DARE PARTY - Chapter 2

(by HGHunt)

Chapter 2 - Recognition

Emily glowed with a vibrancy that was noticed by many of her friends and acquaintances over the next few weeks after the Fourth of July. People commented to her about her good looks and vivacious spirit. It was reminiscent of the Viagra commercials in tone. Emily accepted the compliments graciously, knowing full well that the real reason for her powerful aura could never be revealed. She took a vacation with her parents during the last week of July and just into August and even though she had fun, it wasn't as fulfilling as time spent with her family in earlier years. Now that she was about to be a senior, the ties to her parents weren't as strong as before.

Intruding into her brain was the overpowering desire for further sexual conquest and particularly conquest of Joy. The rush she felt upon her victory over Joy had only fueled a greater desire to repeat the thrilling actions. She often found herself looking at other girls as potential conquests and her confident personality let her enjoy several fantasies: Alicia - one of her high school friends who was also graduating next year, Angelica - an older (23 year old) waitress at the restaurant where she worked, and Monica - the 30-year-old fitness freak from the private gym she had joined for just one month, and Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy. How sweet it would be to bend the others to her will. Her gorgeous pussy received many a workout from her frenzied fingers at the thought of all the delicious confrontations and conquests she fantasized about.

So it was with great excitement that she discovered the email from Joy that late evening after her return from vacation. She noted that the message was over two days old and hoped that Joy would still be "in the mood" for revenge, not that she doubted it for an instant.

After unpacking her clothes she sat in front of the computer and mulled over her reply.

To: Joy

Re: Another Round? Really?


You say you have an idea for keeping our furnaces stoked? I'd be happy to listen to your suggestions. But I am surprised you feel like humbling yourself any more.

Sorry for the delay in responding. I've been away for a week with my family and I just got back tonight. Call me. I'll be glad to hear your voice.


Emily clicked the "Send" button, and because it was already late she went to bed, once again having pleasant dreams of lusty dominance over Joy.

The next morning Joy hesitantly checked her messages and a great flood of relief rolled through her when she found a message from Emily. "Yes!" she practically burst with emotion as she read the response. Emily's haughty remark didn't bother her in the least. Her excitement bubbled over and she immediately picked up the phone (it was only 8:00 in the morning) and dialed Emily.


Joy hadn't prepared any words ahead of time and her voice wavered with her excitement. "This is Joy. How was your vacation?"

"Forget the bullshit. You didn't call me to talk about my vacation. You want my body don't you bitch?"

"I want to teach it a lesson. You bet I do!"

"So what was your idea? Your email mentioned a "hot" battle that we could maintain even when apart. How?"

"Messenger. We can use Messenger service from our computers to take each other on virtually. I think it will be quite exciting to type our thoughts and battles online and share our mutual sexy interest in each other that way."

"Well, Joy, I think that might be a fun way to keep warm on some of those long winter nights. I'll bet my words can make you come first every time."

"Oh, Emily, your arrogance sure is nice to hear. I'm glad you haven't changed. But I'll bet that it will be you who comes more than me before the nights are over."

"Well, girl, I do think you've got a deal. When do you move to Minnesota anyway?"

"Two weeks. The movers will be here on the weekend to load up and they will head out on Monday while we don't leave until Tuesday. Then we'll unpack everything and I'll be in Bloomington."

"Well, as much as the "virtual" battles could be really fun, don't you think the real thing would be better? You don't leave till after two more weekends, right? I hope you aren't thinking we should waste the next two weeks without a little more competition. Were you?"

"Oh no! I do have a suggestion and then I was hoping maybe you would have one of your own. You always seem to come up with a few good ideas."

"Ok. What did your devious mind conjure up?"

"Now don't take this wrong. I love nothing better than pitting my sexy body against yours in private. But my imagination sometimes leads me down more adventurous paths. We have dared each other in many ways during our get-togethers and now I think a little daring with a few more "close" friends would be a very stimulating experience."

Emily interrupted, "Oooohhh. I've been dreaming the same thing. There is this other waitress where I work with a pretty hot body. I'd love to make her beg for mercy while I fuck the shit out of her."

"Yeah, you get the drift. Is there any way we could pull that off? We could invite some girls to a "DARE" party. By explaining just a little bit with a few choice hints at the party's theme I'm sure a few of our friends might be daring enough to join us. After we get them there we can lead them ever so gently down the path of more daring challenges."

Emily smiled at the thought Joy was conjuring up from the other end of the phone line. "Delicious. Can we get together tonight after work and make firmer plans? I work until 7:00. Are you available after that?"

"Yes. Sure. Do you want me to come over to your house?"

"Yeah. I'll be home by 7:30 for sure, so why don't you come over around 8:00 and we can strategize."

"Love it. See you then." Joy smooched a kiss over the phone and heard a like response from the other end.

Emily and Joy had now entered the anticipation stage. This time they were in it together. What could their two devious minds conjure up?