(By HGHunt)

Lynn v Rose

The women took an hour break as before to prepare for the last battle of this round. In an hour they came back together for the last pussy-fight of the day. The sun had gone down and the drapes had been closed. The last pussy fight would be between Lynn and Rose. This was the only match up that so far had been dominated by one woman. Rose was three for three against Lynn in their other battles and Lynn was thinking revenge. Another factor weighing on their minds was the fact that at this moment Lynn, Rose, and Jenny were all tied with six wins, with Sue right behind at five. Who ever won this last pussy fight would be the leader going into the last round. Rose was still angry with herself for allowing Sue such an easy victory. She knew she had let her burning lust get in the way of her real goal of victory. She was determined not to let that happen again. Lynn figured that Rose wouldn't be an easy mark. She knew her pride would be on the line after losing to Sue. Tactics and strategy were always in the pre-fight thoughts of each woman, even if they got tossed out the window once the battles began. Definitely this time these two women were deep in thought about what it might take to win a sexfight/pussyfight against the other. Time was drawing near and the two lovely naked women were approaching each other in the center of the room.

Sue announced that time had begun. Rose approached Lynn with ill intent. Trying to smile as sweetly and sexy as she could she reached out and put her hands on Lynn's tits. In an instant she was squeezing Lynn's beautiful boobs with painful force. Lynn, caught by surprise, at first tried to pull Rose's hands off of her breasts. She groaned in pain as Rose quickly went for the kill. Within moments of the shock of Rose's tit attack wearing off, Lynn's anger propelled her to retaliate in kind. Her hands grabbed Rose's tits, one in each hand, and she gave a forceful yank towards her. Rose's tits stretched many inches and she let out a loud yelp of pain. "You like this?" taunted Lynn, "you started this so you must like it!"

Rose said, "Yeah. I like it, just like you are going to like it."

Lynn responded, "You bet bitch. I love it when you squeeze my tits. Ouch!" She exclaimed as Rose gave her a vicious twist. The women pulled and twisted and yanked, and the force of all this tit pulling had them staggering around the room in response to each other's forces. Neither would let go and before long both women were screaming and crying in anger and pain. Breast flesh bulged out from between gripping fingers. Lumpy protrusions began to glow red from the pressure. Sue announced that five minutes had elapsed. With that announcement Rose shifted her attack from the full breasts to nipples. She pinched Lynn's nipples and twisted them into pretzel-like bends. Lynn didn't take long to return the favor and the nipple fighting progressed with the same intensity as the breast fighting. Both women were endowed with long nipples, but the length of all four lovely nipples stretched to awful proportions under the intense pulling. Lynn had Rose's nipples stretched to practically three inches long. Amazingly they didn't rip off. Lynn's nipples as well were stretched to ungodly lengths. The crying, sobbing, and screaming accompanied their intense nipple war. Neither wanted to be the first to give up and admit the pain was too much, even though their faces told the story. They were really in a lot of pain. When Sue warned five minutes left they finally had an excuse to pull their hands from each other's sore and aching breasts.

The two women stood close, panting heavily, searching for air. Knowing that in only five minutes they would have to go pussy to pussy they tried to change gears and become enticing to their opponent. It didn't work very well. They snaked arms around each other in a mutual bear hug. Tits that had been sorely abused moments before now were being crushed between competing chests. They wrestled around the room standing up, arms wrapped around the other, competing to try to throw the other woman to the floor. Rose successfully tossed Lynn to one side and, with arms still squeezing her caused Lynn to land on her back. The breath was partially knocked out of Lynn and Rose took this opportunity to use her thigh to slide up between Lynn's legs and begin rubbing Lynn's crotch. As Lynn recovered, Rose got in a few more smooth moves with her thigh, rubbing sensuously across Lynn's pussy. Lynn was recovering and Rose tried to lift one of Lynn's legs up so she could squat her own pussy directly down upon Lynn's blonde bushy cunt when, all of a sudden, Lynn was able to throw Rose off. Just at that moment Sue shouted, "Time!" to indicate that preliminaries were over and that the real pussy-duel should begin. But neither woman would acquiesce and allow for a mutual positioning of their bodies. Lynn badly wished to best Rose and she figured that her best tactic would be to achieve a superior position and through controlling Rose's body outlast her to orgasm. Rose was thinking exactly the same thing so even with the 15-minute warm-up period ended they did not "join up."

As Rose toppled from above Lynn she reached down and grabbed a handful of Lynn's pretty long blonde hair. She yanked hard as she hit the floor and forced Lynn's head to follow or risk having her hair torn out by the roots. Lynn was quick with her leg and threw it over the top of Rose and was able to straddle her, even though Rose now gained two handfuls of her hair. Pulling violently she made Lynn scream and curse at her, threatening her with all sorts of things, not the least of which was "I'm really going to fuck you over for that!" While Rose was focusing on pulling hair, Lynn reached back with her right arm and pulled Rose's left leg up high and even with the pain from her scalp she slid back and began to slide her blonde bush over Rose's auburn bush. When Rose wouldn't let go of her hair after all this time, Lynn was getting angry and she slapped Rose hard across her cheek. When Rose saw another slap on the way she let go of Lynn's hair with one hand and grabbed her wrist to deflect and stop the blow. Lynn retaliated with her left hand. Rose obviously didn't like getting slapped for she grabbed Lynn's left wrist as well. Now the women were face to face with Lynn on top and Rose was holding her wrists. Their lower bodies were writhing against each other for control, but Lynn seemed to have the advantage there. The slapping attempts had caused her to let go of Rose's leg and Rose now threw it over Lynn's right side trying to achieve a scissors, but Lynn had straddled Rose's right leg and the best Rose could do was to link her ankles together, locking Lynn's right leg in place. Lynn returned the favor, locking her own ankles together and they were now in a wriggling stalemate. The benefit to Lynn was that she as on top. Sensing her advantage she continued to try to find Rose's pussy with her own. It wasn't easy with the violent wiggling attempts to escape from underneath her, but she did manage to occasionally mate her lush blonde pussy hairs with Rose's equally lush reddish pussy fuzz.

As their fatigue increased, slowing their struggling bodies, Lynn saw an opening and she took it. She lowered her face and found Rose's mouth with her own. At first Rose did not allow Lynn to gain access inside her lips, but she quickly decided that since she was losing the battle for dominant position she needed to do something to distract Lynn. Maybe the lust in her was great enough for Rose to bring Lynn along the orgiastic climb faster than she herself. After all she was feeling more anger than lust right now.

So Rose did two things. She let go of Lynn's wrists and put them around Lynn's head to pull it close and she opened up her mouth for a French kiss. As they swapped spit and tongues around inside one mouth or the other, their pussies began to find each other more frequently and Lynn could swivel her hips causing Rose to begin feeling gentle surges of arousal. Recognizing the danger to her chances she quickly surprised Lynn and threw her off and sat up on the carpet. As Lynn rolled over and looked back at Rose she was pleased to see that she hadn't attacked her from behind. Lynn was nevertheless angry that she had been taken by surprise. Breathing heavily from all the exertion she pulled up to a sitting position as well. Rose spoke, "The warm-up period ended long ago, bitch, if you're not afraid to put your pussy up against mine then you'll get over here right now and we can sit here on the floor and go woman to woman. My pussy will mop yours up like it was a spot on the floor."

"Look who is calling who a bitch. You are the one that began the tit-fight. You are the only bitch I see around here. I'll tell you something else too. There ain't no way you have a better pussy than me. I'll have my pussy running circles around yours and you'll be coming in gobs before you know what hit you. So get ready bitch, my pussy is coming to clean up!"

With that she slid over to Rose and aimed her pussy directly against Rose's. Instantly they started banging their pussies together in rapid thrusts. Legs arrayed in classic scissoring position they slammed their pussies together for several impacts and then they would grind HARD against each other. Then they would part, slam into each other and follow again with more grinding. Several minutes of this pattern went by before the women began to slow down their banging. The pain from the powerful impacts eventually forced them, in tandem, to maintain their pussies in intimate contact and switch to grinding and pushing actions only. Rose used her hairy labia lips to slide up and down Lynn's bare labia, hoping that irritation from her hairs would discourage Lynn from direct counter attack. Contrary to her wishes, though Lynn relished the intimate contact, hair and all. She ground back with a vengeance and gyrated her hips to slide her sticky hole all over every nook and cranny of Rose's pussy. Even with the absence of lusty warm-ups they found their pussies liberally coated with feminine juices. The slippery friction was allowing all parts of their organs to slide scrumptiously across their opponents. Their clits became soaked in juices as they took turns delving into the moist tunnels below. When the clits would collide there would be audible sighs and ooohs and aaaahs from their lips. Their breathing was ragged before, from all the fighting, and now it was just as ragged from sexual responsiveness.

Lynn began to use her clit like a little knife, darting in and out, as though she was poking holes with it. Both women were feeling their arousal soar. Lynn kept up her clit darting action and this frustrated Rose. She wanted to meet head-on and settle the matter. She kept charging her clit forward to try to find Lynn's clit, only to feel that she had quickly moved it a few centimeters away. When Lynn would find Rose's clit she would grind vigorously for just a few seconds, withdraw, and dart her clit to another location in Rose's sopping wet pussy. While not possessing the length in the clitoris as Sue had, she nevertheless used it in a fucking motion within Rose's cunt. Rose was able to get in many good swipes with her clit between Lynn's lovely shaved lips as well. The two women were really going at it, hard charging clit attacks, followed by gentle grinding of lip against lip. Lynn's advantage from the beginning was becoming less obvious as minutes ticked by. Lynn noticed her own moans and groans were as frequent and as loud as Rose's. "Time to get verbal," Lynn thought.

Lynn: "Watch my pussy dominate your fuzzy hole. You've got nothing down there!"

Rose: "Watch your mouth cunt. My pussy is ready to force yours into paroxysms of delight. The queen pussy is mine."

Lynn: "You wish. Just feel my clit as it fucks your sloppy hole."

Rose: "Your baby hole is the one that's been getting fucked by the best clit here. Your baby hole likes it judging by the wetness. But you will never be as wet as me, the real woman."

Lynn: "We'll see about that. My wetness will have you coming in buckets. Put your clit up against mine for a clitty duel. I dare you to match clits with me!"

As had happened before in these matches. It seemed that challenges laid down were almost always accepted. Rose slid her cunt up against Lynn's aligning her clit with Lynn's and said, "She's right here bitch. If you think your clit will last against mine you have another think coming. Put your little baby girl right here," she pointed at her clit at the union with Lynn's, "and get ready to learn the lesson you so badly need."

Lynn pushed with her clit directly and forcefully at Rose's aroused clit. The two clits were nearly identical in size, if not shape. Rose's clit seemed to center a little higher above the confluence of her inner labia, while Lynn's was beautifully formed right at the upper ridge of the merged labia. Erect and tall they pushed against each other. Rose used her firm clit to try to push Lynn's clit downward, as if to sink it deep into the folds from which it was formed. She pushed and pushed as Lynn pushed back in an upward direction, trying to force Rose's clit up and into the furry thatch that adorned her mound. Neither woman was actually successful, but the intense pushing was a very erotic war. Both women could feel their clits being stretched in the direction of the force. The slippery texture prevented them from pushing too hard or they would just slide right across each other. From time to time they did just that and they would line up again and renew their pushing match. After a few minutes of stalemate here, Lynn began to roughly push her clit sideways back and forth in powerful thrusts across the very spine of Rose's clit. The two clits would meet, flex, slide across each other, and spring back when Lynn's motion carried her clit to the other side. This motion was what began sending them zooming to the "top of the elevator." The wonderful feelings were now competing equally with their competitive feelings. Lust had caught up with the desire for control. Both women began vigorous humping, sliding, and grinding of their clits in direct contact. Lynn, aghast that she would let the words escape, caught herself saying, "Fuck!" Rose followed Lynn's exclamation with one of her own, "Fuck, fuck." Both women recognized the imminence of their orgasms and began to match thrusts and grinds between clits with verbal battle. They used only one word. "Fuck!" Sometimes they would say it once, sometimes more, but with each little grind or push they would stare at their opponent and say the word. It was as if by saying fuck they could speed up the orgasm of the other. Those tactics might very well have worked because after just a couple of minutes of this one of them lost it. Screaming loudly above the volume of the other voices, Rose yelled "Fuck, fuck, fuck me, fuck me again, fuck me some more, fuck meeeee!" In only twelve or thirteen seconds, before Rose's shouting had even stopped, Lynn shot over the edge as well. Her orgasm began in her clit and spread like a raging wildfire through her loins, up into every cell of her body, convulsing her muscles as it spread. The two women kept up their grinding until the last spasms of orgasm had slipped away. Lynn had beaten Rose. "Wow! That was incredible," Lynn exclaimed. "I whipped your pussy good, just like I said I would. What do you have to say now, old woman!" spat Lynn.

"You're just a lucky bitch. You'll never be the woman I am. So quit your gloating and let me get up from here so I don't have to touch you anymore." With that the women separated and went to clean up in turns. The hour was late on that Wednesday evening. Now they made plans to rest, eat and start again in the morning with the final round (?) of the round robin sex fight tournament. After four rounds down and one to go the standings were now as follows: 1) Lynn = 7 wins, 2) Rose and Jenny tied with 6 wins, 4) Sue not far behind with 5 wins. This competition had turned out to be very competitive. None of the women had ever done any of this sexfighting before and so it was all new to them. In just a few short days, though, the competition had become almost second nature to them. They talked about the contests. When not preparing for the next fight they could sort of remove themselves from the heat of the battle and discuss the events almost like sportscasters. A this point in the proceedings Rose, Jenny, and Sue were reminded of the feelings that precipitated all of this sexy warring. Lynn and her behavior at the golf course had really set the stage for all of this, and now that she was ahead they were a little miffed about it. Each knew that tomorrow would bring the final round in their planned tournament. Each had suffered some pretty severe pain and muscle torture, and as intently as they wanted to settle the score, it was decided that they would take Thursday off, go their own way, return for a rendezvous in the late afternoon and go out for dinner again in the evening. They would go to bed early and then, with a day of rest behind them they would resume their battle on Friday.

Rose was the only contestant left who had not yet chosen a method of sexy battle. "What would it be?" the others wondered. The events up to now had been very hotly contested, even if the rules hadn't always been followed. No one complained about the twisted use of the rules. It was as if they respected each other because of the intense desire to win that showed through in the heat of their battles. What would tomorrow and Friday bring? They all wondered, but they also knew that it would be incredible fun. They could hardly wait.