From the meeting at O'Hare airport, to the rental car and the drive north and east through the outer suburbs of Chicago, not a word was exchanged. The two, one with the smooth copper-like skin that betrayed her American Indian heritage and the coffee-with-cream Negress whose voice at the rental car counter indicated her Jamaican birth, could have been twins in everything but color; same blue dress, about 27, 5'9", 140 lbs, round faced, full busted, head-turners without a doubt--yet they never looked at each other, and the distance between then seemed as far as the stars.

The car moved into the countryside that still remained between Chicago and Milwaukee. A left, two rights, and down a country lane to a large brick ranch house. The women exited the car and the Amer-Indian pulled out a key and opened the front door. Both carried large shopping bags, the contents unseen. They moved through the front room, turned right through the kitchen into what normally would be the family room--but now devoid of furniture and covered with a thick, almost downy carpet that the women's feet sunk into. The Jamaican went to the right; the Indian to the left. Silently they began to strip, not slowly and seductively, but quickly, efficiently, almost businesslike. Once nude, the naturally hairless woman of Arapaho decent noted the equally bare cunt of the black woman and spoke the first word uttered in over two hours.


"No, Electrolysis" the woman born of the Caribbean replied.

Nothing else was said. Out of their respective bags they pulled out two cooking timers, an assortment of two-headed dildos, a tube of K-Y jelly, and a towel and washrag. Into the bag went their clothes. Turning to face each other, they saw two sculpted, powerful figures, measurements being nearly identical at 37-25-35, firm, conical breasts sitting above a flat stomach and meaty but still sharply defined buttocks and the hairless and alluring genital region. They regarded each other in what could only be considered a professional manner, gauging the others' strengths and weaknesses.

It was the Negress who broke the silence first this time.

"As agreed, fingers, tongues, dildos, then cunt-to-cunt if necessary?"

"Until one of us orgasms or quits" replied her opponent.

"Then lets do it" replied the dark-skinned lady, opening the beginning of a sexual duel that had been awaiting these two all their lives.


Alicia Two mares had been born on the Arapaho reservation in Utah to a mother who had succumbed to pneumonia when Alice was two, and an alcoholic father who, when not ignoring her, abused her both physically and sexually, along with various "uncles" that occasionally visited. At 14 she ran away to the mean streets of Los Angeles, to the underground world of pimps, prostitution, and pornography. Most girls never made it out of their teens here; even fewer made it to independence. Alice (now known as Alicia, it being considered more sexy) was the one in a thousand exception. She had guts, street smarts, an unquenchable fire to be on top, to never let the world hurt her or get to her again. Her technique was shared by another of similar circumstances over three thousand miles away.

Toshina Smith had been born in Kingston, Jamaica, but moved to Philadelphia at age three. In her case, her father had deserted her drug-addicted mother and she had been abused by a series of "stepfathers" that seemed to come and go weekly. She left for New York at age 13, and met the same obstacles and survived with the same passion shown as Alicia. Toshi, as she was known, vowed at 19 that the world that had used her sexually would never control her again; she would learn to control her sexual drive, to deny men (and women) the power to please her, to drain them dry and laugh at their weakness. Hours of mental practice, of relentless masturbation and sexual toys, of dozens of men and women skilled in the arts of pleasure made Toshi a relentless sexual machine that could wring out the toughest men and never appear in the least interested. This dispassionate, almost sneering, act intrigued and challenged men to try to break the facade; they never did.

Alicia not only broke men, but discovered that sexually dominating women was an even greater boost to her ego. To go cunt to cunt with another woman and leave her sobbing and sore from the massive orgasms she was able to generate in them gave her a sense of power that even humbling men could not equal. Moreover, there were men who would pay large sums of money to see women compete this way; Alicia was soon financially comfortable and contemplating retirement; yet there was something missing.

When Toshi heard of the "sexfight champion of the world" out in California, she was both infuriated and intrigued. No woman, but NO ONE, could beat here in a sexual struggle. In fact, her challengers had dried up in the last year, as no woman wanted to risk the sexual humiliation Toshi invariably handed out. She was the undisputed champ; yet she yearned for a final challenge, someone who was an even match, someone whose defeat and domination by Toshi would somehow cap her whole life and make it mean something.

Alicia accepted the challenge gladly; the rules were settled via e-mail. The location was a house one of Toshi's "patrons" used as a vacation home. No one, not even the homeowner, was told of the meeting; the result was to be known only by the two it was most important to.


Round 1: 20 minutes stimulation with fingers-right hand only, on knees.

Round 2: 20 minutes oral stimulation in 69 position with both on top for 10 minutes.

Round 3: 20 minutes with two-headed dildo, sitting position.

Round 4: No time limit cunt-to-cunt to a finish. First to orgasm loses.


Toshi set her timer for 20 minutes, 30 seconds; Alicia hers for 30 seconds; then both moved on their knees towards the other until they were face to face, their nipples and aureole in full contact. Both put their left arms lightly around the other's neck and their right arms hung loosely just inches in front of the others cunt. Neither smiled nor glared; to show any emotion at all may have given the other girl a slight advantage. Then Alicia's timer chimed and the duel was on.

Neither grabbed nor rubbed the other in the frantic manner one might have expected; neither expected to win that easily in the first round. Instead, their fingers lightly caressed the vaginal lips, then moved gracefully over the vulva and up to ever-so-gently explore the still un-engorged clitoris. Five minutes of exploration that would have left any other woman wet and quivering barely elicited an eye blink from either female; both now knew that this was a formidable foe; but how good was she?

Toshi escalated the contest by slipping three of her long, elegant fingers up Alicia's cunt, rubbing and exploring the still dry hole. Her other finger and thumb moved upward, trying to coax a reaction from Alicia's clitoris.. Alicia responded in kind, and the goal of each woman became to cause the first wetness to appear in the others vaginal region and to cause the other's clit to become engorged and erect.

Toshi had a slight advantage as her fingers were longer and slimmer than the Indian woman's; this allowed her to reach deeper into Alicia and touch areas she knew from longer experience would cause her rival pleasure. At 16 minutes, Alicia realized that her vagina juices were beginning to form and while keeping her face impassive, knew that Toshi had drawn first blood (in a manner of speaking). At 18 minutes, Toshi felt her own pussy begin to dampen, but she knew that the advantage was hers. As she felt that her tongue was superior to her rivals and that by agreement she would have the top position first. Toshi allowed herself a slight smile as the bell chimed, a gesture that was picked up by Alicia, whose stoic look became even more stone-like in it's features. Both withdrew their hands with a final caress, then quickly moved to the timers.

Alicia set hers at 10 minutes, 30 seconds while Toshi's was now at 20 minutes, 30 seconds. Alicia then set her second timer for 30 seconds.


As soon as they released the timers, both young women moved rapidly to the center of the room. Alicia lay flat on her back, legs spread wide with knees slightly bent exposing a portion of her ass. Toshi mounted her, both aligning cunt to face with practiced precision. Fingers gripped ass cheeks and tongues were dampened by spit as two mouths hung inches away from two cunts. At the tone of the bell, both heads moved forward as tongues snaked out of the girl's mouths and fastened upon the others' clit.

Toshi felt she had the advantage in that Alicia was wetter from round 2 and in the top position she did not have to reach upward, thus decreasing effort and allowing more concentration on the sexual struggle. So she was somewhat surprised not only by Alicia's energetic attack but by her immediate move to begin fingering and exploring her asshole. Toshi tried to retaliate but found while the top position might help in licking pussy, it was a bit awkward to
effectively get at your opponents anus. While the anal region does not have a lot of sexual receptors, every little bit counts in a sexual duel of this magnitude and Alicia meant to take it.

The major arena of conflict remained the clitoral region. Both were determined to arouse the other's clit first and to keep it aroused. Their tongues encircled and rode over the flesh as their lips moved folds of skin first one way, then the other so that the penile-like instrument of pleasure could be sucked. Tongues would duck into mouths for another load of saliva then reemerge to continue the mutual ravishing. Faces began to grow damp with saliva and now, for the first time, each felt the warm moisture of the other's sexual awakening.

As the ten minute timer chimed, Alicia rolled to the right to claim the top position. For a bare second, Toshi resisted, knowing the first 10 minutes had been no better than a draw and now Alicia would have the advantage; but she followed the rules and soon red skin lay above brown skin, heads covered by hair and faces not seen, hands across buttocks and fingers probing anal cavities; and without quite realizing it both women began to move in rhythm, stroking and humping almost as lovers trying for that often mythical simultaneous orgasm.

At seventeen minutes, Alicia was rewarded as Toshi's clit, licked and excited like never before, emerged from the covering folds as an erect organ of throbbing sexual power. If she could have seen Toshi's face she would have seen a momentary grimace of pain? pleasure? before she redoubled her own efforts to erect Alicia's clit, which she succeeded in doing about a minute before the chime went off signaling the end of Round 2. As they parted, both were red-faced and taking deeper breaths than after the first round; their faces were damp and their hair disheveled; their cunts were showing the effects of 40 minutes of stimulation, pussy lips now beginning to swell and a mix of the other's spit and their own fluids mixing both in and out of their cunts.

While faces remained impassive, in each set of eyes was a mixture of fear ("she might actually beat me?"), hatred ("how dare she do this to me, I'll destroy her"), and something else, something neither would acknowledge, something
they both though was buried years before--lust.


Both had inspected the dildos in the car ride from the airport and had silently agreed upon on of Toshi's. 18" long, specially made of the finest, most pliable polymers and covered with an almost human-like surface, it incorporated several bumps and knobs not found on male anatomy, but in the hands of a professional, could be used to excite areas inside a woman that men seldom bother to try to do. Alicia's timer was set to 21 minutes, while Toshi's was at 1 minute.

Both crawled on somewhat tender buttocks towards each other and spread their legs , right over left until pussies were about 18" apart. Both had a dab of K-Y Jelly on their left hands; as Toshi lay the instrument between them both gave their opponents' end a light but thorough coating. Inserting the tips into their waiting holes and leaning back on their hands, they stared at each other waiting for the chime.

Alicia took the offensive at the tone, taking in 3-4" of dong and using her hip and vaginal muscles thrust forward and drove 7" of dildo deep into Toshi. Toshi flinched, ever so slightly, then humped forward herself and returned the thrust with interest, hunching forward and driving the tool deep into her rivals' body. The battle thus joined, the two began using their not inconsiderable skills to first keep their foe lubricated and second use the special equipment on the dildo to find her "special" spots, those almost magical "G-spots" that no woman could resist.

The dildo slipped back and forth as the women, rather unconsciously or by silent agreement, established a rhythmic motion. Neither brought their pussies into direct contact; it was as if they were saving them for the climatic final round both felt would be needed to end this duel. An observer looking between the two she-cats legs, at the 1-2" between cunts, would have been able to see the slick and slippery dildo moving back and forth like a thing alive. What the observer would not have seen was the muscles being used to force the rod back and forth, the subtle movement of hips and bodies trying to reach the other's most sensitive regions, the electric-like signals both were experiencing for the first time in decades, signals they had both believed buried forever.
Suddenly fear began to overcome them, fear not only of losing a fight but fear of losing all self-control, fear of feeling something that before had meant only pain and degradation, and if either had said anything to the other the duel might have ended right then. But neither would--perhaps neither could. So the pounding of the dildo continued on.

About 12 minutes in, with a slight bend of the body and rising up on her hips, Toshi hit Alicia's most vulnerable spot head on. Toshi's smile at Alicia's gasp was short lived, for in finding the position that inflicted sexual domination on her rival, Toshi left her own sex open and within fifteen seconds Toshi's smile was replaced by a gasp of her own as Alicia found her enemy's most sensitive spot. There was no science left now; both continued to pound away with everything she had trying to push the other where she had vowed never to go again. Fear was now replaced by a burning hatred, a desire to crush, to humble this other woman who was trying to take away her control, take away what she had most fiercely fought to keep, take away what she would defend to the death, if required. Gasps and grunts now filled the air, as neither could keep up the pretense that she was not turned on; but no advantage seemed to be gained, neither woman seemed near collapse nor orgasm, and how long the duel would go on was anybody's guess. But the fear was gone now; this duel would be fought to a finish whatever the result.


As the timer went off ending the dildo war, the two sexually warring females backed off just far enough to expel the now bent, befouled, and battered dildo before hunching back into combat. No timers were necessary--they would stay in cunt-to-cunt combat till one orgasmed or quit.

The two swollen, damp, aroused vaginal lips squished together, fell apart, then were forced together again, pushing against each other and moving up, down, left, right, almost like two primitive beasts in mortal combat. The still engorged clits met head on, pushed against each other like two bull moose for a few seconds, then slipped past each other to rub down the others' full length.

No part of the sexual area was out of contact from the others' ? for more than a second; the stimulation was unceasing and equal; the winner not yet determined.

Alicia felt the warmth growing in her loins, heard her breathing grow louder and deeper, and called upon her physical and mental reserves to hold back the flood of pleasure that was creeping through her body. Toshi had tears in her eyes from the mental and physical strain of keeping inside that which she had held back for years; but it was becoming harder and harder to bend without breaking. Neither set of eyes held fear nor hate; it was simply the determination to continue, to win, to be the best.

5 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes and still the two sat in the middle of the room, the carpet now stained and dirty, the air reeking of musk and sweat and sex. It might have ended in any number of fashions; how it finally did end came 34 minutes into the final round.

Both Alicia and Toshi had used up whatever reserves were left; the next one to thrust would carry the day. As both shoved as hard as they could, the combination of damp, skin folds and air bubbles, and the vacuum they had both created without realizing it caused the two cunts to seal together in a sexual union that neither could break. Like deer's antlers, they were locked together as tightly as Siamese twins.

Fear filled them for an instant and if they could have gotten away they would have for both knew the conclusion was at hand; neither had anything left to give and had received more than any woman could possibly take; the dams they had built around themselves were about to come crashing down.

If a camera had been present, with slow motion and body sensors, Toshi might have hit her initial orgasm approximately 0.34 seconds before Alicia's--a dead heat in any circumstance. Both women bucked and screamed as powerful, long forgotten senses activated and pumped pleasure to every part of the brain and body. Still locked together, the humping and bucking led to yet another orgasm, then another, then it seemed there was no end as both women's eyes took on a glassy look of one who had gone where few had ever ventured, deep into a realm of pleasure that is too much for the normal human being to wait for.

The women's overloaded systems began to shut down; for the record, Alicia passed out first, by about the same time margin that Toshi's orgasm had started--evenly matched to the end.


The two women lay senseless for nearly 15 minutes. As their muscles relaxed their cunts slowly flopped apart, all energy spent. As they began to awaken, the women were at first like newborn babes, completely unaware of themselves and each other, but as consciousness returned, they slowly disentangled their legs and moved apart, each too exhausted to do more than lie on their backs side by side. They stayed that way for perhaps 10 minutes; then as if on cue they turned their heads to look at each other. In the other's eyes, they no longer saw fear, hate or lust--what they saw was curiosity.

Toshi asked it first, "What are you feeling?"

Alicia thought a second, then replied, "Half of me wants to take your life with my bare hands for what you made me do, and...."

Toshi continued, "and the other half wants to do it again, every day and night, for the rest of our lives." and smiled for the first time that day--not a smile of triumph, or of sneering, just a smile. "Me too!"

And Alicia smiled back, "A bit of a dilemma... fight to the death or fuck to the death?" she replied.

"Right now, I haven't the energy or inclination to do either" Toshi stated, "but a world without you in it wouldn't seem right, somehow?"

"It does require some thought, on both our parts, where we go from here?" answered Alicia.

Neither could think of anything else to say. After awhile, they climbed to their feet, cleaned themselves as best as possible, dressed and began the trip back in the rental car. No further words were exchanged--but not because of hostility, but because of deep thought and re-evaluation of their lives that had just undergone a profound change.

The car was returned, the women walked up past the O'Hare ticket counter and through the x-ray machines, one to go right to her concourse and flight to LA, the other another concourse and her flight to New York. It was Alicia who broke the silence.

"I've been considering retiring in a year or so." she said. "Screwing stockbrokers can get one some good stock tips and I have enough winnings stashed away to last."

"Funny, " Toshi replied, "I've been having the same thoughts. The guy who owns that house is planning to sell it. Maybe the Midwest is a good place to get away from it all--and I do mean all--the memories?"

Alicia grinned. "Maybe you would consider a partner? After all, that's a big house for one.?"

Toshi chuckled, then looked serious. "Like we said back there, part of us would like to kill the other, that's something we'll have to deal with."

Alicia stared back, "Agreed. But we have a year to work something out, and like you, I don't think I'd care for a world without you in it.?"

That said, both smiled and parted, without touching the other. In six hours they would be 3,500 miles apart; yet, in a real sense, they would never be apart from one another again.