While all this was going on with the two blonde beauties Alexis and Regina went to the back of the house, and walked into the large bedroom the two sisters had shared for many years.  Both of them knew what was going to happen.  Without saying a word both women started to undress.  When they were completely naked they climbed onto the bed, and faced each other on their knees.  They had fought on this bed in the past, and were going to do so again.

Regina began by slapping Alexis in the face.  Alexis returned the slap with one of her own, and the two began a nonstop slapping assault on each other.  They lunged at one another, locked their hands in each other's hair, and began to fiercely yank and pull.  Neither would give the other the satisfaction of hearing her scream, but there were squealing sounds and gasps of exertion coming from both.  They toppled over on the bed, and began rolling back and forth as each tried to control the other.  Finally Alexis got on top, and was able to remain there for a few seconds.  The two of them were still, and glared at one another.  They were silent until Alexis questioned Regina .  She asked, "I don't think we want to fight this way do we?"

Regina replied, "Not really.  There's a more satisfying way for me to put you in your place.  We haven't been apart that long.  Surely you remember our last fight?"

Alexis smiled, and answered, "Of course I do.  I have our weapons right where we left them."

She reached into a nightstand next to the bed, and brought out a small black case.  She showed it to Regina as she opened it.  Inside there were two black dildos with a leather strap attached to one end of each.  From a small bottle Alexis put some oil on each dildo.  Regina selected one, and inserted a hand through the opening in the leather strap.  Alexis did the same thing.  The purpose of the strap was to allow a woman to let the dildo swing free until she was ready to use it.  That way she was free to use both hands.

The two of them swung around until they were facing one another on the bed.  Each woman had a look of confidence on her face.  Regina told Alexis she had always been superior in every way.  Now she was ready to prove it.  Alexis felt the same way, and told Regina she had been waiting for this moment for a long time. She said, "I am going to get you so wet, and then I'm going to fuck you with this dildo until you scream."

Regina replied, "You have never been woman enough to take me.  You're the one who is going to do the screaming."

They moved closer until their breasts were mashed together.  Then they began rubbing them from side to side.  The sounds they were making this time were not sounds of pain.  Rather they were soft cries of pleasure.  They presented an erotic sight, and were ready to take their sexual duel to the next level.

Meanwhile, in the front bedroom, Allison and Sabrina had removed their costumes, and were moving together to continue their erotic competition.  The two were naked except for their stockings.  They had developed a mutual respect for one another, but each still felt she could win.  They were sitting on the bed side by side, but facing opposite directions.  They leaned to the side, put their arms around each other, and started to kiss.

This was just a prelude to what was about to happen.  After a few moments of intense kissing they lowered their heads a few inches, and attacked each other's breasts with their mouths.  They licked and sucked, fastened their teeth to a nipple, and pulled.  Both were moaning from the pleasure as they continued their assaults.  Then each woman moved to her real target.  In a few seconds they attacked each other's pussy with their mouths, and were in a perfect 69 position.  Each was an expert with her tongue, and as they were already aroused it didn't take long to hear sounds of ecstasy coming from both of them.  After they reached intense orgasms Sabrina turned around, and the two women started to kiss and lick each other's lips.  They rested for a few seconds, and got ready to go at each other again.

In the back bedroom Alexis and Regina brought their mouths together to begin kissing.  As the passionate kissing continued they were becoming more and more aroused.  As erotic as it looked the two of them cursed each other every time they stopped kissing.  Their tongue fight was a sight to behold as each woman tried to prove she could out kiss her sister.

When they were living together they had many encounters such as this one.  As a result both women knew when it was time to go to the next level.  They separated, spread their legs apart, and while on their knees each grabbed the dildo she had dangling from her wrist.  Both women moaned as they pushed the dildos deep into each other's pussy.  They began to slide it up and down, and within seconds increased the speed of their motion.

The two women tried to glare at each other, but were feeling too erotic and aroused.  Each wanted to win this kinky sexfight, but neither felt as though she had any control over what was happening.  In reality both loved the extreme feelings of pleasure running through their bodies.  It didn't take long for things to come to the ultimate ending for both of them.  The sound of loud cries filled the room as the two reached a shattering orgasm.  Each woman would later claim that she won, but there was really no way to tell who went off first.

They clutched each other with their free hand to keep from falling over, but the effort was unsuccessful and they toppled to one side.  They stared intently at one another as they gently and carefully removed the dildo from each other's pussy.  Alexis took the one she had and moved it to Regina 's lips.  Regina countered by doing the same, and told Alexis to suck her own pussy juice from the dildo. Alexis said, "I will, but so will you."

The two of them were now laying side-by-side, and their heads were bobbing back and forth sucking the dildos.  This was getting them turned on all over again.  They entwined their legs, pulled each other closer, and started to kiss.  Knowing what was going to happen each sister promised the other she would out fuck her.  They began grinding and humping.  During the next hour each sister got the other one off many times.

It was only when both women were exhausted that they finally started to talk.  It took many hours, but the two would ultimately settle their differences.

In the front bedroom Allison and Sabrina continued their sexual attacks on each other.  They were once again locked together on their knees kissing and fingering each other's pussy.   Each wanted to brag to her mistress that she had beaten her rival.  They grabbed each other's ass with both hands, and pulled so each one's thigh was grinding into the other's pussy.  While on their knees they started to hump each other.  Allison looked at Sabrina, and said, "I challenge you to pussy fuck me to see which one of us can last longer."

Sabrina quickly accepted the challenge, and the two of them moved to get in a scissors position.  They looked at one another in anticipation of what was going to happen.  As their wet pussies came together each woman threw her head back from the erotic feelings.  Both leaned back on their hands in order to push harder, and they started to grind their pussies together.  Each one egged the other on by telling her she wouldn't win.  Knowing they were close to going off each started to thrust harder and faster.  Sabrina started to go off and took Allison with her.  The two of them began to moan and cry out in ecstasy as the intense feelings engulfed their bodies.

As a result of the extremely erotic sensations each woman collapsed and lay flat on her back.  For a few minutes neither of them moved or said anything.  Their pussies were still locked together as Allison gently pushed hers into Sabrina's to see if she would get a reaction.  When Sabrina pushed back she told Allison wordlessly she wanted to go again.  While flat on their backs the two women started to again thrust their pussies together.  They propped themselves up on their elbows so they could look at one another while pussy fighting.  Allison pushed herself to a sitting position and motioned to Sabrina to do the same.

After Sabrina came to a sitting position the two blondes put their arms around each other, and started to kiss.  For the second time in 15 minutes the two of them erupted, and loud moans of pleasure came from both women.  They kept pussy fucking and kissing as the sensations ran through their bodies.  When they finally calmed down they toppled over to one side, straightened out their legs, and fell over on their backs laying side-by-side.  Neither said anything about who went off first.  Perhaps they didn't know or because it was a contest of endurance they didn't care.  Either way the only sounds were those of two women breathing heavily.

After quite a few minutes went by Sabrina turned over, and looked at Allison who still had her eyes closed.  Finally Allison seemed to sense Sabrina looking at her, and opened her eyes.  For almost five minutes the two women stared at one another without saying anything.  It was as though each one wanted to know if their encounter would continue.  Allison answered the question by grabbing Sabrina by the hair, and gently pulling her over so they could kiss.  It started out as a tender kiss, but soon turned into a tongue to tongue match-up.

The kissing went on for some time, and they took turns licking one another's lips and sucking each other's tongue.  They seemed to enjoy attacking each other's pussy with their fingers.  For the third time during their duel each found her rival's wet pussy, and they started to finger bang one another.  They were now almost in a sitting position side by side and passionately kissing, and each spread her legs open as if to invite an attack.  They were silently telling one another, "I can take your best shot, and still outdo you."

They stopped kissing so they could look into each others' eyes.  What they saw was lust and desire.  Both were close to losing it, and erupting.  Sabrina started to cry out as she went off, and in a few moments Allison joined her.  Once again they were overcome as erotic sensations ran through their bodies.  They removed their hands from each others' pussy.  Sabrina pulled Allison down so they were both flat on the bed, and their heads lay on the pillows.  Allison wiped the pussy juice from her fingers by rubbing them on Sabrina's breasts.  Sabrina did the same to Allison, and the two women had breasts wet with their own pussy juice.

They pulled each other close so their breasts were mashed together.  Each promised to outlast the other as they entwined their legs together, and again started to kiss.  As their passion became greater they started to grind and thrust into one another.  It was almost as though they melted together and became one as they developed a perfect rhythm.  Neither one tried to hold back as extreme feelings of pleasure ran through their bodies once again.

Both blondes seemed to realize they were an even match.  They had been going at it for well over an hour without either one being able to outlast the other in their sexual duel.  Sabrina looked at Allison, and said, "It's a shame we are supposed to be enemies.  I love the way you fuck."

Allison replied.  "I know what you mean.  I feel the same way about you.  I never thought we would end up exhausted without finding out who won."

Still wrapped up together the two closed their eyes, and within a few moments were sound asleep.  Late the next morning the door to Allison's bedroom swung open, and the two sisters looked in on the sleeping beauties.  Regina had a feather in her hand, and she started to move it back and forth across the faces of both blondes.  They woke up to see Regina and Alexis staring down at them.  When they were fully alert Alexis demanded to know who won.  Sabrina said, "Nobody won.  We fucked each other to sleep."

Then Allison commented, "I see you're both still alive so I guess that means you didn't kill each other last night."

Regina replied, "It wasn't from lack of trying.  But we decided after our catfight and sexfight that the only thing that would settle our problems was to talk about them.  We talked for hours, and decided being together was better than being apart.  So we're together again, and we will stay that way no matter how many fights we have."

Alexis added, "The main thing you two should know is that Regina and I always share everything.  That means we share the two of you, and you two share both of us.  We are going to combine our two businesses, and as far as the public is concerned we will have two slaves and you will have two mistresses.  You two will be able to fight for us, over us or against us, but we will all have a lot of fun and a lot of competitive as well as straight sex.  I'm sure we will all satisfy each other's desire for kinky sex.  What do you think of that?"

The two blondes looked at one another, and Allison exclaimed, "That sounds soooooo hot!  When do we start?"

Sabrina chimed in, "Whatever we do I hope it's after breakfast.  I'm starved."

The four of them knew that no matter what happened no one would be starved for either food or sex for as long as they stayed together.

The End