(By HGHunt)

Round 3-2

Waiting an hour provided Rose time to recover and freshen up for her match that was set to follow with Lynn. Winning Sue freshened herself too and continued acting like she was the queen of the world for overcoming her dismal start to whip Rose in the first oral sexfight. Lynn had seen all that happened and she thought that Rose had cheated and that she probably would do so again if given the chance. Lynn was supremely confident that she would be able to out-duel Rose with her own tongue, after seeing Sue draw a powerful orgasm from Rose with her mouth. When it was time to begin and Sue and Jenny had taken their respective seats, Lynn walked out to the middle of the room, and with a naked Rose watching, took her clothes off and tossed them aside. Here it was: blonde vs redhead, C-cup vs D-cup, 37 vs 27. Two proud women stood eyeing each other. Rose didn't seem the least affected by her failing to win against Sue, and she strode confidently to within four feet of Lynn. Then the battle of words began. Lynn spoke first, "Alright sleazy one, are you ready to go down for the second time? I'm about to split you wide open and give you the fastest mouth fucking you have ever had. I'll have you crying and begging me to stop before Sue over there has even cooled off."

Rose arched her shoulders back to force her already large tits forward towards Lynn and then retorted, "Not a chance, young hussy bitch. You don't stand a chance against a real woman like me. I can already see you aching to get to my body, but messing with me will be your worst nightmare."

With that they began circling each other in cat-like crouches. Breasts swayed from side to side as they feinted one way and then the other. Legs kept moving from side to side as they narrowed the distance between them. Both pairs of arms leaped forward and grabbed the other by the elbows. They began jerking and pushing, trying to throw the other woman off balance. Lynn quickly let go of Rose's elbows, dropped low and dove at Rose's legs. Rose let go of Lynn's arms and tried to leap backward with both feet, but her left leg was too far forward and Lynn grabbed it with both hands and lifted. (Her brother use to be a high school wrestler, and she had watched that move many times at his meets.) Rose lost her balance and fell backwards. Lynn was on top of her like a cat. She leaped directly on top of Rose, wrapping her legs around Rose's upper legs and grabbing Rose's arms in a very swift move. Rose bucked and kicked and arched her back trying to unseat Lynn, but Lynn maintained control. Lynn found her naked body pressing down as hard as she could on Rose. Her crotch was right on top of Rose's thickly furred mound and her breasts were trying to make pancakes of Rose's D-cup tits. No luck there. Rose's tits and nipples were objecting to Lynn's invasion and were poking back, sparking the same wonderful feelings they had shared in their earlier titfight. Lynn began to kiss Rose full on the lips. Rose tried to keep her mouth closed to the invading tongue, but after a minute she tired of the effort and allowed Lynn access to the inside of her mouth. Lynn worked hard to establish tongue dominance, pushing and grinding against Rose's tongue, usually within the confines of Rose's mouth. She knew that orgasmic control would likely go to the one who had established dominance. In this position she was definitely dominant. If it had been a wrestling match, Rose would have been pinned minutes ago, lying flat on her back and Lynn riding on top of her. What Lynn hadn't counted on was the position of her pussy. To wrap her legs around Rose she had to open up her legs to 'put the squeeze on' Rose's hips and legs. This caused her cunt to open up considerably. Lips splayed out to the side. Wet juice leaking out and dripping down into the thick fur of Rose's equally lubricated cunt. Lynn's clit was distinctly free of the protection of her parted labia. The struggle to maintain the upper position wasn't as intense as in the first seconds of her take-down, but it still continued as Rose tried to roll away or bounce Lynn from her perch. That bouncing motion was setting off Lynn's clit in joyous pleasure. Rose's lush patch was literally fucking Lynn's cunt. Lynn new she had control, for now, but she also knew the stirrings would grow stronger and stronger unless she changed position. In fact Rose was quite aware of the vulnerability of Lynn's pussy and she reached around with her arms to pull Lynn's ass hard into her every time she lurched upward, thereby increasing the friction and force on Lynn's clit. Even though Lynn was on top and winning the kiss fight, Rose felt she had an advantage with the position of her bush grinding into Lynn's clit.

Lynn abruptly ended her kiss attack and swung her right leg out from under Rose and splayed it wide for support, grabbed Rose's right shoulder and tried to swing her over on to her stomach. Rose resisted and with the intense effort they stalemated in mid-move. The intense muscle effort could not be maintained and Lynn lurched across Rose's body cross-wise and grabbed her right leg with her left arm and pulled it up while simultaneously trying to wrap her right arm around Rose's head. The move required her to push back with her right leg and Rose managed to hook it with her left arm and pull towards her. They were both in very awkward positions. No real control existed for either woman. Lynn couldn't keep her right arm around Rose's head as Rose pushed hard with her leg to pull Lynn's left arm down and away. Lynn was forced to decide which she wanted to keep hold of and she chose the leg. Rose took this opportunity to roll over on to her stomach and even managed to work up to a position on her hands and knees, one arm wrapped around Lynn's right leg, and her own right leg in the grip of Lynn, who was facing the opposite way. Once again, stalemate. Rose tried to move quickly to her right to try to grab Lynn's other leg, but Lynn was quick and moved clockwise just as fast to avoid it. Both women felt the futility of their current position and almost by some unspoken agreement they let go of each other's leg and slid their bodies backwards until, still on hands and knees they faced each other again. Both rose to stand on knees facing each other and inched forward. This time they let their tits come together first, and like before began a nipple duel. Both knew this could only last so long, but it was a pleasant interlude from the exertions of their wrestling. For nearly five minutes they jousted nipples against each other, this time though they were far more intent on sexual stimulation than in their titfight. Since both had long nipples, they often would slide their nipples alongside the others. Full length nipple friction excited both women. They eventually began a rhythmic motion that kept their nipples riding side by side touching in both forward and backward directions. Nipple fucking is what it looked like. Rose's inch-long cherry red nips doing the nasty dance with Lynn's 3/4" dark pink nipples. The electricity between them was growing and again, without a word being spoken they stopped, each lay on their left side, aligning their heads even with the others' breasts. Mouths went to work. Rose began running her tongue around Lynn's pointy right nipple while Lynn did the same to her. Rose pulled that precious tit-topper into her mouth and rolled it around with her tongue. She sucked it deep. She opened her mouth wide and tried to inhale as much of Lynn's tit as she could. She managed to get quite a bit of it inside. She held it there as long as she could and then she began the mouth magic on Lynn's other breast. Lynn was equally busy licking, sucking, and teasing Rose's long nipples. Lynn was actually surprised at how much she liked this. Titty sucking was lots of fun, especially when her own titties were getting royal treatment. Lynn began realizing the horniness she felt and as she began to think about her own pleasure, Rose made a deep moan, indicating to Lynn that she too, was affected. Sensing the need to get Rose moving towards an orgasm, Lynn quickly rolled Rose onto her back and crawled over her to seek Rose's cunt for her tongue. Rose would not oblige by opening her legs and with a quick move of her own she rolled Lynn onto her back and swung away and around behind Lynn. Rose dropped into place with her face buried in Lynn's blonde pubic hair and her arms wrapped tightly around Lynn's hips. Lynn's legs were closed but Rose began licking and poking with her tongue into that soft blonde patch, diving as deeply into the cleft as Lynn's tightly closed legs would allow. Lynn tried rolling over, but Rose's tight grip allowed her to roll right with her and keep poking her tongue down into that fragrant patch. She could taste the juices of Lynn's cunt that were seeping out onto her lips. Forcing her face and mouth as deeply as she could she reached in with her tongue far enough to feel the slick shaved lips. Forcing down, forcing down, she kept up the pressure of her face and tongue, licking at the uppermost region of Lynn's pretty pink slit. By continuing the pressure and the tonguing action Lynn began to give way. Her upper legs relaxed a little, allowing more direct access to her pussy from Rose's tongue. Rose dove right in. At each further relaxation of Lynn's leg, Rose dove deeper. After a minute of this, and sensing that Lynn wasn't going to squash her head, Rose took her hands from around Lynn's hips and used them to pry her legs even farther apart. Now she had total access to Lynn's parted pussy lips. With wild abandon she began sucking every part of Lynn's pussy into her mouth. First she drew in deeply the left labia, then the right, then her clit. She pulled the flaps inside her mouth, stretched them out and did it again. Rose was having a great time now, so much so in fact that she could feel her womanly need rising again in her crotch. Being on top she felt she was in control and she knew Lynn was wantonly accepting the tonguing she was getting, so Rose thought she could afford to get a little for herself and she threw her right leg up over Lynn's head and lowered her highly aromatic pussy down towards Lynn's face. Lynn, in her condition, relished the chance to do a little tonguing of her own. She too set about with wild abandon to give Rose the best 'eating' of her life. The sex rivalry was in full swing now! Just as in the first match, Rose was 69ing for all she was worth trying to prove she was the better oral lover. She had a head start, but Lynn was catching up. Rose could feel her loins tensing. She would slide her cunt up and down over Lynn's pretty face. She would nestle her thick furry lips around Lynn's nose and push back hard to try to get her nose deep into her cleft. Of course, Lynn too was rocking away at Rose. Lynn knew she had some staying power left. Even though she was horny as could be, she thought her orgasm was at least five minutes away and so she started to do some gentle teasing of Rose's clit. She licked around its circumference several times. Then she used the tip of her tongue to push it back as though trying to push it inside Rose. She licked it in up and down motions. She could tell by Rose's moans that she was pushing her towards orgasm as well. She bit gently on Rose's clit with her teeth. She pulled it out in a stretching and then re-attacked it with her tongue. Having noticed Rosemary's fucking her nose, Lynn thought that a double action would probably put Rose over the edge. She lined up her nose with Rose's very wet pussy and her tongue with her fully engorged clit and proceeded to use both. Burying her nose as deeply into Rose's pussy as she could and swirling her tongue as vigorously around her clit as possible she was aiming for a home run. Rose was busy down in Lynn's juicy cunt too. As Rose felt the pace of her impending orgasm begin to quicken, she decided to pull out her last trick. As both women were grinding against the other's faces, both racing the other, Rose in her last ounce of willpower, pulled slightly away from Lynn and lowered her head even further towards the floor and in one quick stroke stuck her tongue inside Lynn's ass hole. Lynn, thinking she had at least a couple of more minutes before she would lose control was completely surprised. Her anus was exceptionally erogenous and Rose had found it! Wham! She instantly felt a quickening of her orgasmic pace. She tried to reach up farther with her head and tongue-fuck Rose, but her orgasm was overtaking her. She let out a cry of anguish and pleasure, "Oh yes! Oh yes! Lick my ass! Fuck, fuck, fuck!" She shivered and shook for 45 seconds in the throes of her orgasm, and just as she came down she felt Rose's cunt slam back down on her face. Rose now went after her own orgasm with a vengeance. She literally fucked Lynn's face for the next two minutes. She rubbed every which way, smearing her love juices all over Lynn's face and hair. Lynn cooperated fully, enjoying it even. Rose grunted right through her orgasm, "Unghhh, ungghhh, uhhh, oooh, uummm." Not exactly Shakespeare, but very true to her feelings. She slowed her face-fucking after about a minute and then slowly sat up and slid her pussy downward across Lynn's face and chest, spending a long moment rubbing her soaked pussy across Lynn's thick pointy nipples. She wiggled down onto each one and then fell off to lay on the floor. Both women's faces were totally shiny with the juices of the other. They lay there spent. Lynn got up first, looking at the other girls and said , "I almost had her you know. I'll get her next time."

Rose stood up to and in a mild retort said, "Next time. Same result. I've now beaten you three times in a row. And for the lot of you, better take notice, I've got five points now and I'm in the lead. There's no stopping me now. I'm the sexiest woman here and I'm going to keep on proving it."