(By Rexxx)

The "Scissor lock Saloon" was an out of the way place just inside the Mexican border.  A "Female Only" establishment where women could go either to watch, or participate in grueling Sexfight competitions.  There are many different rooms, sizeable enough to accommodate both the fighters and spectators.

There is "The Rope Room", where the combatants would be tied together by their hands and ankles.  With just two feet between them this was indeed an intimate sexfight.  The women would basically hug, kiss, bite, grind and slide their bodies, breasts, and cunts against the other!  A lot of orgasms to say the least!

The "Strap On" room is fuckfighting pure and simple.  The women would catfight until one or the other jammed a dildo up her rival's pussy!  Two 10 inch dildos, strapped up to the elbow of each woman's right hand would be used throughout the fight!  This type of sexfight usually ended up with both women, standing breast to breast, thrusting the dildos in the other's pussy at the same time!  Very exciting to watch!!

Another room, the "Grudge Match Spectacle", where anything was permissible, seldom was used because of the ultimate violence and bloodshed that was sure to ensue.  Not often would women compete in "Extreme Sexfighting".   Besides, the pure hatred one would have to have for another was uncommon. 

A match WAS scheduled for tonight nevertheless!  A favorite of all, the "Sand Pit",  consisted of a twenty foot diameter, two foot deep pit, filled evenly with one foot of sand.  Both rivals would  heavily oil themselves from head to toe!  All the sexfights in the Sand Pit started out with breast bashing.  The women would run at each other, bashing their breasts together!  Very good for tiring your opponent and, of course, to get sand all over their bodies!  The sexfight would go on until one woman, or both quit.

There are Private Rooms,  and if any of the women in any of the fights end up liking the other,  the sexfighters could adjourn to one of them and finish what they started.

Gina, eyes closed, rubs and pinches her nipples, stimulating them for the sand pit contest, concentrating on her upcoming sex battle with Marie, a dark skinned Spanish woman in her twenties with a voluptuous body and huge breasts.  Her areolas were large and even darker than her skin.   The woman was already oiled up and waiting for her in the sand, fingers stretching nipples, staring at her seductively!

Gina was just a few weeks out of her tremendous victory over Lindsey after their epic sexfight for a man neither of them really knew.  Since that time, Gina had been going from one seedy bar to the next, sexfighting anyone that was willing.  At one of the bars a woman she had met told her about the Scissor lock Saloon, a perfect place to test ones skills and not to worry about offending someone with the request for a sex battle.  She decided to go there and check it out.  It was not long before  Marie had approached her with sexfighting on her mind.  Gina felt the same chemistry and  lust that Marie was feeling and a sexfight was agreed upon for that very night.  Gina was exceptionally horny and was very excited to get it on with the Latin beauty!

Her oiling up completed, Gina steps in the sand pit, poised and ready for her encounter!  Both women circle each other, their huge breasts swaying with each step, thrusting out their chests, squeezing and pinching their nipples, flaunting and taunting each other as they close the gap between them!   Suddenly they charge, kicking up the sand as they crash into each other's tits, bouncing off and falling on their ass!  Sand sticks to the oil on their bodies much to the delight of the cheering crowd!  The "Breast Bashing" has begun!!

Quickly getting to their feet, the women once again charge each other and make contact with a slap of their bodies and breasts only to fall backward on their rears again!  Bolting to their feet, they charge and connect tit to tit, but this time wrap their arms around each other and squeeze for all they're worth, legs twisting around legs, teeth clenched, eyes closed, forcing their tit flesh back and forth over their rock hard nipples!  Pushing each other back they again charge and smack together, bounce back, and blast together again, grunting with each connection of their breasts!!  Struggling in a bear hug once again the women push away and backup a few steps, fighting to breathe!  Marie rubs and tweaks her nipples, a silent challenge to continue!  Gina pulls her nipples out as far as she can in her answer!!

Running, they crash into each other, arms up and over their shoulders, faces pressed cheek to cheek, struggling to unfoot the other!  Gina turns her body left and throws Marie to the ground!  Fast to her feet Marie charges, Gina is ready and they crash together boob on boob again, both bouncing back but this time, grabbing the others arms!! Pulling, they ram their tits together again and again, their breathing ragged, each slamming of their mammaries pushing air from their lungs!

Again they crash together, their tit flesh explodes out from their sides!  And again, with even more force, they come together with a slap of skin!!  Both women stagger about the sand, struggling to breast bash each other!!

Coming together in a bear hug, they squeeze as hard as they can, digging their wrists into the small of their backs!!  Unconsciously the women hump each other's thigh, the oil and sand stimulating their clits!!  Gina again turns her body left and throws the dark skinned woman, but this time Marie holds on and they fall to the ground, sand flying everywhere, all over their bodies and in their hair!  Tied up in knots the women roll and struggle back and forth, breasts pressed together, still trying to bash the other with her tits fighting to control the other and get a top position for the fuckfighting they both desired!! Both women interlaced their legs, their hips bucking, trying to make contact with each other's pussy, violently rubbing their breasts back and forth, their nipples being scratched by the sand!!

Unable to bear the pain any longer, the women roll apart from each other, get to their feet and again charge each other, slamming hard, their breasts shoved upward under their chins!!  Marie grabs both of Gina's wrists, pushes her away and pulls with all her might, their breasts slap together audibly!  Again with renewed strength, Marie pushes back, then pulls!  Their tits explode into each other!!  Marie interlaces her fingers with Gina's forcing their hands over their heads and then down to their sides!!  The women crash their chests together and struggle against each other!!  Pushing with all their might with their legs, their breasts squishing, forcing them up and down and side to side!!

Their feet begin slipping back!  They both fight to keep their footing!  Slowly, both women slide down to their knees, legs between the other's leg!  Fingers still interlaced, the women take turns pulling the other into her breasts!  Grunting with each impact!  Their strength diminished, still pulling into each other, the women bear hug, heads over the other's shoulders, rubbing their pussies on their legs!  Pulling back, both women rub their nipples back and forth over the other's, further stimulating their lust for the sex battle!

Marie suddenly crashes on top of Gina knocking her to the sand!  She quickly scissors the woman and  grinds into her cunt!!  Both women, sexually stimulated by the intimate breast bashing, strain and grind into each other's snatch!!  Their juices flowing freely!!  Gina grabs Marie's ass and bucks faster, the feeling of an orgasm near!!  A heartfelt lust, almost love envelopes both women, their heads reeling with pleasure, both wanting to give back pleasure as well!

Gina sits up and bear hugs Marie and kisses her frantically, pushing her tongue deep inside, twirling it around, tasting her saliva, licking her teeth!  Both women gyrate their hips, their pussy lips and clits pull and mash against each other!!  Marie kisses Gina back, offering her tongue!!  Both their tongues attack each other like swords!!  Arms wrapped around each other, the women stroke and caress each other's back while rubbing their breasts together back and forth!  Their nipples stick out almost an inch, pushing and stimulating, as if in their own battle!!

Slow, intense orgasms wrack both women!  They hump into each other harder, keeping the sensation alive, a slow, powerful climax of biblical proportions envelopes them!!  Grabbing each other's ass cheeks they grind harder and harder, ringing orgasm after orgasm, screaming into their still kiss fighting mouths!!  Bodies shaking with uncontrollable desire!!

The orgasms subsiding, the women work their way up to their knees, weakly bear hugging the other, still kissing! Their legs intersect, both  pussies resting on each other's thigh!  The women begin slowly, methodically, grinding their snatches on their oily, muscular legs, tightening their grip on each other, sliding their equally oily breasts side to side, deep kissing and sucking their tongues into their mouths, moaning with pleasure.

Their leg humping becomes frantic as the sexual tension builds, both women's cunt juices flow like rivers as they gush in orgasm, bouncing on each others legs, licking all over their faces, animalistic in their lust for each other!!

They push away, sitting on their ass a few feet away and look deep into each other's eyes!  Completely aroused, Marie spreads her legs and starts crab walking toward Gina!

"Come on BITCH!" Purrs Gina, as she spread her long legs in anticipation of their cunts cumming together again!

"FUCK ME you SLUT!"  Screams Marie!

The women wrap their legs around each other and gyrate and grind their pussies, leaning back on their hands, eyes closed, chests heaving from their labored breathing, their fuckfighting slow and deliberate!!  The feeling of  pleasure is overwhelming to Gina, who usually feels nothing but disdain for her other opponents!  She feels as if she is actually making LOVE instead of fighting!

Reaching up she grabs Marie to her and holds her, their breasts touching and mashing together!  Her mouth finds her mouth and kisses her deeply, their tongues probing, flicking over each other's tongue!  Both women grab the other's ass cheeks and draw their pussies into each other as much as they can, fucking relentlessly now, both wanting not to fight but to please the other as much as they can! Cumming at the same time, their love juices shoot all over each other's cunt, both now slapping their pussies into each other, reveling in the explosion of their orgasms!!

Marie climbs over Gina in a sixty nine and they suck and lick at their love holes, using their teeth to pull at their clits, their tongues swirling around their protruding sex organs, pushing their tongues deep inside the others cunt!!  They orgasm again, shuddering into their mouths, drinking the sweat tasting fluids of the other, using their hands on their ass cheeks to increase the pressure between mouth and pussy!

Slowly getting to their knees, they shove their fingers into their wet cunts, stroking in and out, using their thumbs to stimulate their clits!  Madly kissing their face and neck, rubbing their breasts back and forth against each other!!  The sweat, mingled with the oil, poured off their bodies adding to the erotic nature of their love making!

Pushing Marie to the sand, Gina straddles her missionary style and lovingly fucks her almost like a man would, thrusting her pussy in and out as if she had a penis, their protruding clits rubbing against each other. Their love juices flowing like a faucet, both women again explode in orgasm, furiously fucking each other as fast as they can, cumming and cumming again!!  Gina throws her head back and with a howl, screams another tremendous orgasm, the muscles in her ass clenched, pounding the pussy of Marie!!

The audience stares in disbelief as the two women continue to make love!  Now on top, Marie returns the favor as she fucks Gina on HER back, pounding into her cunt with a wanton abandon!  Their mouths suctioned together in an animalistic kiss!!  Marie brings Gina to another earth shattering orgasm, her legs kicking upward!!  The women wrap their arms around each other, rubbing their hands down their backs to their ass, squeezing the other's cheeks, kissing slowly, legs intertwined, oil and sand and sweat all over their bodies!

The crowd explodes in cheers and applause!!  Some of the women in the audience in love trysts of their own!!

Looking at Gina, Marie says "Let's go to my room and finish what we've started."

Kissing her, Gina says "Don't mind if I do."

Both women get up and walk hand in hand out of the Sand Pit and through the crowd, which are STILL cheering, clapping, and some STILL making love! Once inside Marie's room, the women embrace and kiss long and hard, their bodies, arms and legs caressing the other!

Stepping into the shower the women wash the sand and oil off while periodically fondling and stroking their lover's body.  Still wet, the women get in the bed on their knees and embrace, softly kissing, tongues slowly tracing their lips, slipping slowly inside their mouths, taking turns sucking the others tongue!  They wrap their arms around each other, intersect their legs and again, rub their sex on the other's thigh, slowly grinding!

Pushing Marie on her back, scissoring her legs with hers, Gina mashes their cunts together, and a slow, tender, grinding commences, with both women's sex juices beginning to flow again!  Moaning with pleasure, their movements increasing in speed with the feeling of an orgasm near!

"I never knew it could be like this..." Moans Gina.  "I could fuck you all night long!"

"Don't talk, just make love to me!" Pleads Marie!  The women's pace suddenly increases as the sensation of orgasm builds, culminating in a violent, shaking orgasm!!  Their hearts racing!  The sweat pouring off their bodies!  Both women pinching and pulling the other's nipples! Suddenly, their cunt juices drip all over the sheets, pouring from their holes!  The orgasm subsiding, their movements slow down to a gentle caressing of their pussies!  They rub back and forth, up and down, ringing the last of the long orgasm they have shared, not wanting it to end!

"This was the best I've ever had, you're the best I've ever had!" Says Gina.

Marie says, "I've always wanted to have a sexfight with you, it was only a matter of time."

Confused, Gina states, "I don't understand, I've never met you before, have I?"

"No.  We've never met, but your friend said you had a ferocious appetite for sex!"

"Oh really!?"  what friend are you talking about?"

Suddenly, the door to the room opens and in steps Lindsey!  The look of disdain and hate on her face!  "So it seems you've developed a taste for sexfighting AND the ladies!!" she spews!

Standing, looking at Marie, Gina says,  "You God Damn cunt!!  This is some sort of setup?!"

Marie quickly shakes her head no!  "Marie knows nothing of our rivalry, I just sort of pointed her in your direction, she did the rest!"  Says Lindsey.

Angrily, Gina asks,  "Why are you here!?"

"The Grudge Match Spectacle scheduled for tonight, that's between you and me honey!!  I thought that Marie would put you in the right frame of mind for our extreme sexfight!!" Says the sneering Lindsey!

"Oh really!"  Exclaims Gina, as she walks towards Lindsey!  "Well if it's a sexfight you want, it's a sexfight you'll get slut!!  And you'll STILL be carried out!!"

They come together, pressing their chests and foreheads into their hated rivals!!  "We'll see who's carried out you WHORE!!"  Lindsey shouts!  With that their hands find the other's head and the battle is on, pulling and ripping out hair, kicking and kneeing the other, slamming their bodies together, freeing a hand to slap faces!!

Lindsey hip throws Gina to the floor and crashes on top of her!  Punching her face unmercifully!!  Rolling her body left, Gina takes Lindsey over and, now on top, uses her fists to pummel her rival's face!!  Their hands find the other's neck and dual choke holds are applied!!  Squeezing with all their might!  Faces red!  Eyes bulging!  Fighting to breathe!  Rolling over left and right, their cunts hammering away at the other!!  Scratching the other's calves with the nails on their feet!!  What had once started out as a rivalry over a man had turned into a bitter blood feud!!

The women grab the other's tits in a dual breast claw, digging their nails in, eliciting screams of agony from both fighters, while STILL slamming their sex together!!  Having run from the room, Marie brings back help to drag the warring women apart, slapping, kicking, and screaming at the other!!

"That is ENOUGH!"  Shouts a bouncer!  "Your match starts in an hour!  You'll have plenty of time and opportunity to Sex Maul each other, but NOT until then!!  Take them to separate rooms and lock them in!!"  She commands.

Staring at each other with a bitter hatred, the women are escorted to their room, each contemplating the other's demise!!

THE END, for now!