Dragon Business Women Club Part 2

Mai meets Jasmine

Copyright Aussie Greg 2003

Mai awoke to the sound of cupboards being opened. Mei Ling clad only in a dark maroon camisole was taking a strap on dildo from one of the shelves. Mai shuddered involuntarily as she saw the dildo harness had 2 penises and knew it was for her.

She felt so tired as she had only 2 hours sleep that night. Mei Ling had been disappointed with the way Mai had tongued her arse the evening before and so had Li Jong use her with their version of the water torture from 10 pm onwards. Acupuncture needles were inserted halfway between her cunt and belly button which prevented Mai from cumming. Li Jong had then directed drops of water from the tank above the bed she was bound to, to drip steadily, unfailingly every second on to her clit, exposed by the cunt lips taped open to her groin. 60 drops of water falling onto her exposed clit in one minute, 300 times in 5 minutes 1800 times in 30 minutes, 3600 times in an hour. At first an irritant, then a stimulant, then total arousal and then the mental torture of having her body and mind on the edge of orgasm, but no relief. It was worse than the first time 5 days before, because now she knew what to expect. Pressure built up and she thrashed on the bed as far as the restraints let her.

Monitoring her pulse Li Jong had continually experimented with her nipples seeking the combination of pleasure and pain that quickened her heartbeat above the already high rate the never ending drips on her clit had caused. Three times Li Jong had allowed her to come by removing the needles and finally she slept at 6am. It was now 8am and Mei Ling was already inserting the 4inch plug into her own cunt, adjusting the straps and preparing to fuck her again.

“The scabs have cleared and my ownership can be read fully,” said Mei Ling as she traced her finger over the 3inch Chinese Characters tattooed 5 days ago onto Mai’s calf that read: “Mei Ling’s Vietnamese slut.”

Completely naked now except for the black leather harness with its two penises, her gold ankle chain, high heels and her long drop diamond ear rings she looked anything but a successful level headed business woman. She was a sexy Chinese woman on heat. Aged 37, slightly above average height, slim, an attractive face with long silky straight hair with a fringe at the front. Her 34B breasts stood firm on her chest and the hard bullet sized nipples already showed her desire to fuck Mai.

Since Mai’s greed had enabled Mei Ling to con her into an unpayable gambling debt 5 days ago, and then tricked her into a final bet with her body as security Mai had been under Mei Ling’s sexual control. As Mai had learned in the past week, although Mei Ling owned and ran quite a large legitimate clothing business with factories in Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines, most of her real income came through the Asian sex trades. She was unusual in that she also had a large finger in the Asian sex internet pie usually dominated by European or USA interests. Her clothing business gave her a cover for the Asia wide sex business she had.

The prime jewel however in her crown was the Dragon Business Women Club that catered to wealthy Asian Lesbians and Bi women from Japan to Indonesia, from the Philippines to Thailand and China. It operated on several levels: first as a legitimate classy club with a restaurant rivaling the Peninsula Hotel for these women enabling them to meet for both business and sex, providing an exclusive meeting place for wealthy businesswomen.

At the second higher level it provided a meeting place for these women where they could flaunt and partake in their sexual preferences and gambling outlet for the more affluent members where they could bet on any sexual contest, or sexually settle rivalries between members. On view were varied unusual sexual shows. If a member submitted a request it would be fulfilled. Today 10 Fijian women were fighting in a no rules contest against professional Thai women kick boxers and Japanese wrestlers.

The top and most exclusive level simply provided any sexual need a member wanted and could afford. Two current examples from many: One wealthy 45 year old Hong Kong resident with a voracious appetite for being pleasured, had for the past 7 years been provided with 4 new women every day, seven days a week without fail. A Japanese woman had paid 3 million HK dollars every three months for the past year to be provided with a woman who she fucked to death in her week long stay.

This business was controlled by Mei Ling, who had started her business life at the age of 8, as a card sharp on the Hong Kong streets. Her 2 trusted associates were Li Jong who was responsible for procurement, training and discipline of the women who were needed for whatever reason by the Dragon Business Women’s Club. She was a refined petite size 6 who wore skin tight slacks that emphasized miniscule G-strings fully filled with her prominent mound. 32C breasts looked large on her small frame and were accentuated by the tight flimsy tops she wore. Just above her shaved cunt a tattoo of a dragon that had a long talon hooked through the woman’s cunt while another pierced her breast showed she was a level 3 member of the club.

The other was Wei. Her face was eye catching in the manner of a cheap bargirl. Everything was in excess: the make up, the 6 inch stilettos not platforms, the large strong thighs exposed by the tight micro mini skirts which encased her rounded arse. A size 14 squeezed into size 12. At every opportunity she exposed her 37D breasts covered by the most transparent bra or supported but not covered by a black quarter cup bra enabling her large thick nipples to be seen. Despite her cheap bargirl looks and addition to female oral sex she was financial controller of the enterprise: a highly trained accountant and expert in International finance with a mind like a computer. Her membership dragon tattoo was raping the woman both normally and anally with its two tails and had its tongue deep in the woman’s mouth as its claws stroked the woman’s breasts.

She was not a skilled financier now as she lay on her back on the bed and locked Mai’s head into her cunt by wrapping her strong, stocking and suspender belt clad legs around Mai’s head. Mai knelt her face trapped, already feeling Wei’s wetness on her face and her arse and cunt open to Mei Ling’s dildo. Mei Ling entered both her entrances and proceeded to fuck her with both artificial penises, today quickly and vigorously. She could feel the immense size of Wei’s excited clit and taste the juices of the sexually strong accountant. Already after one week she could distinguish between the three women. For the past week from 8 am till midnight Wei and one of the others had taken her in some way one hour after the last session had finished. An endless supply of sex toys and accessories were kept in the Chinese antique cupboards that covered every wall in her chambers.

The heavy panting moaning and vigorous humping of her face by Wei announced her orgasm. Looking into the mirror above her she could see the reflection of Mei Ling ruthlessly fucking her with savage thrusts of her hips that threatened to tear her cunt and arse apart, while at the same time using her fingers to gently and tenderly tease her own nipples. Almost trance like she was coming to her climax, fuelled by the whimpers that escaped, muffled as they were by Wei’s cunt, when Mei Ling struck a sensitive part deep inside Mai. Her excitement was further fuelled by the plug inside her and the movement of the strap on dildo against her clit, and her pleasuring of her own nipples by her skilful fingers. Mai’s face was covered by Wei’s cum as she had cum again another two times when with total relief she heard the prolonged scream of Mei Ling and felt the out of control thrusting as Mei Ling came. It was over for another 60 minutes.

But Mei Ling had other ideas. She knelt and started touching fondling caressing Mai’s clit. Against her will she responded.

“You are a slut, You love being fucked. You need to be fucked by me” Mei Ling gloated as she continued to arouse Mai with her gentle sensuous tonguing. On and on she brought Mai closer to orgasm. Just before she came she stopped then started again until after 15 minutes she said.

“If you want to come you can.”

Hating herself Mai reached between her legs and her body shook as she masturbated to her climax in front of Mei Ling and Wei.

Thirty minutes later, she was in Mai’s office completely naked except for high heels. I was there when the door opened and Mei Ling greeted Darunee Sarawadee who ran the Thailand operations virtually as a franchise. She was an independent operator rich in her own right, but who gained benefits from Mei Ling's Asia wide operations and who was both a customer and supplier of Mei Ling. Aged 47 she was a far distance from the 13 year old country girl sold by her parents to the local brothel. Immaculately dressed she still possessed stunning long legs that her extreme high heels and short black skirt with a slit at the front of her left thigh displayed to their best. Having removed her jacket, a cream camisole showed the shape of still firm breasts and her extremely dark areola. Her face with still eye catching with the wide Thai features emphasized by the high prominent cheekbones the Chinese do not have, and her browner rather than paler Chinese skin. Her eye makeup, expensively and tastefully done and permed hair added to her natural features. What stood out was her jewelry. Each ear had a diamond stud, a large gold hoop and a longer gold thread. A thick gold bracelet watch, necklace made of 4 rows of diamond with a row of black onyx in the centre, gold rings on every finger and 2 toes, and visible on her flat stomach due to the camisole not reaching her mini skirt a gold waist chain were flaunted.

As she greeted Mei Ling her eyes examined Mai. “Is she any good?”

“She’s learning what I want,” replied Mei Ling.

“I’ve got a new toy too; this one is going to be exceptional.” “I’ll bring her up from the car and we’ll compare.”

Mei Ling used her mobile and a couple of minutes later Jasmine entered the room. She was 21 years old, short for a Thai, full breasted and with smallpox scared face. Darunee removed Jasmine’s outfit that mirrored hers, and the Jasmine and Mai stood side by side.

“She’s a freak,” said Darunee. “Look at those tits, 38C and as firm as a grapefruit, and the thickness and size of those nipples.” It was true, despite their size there was no sag at all in her breasts. Taking a thick nipple she rubbed it between her thumb and forefinger causing immediate reaction as both nipples stiffened and grew. Tracing her fingers through Jasmine’s jet black thick yet silky pubic hair that had been shaved into a v shape, Darunee spread open her cunt. Staring obscenely at them was her clit, pink wet and huge. “I’ve seen a lot of cunts but never a clit like this, her hood never covers it fully even before she’s aroused. It’s far bigger than Wei’s, which will upset that oversexed fuckbag, and she’s hot. I bought her from a country temple run by nuns, so she’s really used to being fucked and semi trained, and she enjoys it.”

Darunee then moved to Mai and examined her.

“Normal tits not special, nipples quite responsive, muscle tone good, cunt lips average, nice mound, clit smallish” The comments flowed as her hands explored Mai.

"Are you willing to bet $100,000 USD against Jasmine in a full contest in 3 months time?”

Catching Mai’s eye Jasmine sneered with contempt and opened her legs and rubbed her thumb and fingers along the full length of her extreme clit shaft, then held it between two fingers while using her other hand to rub the tip that still extended past her fingers. Transferring her juice to her nipples the 21 year old stretched and massaged her nipples to their full glory. Her cunt oozes juice onto her thighs as her eyes remained locked on Mai.

“Yes,” said Mei Ling, “Because she’s got a couple of assets that should please you.” She ordered Mai to bend over the table. Opening a chest she pointed to its contents and spoke “Try her arse Darunee.”

Darunee selected a dildo with a sword hilt. When she took off her mini skirt and lace and gold thread thong her full membership of the Dragon Club was revealed: the tattooed dragon above her cunt was anally taking a naked woman. Despite all the surprises Mai had had in the week she could not take her eyes off her cunt. Lips even longer than Mei Ling’s were pierced with 10 diamond, ruby and sapphire studs.

Standing behind Mai as she bent over the desk, Darunee moistened the dildo by rubbing it into Jasmine’s wet love box and inserted the tip into Mai. Mai felt it slip past her sphincter without any trouble and after a couple of thrusts Darunee withdrew the dildo went to the chest and took and strapped on a thicker bigger dildo.

Again she used Jasmine to wet the dildo and again she inserted it into Mai. For a couple seconds Mai struggled at the pressure at an entrance but with a groan accepted this invader of her body. Darunee slid the dildo smoothly in and out for 30 seconds before withdrawing and selecting a strap on dildo, one thick at the tip but which steadily widened to its base. Again ensuring it was soaked with Jasmine’s precum she stretched Mai’s pucker hole and maneuvered the tip into Mai. Showing surprising gentleness she slowly widened Mai’s sphincter ring before sliding it in. Mai sobbed in pain as the monster was eased past her elastic ring of muscle. Darunee used slow deliberate strokes to bury the dildo deeper and deeper into Mai’s arse. Soon she was fucking her with the full length, part of Mai’s channel being pulled and sucked from her with each withdrawal before being forced in again.

“God, she’s good” Darunee exclaimed, “Jasmine could never take this.” Despite the pain Mai turned her head to Jasmine to meet eyes filled with hatred. Darunee had one hand behind her cunt and was fingering her clit and arsehole. The other hand reached around and found Mai’s clit. Both women were now joined and united together by the sexual closeness of their act and the sound of Mai cumming was the final straw for Darunee and her body was racked by her own orgasm.

After Darunee’s breathing returned to normal Mei Ling said to her “Mai has another surprise that you of all people will appreciate. Anticipating what was in store Darunee called Jasmine over had her kneel in front of her, and then bent from the waist with her body weight resting on Jasmine; her legs spread wide and pulled her cheeks apart presenting both holes to Mai. Mai eased down and extended her tongue into the womanhood of Darunee. She worked her tongue over the outer and inner cunt lips found her clit and attacked. She swallowed Darunee’s juices, again a different taste to the 3 Chinese. Tracing her tongue along the crack she teased Darunee’s pucker hole before forcing her tongue into her anus and fucking her with her tongue. She could sense and feel the excitement in Darunee and heard her screaming, “Deeper, Deeper your tongue is so long, deeper.”

Taking deep breaths she tried to extend her tongue further into the willing Thai whose fingers were again giving her 47 year old cunt a thorough working over. Darunee came once, but Mai kept fucking her, her tongue stretched to its limit as she sought to go deeper into the Thai. She could hear Darunee’s moans of ecstasy and took huge delight that Jasmine was hearing them. Taking one hand she started finger fucking the Thai as well as tonguing her and when Darunee came again such was the intensity her long red fingernails raked Jasmine’s back leaving ugly welts along her back.

Proudly and triumphantly Mai stood up in front of Jasmine as the weary Darunee lay prostrate. She was aware that her nipples were hard and her love juices were flowing down her legs. Spreading her cunt lips wide open she showed her wet cum filled pinkness to Jasmine, relishing the hatred and the silently mouthed threats from the 15 year old.

Recovering Darunee said to Mei Ling “What do you want for her, $100,000 USD now, $150,000 if she beats Jasmine in 3 months.”

Thoughts rushed through Mai’s head: a woman wanted to pay that much for her for sex. She had shown she was better than Jasmine. She started to masturbate in front of Jasmine, but was stopped by Mei Ling.

I think she and Jasmine should get to know each other better. She filled 2 cups with water and gave one to each girl to hold in their left hand and took each girl’s right hand and placed it near the other girl’s cunt. “The loser is the first to spill water from the cup.” Mai immediately reached out and parted Jasmine’s wet lips and started fondling Jasmine’s clit. Mai was astounded by the size of the 15 year old’s clit; far bigger than the one that Wei was always boasting about. Jasmine’s wetness covered her hand as Mai confidently massaged and manipulated the clit in her fingers, enjoying the thought she would quickly beat this bitch and then cum herself. Inserting 2 fingers in Jasmine she felt the grip of the Thai’s strong cunt muscles as she finger fucked her while she controlled the clit between her finger and thumb. Jasmine’s thick precum was oozing down her fingers onto her hand as she increased the speed of her fingering, loving the control she had over this freak of nature.

With a low guttural moan Jasmine came strongly, her hips fucking the fingers inside her but her hand remained steady. Smiling proudly at Mai she showed her the full cup. It was only luck Mai thought as she could see Jasmine was too affected by her skills to pleasure Mai so increasing the pressure on the clit she saw Jasmine cum again and then a third time. But the Thai slut was enjoying it and flaunted the full cup in front of Mai’s eyes. Then Jasmine went on the attack and made Mai aware of how the last week had made her arousal happen so quickly. Her short stubby fingers invaded Mai’s womanhood awakening her clit and causing her juices to flow, before her middle finger was forcefully thrust deep into Mai. Taking her time she deliberately, slowly played with Mai looking into her eyes, her face showing she would enjoy her revenge as she spat Thai threats. Jasmine could see the effects on Mai: the tension in her face, her irregular breathing, her trembling thighs, the almost absence of fingering of Jasmine’s cunt. All a result of the efforts Mai was making both not to cum and to keep the cup steady. Smiling evilly she knelt before Mai extended her tongue and slowly traced the length of her cunt before finding and concentrating on her clit. Slowly sucking it alternating with rapid flicking of it with her tongue made Mai cum so strongly the cup fell from her fingers.

Mei Ling made Mai kneel on all fours and said to Jasmine, “As a reward you can fistfuck her”. The 15 year old played with Mai’s cunt stretching it, inserting three fingers, spreading it wider. Four fingers were in Mai, then making no effort to minimize the pain the 15 year old forced her fist in deeper and deeper. With her other hand she played with Mai’s clit until she was cumming. As she came Jasmine viciously dragged her long nails along the inside of her cunt. Mai was cumming yet at the same time sobbing from the pain. Jasmine repeated the action for another 3 minutes using her nails inside the cunt to inflict pain as she pleasured the clit outside before Mei Ling called "stop."

Getting up Jasmine yelled at Mai. “Vietnamese bitch. In 3 months I fuck more women than you, I beat and hurt you in catfight, then I fuck you unconscious. Then you suck my clit and tits for 24 hours. I always better than you and I want everyone know.”

Lying on the ground her breath coming in painful gasps, Mai could only think of one thing. She hated Jasmine as much as Mei Ling and she wanted revenge.

Let us go back a week to the start of Mai’s ordeal in part 2