(By HGHunt)

Day 7 - Day of Reckoning

Saturday dawned like most of the days in July in northern Michigan: Warm, humid, sunny, with gentle breezes. It would have been a great day for the beach, golf course, or many other outdoor activities that the area afforded. But today would be an 'inside' day. Jenny, Lynn, Sue, and Rose had dedicated this day to the determination of just who among them was the 'best': the best sexual athlete and competitor. They hadn't really coined a name or phrase that might be applied to the eventual winner, but there was definitely a tacit understanding among them as to what victory would mean: glorious supremacy for one of them and bitter disappointment (maybe hostility and anger) for the others.

"Oooooh, my day of fulfillment!" Jenny mused in her half-awake stupor. Her dreams had been filled with glorious images and sounds and feelings of sexual conquests. Men from her days gone by fleetingly occupied her dreams. Her husband's wonderful hands, face, and body conjured up inside her pretty head, warmed her insides. But the most prevalent images and feelings were the ones that involved her hotel mates. Sue, Rose, and Lynn were all bending to her wishes and whims. She didn't recall all of her dreaming notions, but as she awakened she did have a single vivid memory: three gorgeous women desperately seeking her favors. It was an image of slave-girls exquisitely bowing to every whim and wish she could conjure. A redhead, a blonde, and a dark raven-haired woman each sought to be the 'best' at servicing her pleasure needs. Her stupor slowly eroded away and Jenny was left with a very pleasant memory. Or.....was it a premonition?

Rose had dreams of conquering heroes. She dreamt of Joan of Arc, Cleopatra, and other women of power. Upon her arousal from sleep she felt like the energy and power of those women had magically migrated into her own body and spirit. Her face was flushed red with the warm glow of powerful contentment. She watched as Jenny climbed out of her bed and grinned at her across the room. The girls didn't act nervous or catty that Saturday morning. It was as if the tension had melted away and the inevitable acceptance of their fates was out of their control. Each had the feeling that she and she alone would be able to bend the will and bodies of the others to her own. Smug acknowledgement of their own prowess actually forced thoughts of defeat and weakness out of the room. With it the nervous tension had left as well.

Could this continue? Would the inevitable clash of bodies and spirits destroy them or would it bond them even more deeply into the dark realm of their warring desires? Only time would tell.

Sue arrived in wakefulness refreshed and ready to go. She hadn't been a math whiz and she hadn't figured out yet that the best she could hope for is a tie. Even with the best possible outcome of all six matches, there was no way that she could end up with more than 8 wins, and at least one of the other three was bound to end up with at least eight (unless..., unless there were ties!). That thought never crossed her mind. She was happy to be here and aching to get her shot at the other women in any sexy way she could. "Mmmmm. I can't wait to sink my teeth into those sexy heifers!"

Lynn slept like a rock and was slow to awaken. Her dreams, if there had been any were stuck deep in the recesses of her brain, and she couldn't remember any of them. When she finally rolled over and looked at the clock to see 9:17, she had the realization that her vacation was all set to become the best ever. In fact it had already been the best ever, with the sexual success she had imposed on the other women. She had 7 wins out of 12 contests so far, and that was the best of the batch. She reveled in her prowess, and smiled inwardly as she recalled her best moments so far. She felt that her youth and sexy body and athletic stamina would become even more evident today. She stretched her arms above her head; taut muscles generating a healthy blood flow. Rubbing her eyes she sat up. "Well, are you ready?" Lynn asked as she stood up and stretched some more.

"Never been more ready. How about you?" Sue answered directly.

"Oh, I can't wait! I wonder what Rose's idea will be? Do you have any clue?"

"Naaa. I just know that whatever it is, that old bitch will get what is coming to her when she tangles with me."

"Well let's get ready." With that Sue and Lynn headed out to the kitchen and bathroom and began their morning chores: eating, grooming, cleaning up a bit. In moments Rose and Jenny joined them.

Soon the morning chores had been completed and the women gathered in the living room. Their dress was sparse nighties or shorts and upon entering the room a silent gong must have gone off, for they all removed every stitch of clothing remaining. Six eyes moved towards Rose. She felt their gaze but she didn't act for several long moments. Waiting for the perfect opportunity she wanted the other three to feel some anxiety over what her chosen battle would be. After a couple of minutes of tense silence, Rose finally looked at each of them individually and then slowly walked over to the entry closet near their hotel door.

Sue, Jenny, and Lynn looked perplexed as Rose opened the door and reached in to pull out one of her golf clubs that had been stored inside. It appeared to be her 5-wood. Sauntering sexily back near the other women, she toyed with her golf club. She lifted the long slender grip at the end of the shaft and kissed the end. Next she twirled the club around a couple of times and brought the Lady Lynx 5-wood to her mouth. Her tongue snaked out and licked the shiny persimmon wood. Around and around she licked until she had covered it all with her saliva. She knew the others were captivated by her antics, wondering exactly what her proposal might be. Surely by now they would have concluded that golf clubs were likely to be involved. Finishing her wood licking, she turned to Jenny and pointed her club at Jenny's right breast and then very gently used the very end of the grip to flick Jenny's nipple aside. She followed that up with sexy flicks on every nipple in the room besides her own.

Lynn had begun to smile almost immediately and she actually shivered a bit when Rose looked at her and teased her nipple with the golf club. Jenny and Sue each looked a little shocked and puzzled by Rose, but neither spoke. They waited for Rose who finally, after the little teasing show, suggested her sex contest.

"We came here to golf and have fun together for these two weeks. Obviously we've had a lot more fun from other endeavors than on the golf course. I think that we should pull the two together for our last contest. We all know I'm the best golfer among us." The others had to grit their teeth to avoid bitter words. Rose continued, "I really know how to use my clubs and I intend to prove that I can use them the best to bring each of you to orgasm as well as hit that little white ball. This contest will be devoted to pure sexual racing. No fighting will be allowed, only aggressive offensive sex play. We each can choose one of our clubs; I think woods only, for our 'weapon' of choice. Then we may use that club, along with our fingers and mouths to torment each other's bodies into the indoor equivalent of a hole-in-one. Whoever orgasms first under the ministrations of the other will be the loser. Other than that I can't think of any more rules that we need. You just have to use the club to bring the other girl to her orgasm."

Rose smiled sweetly as the others digested what she was proposing. Sue piped up first. "Well," she drawled, "that sounds exciting and fun. My only reservation is cleanliness. Shouldn't we wash those clubs first?"

"Yeah. I think we should wash them. But I think those rubber or synthetic grips might be a little uncomfortable. Wouldn't it be a good idea to use some sort of lubricant, like Vaseline in conjunction with the clubs?" Lynn was intrigued by the idea, but her suggestion about the cleanliness and lubricant was echoed by Jenny and Sue. So Rose agreed quickly to the suggestion and she altered her challenge to accommodate their reservations. After all, they would probably all be more comfortable with clean 'utensils' and wet, slick surfaces.

Jenny eagerly chimed in with, "Well, what the hell are we waiting for? Let's get those clubs and get 'em cleaned up!"

The closet doors were thrown open and each woman found her own set of clubs and spent a moment contemplating her choice of 'weapon' (club). Rose kept her 5-wood, Sue chose a 3-wood, Jenny selected her specialty 7-wood, and Lynn went for the gusto and grabbed her Big Bertha driver!

The kitchen was busy for the next few minutes as each woman cleaned the clubs with the same sort of attention to detail as doing dinner dishes. Before long every club was gleaming clean, having been washed with dish soap and dried with towels. Sue went to the cupboard and found a big bottle of vegetable oil and brought it with her to the living room. Rose dashed to the bedroom and came out with two big blankets from her bed and she tossed them on the floor and spread them out. Jenny came back from the bathroom with two big jars of Vaseline.

With the arrangements made and the rules clearly understood, the women re-gathered for the draw of the order for their contests. Considering the intensity that the earlier matches had been fought with, each girl expected these to be no different. Yes, the rules forbade fighting, but certainly each woman would try to use every tactic that she could conjure up to keep her own horny lust-flooded libido in check. The kinkiness of using the golf clubs, awkward as they were was certainly one that brought vivid imaginings to their erotic brain centers. Notions of being impaled by long objects, fat objects, and skewered by powerful men raced through more than one frontal lobe.

The jar with the pairings was brought out and Rose took it over to Lynn, asking her to draw the pair that would begin the golf-war (pun intended). Lynn reached inside and pulled out the slip of paper. She handed it to Sue who read it and showed them all the names of Lynn and Jenny. The first moment of truth was now at hand and rivals Jenny and Lynn would consummate Rose's challenge.

Sue and Rose took their clubs to the couch and sat down as Lynn and Jenny put on their game-faces. Stern faces glared at each other and then Lynn bean a slow bouncing motion with her club. Tapping it on the floor to an unheard beat, she nervously anticipated Jenny's approach. Jenny was gliding slowly across the blanket. Jenny lifted her own club just enough to drop it on top of Lynn's 5-wood, stopping the tapping. Then with a slow glide she slid her 7-wood shaft up the shaft of Lynn's club, as if treating the club as an erotic extension of her body. When she brought the club head up high enough, she slowly touched Lynn's leg with the club and let it gently trace a path down the outside of her right leg. About halfway through this, Jenny felt Lynn's club rest on her foot and begin a journey up her leg, coldly marking time on her knee before continuing its climb to her crotch. "Lynn sure isn't wasting any time," Jenny thought.

The contradiction of using golf clubs for erotic purposes, and trusting each other enough not to use them as weapons, had charged their nervous systems to the limit. Every nerve cell in their bodies was alive with anticipation and concern with what the other might do. So far only gentle caresses with the clubs, but what would be next? It was dangerous and sexy all at once.

Lynn deftly maneuvered the head of her Big Bertha driver across the smooth shaved skin adorning Jenny's pubic mound. Jenny was alive with anticipation of that big driver could do in the hands of a skillful user. She certainly had respect for the skill Lynn would use in trying to force an unwanted orgasm from her own body. Jenny spread her legs apart, allowing a bit of access to her labia lips, which Lynn noticed and immediately redirected her probing towards those smooth pink lips between Jenny's legs. Jenny focused her club towards Lynn's breasts, gently and teasingly gliding across Lynn's gleaming skin, toying with her long nipples. Occasionally Jenny would push firmly against Lynn's firmness, gauging their hardness, and watching that tension push the 7-wood back out on the rebound when she took the pressure off. Clearly Lynn was blessed with firm hard tits and she was enjoying the attention they were receiving from Jenny's club.

The foreplay (?) progressed a bit as the two women moved closer together. They brought the club heads up to face height and offered the head to the other woman. Lynn began kissing Jenny's 7-wood and Jenny kissed Lynn's Big Bertha. The shafts of the clubs trailed downward between their bodies, crossing over with the grip ends nestling into their crotches. Lucky clubs; they were getting a royal tonguing at one end and found the other end snug into the cleft between their legs.

Inching closer to Lynn, Jenny crossed over from one club head to the other so that she was now sharing it with Lynn. As their tongues continued to trace around the club they found each other and their moist tongues glided across each other as they continued to assault the 7-wood. A few tongue-sharing kisses later Lynn stepped back and suggested they lie down on the blanket. Jenny eagerly dropped to the floor and while Lynn joined her she doused her club at both ends with the vegetable oil. Lynn duplicated the oiling and then the two lined up opposite each other in opposing directions. Leaning up on one elbow and trailing one leg behind on the floor but opening up their crotch by lifting the other leg at an angle.

Lynn pulled her now glistening club towards Jenny's furless pussy. Big Bertha glided easily over Jenny's smooth skin spurring tiny pleasure sparks everywhere it went. Lynn manipulated the toe of the club to Jenny's plump lips and carefully parted them a bit, exposing the soft inner surfaces, which were shiny with her juices. The slippery vegetable oil mixed with Jenny's natural production of fluid, providing effortless gliding across her cunt lips.

Jenny meanwhile created her own pussy probing effort with the grip end of her 7-wood shaft. The surface was all oiled up and it slid across Lynn's skin effortlessly. Jenny guided it around Lynn's entire groin area, probing her navel, her fuzzy blond curls, her inner thighs, and of course her tender pussy. Without using her fingers at all she poked and prodded Lynn's labia until they were distended in opposite directions, exposing her inner lips in all their pink glory. Lynn's clit stood proudly, extending upward, just waiting to be explored. But Jenny ignored Lynn's clitoris. She slowly, slowly probed the entrance to Lynn's cunt with the end of her shaft. She twirled the end around in small circles, putting pressure on each part of Lynn's hole.

The sloppy sounds of pussy gushing suction wafted through the room. Both women's pussies were popping and making noises from the juicy friction caused by the moving clubs.

Jenny broke the spoken silence by pronouncing, "Lynn, I think your cunt wants to be fucked. You're so fucking juicy, I just know you are ready!"

As Jenny plunged her grip further into Lynn, Lynn tried to speak, but gasps interrupted her words, "You, ooohhh, you think I'm, aaaaaaahhhhhh, wet. You should see, uuuuunnggggh, your own cunt, bitch." She recovered a bit from the plunging shaft inside her pussy and continued on, "Your slit is so wet and ready. Your clit is twitching. It can't wait. I can smell your anxious pussy. You're just putty in my hands, bitch."

"You think so! Ha!" With that Jenny began rotating her shaft in pivoted circles. She kept the tip deeply embedded several inches inside Lynn's horny twat and she changed the tempo regularly from slow to fast to jackhammer fast. The sounds of squishy pussy absorbing the delicious fucking were continuous now. Lynn's cunt throbbed with the lovely fulfilling shaft as it sped up for delicious friction and then slowed down to tease. Back and forth went the timing and rotation. Jenny varied the depth from time to time but mostly she kept the shaft about nine inches deep in Lynn's sopping cunt. Lynn began to moan with the hot, pleasurable sensations rippling inside her pussy.

Lynn was finding it hard to concentrate but she was still actively challenging Jenny's pussy with the toe of her Big Bertha. Focusing on Jenny's clit she held the driver's head in her hand like a big vibrator and ground it down against Jenny's erect clit, pushing it around and around. Jenny's clit rippled from side to side under the firm pressure of Big Bertha. Jenny tried hard to concentrate on her own task, but the possibilities represented by Lynn's Big Bertha. "Would she try to jam that monster inside me?" she wondered. "Would it even fit?" She knew this was a race and yet she ached for Lynn to try to plunge that giant head in her cunt. It sure would be 'filling.'

Back and forth went the two women with their motions and their groaning, moaning, sloshing noises. Lynn recognized the ache between her legs and her arousal climbing higher and higher, but she could tell Jenny was levitating too. Jenny bucked her hips against Big Bertha, but Lynn was not sure that it would be a good idea to force the monster head into Jenny's pussy. So Lynn continued to focus on Jenny's clit and Jenny responded with more moans and more wiggles.

Sue and Rose watched all this and anxiously wondered if either girl would end up 'taking the head' inside. Lynn felt her temperature rising with Jenny's accurate probing of her depths. Lynn was past anger, but she still wanted badly to win this venture and she began using the club head in ever more rapid gyrations all around Jenny's soaked pussy and clit. She focused as before on her clit and she knew the end game was in progress as Jenny's moaning and groaning became louder and louder. Her problem was that she was moaning and groaning in beautiful harmony with Jenny. She felt every nuance of Jenny's penetrating shaft and it was delicious. It was only a matter of time now to see who would be forced to cum first. Jenny was writhing in pleasure and Jenny moaned and wiggled her ass in time to Jenny's rotating shaft.

Jenny could feel the imminent orgasm as could Lynn. Lynn humped Jenny's shaft with vigor and then Jenny's fingers joined the play and she used them to rub Lynn's clit vigorously in very rapid motions. With her pussy pleasured by the golf club and her clit accepting Jenny's rubbing she burst through first to her orgasm. Screaming and bucking like a wild bronco she hit the peak of her orgasm and in doing so she dropped the club she had been pleasuring Jenny with. Her hands went to her pussy and she begged Jenny to stop. "Enough. Oh God, that's enough." Jenny, knowing she had won didn't try to punish Lynn with any further activity. Since Lynn had just quit focusing on Jenny, Jenny took matters into her own hand, so to speak, and frigged her clit intensely until she too had her own orgasm. Her hips rocked to the ancient rhythm of orgasmic pleasure. Rolling away from each other the two stood up and eyed each other, Jenny with a huge satisfied smile on her face, and Lynn scowling at her loss. Lynn had thought that she could easily beat Jenny, after all she had won 3 of 4 previous encounters. But Jenny had turned the tables on her with this win and now Jenny finally had two wins over Lynn.

Jenny smirked and taunted Lynn, "So I was just putty huh? Well I guess you're not a very good judge of putty."

"You just got lucky this time. I've got plenty of victories left in me." Lynn ventured those thoughts aloud more for the benefit of Sue and Rose than Jenny. She knew that Jenny was now tied with her at 7 wins apiece, with Rose just one behind and Sue two behind. They had 3 matches remaining in which to possibly win more points. Lynn was anxious to let them know that she was still the one to beat, however.