by Jagged Edge

( a sequel to Singlet Sex)

Opening the rear door of the car, the teenage boy grabbed his duffel bag and backpack with enough things for the week. Clothes, toiletries, etc. Tossing them on the ground, he ran around to the driver door and hugged his mom goodbye for the week.

“Love ya, mom. I’ll call you later this week to see how things are going.”

“Love you too, hun. You be good for your dad and make SURE that you call me, OK?”

“I will. Promise! Bye!”

He closed the car door, grabbed his things and headed for the front door. Making sure her son made it inside, she then took off and quickly made the 30 mile drive home. Brenda was in no mood for exchanging any phony pleasantries with her ex and just wanted the comfort of her own home. Within 45 minutes she was there, feeling relaxed by now and looking forward to the weekend.

As she entered the front door, the phone rang. Brenda hurried over and picked up the receiver, thinking it might be her son.

“Hello,” she answered.

“Hey, Bren! Whatcha ya up to?” Cindy had called, a certain excitement in her voice as she greeted her friend.

“Hey girl! How are ya? I just dropped Timmy off at his dad’s for the week. Kind of quiet around here right now” Brenda explained, a little depressed but still happy to hear her friend’s voice.

“Oh, that’s right. Wow… Well… care for some company tonight? Hey, I went shopping and got a few things. I gotta try them on for you! Maybe we can call in a pizza or something and have a girl’s night.”

“Oooo yeah. That’s right! This is Friday. I almost forgot. Hey, you got yourself a deal! C’mon over as soon as you can,” Brenda exclaimed, all of a sudden feeling much better about things.

No more than 30 minutes had passed, when the doorbell rang. Brenda unlocked the door and opened it to find her blonde friend standing there, smiling and holding a large white plastic shopping bag. Cindy came in and gave Brenda a long and warm embrace. The two hadn’t had much time together since their little “experience” a few weeks ago. Brenda then closed the door behind her and followed Cindy into the living room. After exchanging idle chit chat and catching up with the boring stuff in life, Cindy held up the bag she had brought with her.

“Hey, I have to try something on for you. You gotta see this. I know you’ll just love it. Got them yesterday. Can I use your bathroom to change?” Cindy asked as she got up from the couch.

“Sure. Did you hit the sale rack at the mall?" Brenda joked.

“Ha-ha. Not quite. But this is sooo much better!” Cindy replied, then paused and sheepishly smiled at Brenda. “By the way…did your son ever find out what we did in his wrestling outfits? I’ve been meaning to ask you about that.”

Brenda’s eyes grew large, then she giggled, “No! Are you kidding? He has no idea we were together or wore them at all. I told him I washed them and hung them to dry so they would fit better. Wow…If he ever found out, I really don’t know what he would do.”

Cindy laughed. “I was just curious. That’s good though. It’ll be our little secret.” Then the blonde made her way through the bedroom to the bathroom and closed the door.

Brenda sat there waiting for Cindy to come out and show her what she had bought. As she waited, erotic thoughts of that evening filled her mind. It was such an unforgettable night. This large smile appeared on her face as the pretty brunette mentally envisioned the whole event as though she was watching a video. While she enjoyed the recollection, Cindy had stripped down to her naked body and slipped into one of the items in the bag. Draping her clothes over the towel rack, the sexy blonde grabbed the plastic bag with the remaining items and shut off the light as she walked into the bedroom. Standing in front of the closet door mirror, Cindy modeled the item for herself in the soft bedroom light, then called for Brenda’s approval.

“Hey Brenda, come in here. I got a surprise for you.”

Brenda walked in and her eyes bulged as she saw what her friend had changed into. Cindy was wearing this sexy white lycra singlet with a blue stripe down the sides. Much like her son’s, it barely contained Cindy’s breasts and came to her lower thighs. As she moved, the shiny material gently reflected the light.

“Brenda, I went online to that place where your parents got the ones for your son and bought six of these in different colors. I just went crazy. You’re not going to believe this. This feels even sexier to wear than the ones we wore last time. I love it!” Then Cindy reached into the bag and pulled out an identical one but with a red stripe. Smiling a mischievous grin, she offered it to her brunette friend. “I think red looks so good on you. Hurry up and try it on!”

“Oh my God, Cindy! You really got them!” Brenda said with a half-shocked, half-gleeful sound in her voice. “Six of them. Wow! Mmmm…I love wearing red!” Brenda stood there for a second, marveling at the one Cindy held out to her, then grabbed it, “I’ll be right back!” Outfit in hand, Brenda quickly disappeared into the bathroom and almost slammed the door shut, she was in such a hurry.

Cindy stood there, sliding her hands up and down her body, enjoying the feel of the material and listening to the sounds of clothes hitting the bathroom floor as she waited for Brenda.

It was a minute at the most when the door opened and the light went out. Brenda slowly walked out and made her way toward the side of the bed where Cindy waited.

“Cindy…” she sighed softly, “You’re right… This feels so good.”

Cindy then whispered, “I want you.”

Brenda smiled back, “I want you, too.”

The two women then stood in front of each other, hands on hips as they exchanged a sultry smile. Brenda moved forward and gently pressed her breasts into Cindy’s as they met nipple-to-nipple. Cindy moaned quietly as the brunette very subtly slid hers up and down against Cindy’s. The feel of their hard nipples rubbing against each other through the shiny material quickly aroused both women. Cindy responded by placing her left arm around Brenda’s neck and pressing into her so slightly. Brenda did likewise and the two stood there embracing for a moment. Gazing lustfully into each other’s eyes, they started rubbing their bodies together, thighs snaking their way between each other’s legs. Cindy then closed her eyes and placed her lips on Brenda’s. The brunette quietly cried out in pleasure as she opened her mouth and lovingly locked lips with Cindy. Tongues slid past, seeking and finding each other, as they shared the most passionate wet French kiss either had felt in years. Their saliva mixed and ran down their chins as their tongues wrestled from one mouth to the other.

After a few moments of passionate tongue-dueling, they took a break, saving their kiss for a little later. The two then separated and crawled onto the king-size bed and knelt in the middle. As if they were sharing this unspoken language, Brenda and Cindy resumed their embrace at once, making it even tighter than before. Nose to nose, they shared this oh-so-steamy gaze, as their lust-filled eyes locked together. Their lips flirted with each other as the passion of the moment consumed both to an almost boiling point of sexual heat. Pressing together, their breasts mashed into each other, almost causing them to slide out of their outfits. Hearts pounded so hard and fast, anticipating what was about to happen. Breathing became heavier as they could feel each other’s breath on their bodies. Brenda began rubbing her hands up and down Cindy’s back causing the blonde to return the favor. Lust had reach an all-time high for each other and the climax was about to begin.

In an instant, they fell to the bed and squealed loudly with sexual glee as bodies became hopelessly locked together. Legs struggled to entwine, as thighs squeezed together. As they again silently conversed with their physical passion, the two engaged once more in a wild lustful French kiss. Rolling back and forth on the large bed, the two wrestlers dueled with sexual delight, moaning and squealing sounds muffled as they made their way past the tightly locked lips. The mixture of their lycra-covered bodies tightly entwined and the grinding and rolling was sending them into this wonderful state of euphoria.

In a heightening, almost uncontrollable, frenzy of passion and sexual energy, the rolling and writhing continued. Both girls took turns on top as they wrestled sexually, grinding into each other. Bearing down on one another, each took her shot at driving the other into an orgasmic explosion. The sensation of their pussies rubbing wildly through the slick material was bringing both to a climax very fast. As they drew nearer and nearer, the embrace tightened to the point where their bodies almost melted together. They were, in effect, becoming one.

The kissing had become almost violent as their teeth clacked together from time to time. Like two she-cats in heat, they continued passionately tearing into each other with lustful abandon. Saliva mixed and was smeared all over their faces, running down their cheeks and glistening in the soft light. Hands made their way up, tussling each other’s hair, then returning to resume their dueling embrace. The kissing would cease shortly, however, as the rolling and grinding was taking it’s toll on both women.

The rolling slowed and wild humping and crotch-grinding took over as the women enjoyed a fierce pussy-rubbing duel. Slowly rolling back and forth, the kissing had given way to throaty groans and squeals of orgasmic pleasure. Crying out in almost perfect harmony, Brenda and Cindy wrestled and tribbed with each other until that climactic moment of explosion.

Clutching each other as tight as they could, the two pressed their overheated pussies together, stiff throbbing clits teasing each other through the lycra, as girl-cum shot out of both women almost simultaneously soaking through the crotches of their outfits. Brenda pushed her chin into Cindy’s right shoulder and cried out in an orgasmic state of mindlessness as her pussy exploded all over the inside of her singlet.

“Ohhhhhh…mmmyyyyy…Goddddddd….uhhhhhhhh…uuhhhhhhhh.” Brenda cried out, almost to the point of hyperventilating. Groaning and gasping, the brunette felt her body spasm all over with the electric jolt of orgasm. The warm stream of juices continued to flow, as she held on to her blonde lover as tight as she could. Her body slid deliciously against Cindy’s as her orgasm lingered for what seemed like eternity.

Feeling the powerful climax going through Brenda’s body sent Cindy into her own mind-blowing explosion of pussy juices as she also felt the electricity of orgasm shock her body. Practically unable to speak, Cindy cried out, almost sobbing at the tremendous rush of sexual release as the flow of her juices shot out in a rage of orgasm she had never felt before. Cum splattered within her outfit, soaking through to the outside and smearing against Brenda’s cum-soaked crotch. Her pulsing clit had been flirting with Brenda’s and tingled at the sensation of being surrounded with massive amounts of hot cum.

Continuing in their embrace, the girls slowed their grinding until they came to a halt. Chests heaved as they laid there, catching their breath from the physical and sexual exertion. Perhaps a minute had gone by. Cindy began kissing Brenda lightly at first, then locking lips and rolling their tongues together. It only lasted for a few seconds before Brenda loosened her grip on Cindy and slid apart from her.

Brenda wanted to feel Cindy more and more. She reached up, lowered the shoulder straps of her outfit and slid her singlet down until her breasts were exposed. Then she gently grabbed Cindy’s outfit and did the same. Embracing her once again, Brenda met Cindy nipple-to-nipple and began to slowly grind into her.

“I saw our nipples poking through our outfits and wanted to feel yours against mine.”

Cindy sighed, “Mmmm…Feels good. Does this mean that we get to go a second round?”

“It sure does. Ready?”

The blonde moaned in delight, “Anytime you are.”

Once again, they tightened their embrace and began rolling across the bed. As nipples playfully pierced each other’s breasts, the girls engaged in a slower, more tender pussy-to-pussy duel. Their mouths, sore from the earlier more frantic kissing action, met and lovingly mashed together in a softer French kiss. Tongues slid against each other, teasing and taunting one another, as the two rolled slowly from one end of the bed to the other. The crotches of their singlets had become such a slimy mess that they easily slid together. The friction of rubbing and grinding into each other’s slick mess began to make a strange smacking, slurping noise as the scent of sex filled the room.

It was only a few minutes before they brought each other to a softer, more intimate orgasm. Slowly rolling back and forth, both women moaned with ecstasy as they exchanged their warm juices once again, adding to the slickness of their sex. Afterwards, they laid on their sides, still embracing.

Brenda wanted Cindy more than anything and she was going to stop at nothing to feel all of her. After sharing a short sweet kiss, she shared her desires with her blonde lover.

“You know what?…If we take these outfits off, we can feel all of each other. I wanna feel my clit against yours so bad right now. I felt them rubbing together through the material and it felt so good. I just want to feel all of you right now.”

Cindy let out this lusty sigh. Smiling at her brunette friend, "Sweetie, you don’t have to say anymore. Let’s get out of these things and enjoy.”

Rolling apart, the two slid the sweat-soaked singlets off their bodies and tossed them to the side of the bed. As they sat there, Brenda and Cindy were finally able to really size up each other’s pussy for the first time. Brenda’s dark brown bush was matted and contrasted perfectly against Cindy’s dark blonde pussy hair. Both pussies were a glowing reddish-pink. Puffy pussy lips, swollen from the wrestling and rubbing, glistened in the bedroom light with their juices. But it was their hard erect clits peeking out from between their pussy lips that both women wanted most of all. Brenda smiled as she spread her legs for Cindy.

“Come and get me, my dear.” Brenda teasingly challenged her friend as she reached down and spread her pussy lips to expose her fully erect clit. She slid her middle finger inside her juicy pussy hole, then back out and over her hard pointy clit while the fingers on either side spread her pussy lips.

“Mmmm…you are so on. Let’s fuck!” Cindy moaned as she scissor her legs with Brenda’s and slid toward her.

They wasted no time making pussy contact. As their lips touched, both women gasped with delight. They paused for a second, then made full contact. Blonde bush met dark brown bush as pubic hairs tangled in a matted mess. As the hot slick pussies locked lips, it was then that their clits touched and slid together for the first time. The two squealed in unison as the tingling, electric feel of their slick sex rods rubbing together sent waves of sexual joy through their bodies.

Neither woman could really say much as they began to mash and grind their naked pussies together. Hidden beneath the privacy of a wall of tangled pussy hairs, the two clits wrestled each other in a sensuous tickle fight. Meeting tip-to-tip, then slowly sliding against each other, every stroke sent both women closer and closer to yet another orgasm. The feel of raw clit-to-clit sex was so overwhelming. It was so electrifying to feel their sex merging, to feel their juices mixing together, pussy flesh melting together.

Brenda did her best to push Cindy over the edge. But the sensation of rubbing clits got both of them closer and closer to orgasm. The rubbing got faster and faster. Cindy started gasping out loud as she began to feel the yearning of another orgasmic explosion. Her pussy felt like it was on fire, it was so hot. Squishing noises got louder and louder as they continued dueling with their clits. Brenda was on the very edge of exploding with her juices. Trying so hard to hold back, the tingling sensation of their clits play wrestling continued to tantalize her body and mind and was consuming Brenda with lust.

Finally, Cindy pressed her pussy into Brenda’s and held it there, causing their clits to bend against each other. Brenda screamed and threw her head back as her pussy exploded, sending a spray of hot cum into Cindy’s. The feel was more than Cindy could handle though, as the heat of the juices sent her into orgasm as well. It caused the blonde to let out this animalistic groan as her clit slid one last time against Brenda’s. Cindy’s pussy squirted a stream of cum back into Brenda, causing both women to literally cry out together in ecstasy. Juices mixed and smeared on their pussies and thighs, until it dripped onto the sheets. A harmony of moans and groans together with squishing noises of cum-soaked pussies smacking together filled the room as they continued to enjoy pussy-to-pussy contact. Finally, the warm feeling of the orgasmic flow came to a halt and both women laid back on the bed, totally drained both physically and sexually.

After a few minutes of some much needed rest, Brenda sat up and laid down on top of Cindy. She began kissing her lips softly and passionately. Cindy wrapped her arms around Brenda and they slowly rolled to their sides, where they laid for several moments sharing tender kisses. Between those kisses, the girls shared their thoughts with each other.

“I never thought I would ever have a sex life like this,” Brenda confessed. “This is better than I ever imagined it would be.” Then she thought about it and laughed. “I just absolutely love wrestling with you! It’s the perfect foreplay! Oh my God…when we roll around like that…just wearing these sexy outfits…I never thought I could feel like that.”

Cindy laid there, smiling at her brunette lover.

“Just think…if you hadn’t tried on Timmy’s wrestling outfit…wow.” Then she thought for a moment. “You know what…We have our own wrestling stuff now. We should get together when Timmy goes to his dad’s every other weekend and enjoy our own wrestling practice. Although we should probably call it sexwrestling. Mmmmmmm. You gotta love that name.”

After giving Cindy a peck on the lips, she agreed, “Oooo yeah. Sexwrestling. I love it! OK. Every other weekend it is. We definitely have enough outfits, don’t we?”

“Yeah we do. Guess we’re just a couple of wrestling sluts, aren’t we?”

Both girls started laughing. Then their eyes met and they shared one last tender kiss before getting cleaned up and having dinner. Brenda picked up the dirty outfits off the floor to toss in the washer while Cindy showed her the other colors she had bought. They giggled and talked about their next match while deciding what colors they wanted to wear. The girls then disappeared in to the shower.

Some women wrestle to have sex. Others have sex to wrestle. But there’s at least two women who’ll tell you why not just do both together and enjoy.