smooth bellies. It wasn’t long before the warm skin down there began to grow damp with sweat and heat so that their abs began to grind with increased friction and stickiness.

Alisha found herself pulling the white girl in closer as both girls occasionally released a hand from each other’s hair to smack at each other’s backs or punch at their exposed flanks. Judy too hugged her enemy in close and the two girls panted and groaned against each other in their crushing clinch. Alisha winced as she felt her breasts pressed up hard against Judy’s. Their black sports bras hadn’t given her a very clear view of how big Judy might be up there but she had always guessed that they were about the same in this area too. Now with the redhead’s chest pressed right up against her own she could measure and feel the two firm orbs nested against her breasts and they felt very similar to her own, with the same weight and shape, halfway between conical and round. She could feel Judy’s shake and jiggle against her breasts any time the girls separated their pressed chest by a few inches and she marveled at how the other girl’s boobs hardened up against hers whenever they pressed back tightly together again.

There was another sensation connected with their breast to breast contact too, she realized. She’d noticed her nipples tightening up during the grappling in class, whether it was from the stress or excitement or something else she wasn’t sure. They were always sensitive enough and bothered her when they got hard but it was an annoyance she’d learned to live with. Now she could feel them stiffening up again, pounding against the abrasive material of her sports bra and she felt them colliding with something on the front of Judy’s breasts as they bumped and rubbed against her own in the fight. She realized after a moment’s more struggling that these must be Judy’s nipples answering her own, growing hard and long from the friction and heat of the fight. Damn, she had long ones! Alisha marveled even as she shrieked from a particularly fierce yank of her hair by the other girl. She had always been a little bit embarrassed by how long her dark nipples jutted out and they could drive her crazy if she didn’t wear the right clothing. As she felt Judy’s two hardening shafts poking at her boobs through the other girl’s sports bra she realized her enemy probably had the exact same problem and maybe she was as embarrassed about it as Alisha was.

Alisha stopped just short of taunting the redheaded girl about those jutting rods pressing into her; she didn’t know if she was ready to go down that road yet in spite of everything that had happened already. Sure she’d started it all by going dirty back in class but she didn’t have to slut it up out here in the grass in an all-out fight. She knew it was up to her to prove now that she could take Judy in a real fight, a “fair” fight—if any girl-fight was really fair.

As if she was reading Alisha’s thoughts Judy suddenly burst out and snarled “Keep those stiffies of yours away from me!”

Alisha wrestled back against the other girl and practically nailed her boobs back into Judy’s out of spite. “You telling me you’re not all hard up there, girl?” she demanded hotly.

“Not as hard as you are!” Judy hissed. “I knew you were trying to start something with me back when you grabbed me between the legs back in class! I must have really gotten you hot and bothered, didn’t I?”

That accusation hit Alisha hard as it threw her own confused feelings into sharp relief. Among her friends a “lez” was the worst thing a girl could possibly be called and that was damn sure what this white bitch was implying, Alisha thought. “You fucking white bitch, you’re for sure the one getting all hard! I’ve seen you looking me over, girl, so maybe you’re the one getting hot!”

Judy growled against Alisha and suddenly threw all her considerable strength at the black girl. Alisha snarled back as she felt herself overwhelmed and tried to dig in her heels as the redhead muscled her backward. “I’ll show you who’s getting hot,” the redhead thundered dangerously as she forced Alisha back. Alisha crushed into the oncoming girl with as much power as she could muster but her muscles were finally beginning to tire while Judy seemed to have reached a new level of furious strength. She groaned as she felt herself pushed backward foot by foot until her butt finally collided with the thick trunk of a tree. She braced her ass and one leg against the hard wood and got enough leverage to hold her attacker off for a few seconds and both girls glared viciously into each other’s eyes nose to nose for a moment as they fought to consolidate their positions. Judy suddenly got a forearm under Alisha’s jaw and forced her back and head roughly against the tree. Then Alisha felt Judy’s pelvis pin hers while one thick, muscular thigh wrapped around the one she was trying to force free. Judy’s now-feral face filled Alisha’s field of vision, her teeth bared, as she pressed against Alisha nose to nose. Suddenly the redhead twisted and clamped her mouth down over Alisha’s sideways, her teeth sinking into the thick, soft flesh around Alicia’s lips. She ground her open mouth against Alisha like a shark, raking her teeth across Alisha’s face roughly as the black girl twisted frantically under her. The new attack sent a jolt of adrenaline through Alisha and she managed to yank Judy’s face away from hers and with a heroic effort she somehow reversed their positions.

“You white cunt!” she snarled as she pinned Judy’s hair to the tree behind her and sank her own snarling mouth down across the redhead’s open mouth, yawning her jaws wide enough to bite outside the other girl’s sneering lips. She ground her mouth into Judy’s and found herself suddenly shaking at the intensity of the exchange and the amazingly soft, sweet feel of Judy’s lips and face under her teeth. Somehow her tongue must have slipped across the other girl’s lips or chin in the struggle and she swore she had tasted the white girl, and a second afterward she swore she felt the tip of the redhead’s tongue flick across the tip of her own as their bared teeth clashed and clattered across each other in the darkness. The sensation was like a jolt of electricity and both she and Judy grunted violently into each other’s faces after a sharp intake of breath. Alisha somehow got a hand free and sent a powerful slap rocking into Judy’s face. At the same time the redhead landed a punch in her belly that sent Alisha groaning.

The white girl used the blow’s impact to manhandle Alisha and throw her back against the tree. She delivered two equally vicious slaps to Alisha’s face before throwing herself back against the black girl and pinning her body full length against the tree once more.

Alisha could feel her reserves of strength ebbing quickly now. Judy was winded too, but the white girl still seemed to have the advantage and she pressed both it and her body against Alisha now.

“Let’s see how you like getting felt up, bitch,” Judy snarled, and Alisha felt the other girl’s strong fingers slipping between them to press into her belly and then down into the elastic material of her leotards.

“Goddamn you!” she hissed as the redhead began to overwhelm her. Her eyes darted about, scanning the clearing—now she really did want to make sure no one was watching even as she struggled against Judy’s clutches.

“I’ll make you think twice before you ever play dirty with me again,” Judy continued grimly as her hand roughly explored Alisha’s thick, course pubes and dug deeper, obviously seeking to do the same thing to Alisha that she had done to Judy in class. Alisha twitched involuntarily as her private sex was invaded by this white bitch. She had to admit she had thought she had really pulled one over on Judy in class with her shock maneuver but now the redhead was exploring her pussy with far more conviction and determination than Alisha would ever have considered. In seconds and despite Alisha’s bucking, wild struggles Judy had found the now throbbing secret button at the apex of her labia and she began to force one long finger against it in firm, expert thrusts.

“You bitch!” Alisha gasped. “You fucking bitch!”

“How does it feel, whore?” Judy snarled into her face as Alisha squeezed her eyes shut against the wild sensations exploding out of her crotch. Alisha had been with enough boys since she’d arrived on campus to qualify as a well-experienced girl although she didn’t consider herself to be any slut. But no one had ever touched her the way Judy was touching her and as she twisted against the other girl in horror she realized the redhead was damn close to pushing her over the edge. Her breath came in high-pitched pants as Judy’s fingers banged against her pussy, splitting her labia and flicking back and forth across her tingling clitoris expertly. She squealed and desperately clutched at the redhead, trying to find any vulnerability in this ferocious new enemy. Her twisting fingers finally encountered Judy’s own crotch and she managed to squeeze at the other girl’s soft sexual anatomy as spitefully as possible. Judy’s sex felt big and hot under her fingers, a fierce little furnace burning not so far away from her own throbbing vagina. Even in the midst of this intense final act in their confrontation she couldn’t help comparing herself to the white girl. Judy’s privates felt just as big and full as her own lush sex, and backed up by that big, creamy ghetto ass she knew the redhead probably had equivalent thrusting and fucking power in that flaring, hungry pelvis of hers.

That was Alisha’s last thought as a jolting orgasm erupted through her body like a geyser. She squeezed her eyes shut and convulsed against the tree and against Judy’s thrusting fingers, barely aware of the redhead’s answering groans as Alisha’s fingers made a last, desperate squeeze of her enemy’s groin. After a second Judy’s strong hand reached down and pried Alisha’s grip away from her crotch and Alisha slumped down to the ground in exhaustion and humiliation. Judy knelt next to her and gave her sweat-dampened hair a cruel yank, lowering her face until she was nose to nose with Alisha.

“From now on you’ll know exactly what you’re getting into any time you start something with me, honey,” the redhead said quietly. With that Judy stood and walked over to retrieve her backpack, leaving Alisha behind without another look.

To be continued