(By HGHunt)

Sue vs Jenny With Clubs

The two foxy ladies, one with black hair, the other with brown, took each other's measure for what seemed like the hundredth time. Their body shapes and sizes were nearly identical. Both were very pretty. Sue wore her dark pubic patch proudly and Jenny was becoming quite used to and proud of her shaved pussy (she re-groomed in the shower earlier).

Jenny mulled over the situation she faced. Sue was coming off an exciting win over Rose and she had proved very accommodating to Rose, but nonetheless was successful in holding off Rose's determined lusty attack and make Rose come first. Jenny was confident in her own sex-skill, but remained wary of Sue's determined demeanor. Sue was just one win behind the other girls, and if she were to beat Jenny, she could tie things all up with only two matches remaining. As Jenny dissected the situation she finally determined that the best tactic would still be a straightforward love-making approach. Use her fingers, tongue, and the club to pleasure Sue's pussy and use her own determination and stamina to hold off what she knew would be a very aggressive fuck from Sue.

Sue stared at Jenny, watching the wheels turn inside her head. Sue wondered what Jenny was thinking and she too, spent a few seconds pondering. Sue had come to respect Jenny's sexy body and her frequent bending of the rules to her advantage: it was only an outgrowth of her competitiveness. While respecting Jenny as a sexy foe, she was still confident in her own ability, especially after bringing Rose off in their straightforward club-fuck-race. She had been amazed by Lynn and Rose, especially Rose taking the giant golf club completely inside her cunt. That must have been something for Rose she thought. But as exciting as that had been to watch, it hadn't resulted in a victory for Lynn. "Maybe it was because that club was just too big and it somehow slowed Rose's progression. Possibly a smaller club, say..... a 5-wood, would be just right?" She knew Jenny was carrying a slightly smaller 7-wood, and she caught herself wondering what it would feel like to be impaled by that smoothie."

Both women took a moment to oil up their shafts and then Sue put her club head between her tits and squeezed, causing the club to actually squirt up a bit towards her face. Holding it in place and licking her lips she approached Jenny. Jenny mimicked Sue and they closed in on each other with their clubs held in place by compressed boobs. Once their breasts met they let their arms snake around their waists and with a tilt of their heads began lusty, passionate kissing. The clubs hung between them supported still by their lovely compressed tits.

Jenny opened her mouth and accepted Sue's tongue inside for a delicious twirling, swirling, liquid duel. It wasn't a duel for dominance, but a duel of passion. Each knew that this contest could only be won by creating as much possible fervor for release in the other girl. Both knew that kissing worked and so they played inside each other's mouths for several minutes, their bodies held close, tits mashed together, arms caressing backs and buttocks, golf clubs hanging between them and tinkling together occasionally.

As if by mutual consent their hips moved together capturing a pair of dangling steel shafts between their mounds. The cool steel rubbed against Sue's dark thatch of hair and slid deliciously across Jenny's baby-bareness. For the most part they had shared deep kisses with their eyes closed, but as they each felt the golf club's shaft nestle into the tight confines between their pussy mounds, their eyes opened and they shared a moment of mutual recognition. It was time to move to phase two.

Pulling apart just long enough to arrange themselves on the floor on opposing directions, tools nearby, legs splayed apart for easy access, the spectators eyes were glued to the action. Rose and Lynn, having just completed their own version of club warfare were unabashedly fingering themselves lightly, provoking just the right amount of stimulus to maintain a highly aroused state without crashing through the barrier.

Sue rubbed Jenny's pussy, noted the lubricated lips and jabbed first one, then two fingers inside Jenny's pungent hole. Wiggling around to feel the appetizing wetness saturating Jenny's slew, Sue brought her fingers out and carefully toyed with Jenny's clit, pinching it gently, pulling it left and right, then rubbing it gently with her still soaking fingers. Re-lubricating her fingers with another dive inside Jenny's feminine pinkness, she once again manipulated Jenny's clit with deft control. At first it seemed easy to ignore what was happening to her own pussy, but within moments of beginning her own persuasive pussy play, Jenny's reciprocating digital exam was generating horny pleasure throughout Sue's lower body.

Jenny had also started using her fingers to explore Sue's now familiar pussy. She originated by twirling Sue's black bushy hair around her fingers, and feeling the luxurious, soft texture. She laid her hand down flat, palm down, and rubbed all around and through Sue's thickly forested mound. Jenny knew that Sue was proud of her bush and it was hoped that 'honoring' her bush this way would seem like flattery to Sue, making her even more willing to accept Jenny's further play. Jenny relished the slick probing fingers gliding in and out of her pussy, even wiggling her hips slowly in acceptance, but knowing that her own prying fingers were sending jolts of electric pleasure coursing through Sue's body. She plied Sue's lips apart; finding her juice soaked entrance and vibrating her fingers scissors-style just an inch inside. Back and forth went her fingers, alternating friction from one side to the other, and collecting Sue's aromatic lubrication in gooey strings on her fingers. She leaned over and let a long string of drool from her mouth run down to the confluence of fingers and pussy lips. Like mixing batter for pancakes, Jenny twirled and twisted her fingers, stirring up a pot of liquid just aching for consumption. She had glanced at Sue, noting that she saw the drool dropping down to her pussy. She saw it mix with her fuzz and get stirred up inside the ever-more inviting entrance to her cunt.

Eye contact was something that hadn't been a part of every match, except occasionally, before this one. But this time it seemed that both wanted visual confirmation that what they were doing was working, and so they often found themselves in a bit of a stare-down confrontation, even as their sexplorations continued. Jenny was the first to get a solid grip on her golf club. Some golf pros say the grip is everything. Well, for Jenny her intended use of the grip was vastly different than the one her golf pro taught her.

Having mixed her spittle with Sue's secretions she knew Sue's cunt was ready. Bending just close enough to give a quick nibble-kiss to Sue's clit, Jenny inserted just the first inch of the 7/8 inch diameter grip inside Sue's accepting orifice. The vegetable oil, mixing with the other previously stirred juices, made for exciting slippery friction and the expected suction noises as Sue wiggled her ass in time to Jenny's slow back and forth wiggling of the grip filled the room.

Sue honed her senses to their sharpest ever, knowing that only her fullest attention to the matter at hand would ever give her a chance at winning. She felt the delicious joy of the forbidden as Jenny continued exploring her pussy with the handle of that 7-wood. She knew that already her heightened arousal foretold an orgasm in the not-too-distant future. But even through all that, she maintained her own focus. Without saying a word, and by making eye contact once again with her sex-foe, she sent the message as clearly as a lens on a fine telescope: she told Jenny, "just keep it up bitch, you may be hot, but I'm even hotter and it will be you that is screaming for mercy, begging for me, aching for me!"

Jenny's eyes sent back their own message, "It's me that is better. It's me that is hotter. It's me that is sexier. It's me that will send you screaming for mercy!" Women understand these things. No words were needed. Their eyes said it all. And certainly each was doing everything in her power to ensure that it would happen her way. Arrogance met arrogance when their gazes met and held. Even as both women were succumbing to the effective exploitation of their sex organs, their eyes maintained a haughty arrogance that was transmitted back and forth between them.

Strike one! Jenny gasped audibly when she absorbed the shaft of Sue's 5-wood several inches inside her pussy. Sue had aimed carefully, parted Jenny's labia and plunged it deeply inside Jenny's gaping hole. Jenny felt it hit clear home. Her cervix was being tickled by the butt-end of Sue's synthetic grip. Sue had been very careful to not jam it inside too hard, avoiding any outright pain. Jenny definitely was a bit shocked, in a wickedly horny way, by the depth of the club that had disappeared inside her body. She could see that all that was sticking out of her own pussy was the metal shaft. "God!" she thought, "I've got the entire grip inside me!"

Sue wasted no time in trying to press what she perceived as her advantage. The gasp from Jenny was a big clue to Sue that one more hurdle had been crossed on the way to Jenny's finish line. Using the club grip just like a man's penis, Sue began a wickedly erotic fuck. In and out, slow and fast, rhythmically and then randomly, she plunged her club in and out of Jenny's cunt, which was responding with lurches and humping back against that stiffest of dildos. Even when it bumped into her cervix, deep inside, she humped right back against the super long dildo. "Oh God," she thought, "that feels so damn good." Their eyes met once again, as Jenny looked at Sue, as if to say, "I can take that and anything else you've got. I'm going to take it all like a woman and keep coming back for more, and you'll never get the better of me."

Sue, her gaze just as powerful: her eyes blaring out their message, "I heard that gasp. I heard your feeble attempt to hold back your arousal. I can tell you are standing at the top of a black diamond ski hill (for which the area they were staying was famous, come winter) with freshly waxed skis, and you haven't learned to snowplow yet. There's no way you can come back from the brink now, bitch!" Jenny's brown eyes and Sue's black eyes bore into each other with the most earthy of challenges: "Give me everything you've got and I'll still be better than you!"

Jenny, feeling the sexy fucking motion that Sue forced on her, had followed with her own deep insertion. She however, hadn't plunged it in like a fast ball, but more like a babies head snuggling down into a soft bed, she wiggled and poked, further and further, an inch or less at a time. She would stop and twist, wiggle, and turn the shaft around at every incremental stop. Sue just kept absorbing more and more and more, until she too had nothing but steel protruding from her sloppy lips. She knew from the small gyrations and little moans that Sue had crossed a threshold of her own. Strike one against Sue. Now the two found themselves performing identical rituals. Both were fucking each other with their dildo of the moment. Sue jammed into Jenny's cunt and felt her own cunt being royally screwed by Jenny. Back and forth went the momentum. Occasionally one or the other would slow the pace, twist and turn the grip for effect. Jenny liked to pull it clear out and tease for a few seconds before plunging it back inside. Sometimes she would grunt (in feigned exertion) as if she was trying to jam the entire club inside Sue. In fact, the first time Jenny did that, it startled Sue a bit, as she cringed from the expectation of having that club impale her entire body. But, alas, it was only a ploy. Jenny was very careful with the actual depth and pressure she applied, wanting not fear, but arousal, from her fuck-enemy. But just that single moment of scary action, caused Sue to react counter to Jenny's wishes.

Sue, her senses, cleared a bit by Jenny's miscalculated attempt at lust, decided it was time to raise the ante herself. She lowered her mouth to the plunging shaft and began licking the shaft right at the entrance to Jenny's pussy. She sensed Jenny's lips, their tasty nectar, lubricating everything in sight, the now hot steel as it glided up to her opening and then slid back away. She licked the grip as it pulled out of Jenny. When she pulled it all the way out she made eye contact again with her partner-foe, and twirled the shaft 90 degrees and plunged it deeply into her mouth. She had never even thought of such a thing before the other day at the beach, but now, in her aroused and haughty state, she imagined she could do anything she wanted. The slippery shaft entered between her lips, which closed around it to feel every nuance of texture the device had to offer, and then when it had penetrated about 4 inches inside, she felt her throat being nudged by the end of the grip. Making sure Jenny was paying attention, she angled her head for the shaft to line up with her throat and she swallowed just as she pushed the shaft with gentle pressure downward. Her throat opened and the shaft glided down three or four inches more. She was starting to feel a bit of a gag reflex, but her motivation to send a powerful message to Jenny was even more powerful. With another push she took the shaft clear in past the synthetic grip so that only a bit of steel was protruding between her lips. Then just before her gag reflex would have taken over, she pulled it out, glaring at the awestruck face a few feet away.

Jenny was definitely surprised and confused by Sue. "She must have taken more than a foot of that thing inside her mouth!" She caught Sue's glare and was nonplussed momentarily. She knew her gaze must have given away her shock. Strike two against Jenny.

More than 40 minutes had elapsed since their encounter began, and as sexy and penetrating as their interchanges had been, they were both managing to prevent their arousal from lurching over that last barrier from which there would be no coming back.

Sue smiled in brief acknowledgement of the momentary look of disbelief she saw in Jenny's face. When Jenny recovered, quite quickly, Sue noted the return of the glare of haughty bitchiness that she had come to associate with Jenny. Sue returned the gaze with her own version of feminine power and cunning. She knew she had dealt a blow to Jenny's confidence, but yet it hadn't really caused her to clear any of the remaining hurdles of arousal that would be necessary before she could be the winner. Her own pussy had been plundered continuously, all except for the brief moment of oral grip-fellatio she had forced Jenny to watch, and now she returned her attention to Jenny's musky cunt. Both women were filling the room with their mucous originated scent particles. The power of pheromones carried to all nostrils, and they did their jobs when the signals, buried deep inside their subconscious brains, penetrated to the basest level of existence. The lust, the attraction, the hot bodies seeking each other, all that derived from and was escalated by the power of those pheromones wafted in the air from pussy to nostril. The attraction was mutual of course. Sue wanted Jenny and Jenny wanted Sue. But both women were VERY motivated to avoid the inevitable. So, inside each woman, there existed an even more personal battle than the one being fought on the outside. It was the battle between the mind and the body. Each was surely tempting and teasing and pleasuring the body of the other with every guile and manner of sexy pleasure. But whose brain could withstand the onslaught the longest before those natural instincts, remnants of ages past, surged beyond what could be held back, and plunge into the rapture of orgasm.

Sue looked down to see Jenny's response. Sue's cunt consumed several inches of Jenny's club grip. Jenny bent low and sent a big wad of saliva shooting across the distance between them to land on Sue's tits. Two, three, four times she spit in succession, dousing both of Sue's tits with loads of spit. Jenny's left hand followed where her spit had just landed. Up to now, none of these golf club battles had involved anything other than the briefest moments of titty play. Jenny had obviously decided that that should change. Her hand expertly glided across the newly wet landscape of Sue's heaving breasts. She rubbed the saliva all around, smearing it on both tits, before focusing on her nipples. She played with one and then the other, stroking, tweaking, pinching, rolling, pulling, and rubbing them over and over again. She did all this while her right hand kept up the jabbing, twisting, pushing, and wiggling motion with her grip-dildo.

All this had taken barely a minute since Sue had given the golf club a pseudo blow job (and a real deep throat). But the action had certainly stood out as a watershed event of their duel. Sue had demonstrated her power, but had yet to thwart the attack of Jenny's cleverly guided missile. Now with Jenny sending shock waves of pleasure from Sue's tits outward to the rest of her body, joining the already zaps of pleasure arising in her pussy, Sue was faced with a new challenge.

Sue gasped as Jenny now brought her mouth back into the fray. Diving down on Sue's big clit, Jenny now had a three-pronged attack that should have brought Sue shuddering to climax any second. In normal circumstances it probably would have, but Sue was still in the glow of her powerful display from moments before and she survived by the utmost power of concentration and avoided the plunge. Nonetheless, she felt the heat growing deep inside. Now it was her turn to retaliate. Opening her mouth wide she pulled Jenny's cunt lips widely apart and met those wide open southern lips with her own wide open northern lips. Jenny's inner tissues, slippery with their juices, and the folds glistening their readiness, were now being sucked like an industrial vacuum into Sue's oral cavity. Sue sucked and sucked, desperately seeking to mesh those two worlds together. She could feel Jenny's clit on her lower lip and her tongue dove deep, deep, and deeper inside Jenny's hungry cunt. She rubbed her lip over Jenny's clit even as her tongue practically screwed itself into the inner-most sanctum of Jenny's cunt. Sue's nose nestled into the small patch of pinkish-brown skin between Jenny's ass hole and her pussy. The sensation of the hairless labia and the juicy sperm receptacle beneath her was heady stuff for Sue. Even as she felt Jenny lurch and grind her cunt against her mouth, Sue felt one of her own barriers being crossed. She had gone down like that to get a rise out of Jenny, but the ravishing lust she had expected to bring out in Jenny had come bouncing right back to her. Now she couldn't help it. She wanted to taste and feel as much of Jenny as she possibly could. She took a deep breath or two, let it all out, and then sucked again. It was amazing how much of Jenny's loose lips, clit, and inner tissues she could feel against her lips, teeth, and tongue.

Their juices were mingling and Jenny was gasping for breath at her end. But she too had not given up. She continued her gentle probing, her clitty tonguing, and her nipple tweaking display. Her body started rocking. Her hips lurched forward against Sue's giant sucking mouth. Her own mouth covered and sucked deeply Sue's bigger-than-an-inch appendage of a clitoris. Her tongue worked miracles of pleasure all around it and the two were now spiraling closer and closer.

Sue had forgotten all about her golf club for the moment, so consumed was she by the taste and delight of trying to devour Jenny's pussy. But Jenny was still using the shaft of her club to work the inside of Sue's pussy and it was now that Jenny decided to play her last card. Quickly she pulled the club out and swung it around like a baton 180 degrees until the smallish head of the 7-wood appeared at the opening of Sue's hole. Never letting up on her oral and digital attack on Sue's organs, Jenny nestled the toe end of that club up against the opening and then with surprising ease (it wasn't Big Bertha!) it was gobbled up by Sue's fuck hole. Sue didn't gasp. Her head was buried so deeply between Jenny's legs that there was nowhere for sound to escape. She just prayed that Jenny's bucking hips and rocking body would cross that last threshold. She licked for all she was worth. She sucked for all she was worth. She used both hands around Jenny's ass to pry apart her lips to their farthest and dive her tongue deeply inside Jenny and then bring it back to twirl around her clit.

Distractedly now the two women heard a scream, shortly followed by another. Rose and Lynn, unbeknownst to Jenny and Sue had become so aroused that their masturbation had taken on a new urgency. Rose frigged herself faster and faster and when Lynn caught her eye it was as if they took on a new and different challenge between each other, even as they watched the delightful battle being waged on the floor. Lynn glanced at Rose's pussy and then back to her face. She gave her own pussy a wank while she gave Rose a wink. Off they went, racing. This time they both wanted to come first.

Sue and Jenny heard the back-to-back screams and each shot a quick glance at the couch to see the final throes of orgiastic bliss. They didn't know which one had screamed first and they didn't care. They went immediately back to their own business. Sue's mouth plastered over Jenny's pussy, tasting every morsel her tongue could reach. Her golf club had been out of use for the past few minutes, not because Sue was intentionally trying to cheat the game, but simply because she was so overwhelmingly focused on Jenny's pussy and the delightful fucking at the other end.

As soon as Jenny noted the succulent ease with which Sue took the golf club into her vagina, Jenny began a slow rocking fuck. She used short strokes, maybe a couple of inches, and with a gentle rotating thrust would shove the club head a little deeper inside Sue and then rock it back towards her lips. Sue lurched and fucked back. Her hips edged closer and closer to losing all semblance of voluntary motion.

Jenny began pushing her cunt forcefully against Sue's most eager mouth. Jenny ached for her own release and she knew she was just about to have it when Sue lost control of her hips completely. They bumped and banged against Jenny, as Jenny had resumed the clit-sucking action to top off the club-fucking she was giving Sue. Sue's mouth came away from Jenny's cunt and she let out a long low groan of angry release. It sounded as if somebody was dying. She wasn't dying of course; she was in heavenly bliss from her release. The entrapment she had felt of trying to hold back her orgasm was gone. She just let it flow and flow and flow. She groaned again and again as Jenny maintained her fuck-rocking action. Jenny had to try and follow Sue's lurching hips with her mouth, sometimes succeeding, and sometimes not. Jenny, realizing her victory could not just relax. She was so intensely horny that she was not about to lose out on her own orgasm. After Sue let out her third and fourth groans of sexual ecstasy, Jenny thrust her open gash upwards towards Sue's groaning mouth, demanding with her movement, Sue's finishing touch. Sue, this time, was so overwhelmingly horny herself that she joyously re-attached her mouth to Jenny's cunt and resumed her lapping, tonguing, sucking, penetrating molestation of Jenny's pussy. Jenny kept up her club-fuck of Sue's hole even as Sue slowed down. Jenny pushed her hips hard against Sue's eager mouth and in three or four minutes Jenny finally had her desired release. Her orgasm sprayed over her like a penetrating mist or cloud. It entered her pores, the soles of her feet, her elbows, and everything else. Her entire body convulsed and stiffened at the peak of her orgasm's power. "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Her wailing cry revealed the intensity of her orgasm, made all the more by the win that put Jenny in the lead. The others watched and listened as Jenny's orgasm slowly faded away, like the sun burning off a morning fog.

The two spent women just rolled aside, lying on their backs side by side. Jenny's golf club lay flat with its head still firmly implanted inside Sue. The shaft lay on the floor sticking straight out from between her legs like some weird antennae. It was several minutes before the two women recovered their normal breathing enough to even lift their heads off the blanket. Jenny reached to her pussy and felt her own smooth skin. She did it as an affirmation that all was well down there. She was still getting used to her shaved lips, and she let her finger stray momentarily inside, where she picked up the gooey liquid residue of Sue's delicious pussy loving. Lifting her index finger to her mouth she sucked it clean and swallowed the heavenly nectar.

Sue, having seen Jenny out of the corner of her eye, sat up and very gently pulled Jenny's club out of her vagina. Pop. The small wood slid out without any discomfort and Sue handed it over to Jenny. "Here, I believe this is yours." Sue massaged her skin lightly and stood up, staring down at the still reclining Jenny. "You know, Jenny, I still don't like losing, but I will say that that was the 'best' loss I've ever had. It was incredible."

"Well thank you dear, I think I deserved that last orgasm. After all the pleasure I gave you, I sure did enjoy the last one!"

"So, what was up with you two?" Sue pointed her question at Lynn and Rose, who just smiled.

"Well girls, we now have a new leader. 8 wins! Hallelujah!" Jenny stood and pulled Sue close, giving her a big wet kiss on the mouth. Their passion from the last hour lingered and each took a moment to bask in the loving glow of a shared kiss. Without overtones of antagonism, they held each other close for nearly a minute, their kiss melting away the combative spirit. They finally pulled apart, capturing the other's gaze with her eyes, and passing a bond of lusty contentment between them.

"Enough! Enough girls. I hope you two aren't forgetting that you each have another match. Hmm. Lets see," said Lynn as she looked at the handwritten order of their matches, "Sue and I have the next match with Rose and Jenny to follow. It ain't over until the fat lady sings. Isn't that what they say?"

Since Sue was up next and she had just finished her match with Jenny, it was time for a break. Saturday afternoon outside their rooms was bright blue sky, soft winds, and temps in the mid 80s. But inside, with the air conditioning on, it seemed even hotter than outside. The air practically crackled with the erotic charges flashing across the space between these women. This break in the action was typical, a few munchies, something to drink, and just lounging around. In a less tumultuous atmosphere some of them might have taken a nap, but not a one among them even gave it a thought that afternoon. Small talk was tried, but with little lingering conversation. All four women had something important to think about.

Sue, having just fallen to Jenny, had become the first to be mathematically eliminated from a chance at being the overall winner. She had 6 points, and Jenny had 8, with no way for her to catch Jenny with only a match each remaining. Sue acknowledged that fact, but only for a moment, because she knew she would be facing off with Lynn next. Recollecting her past encounters with Lynn, she fondly remembered the incident at the 19th hole last Sunday at the veranda of the clubhouse. She had surprised and discomforted Lynn with her bold kiss. Warm spinal tingling sensations reminded her of the special power she had felt, having caused Lynn such distress, however momentarily. But as she let her mind wander through the rest of the week, she realized that since that first encounter, Lynn had beaten her at every event. Three victories in a row for Lynn! "Damn! That haughty bitch won't beat me again!" Sue recognized her fuming desire to beat Lynn as strength. This was going to be VERY personal. She hadn't yet seen Lynn hold off the burning arousal of desire with near the fortitude that she had used to forestall Jenny. True, Jenny had held off even longer, but Sue was rightfully proud of the lengths she had forced Jenny to go to for her win. She doubted that Lynn could maintain that kind of persistence and pace. Sue's thoughts melted into a single, almost sublime, spiritual commonality. "I'm better than Lynn. I'm better than Lynn. I'm better than Lynn." Her face took on a pastel hue of contentment and bliss, even as the time grew closer for the match to begin.

Lynn, ever the confident combatant, viewed her upcoming sexfight with Sue in a very different light. Her confidence was brimming because of the triple victories she had over Sue, since the 19th hole. "Sue must be exhausted," she thought, "after that draining episode with Jenny. How could she have the stamina and mental toughness to beat ME of all people?" Lynn's awareness of the overall standings was keen. She was one match behind Jenny, and currently tied with Rose, at 7 points. Rose would be up against Jenny and Lynn knew there was nothing she could do but root for Rose, which coupled with a victory for herself would result in a tie for the championship. All she had to do was beat Sue and she would be tied with Jenny, after that, the rest would be up to Rose and Jenny. One difference between the two sexfighters was the difference in personalizing the conflict. Lynn was hoping to catch up with Jenny, but she had to do it by wrestling with Sue. She couldn't keep her mind off the scoreboard. Sue, of course was past that. She had thoughts only of Lynn and the defeat she would serve her.

Rose did mull over the standings for a moment, but her thoughts kept coming back to the erotic tension she felt every time a new match began. She could almost feel the knot in her stomach that accompanied the lusty foreplay and verbal confrontations of earlier battles. She tasted the sweet skin of her opponents, and relished the remnants of hot orgasms that were buried like a treasure deep in her brain. She could almost pull them back up into reality. She actually shivered with the emotional joy that accompanied the replay in her mind of her 7 victories. The joy of those orgasms and the power of her dominance were exquisite. Rose didn't have to consciously 'psych' herself up for her match. She would be on a natural high.

Jenny, having now gathered up two wins in this round, after having been shutout in the last round of pussy-to-pussy battles, had regained her confidence, especially after the marathon with Sue. Her meditations were a sort of amalgam of the other three ladies thought combined. She viewed her upcoming conflict with Rose very personally. So far they each had two wins over the other, and this would be the personal tie-breaker between them. She also knew if she won, she would be the overall champion in a contest that she hadn't dreamed existed before last Sunday. Rose had been the one to propose keeping score and Jenny would like nothing better than to claim bragging rights of "Sex Queen" within their foursome as a result. Jenny's cunning mind and clever manipulation of events didn't place her apart from the physical though. Her erotic mood had grown like a mushroom cloud over a Nevada test site, and she now found erotic joy from everyday context. She found herself fantasizing (planning?) about her delicious hook-up with Rose and the golf club adventure. "God that is going to be fun!" she reflected to herself. Her meditation slowed to a crawl and she was thinking of almost nothing at all when Rose announced that it was now time.