Donna D'errico vs. Alyssa Milano by Samdog (14-Jan-00)

Donna D'errico rang the doorbell, having arrived at the appointed time. She waited for what seemed to be an eternity, until the brunette finally answered. Dressed in a silk robe, Alyssa Milano opened the door and let the blonde in. "I've been waiting for you," the brunette said, "Soon we'll get to have some fun…"

Donna glanced at her as they walked down the halls of the house and replied, "I wouldn't miss it for the world."

Finally reaching the bedroom, Alyssa closed the door and locked it. The brunette licked her lips in anticipation as she watched Donna shed her halter top and shorts, and then her bra and panties, leaving her completely nude. Alyssa took off her robe, leaving her in nothing but skin.

A war of words had been ensuing between the two ladies for a while. Matters finally reached their boiling point as the two women decided to fight it out to finish things once and for all. However, neither thought that the idea of subjecting their bodies to extreme physical abuse was very appealing, so they opted instead for a sexfight. They would use their bodies to make the other orgasm as much as possible. The winner would be the one who lasted the longest. Both women expected to win, daydreaming about turning the other into her own personal sexual plaything.

Facing each other as they knelt on the bed, the two women began kissing, their hands exploring every part of the other woman's body. Their tongues fought their own little duel inside their mouths, while their nipples went erect and rock hard as their breasts rubbed together. Forcing the brunette onto her back, Donna began grinding her pussy into Alyssa's as she gasped in pleasure. However, Alyssa liked being on the bottom and fought back, grinding her pussy up into Donna's as she managed to elicit a groan from the blonde. Their pussy lips were pressed tightly together and their clits were becoming enlarged. They soon came into contact, both women screaming in pleasure. Donna started gyrating, the brunette's body stiffening in response as she moaned louder and louder.

Panting heavily, the brunette started sucking on Donna's nipples and tits, using her hands to knead the blonde's firm ass cheeks. Donna tried to stay in control, but Alyssa was expertly using her tongue, driving her wild as her sensitive nipples were bringing her closer and closer to an orgasm. Desperate to turn the tide back in her favor, Donna slipped her hand between their pussies and started fingering the brunette. Alyssa screamed as she felt herself getting closer and closer to an orgasm. She tried to fight back, but Donna stroked her tits, working on them as the brunette's offense was reduced to nothing. Pulling away, Donna lowered herself and spread Alyssa's legs.

Alyssa's eyes went wide as she realized what was about to happen, but was unable to resist. Donna's tongue entered Alyssa's pussy as the blonde let her tongue do the work, licking the inside of her cunt. Alyssa tried to ignore it, but was unable to as she moaned again and again. Donna's tongue played with the brunette's clit as she screamed loudly. Finally, Alyssa couldn't resist any more and her body stiffened as she came, her love juices spilling everywhere. Alyssa slowly recovered from her orgasm, but the blonde wasn't through.

Pulling her head away from Alyssa's cunt, Donna taunted, "You're gonna be fucked raw by the time I'm through!"

She then lowered her head, diving back into the fray. Donna was in a good position, and she wasn't about to give it up. Holding the brunette's legs in place, Donna began to slowly but sensually lick each of Alyssa's pink lips as she moaned loudly. Her tongue deeply penetrating the brunette's wet pussy, Donna turned her attention towards her engorged clit, her tongue flicking over the top of Alyssa's clit. Alyssa wasn't moaning anymore, but instead was screaming in ecstasy, her cries could be heard across the house. She had never been eaten like this. Getting dominated by the blonde, Alyssa screamed as her body began shaking, as she let loose her second orgasm of the night.

Seeing how effective she was, Donna continued to lick Alyssa's wet pussy, moans of pleasure escaping from the brunette's lips. Wearing down Alyssa with relative ease, Donna began sucking on the brunette's cunt as she cried out again and again. As Donna's expert tongue caused her great pleasure, Alyssa knew she had to do something. If this continued, then the blonde bimbo would be able to lick her to submission.

Finally, Alyssa managed to buck and twist her pelvis, knocking it out of Donna's grip. Tackling her foe, Alyssa quickly pinned the blonde to the bed. Lowering her head, Alyssa began licking one of Donna's magnificent globes, as the blonde closed her eyes and moaned in pleasure. Alyssa expertly licked every inch of each breast and then started sucking on Donna's stiff nipples.

Pulling her head away, Alyssa slowly began to rub her tits against Donna's. Her tits very sensitive, the blonde gasped in ecstasy as the brunette's tits rubbed against hers, getting her really excited. Alyssa's magnificent boobs were in control, but Donna fought back, increasing pressure as Alyssa was soon moaning in pleasure. However, Alyssa was an expert, and continued rubbing back as the blonde's moans grew louder and louder. As her breasts were winning out against Donna's, Alyssa increased the rhythm of her movements, as Donna began screaming in pleasure. Knowing that she was about to lose control, Alyssa reached down and began probing the blonde's wet cunt, fingering her. Donna screamed as her cunt exploded, as she came everywhere.

Grinning, Alyssa taunted, "What's wrong, bitch? Can't take a good fucking?"

The brunette then pressed her cunt against Donna's and began grinding her pussy into the blonde's. Donna moaned as her clit made contact with Alyssa's. Alyssa rubbed her clit against Donna's and then pumped her pussy against the blonde's, alternating the movements constantly as Donna screamed aloud. Grinning, Alyssa began rubbing her breasts against Donna's as the blonde got hotter and hotter. Alyssa began moving her large chest back and forth so that their nipples brushed together. Donna groaned as Alyssa rubbed her tits into hers in a rhythmic pattern, being pushed closer and closer to the brink of climax. Alyssa wanted to fuck Donna's brains out, and began pumping her pussy harder at Donna's.

Donna realized that she would have to do something. The blonde began frantically pounding back. Clenching her ass cheeks together for leverage, she thrust back at the brunette. Alyssa gasped as she took each thrust, returning the blows as she sought to put the blonde away. Alyssa picked up the pace and started grinding her clit into Donna's even harder than before. Donna screamed in pleasure, but managed to keep tempo with the brunette. She arched her back and thrust her hips up at her foe's powerful pussy, but the blonde was meeting her thrust for thrust and pounding for pounding. Donna was struggling to hold back the flood gates, but sensed that Alyssa was close as well and upped the ante, pounding faster. Alyssa screamed aloud as she fell behind, taking two thrusts for each one she gave. Alyssa desperately began gyrating, working over the blonde as Donna began to crack. Donna's eyes went wide as she felt herself slipping, the brunette working her over adeptly.

Alyssa smiled and whispered into Donna's ear, "You're mine you little girl! I'm gonna destroy you like the little bitch you are!"

Donna was desperate as her entire body ached. Gripping Alyssa's butt, she began to fuck harder and faster with everything she had. Losing control, Alyssa screamed and tried to use her upper position, but her offense dwindled to nothing. Finally, she screamed one last time as she came, her juices spilling everywhere.

Donna smiled as the brunette lay on top of her, totally exhausted. Knowing that Alyssa wouldn't be fighting back, Donna rolled her onto her back and pumped her pussy wildly into the brunette's, pounding her into the bed.

"Oh fucking god… please stop…" Alyssa begged, sobbing loudly. Totally drained, she bucked and squirmed, but it was nowhere near enough to get the blonde off her. Ecstatic, Donna taunted, "What's wrong? Feeling like a virgin all over again? Who's the little girl now?"

Tears rolled down the brunette's cheeks as she weakly begged for mercy, only to find none. Desperate, she grabbed Donna's hair and slammed her forehead into the bridge of her nose, knocking the blonde off her.

Rolling Donna on her back, Alyssa straddled her foe and shouted, "You fucking bitch! I'm gonna make you pay for what you did to me!"

Alyssa began to savagely maul Donna's tits, ripping her nails down the front of them as the blonde shrieked aloud. Alyssa then dug her nails in and began twisting them roughly left and right as Donna screamed in agony and grabbed her wrists, trying to free her breasts. Donna finally managed to pull Alyssa's left hand from her right breast, but the brunette slammed punch after punch into her face, stunning the blonde.

Reaching back, Alyssa grabbed a handful of cunt hair and ripped it out, the blonde screaming in total anguish as handful after handful was ripped out. Unable to free herself, Donna desperately began attacking Alyssa's tits, pounding them with her fists as the brunette moaned in pain with each blow. Reaching deeper into Donna's cunt, Alyssa found her clit and began pulling and twisting it. The blonde howled in pain as her hands dropped to her sides, sobbing in complete agony.

Rolling onto her back and bringing the blonde on top of her, Alyssa wrapped her legs around Donna's waist, using them to squeeze the life from her foe. Donna cried out in pain and twisted back and forth between the brunette's legs, unable to free herself as Alyssa grinned and poured on the pressure. Pulling her fists back, Alyssa began pounding on Donna's tits, flattening them against her chest as the blonde screamed in agony.

Desperate, Donna reached down and grabbed Alyssa's tits, squeezing them as the brunette howled in pain. Alyssa retaliated with a punch to Donna's face, snapping the blonde's head back and stunning her for the second that the brunette needed to pull her hands from her aching tits. With a cruel smile on her lips as she continued to slowly crush the blonde's sides, Alyssa grabbed each swollen tit in her fingers, mashing the tender flesh between her fingers as Donna bucked wildly, screaming in agony.

Really working the blonde over, Alyssa taunted, "You dumb piece of shit! Can't take it anymore? I'm gonna enjoy beating your scrawny ass into a bloody pulp!"

In total agony, Donna desperately reached down between them and began groping between Alyssa's legs until she finally found what she was looking for. The look of triumph on Alyssa's face evaporated into thin air as her face went pale, screaming in total agony as Donna gouged at her cunt walls with her fingers.

Grinning, Donna shouted, "You fucking little cheater! I beat you sexually, and now I'm gonna beat you physically! Let's start with that sore little pussy of yours…"

The blonde began pulling on Alyssa's cunt hair, ripping out handful after handful as the brunette's cries echoed across the room's walls. Grabbing Alyssa's cunt lips, Donna began pinching and pulling on them as the brunette screamed and bucked wildly beneath her. The blonde then twisted them savagely left and right, as the brunette's screams reached new volume levels. Reaching into her pussy, Donna began raking her nails across the inside walls of Alyssa's cunt, scratching them up as the brunette reached down and tried vainly to pull Donna's hand from her pussy. Relishing in Alyssa's cries, Donna reached further and found her clit. The blonde began giving it a few hard squeezes and twists. Alyssa's eyes went wide as she screamed in total agony and finally opened her legs, sobbing in agony.

In control, Donna continued to attack Alyssa's cunt with one hand while ravaging her tits with the other, as Alyssa soon retaliated in the same manner. Both women were crying out in pain, but it was obvious that Alyssa was in worse shape. As the brunette tried to rip out handfuls of the blonde's cunt hair, Donna began punching Alyssa's tits back and forth, pounding the once magnificent breasts bruised and bloody as Alyssa screamed in utter agony, barely able to fight back.

Desperate, Alyssa abandoned her cunt attack and grabbed Donna's tits and began clawing and twisting them with total abandon. Donna screamed aloud but gamely mauled Alyssa's tits back, determined to prove that her breasts were better.

Alyssa managed to throw the blonde off her, but Donna used her momentum to continue moving, as the two rolled across the bed. The two continued rolling until they fell off the bed, with Donna on top of Alyssa.

Her foe only partially stunned by the fall, Donna grabbed Alyssa's hair and slammed her head several times into the floor, dazing her. The blonde grabbed Alyssa's nipples and began twisting and pulling them as the brunette moaned weakly. Standing, Donna reached down and grabbed Alyssa's tits and yanked up hard on them. The brunette screamed in total agony as she was lifted partially off the floor, her weight pulling down on her tits was excruciating. Alyssa desperately reached up and began clawing Donna's tits, frantically trying to free herself as the blonde screamed in pain. Pissed, Donna let go with one hand and punched the brunette in the face again and again until Alyssa's hands fell from her breasts, the blonde finally letting her fall to the floor.

Pulling her up, Donna laid out Alyssa on the bed, as the brunette moaned and her chest heaved, struggling to recover. Donna began gut punching her, but then started punching her in her cunt, as Alyssa's groans of pain turned into screams. Straddling her foe, Donna then began pulling and squeezing Alyssa's tits, as the brunette screamed and squirmed about madly, her legs thrashing left and right. Rolling her over, Donna sat on her back and began spanking ass, screams of pain escaping the brunette's lips as her butt was beginning to turn bright red.

Enjoying her foe's cries, Donna taunted, "You fucking tramp! How's it feel to get your fat ass kicked by a real woman?"

Rolling Alyssa onto her back, Donna decided to end it in the best way she knew. Grabbing Alyssa's hair, Donna brought her head up and forced it into her boobs in a breast smother. Battered, the brunette was too weak and could only moan as the blonde ground her tits into her face.

Suddenly, Donna let go at the last minute, as Alyssa breathed in the air denied to her as her chest rose up and down.

Grinning, Donna shouted, "Normally, I'd put you out with my beautiful breasts. But this time, I'm really gonna show you who the better woman is!"

Laying herself out on top of the brunette, Donna pressed her cunt against Alyssa's and began rubbing her pussy against the brunette's, as Alyssa gasped in pleasure. Donna would rub her clit against Alyssa's and then pump her pussy against hers, alternating between the two. Disgusted that she was being beaten by the blonde, Alyssa was aroused at the same time, her resistance slowly dwindling. Unable to control herself, Alyssa finally came uncontrollably, screaming her surrender as she was totally beaten. However, Donna wasn't done and continued to pound Alyssa's cunt, completely outfucking her.

Alyssa could only scream in pleasure while her clit was being defeated by the stronger clit of her rival. With nothing left to do, Alyssa surrendered again.

She had no strength left to scream, so in barely audible whispers she begged, "Please Donna, stop. Don't fuck me anymore…I can't take it...You're the better woman. Please don't fuck me anymore, please…"

However, it was too late, as Alyssa came in one last giant orgasm. Totally defeated, Alyssa passed out beneath Donna, completely drained by the blonde.

The blonde lay on top of her vanquished foe, relishing in her victory. Donna caressed Alyssa's tits, before lowering her hand and massaging the brunette's pussy. Grinning, she thought of all of the fun she was going to have with her new plaything that night alone… ."

To be continued?