DARE PARTY - Chapter 8

(by HGHunt)

Chapter 8 - Hot Dishes

The girls busied themselves inside, a few horny glances being exchanged, along with some pretty angry glances also. The bitterness between some pairs of the girls had not been all forgotten as they worked to put their dishes on display. Some tried to sneak peeks at the other's wares, but most just tried to sneak peaks at each other. In less than 10 minutes they were assembled back on the pool deck with a table of succulent dishes. Some were clearly the result of extraordinary effort, while others were much simpler, but all had some sort of apropos connection to the theme of the party.

Maria brought a Mexican dish on an oval platter. She had crafted the soft tortillas into a dramatic and realistic replica of a woman's cunt. The folds and curves of the tortillas were cleverly designed to replicate the slightly parted labia and puffy clitoris. Just visible inside the small cleft between the tortillas was a true smorgasbord of Mexican delights.

Joy uncovered a Jell-O based concoction that in near perfect modeling prowess, resembled her own proud tits. Protruding Teton-like from the plate they were a soft yellow color and topped by a painted areola and chewy Tootsie Roll on each hefty cone.

Racine presented her stuffed peppers. While not quite conveying the realism of Maria or Joy's concoctions, it still generated a clear feminine aura. The opening into the pepper was of appropriate size for potential insertion. The texture and aroma of the innards was one of danger and lurking forbidden desires.

Alicia had chosen to bake a cake and decorate it lovingly in a teasing motif. There was a small statue/sculpture of two people (sex unclear) facing each other. Beside the pretty decorations were the words of a poem. "Who is she? Do you care? Would you take a bite? Maybe some will dare?" The poem gave Emily a real thrill when she read it. "Alicia, you bad girl," thought Emily, a smile pursing her lips.

Emily's creation was a reconstruction of her delicately carved carrots. She had been proud of her handiwork presented to Joy back on the Fourth of July, and she thought it would be appropriate today also. Several deftly constructed phalluses, each different in detail, lay beside a dip of carefully planned ingredients. The realism was as superb as before, only there were at least a dozen of them delicately displayed on a platter.

Lori also had chosen a male member as her focus. She, however, had prepared some sort of pastry, similar to a donut. Each was about 6-7 inches long and had been decorated with details in pastry frosting. The heads were bulbous and tipped by a clear gel drop at the very tip. One of them however looked like a big spill occurred. Milky-white gel frosting dripped all over the plate in puddles and loops, creating a clear image of a spent semen blast.

Three o'clock had come and gone as the girls viewed and commented on the various dishes. Carmen's concoction was a sweet ice cream dish, frozen with decorations, much like a cake. Adorning the top was a picture of Carmen's head on top of a decorated image of Carmen in a bikini.

Angelica brought out a fruit tray that had been arranged with great care. It was quite large and the overall image laid out was that of a naked couple. Grapes, pineapple, apple slices, bananas, pears, raisins, and more were strategically placed to give ample realism to the naked bodies. A separate dip bowl was 'at the ready' for those who wished to dip various edibles.

Several minutes went by as the girls relished the visible treats. Lots of laughter and jocular humor was shared. A few jokes at one or the other's expense passed the air. Eventually they had seen what they needed and the feasting began. Fingers found plenty to grab, probe, touch and sample. Mouths were treated to delicious and naughty edibles. Nearly half an hour elapsed as the girls nibbled their way through the trays. Finally, after all were sated, it was time to vote. The results came in this way: Lori's pastries came in at the top with 55 points, second was Emily's intricate carrots with 52 points, third was a tie between Maria's Mexican dish and Racine's peppers with 50 points. Fifth and sixth were another tie, this time between Racine and Angelica, with 47 points. Seventh and last places were Carmen and Joy with 44 and 43 points respectively.

Emily read off the results to the sound of a few chuckles and comments. Her second place finish pleased her, but she wasn't really too concerned with score, just the added impetus towards sexy thinking and daring that the food had provided. She announced that now Lori would be able to pass on any dares that might come her way that she wished not to take. Lori smiled at the outcome, happy with her handiwork. Evidently the girls liked the phallic offerings best, since they did take the top two places. But all were daring in their own way and it contributed to a bit of a light-hearted mood among the girls. Not that the simmering friction between certain pairs of girls had disappeared, just that it was now hidden beneath the veneer of fun and frolic that went with the 'meal'.