DARE PARTY - Chapter 23

(by HGHunt)

Chapter 23 - Water World Battle

Neither girl had any sort of pubic hair below the first inkling of her slit. Labia were all clean as a whistle and probing around in their watery crotches was easy and comfortable. Two minutes into the fingering escapade, a few of the spectators began to wonder aloud what the status was 'down there'. They had most surely asked for the watery competition, but one of the things that went along with it was the poor visibility. They could see that there was certainly action, but not with any clarity.

Angel kept both hands busy, alternating right with left between Joy's pussy, her tits and occasionally reaching around and smacking her on the ass. Joy kept her right hand between Angel's legs, probing, pinching a bit, pulling sensitive lips apart, rubbing her clit, scratching her pubic hair (what there was of it), and hopefully greasing her tube for a climactic finish.

Joy felt her own temperature rising, even in the cool water. Angel's hard charging fingers were eliciting short, temporary bursts of arousal, that when taken cumulatively, were taking a toll on Joy. While still eminently confident of her own tactics, she recognized the desire swelling in her breast. As if to dare Angel to go further, Joy pulled Angel with her towards the end of the pool and, while balancing her body carefully, lifted her right leg up to the edge of the pool and rested it on the edge. This opened her legs apart at about 120 degrees. "Come on, bitch! I'm all-open for you. Can't you do anything about it?"

It was a taunt that demanded some sort of response from Angel, and she didn't waste time. "You'll be sorry you ever did that." It was all she said. But quickly she quit playing with Joy's cunt with her fingers. Gulping a very deep breath, she plunged underwater to place her mouth directly on Joy's invitation. Somehow Joy didn't comprehend the magnitude of the action, or maybe it was because she had so blatantly challenged Angel to do something about it, that she felt honor-bound to let her have her way for a bit. Regardless of her motivation for allowing Angel to latch her talented mouth on her cunt, it was a bad move. Angel immediately sucked Joy's clit into her mouth right underwater and never let up the suction. Joy gasped at the wicked girl's expertise. In moments she was panting and burbling incoherent nonsense. Angel plunged two fingers inside Joy's anxious hole, wiggling with wild abandon, trying to tame the bucking hips. Joy couldn't help herself. Before Angel even had to come up for air, Joy was blasting off into a distinct orgasm. She barely managed to keep standing in her awkward one-legged perch. Angel came up for air just as Joy thrust her cunt down on Angel's fingers and ground away at her digits. The orgasm surprised Joy. For whatever reason she hadn't expected to shoot off so soon. She also hadn't expected Angel to do what she did.

Now Joy found herself needing to pull off a double. She knew she could do that, she just wondered about her own ability to 'hold off' her own second.

She pulled her leg down and suggested to Angel that they go to the steps a few feet away where they could sit down. Angel readily agreed, since there was certainly an extra degree of effort required to keep standing in the water. Situating themselves on the steps by sitting on the second step they returned to digital exploration of each other's horny bodies.

Rapidly went their fingers. Pulsing went their hearts. Fluttering went their nerves.

Joy quickly found Angel's pussy and went to work on her lips and clit. Her left hand loved to feel Angel's soaking pussy, even if most of the moisture was from the pool's water. She rubbed the palm of her hand vigorously over Angel's entire area, focusing the most motion and pressure on her clitoris. It wasn't long before Angel began to gyrate her ass in tune to Joy's varied attention. Then, just as she felt Angel's fingers glide deeply inside her twat, Angel squeezed her legs together, preventing Joy's hand from further movement. When her hand wasn't released quickly, and Angel's fingers continued to wiggle provocatively around inside her hole, she realized that Angel had no intention of allowing Joy to force an orgasm from her. The notion of this being a fair fight was fading fast from Joy's mind.

In retaliation Joy clamped her thighs tightly around Angel's hand, even though her hand still had two fingers buried deeply in her cunt. Simultaneously she leaned the few inches that separated her face from Angel's and thrust her mouth onto hers.

Each girl tried to pull her hand away from the powerful thighs, jerking and twisting to no avail. Even as their hands and thighs were battling their mouths were engaged in a passionate kiss. Tongues went into high gear, darting this way and that inside open mouths, dueling with each other for both passion and power.

Angel hated to lose. She hated to lose control. Oddly though, just the struggling to keep Joy's hand from arousing her pussy actually caused more arousal than it prevented. Pressing her thighs together and containing Joy's hand was quite the aphrodisiac. She wondered if Joy felt the same, since she felt her hand clamped unmercifully between those strong thighs. She managed to wiggle her fingers around, still firmly imbedded in Joy's pussy. Angel gave a quick thrusting hump towards Joy's hand and the horny agitation she felt bothered her. She didn't want to give Joy even a single sliver of hope and here she was humping her hand! Her own right hand was still active and supposedly churning away at Joy's barriers. It surely was churning inside her pussy, even as those thighs continued to squeeze.

Her hand hurt from Joy's constricting thighs and she began to pull hard, trying to relieve the pain in her hand. But more than that was the need NOT to let Joy control her hand. She hated to not have control and her jerking became frenzied even as she tried to thwart Joy's own attempts to free her hand. Frustrated, Angel broke off the kiss and screamed at Joy, "Let go of my hand."

"Let go of mine," Joy yelled back. The writhing got more frenzied and then both wiggled out of their predicament and pulled back from each other. Tentatively Angel reached for Joy's tits, only to have her hand slapped away. She reached again only to be slapped away again. "So that's the way it's going to be?"

Joy made her position clear. "You bet it is."

Their body language changed. The sensuality of their movements departed. A snarling angry tenor replaced the lusty mood. Their bodies tensed up and their facial expressions turned sour and all this happened in about 2 seconds. Still seated on the steps of the pool their arms shot out and latched onto the wet hair that framed their angry faces.

"You won't fare any better than Carmen!" Angel managed to blurt out a threat between breaths.

"Fuck you bitch. We'll see who loses. It won't be me!" Joy stuttered out her answer and to emphasize her point she leaped over on top of Angel and pinned her to the steps with her body. Angel responded with absolutely vicious yanks on Joy's hair. The slippery hair slipped through her fingers and one hand pulled free. Joy grabbed Angel's wrist and controlled it while her other hand pulled Angel's hair down to the left. Her own scalp was on fire from the one hand that Angel kept yanking on, first to one side and then the other. Their bodies were writhing in opposition, splashing the water onto the deck nearby. Angel gritted her teeth and thrust upward with her hips to try to throw Joy off, but instead when she came down her ass slipped downward to the third step of the pool, lowering her body in the water, which was now up to her neck. She tried again to throw Joy from her and she was successful as her body twisted around. The buoyancy of the water prevented Joy's extra weight from being a dominant advantage. But even as she managed to squirm from underneath Joy she slipped further down in the water, submerging her head. Joy, quickly spotting an opportunity, grabbed for and pushed down on both Angel's shoulders, attempting to deprive her of air.

Successful for nearly fifteen seconds as Angel fought viciously to escape, Joy relished the power she felt in controlling her foe. Angel grabbed at any part of Joy as she thrashed to escape and get some air. Her fingers raked a trail down Joy's neck and shoulders, leaving reddening gouges on both sides of her neck. The pain was intense and even though infuriated to an even higher level, she let Angel up for a quick breath of air. She plunged her head back under again and Angel raked her nails across Joy's side this time. They were a few feet away from the steps now in four feet of water and they were fighting with the full wrath of their anger. None of the spectators cared a bit. They loved it. Some words of encouragement were shouted occasionally but mostly they just carried on with each other about the exciting girl-fight.

For three or four minutes more they fought like wildcats in the water. Joy got dunked occasionally, but more often it was Angel who found the height and weight of the larger girl too much for her to handle, except with her nails. Joy didn't have very long nails and she couldn't have scratched back with any degree of success so she focused on trying to keep Angel under the water, suffering the slaps, scratches, and occasional body punches that Angel resorted to. Eventually though the lack of air began to cause Angel to slow her pace. Her fuming anger was still present, but her body couldn't maintain its pace without more air.

Joy had at least twenty red scratches on her upper body from Angel's handiwork and she was pissed. Often she thwarted Angel's attacks by grabbing her hands, which usually allowed Angel to come up for air and recoup a little of the energy she needed to continue. But even with that it was becoming clear, even to her, that Joy was winning the fight. Whatever painful punishment Angel had dished out, Joy had taken it all without slowing down much at all. Finally with Joy holding her hands out to the sides and Angel's head just out of the water, but threateningly close to being dunked under again, Angel blurted out "Let go of my arms!"

"Not a chance cunt!" Joy thrust her body across Angel's face, forcing her under again. She let her up in ten seconds only to hear her again, "Let go of me!"

"Fuck you, you scratching bitch." I should just drown you. She forced Angel under again.

This time when she let her up, Angel's tune sounded a little different. "Ok, OK! I won't scratch any more, just don't try to drown me again."

Without even talking Joy dunked her again for a few seconds. Joy really was enjoying this now.

"PLEASE! Don't dunk me any more. I don't want to fight any more." She wasn't crying, but her anger had clearly become subservient to the fear. It was clearly expressed in her voice. Joy was just too big and too strong for the 23 year old.

"Well then, just let me fuck you the way I want. Then I'll prove I'm really the better woman when I make you beg and scream AT LEAST twice."

Incapable of changing the course of the fight without submitting, Angel was forced to agree. "OK. Yes. I'll let you fuck me the way you want. But you'll still have to prove you can make me cum. I don't think you can." She cringed when Joy faked another dunk. But Joy was just playing with her mind and didn't dunk her again. Angel reacted with a venomous look on her face that gave away the anger she still harbored, but she thought better of returning to the fight. Catching her breath wasn't easy. It took several minutes before she would have the benefit of normal breathing again. And even that turned out not to be normal, since Joy laid Angel down on the steps, and began twiddling her tits and pussy.

By this time the other six girls were beginning to form some pretty negative opinions of Angelica. Most of them viewed the scratching as a violation of the rules and furthermore a pretty vicious thing to do. Strangely the fact that Joy was nearly drowning Angel didn't seem quite so appalling. It was definitely a case of 'rose colored glasses' syndrome. Some of the girls began to root for Joy. "Come on Joy. Fuck her good. Get back at her for those nasty scratches. Make her cum." Those were some of the comments that began to be heard as Joy took advantage of Angel's angry but mute acceptance. Angel just lay there while Joy let her fingers work their lesbian magic under the water.

Very much against her will, Angelica became aroused more and more. As much as she hated it, especially after being forced to beg for a bit of mercy, her pussy was being nicely pleasured. Skillfully Joy played with Angel's labia, vagina, clitoris, and nipples. Angel gritted her teeth and tried to stifle the expected physiological response to such intimate stimulation. A few minutes went by before she recognized the futility of trying to hold off and stop the orgasm, when the alternative might be to get stuffed under water again. That was when she made the conscious decision to not only accept the sexual stimulation, but to demand it, to ask for it, to beg for it, and all the while try to infer and imply that Joy's technique was dreadful, childish, and unlikely to succeed. "If it comes quickly, so much the better," she thought to herself, "even if I wished Joy wasn't any good."

Joy heard and recognized the change in Angel. Her body posture relaxed. Her eyes turned less bitter and became more inviting and demanding. Her words spoke of her desire and of Joy's ineptness. Clearly some sort of transformation had taken place. Angel's C-cup breasts poked at the surface of the water and Joy slithered her tongue across those pointy nipples time and time again.

Joy knew that Angel was beyond halfway to coming when she sought to raise the stimulation a bit. Joy was not hormonally aroused and she knew the feel of pussy on pussy would send Angel's libido scurrying even higher. She withdrew her fingers from their snug port and rolled on top of the 23 year-old while spreading her legs far apart. Straightening her arms out and supporting herself above Angel, Joy began humping her groin into Angel's crotch.

The watchers didn't have a detailed view of the action, but the water wasn't so deep that they didn't know what was going on. Angel made rutting noises and continued her occasional smirk at the ineptitude of Joy's sexual prowess, even if she was really just a little bit surprised at the true ability she possessed. The water did slow down the humping action and thereby slowed the impact of Joy's pussy fucking, but the touch and feel of pussy on pussy accumulated slowly and surely, inching Angel's arousal along its upward spiral. Joy listened to Angel urge her to hurry up and get it over with, so to shut her up she lowered her mouth to Angel's and warmly kissed her. Her hips kept up their rhythmic fuck-motion. Her brown bush mingled with the sliver of blonde hair above Angel's nest. She ground her carpet lower and lower into the opening between Angel's lips. She wiggled sideways, very fast, as she slid higher up the semi-prone body. At just the moment that she spread her own legs enough to open her gash and expose her clit, she ground down onto Angel's clit. "Damn nice," she thought to herself, "for a bitch I don't even like." She just touched her clit to Angel's when Angel ground her gash upward with enough force to raise Joy's ass right out of the water. The intense force: Joy's weight pushing down, and Angel's muscles pushing up, put many extra pounds of pressure on their well-matched clits.

"Lovely," thought Joy. "Not as nice as Emily's but damn nice anyway."

Striking ahead she plunged her clit at Angel over and over and Angel responded exactly as was expected. Her hips began rocking to the tempo Joy had established. Even in the cool water of the pool, Angel's temperature began to rise. She felt Joy's hefty clit poking at her own, pushing it hard and deep into her crotch. She felt it swivel and push from one side and then the other, the drowned friction very sweet.

Joy grabbed Angel's ankles and pinned them up high on the step right beside Angel's head. Her crotch was totally open and available, her body in a totally submissive position, which was the whole point as far as Joy was concerned. She wanted to make sure the older bitch recognized the inadequacy in her own abilities. Joy then placed her own feet on the next step up and pointed them wide apart. Like the legs of a cricket, poised to jump she was now just as open as Angel. Joy was enjoying the ability to control her enemy and also enjoying the lusty fucking very much. Grinding down against Angel's pussy now meant that even more of their fuck-organs smashed together. Clit met clit in continued erotic contact, but now their pussy lips slid and merged together as well. Joy was in complete control and Angel was now past the point of caring. Her pussy was on fire. Her clit felt like it might start the pool a-boiling. Somehow the successful cunt-mashing lasted 10 minutes of more. During this time Joy's own libido began to heat up. Her impulse to mash Angel's cunt into a blubbering orgasm had begun to share with the impulse to pleasure her own cunt. The duality escalated and grew strong. Somehow, even intending to submit as completely as she had, the extremely erotic touches hadn't sent Angel over the brink yet.

Angelica didn't have much leverage to hump back, but she offered as much bumpity-bump as she could in opposition to the more powerful humpity-hump that Joy bounced her way.

Bang. Their pussies collided under the water. Bump, their clits smashed into each other. Grind, their labia slid deliciously across their soaked counterparts. Ooooh! Clits slithered between opposing lips. Aaaahhh! Furry mound tangled with furry mound. Oowww! Muscles became tense with the exertion. Yes! It all seemed worth it. Fuck! Joy loved smashing her cunt at her rival. Fuck! Angel loved it when Joy slammed her pussy into her sensitive crotch.

Submitting to Joy, even considering the practically spitting hatred Angel felt, proved a powerful aphrodisiac. Her humping thrusts became more insistent and more demanding. Her adrenaline and other hormones had lurched into elevated status. Angel's orgasm approached and Joy sensed it. Joy's eyes glared at Angel and Angel's eyes glared right back, and yet through their enmity their arousal soared. Joy desperately wanted to bring her own orgasm on, but didn't dare just yet or she would lose. Her luck prevailed as Angelica blasted off.

Angel screamed and shuddered as her orgasm rolled through her, each nerve cell taken over by the power of her pleasure. Joy maintained her mashing pressure on Angel's cunt throughout the orgasm, determined to demonstrate her power and control. As Angel's Big-O subsided and Joy continued to mash pussy with her, and her thoughts were turning to extricating herself from this predicament, she realized that Joy must be pretty damn close to her own orgasm. Biting her lip she intentionally maintained her submissive role, allowing Joy to keep grinding gash without opposition.

Joy knew an orgasm would mean a loss, and yet she continued to plunge her sexy pussy into Angel's organ. Somehow the need to maintain dominance of position seemed more important than terminating the hot arousal she was feeling.

A splash nearby startled the girls. They looked in the direction of the noise. Their eyes went wide open as soon as they saw the object floating in the water.