(by JACK)

Linda felt herself being consumed with desire. Her body lusted for the softness of female flesh. Lilith, her roommate, had promised to get her a woman who would give her pussy the excitement it deserved. A woman who loved the opportunity to match women cunt to cunt, breast to breast. A woman who was blond, huge of breast and slender of waist. A love goddess named Eva.

Eva's reputation was well known. Eva had gone against a multitude of women with the intense desire of one who is truly in love with what she is doing. Eva lived for the day when she could pit her creamy white pleasure organs against one who's body was as beautiful as hers.

Linda drooled and moaned at the thought of her own creamy white flesh rubbing into Eva's soft alabaster body. Her body screamed out for the feeling of perfect pleasure, to feel the softness so few humans have the sense to experience. Linda trembled with anticipation as she rubbed her hands against her crotch. In past battles with other women her body reached heights of orgasmic pleasure that left her totally drained.

Eva and Lilith had arrived. Eva looked at Linda. Eva was pleasantly surprised by how closely Linda's face and hair resembled her own. Both women quickly took off the clothes that hid their beautiful bodies. It can truly be said that never was a garment made that could ever compete with a beautiful woman's naked beauty.

Eva and Linda liked what they saw. Both their nipples were sticking out begging to be touched. The clits on their cunts were parted, offering an open invitation.

Lilith wanted to join the two women as they embraced but knew this was impossible. She would be a spectator to this battle of the blondes. Her hand went to her crotch stroking it back and forth.

Linda and Eva tripped each other, coming down onto the thick mat. Breast met breast, their legs rubbing against each others cunt. Linda felt her love grow as Eva's soft body rubbed against her. "Ooooh," cooed Linda. "If only this could go on forever."

With her mouth Linda bit into Eva's neck. The soft flesh in her mouth felt so good. Eva retaliated by squeezing Linda's ass cheeks. Linda felt an intense rush of desire as Eva's hands stimulated Linda's ass. Gripping the cheeks tighter and tighter, Eva pulled and pushed in every direction.

Eva was light headed with pleasure as the touching of their bodies made her cunt swell with moisture creating a frenzy of excitement throughout her body. Back and forth they rolled, moving as one. Linda squeezed Eva's bountiful breasts, her mouth biting into a firm nipple. The blood in Eva's breasts flowed with passion as Linda's hands squeezed Eva's breasts tighter and tighter. Eva locked her legs around Linda's waist, her hands grabbing Linda's neck and squeezing.

Both women were enjoying this battle. They were as one flesh, pulling each other closer and closer, rubbing and stimulating each other. Breasts repeatedly rubbed against breast, cunt against cunt, their lips locked together, tongues moving back and forth.

Eva and Linda moaned with delight. Faster and faster they rocked back and forth. Linda felt like her cunt was going to explode.

The sound of their cries of pleasure was like staccato thunder that filled and shook the universe. Linda felt the sound and the excitement permeate every cell of her body with an incredible joyous fire. Her blood pounded like thunder through her veins, faster and faster. It seemed finally as if she must fly apart and burst in a million pieces with ecstasy.

Eva and Linda were two blond goddesses. Each battling for the conquest of the Universe. Their beautiful bodies made god-like in the moments of struggle. Deep space was their battle ground, the shining star that was the sun lighting this grand spectacle of beauty.

"Oh God!" Linda cooed as she feel herself transcend reality. Linda was now in the realm of infinite pleasure. At a climactic moment, when she could bear the supernatural joy no longer she plunged her hand into her opponent's wet cunt. Eva screamed and a magnificent billow of white flame spurted out of Eva's cunt. Every being on earth joined with Linda's in a cry of joyous triumph as the seed of Eva rose on a pillar of fire to fecundate the stars.

Eva lay on her back, her life force spent. Linda slowly came back to reality, her tongue moving toward Eva's nipple to lick it gently. Eva opened her eyes and then begged Linda to kiss her. Linda and Eva gently kissed and felt each other. They gathered strength from each others warm and friendly embrace.

"Let's do it cunt to cunt," pleaded Linda. "This is the only way we will find out who's more woman."

Linda and Eva's cunts were well lubricated with sweat. As Linda's cunt hit Eva's, Linda moaned with the feeling of pleasure. Harder and harder Linda and Eva banged into each other. Linda pounded Eva with the full force of her womanhood.

For both women, there was pain, a little at first and then more as time went by. Slowly the pleasure gave way to pain. Linda's and Eva's cunt slowly turned red as the constant banging of flesh against flesh continued. Linda felt like Eva would destroy her pussy in any moment. Linda's cunt had had enough.

"You win, you win," sobbed Linda as her hands covered her swollen pussy.

Eva smiled, her eyes gleamed brightly with triumph. She move up and sat on top of Linda's breasts, then thrust her pussy into Linda's mouth. Linda's tongue moved into Eva's cunt tasting to and fro. It buried deeply into Eva's pussy.

Eva moaned with delight. Again and again Eva reached orgasm. Linda chewed softly on Eva's clit. Eva came again and then pushed Linda's face back, leaning her cunt over Linda's face. Eva relaxed her muscles and out flowed warm yellow liquid onto Linda's face. Linda closed her eyes as she submitted to Eva's golden shower.

"It's not so bad," thought Linda as her lips kissed Eva's pussy.

Eva was top cunt now and it deserved every tender caress it got.

The End