(by JACK)

Pat and Jan had been sexual rivals for some time. As senior account executives in a mid-west advertising company they competed fiercely in the office and the bedroom for the attention and sexual favors of their boss, the VP Client Services.

Lately, the subtle and explosive tension between the two women had increased to unbearable levels as each sought to win the same major account and demonstrate to the VP that each was the better woman. They belittled each other in front of the VP, made snide remarks at executive staff meetings, and each tried to out-slut the other by dressing in the sexiest way possible: spike high heels and nylons, tight skirts and suits, and blouses with plenty of cleavage to demonstrate their ample breasts. Each made sure the VP was aware of their physical talents by bending over his desk or crossing their legs to reveal nylons and perhaps a glimpse of lace-covered cunt.

A confrontation between the two was inevitable and it happened one Friday night after the VP agreed to a shoot-out between their proposals for the account. After their meetings the women encountered each other in the elevator on the way to the parking lot and each took pleasure in letting the other know that the VP favored her proposal and her cunt. As the elevator doors opened Jan began to leave the elevator and Pat said, "Of course, you know he thinks your proposal is simply terrible...like your legs"

Jan turned toward Pat and their full breasts came into contact, nipples beginning to harden as they rubbed across opposing tits. They dropped their briefcases and went for each other as the elevator car doors began to close. Reaching up, each grabbed a handful of the other's hair and pulled hard. Using her tits, Jan pushed the other woman back against the elevator car wall and grabbed at her dress, raising it up to waist level and revealing her long legs. With her free hand she grabbed Pat's bush through her panties, tugged hard and, as Pat screamed, she slid a finger along the lips of her rival's labia. Pat also reached down and grabbed the full cheeks of Jan's ass through her business suit, lifted her skirt up and thrust one of her nylon-covered legs between her rival's legs so that she could feel nylon pressing against nylon and the heat of Jan's cunt could be felt on her bare thigh above her dark stocking top. So entwined, they pulled hair, rammed stockinged thighs against pussies, crushed breast against breast, hissed and spat at each other... two cats waiting and wanting to make the other come and so dominate her rival. Said Jan, "Not here cunt, let's do this right...my place in 20 minutes?"

Pat replied, "You're on bitch...be there....." and then disconnected from her rival and straightened her clothing. The elevator doors opened and two elegant female executives stepped out - classic women in power business suits. An observer would have been unaware that each was feeling the heat of impending sexual conflict: nipples stiffening and cunts glistening in anticipation of a long-awaited battle with her hated rival. The two she-cats stalked off to their respective cars.

Pat was in her early 40s, a mature full-bodied woman about 5'8" and 140 lbs, with long elegant legs and a full chest, she measured 39D-29-40. Her full head of coppery-blond hair was casually styled and cascaded down to her shoulders. Her breasts were full and firm with large stubby nipples pointing slightly upward. On more than one occasion Pat had used her breasts and nipples to dominate and crush other women. Pat's hour-glass waist led down to a well-thatched cunt with a prominent clit only slightly smaller than her nipples. Her legs were long and well proportioned: thighs giving way gradually to elegant calves. Getting into her late-model car her skirt rode up slightly revealing dark nylon stockings showcasing show-girl legs in black patent leather high heels. Pat loved sexy lingerie and this day was wearing a black ensemble: a black French garter belt under a pair of black lace panties that covered a cunt twitching in anticipation of the erotic fight to come. Her matching under wire bra shaped but did not contain breasts with nipples already beginning to thicken in anticipation of combat. She had a black half slip on and a conservative two-piece navy blue business suit with a heavy white silk blouse. She reckoned that most of the latter would be gone in the first five minutes. No matter... by the time she was finished with that cunt she'd simply take what she wanted from Jan's wardrobe.

Jan was also in her early 40s. As tall as her rival but slightly fuller-breasted than Pat she measured 40-29-41. Her streaked blond hair was elegantly styled and framed a somewhat severe Nordic face. Like Helga, her breasts were full and round, with large thick nipples pointing straight ahead. Her shapely waist led down to a mat of curly blond hair over a cunt with a large clit that she had used to sexually dominate rival women. Her legs tapered beautifully and completed the picture of a sleek mature cat. As Jan got into her car for the trip to her house she eased up her dress revealing long dark nylon-clad legs and white lingerie: a white half slip, and a white lace garter belt under white semi-bikini panties framing and covering her moistening cunt. A matching white lace bra cradled and held breasts with nipples already taught and jutting. Her deep red business dress gave her an air of power and authority but Jan knew that the dress would likely be in tatters within a few minutes of locking legs with Pat. Jan did not begrudge the loss of her clothing in the upcoming battle, wanting only to so dominate that bitch as to forever ensure that she knew who the better woman was.

As they drove through the deserted streets toward their rendezvous, both women thought back to the history of their relationship and to other sex-fights they had experienced. Both had arrived at their current station in life in part by taking on all comers. Pat had defeated a rival showgirl in a previous career by causing her to pass out from sexual exhaustion after a long and erotic fight where she had forced the other woman's clit to bend to her own throbbing clit: joined scissor-style they had pulled hair and humped and thrust clit against clit until the showgirl collapsed in a paroxysm of sexual ecstasy. Jan had fought a competitor stewardess in a hotel and reduced her rival to a quivering mass of flesh after a fight where anything went - she had repeatedly rubbed one of her huge stiff nipples against her rival's clit, made her come continuously for five minutes, and reduced her to a babbling, drooling wreck.

Neither had any illusions as to what was going to happen in the next few hours. After a lengthy, dirty and erotic catfight, characterized by stripping each other nude and trying to make the other woman as sexually stimulated as possible, one of them would be dominated, made to come first in a series of shattering orgasms, and would then have to give the other pleasure in any way the victor wanted and forever acknowledge that the other was top cunt. It would be erotic intensity at its very best. As they drove, their sexual energy increased dramatically. Jan slowly raised her dress, spread her legs slightly, reached between her thighs and gently began to massage her cunt through the thin material of her panties. Similarly, driving her car quickly through the deserted city streets Pat pulled up the skirt of her business suit and gently stroked the lips of her mound through the silky material of her black panties. Anticipation began to build.

Jan arrived first and flew up to her large corner penthouse condo. Setting down her briefcase and leaving the door unlocked she quickly moved the coffee table out of the centre of the huge living room. Next, she swung the two large sofas so that they made an L shape against one wall, in effect forming a three sided area with an open side facing the door. The floor was laid with deep white pile carpeting and on this she placed a rich oriental rug. Getting a glass of white wine, she sat back on the sofa directly opposite the door and began to massage her breasts, waiting for her rival to come. Have to get my nipples hard, she thought, so I can force Pat's back into her tits. Listening intently she heard the elevator door open in the hall and heard the quick steps of her rival coming up the hall. She reached down and gave her pussy one last rub for luck and felt her clit twitch in response as if to say, let me at that cunt.........

Pat burst into the condo and saw her rival sprawled on the sofa opposite the door: legs splayed and skirt hiked up revealing silky legs, framing a cunt covered in white lace panties; one of Jan's hands was toying with her cunt while the other casually held a wine glass. Rising gracefully Jan stood facing Pat and said, "What rules, cunt?"

Said Pat, "Sex-fight rules, you bitch: I make you come, you make me come, loser comes first, winner gets to come whatever way she wants. No face scratching or closed fist hitting. Anything else is OK."

"Ok by me," said Jan, "Lets go"

The two magnificent women stood facing each other, hands on hips, poised for battle. Their breathing began to deepen and intensify, with a little catch at each breath. Their breasts began to swell and harden and a sex-flush began to spread over their necks and faces. Nipples began to harden and pussy lips moisten inside their panties as
each anticipated the fight to make the other come first. Slowly they began to circle each other.

Suddenly Jan reached out and grabbed Pat's hair with her right hand while with her left she clawed at Pat's blouse. Moving in close she thrust her tits against Pat's and felt her rival's nipples through the material of her blouse. Pat responded by grabbing Jan's hair with both hands, jerking her head from side to side. Pressed tightly together they moved in a slow circle in the middle of the arena formed by the two sofas and the wall. Staggering slightly they balanced on their spike high heels as each sought to drive the other woman backwards. Pat thrust her right thigh between Jan's legs and tried to hook her rivals leg to trip her, but succeeded only in moving them both back toward one of the sofas.

Seeing an advantage, Jan twisted and pushed Pat down on to the sofa and then straddled her, leaning over her rival to smother her with her tits. Mashing Pat's head in between her breasts, her dress rode up and she cursed at the opening she was presenting. Sure enough, Pat ran a hand straight up between Jan's stockinged legs and grabbed her bush through her panties. Pulling hard on the curly cunt hair she caused Jan to screech in pain. Quickly pushing the panty aside Pat then probed Jan's damp pussy and managed to flick her clit and slide two fingers into a wet cunt before Jan knocked her arm away and struggled free. "You're wet, you cunt" hissed Pat, "and I'm gonna make you a lot wetter."

As Jan rolled away Pat reached up and caught Jan's dress by the neck and pulled hard, causing the seam to split and the dress to tear down one side revealing her fine large bra-covered breasts. Pat completed the partial strip-down by tearing the other side of her rival's business dress leaving her topless except for her white lace bra. Her hardened nipples could be seen through the material. Still on the sofa, Jan then reached over and retaliated by catching Pat's blouse, tearing it down the middle to reveal a black bra cradling her large breasts with their dark bullet-like nipples.

The two women rested a moment, glaring at one another from opposite ends of the sofa: Pat, hair tousled and eyes glittering, still with her business suit top on but with blouse open in the middle revealing her black bra, and with her skirt hiked up revealing black slip and matching panties. Jan was topless except for her white lace bra and the remains of her dress, now bunched around her hips revealing nylon-clad legs and panties. With their chests heaving and breath coming in ragged whispers the women were a study in erotic intensity and anticipation.

(To be continued?)