(Adapted from a story by Amber)

I got an email from a woman and her husband from Wisconsin. After exchanging about 20 emails and numerous sessions in a chat room, we decided to meet. I had envisioned a really nice woman's clothing store, but we ended up at a Wal-Mart in a town not far from Rockford, Ill. I'll call this friend Pam.

Pam and I both wore business suits (but with no panty hose) as we had agreed: mine was navy blue, hers black. We each wore white blouses. Pam is pretty and has long blonde hair, as do I, but she is about an inch shorter and full breasted. I am 5'6", 34c, 128 pounds.

We agreed we would meet at Wal-Mart at 2 PM and that we would simply "shop around" in the Women's Clothing Department until we spotted each other. At 2:15 there was no sign of her...I figured she was a no show. Then, while I was looking at raincoats, someone bumped into me. I turned, and there was Pam only two feet from me.

Neither of us spoke, but we maintained eye contact for about 20 seconds. She was holding a pair of jeans in her hand. She turned to her husband and said, "I'm going to try these on." That was my cue.

I nervously waited several minutes then grabbed a pair slacks from a clothing rack...as though I were going to try them on. I walked to the fitting booths.

Pam's husband was standing in front of the end booth. As casually as I could, I pulled on the door and entered. Now I was face to face with Pam in this four-by-four booth and about to experiment with my fantasy while Pam's husband stood guard outside (he would knock three times rapidly if anyone around appeared to be suspicious).

Neither Pam nor I spoke...we just looked at each other, both breathing heavily. We took off our jackets and neatly hung them on the hooks in the booth. We placed our hands on our hips, and we slowly moved closer together.

Her breasts were bigger than mine, but mine were firmer...we lightly touched our breasts together through our white blouses, and after lightly touching we pushed them together firmly.

Then...we started to lightly bump our crotches together through our skirts while we were nose to nose, looking into each other's eyes. Already, I could feel myself getting very wet and excited.

Pam and I separated and stood several feet apart. She started to unbutton her blouse, and I matched her button for button. Once our blouses were open, she reached back and undid her bra...I did the same. Again, we put our hands on our hips, and, with our blouses still on but open in the front, we slowly moved into each other. Our nipples were nearly identical (half-dollar sized), and we flicked and brushed them together. For several minutes we had a little "titfight" by rubbing and pressing our breasts together.

Then Pam stood back again. I realized she was kind of taking control of our confrontation, but I didn't really care. She started to hike up her black skirt, and I did the same with my navy skirt. We were both wearing white panties, as we had agreed.

Again we moved slowly toward each other. We hesitated when our panty crotches were about one inch apart...and then she bumped me. It was just a quick little bump, crotch on crotch, but the feeling was electric! I literally shivered through my whole body.

I bumped her back. Then we started bumping in unison...bump, bump, bump, bump. Finally, we held and pressed our panty covered crotches together, and started rubbing our mounds together in circles. I was very wet, and very hot at this time. I wasn't sure I could last until the main event, so I pulled away.

This time I took the lead and removed my panties and dropped them on the floor. Pam did the same. We then unzipped our skirts and removed them. Now we were facing each other in this tiny fitting booth with open blouses and nothing else on but our heels. Pam's bush was full with curly brown pubic hair, even though she was very blonde. My bush, as full as hers, is blonde.

Again, we moved closer. We held our bushes very close, until only our pubic hair barely touched...blonde and brown. We moved back and forth and I could feel her pubic hair tickling mine. Again, she bumped me, bush on bush. Again...it sent a shiver through my whole body!

At this point I reached behind her and pulled her to me...breast to breast, belly to belly, and bush to bush. We got into some really frantic and heavy duty bush bumping and rubbing, but basically it was mound on mound...I wanted to really feel our pussy lips touch.

So...I backed Pam up until she was up against the wall. I pulled our mounds apart. Then I placed her left foot on the bench in the booth. She immediately realized what I was after. I placed my right foot on the other end of the bench. We were both "wide open," and we tilted our pelvises forward...before I knew it we were lip on lip. What a sensation!

Our lips were so slippery they glided together. As we touched and pulled them apart...our pussy lips would literally cling together a little before separating. We reached down with our fingers and pulled our own pussies as wide open as we could and then quickly touched, rubbed and bumped them together

Finally...we got into a lip on lip position and clung to each other's ass, and started to hump into each other in very quick and rapid movements. We were both so incredibly wet! Our clits were touching and our pussy-holes were open causing a sucking, squishing sound that, once we heard it, made us both moan with urgency! I knew that neither of us could last much longer.

We just kept humping harder and faster, harder and faster...I felt the orgasm building within. My legs became weak as I started to cum. She knew at that point she had lasted longer, but I could see she wanted to cum herself.

I was feeling limp and could barely stand on my heels as she frantically humped into me. Finally...she, too, did cum. We separated our pussies, both of us dripping wet and panting. We started to dress.

"Guess you won this one," I said, but it was obvious I didn't care too much. It was the first words either of us had spoken. This had been an incredible experience.

We talked for a while later. Pam did convince me, as a reward to her husband, to do a little "pussy touching" in their van (it had tinted windows), so he could watch. We didn't undress, but we hiked up our skirts and touched and rubbed together while he jacked off...he was done in about 2 minutes!

Whether or not we will meet again...I don't know. First, I just need to let this experience sink in.