I hadn't been this excited about videotaping a sexfight in a long time. Two beautiful, sexual, undefeated sexfighters were facing each other. Both were willing to spread open her legs wide and compete pussy-to-pussy only. No fingers. Just wet lips and hard-on clits. "So, you ready to start this?" asked Alexis. "You ready?" replied Veronika, "Ready to lose?" I had no idea it would take almost 82 minutes before only 1 woman would remain undefeated!

They had been introduced to each other just 15 minutes earlier. Now they were totally naked and grinding their pussies into each other! They kissed deeply and often. Each woman searched for a weakness in the other. "You like getting fucked by me, don't you?" asked Alexis. Veronika shot back, "I'm fucking YOU!" The action was non-stop. Sometimes slow and probing, more often times fast and hard!

This sexfight was competitive but friendly. They teased and taunted, attacked and retreated. This is the video to show your wife or girlfriend if you want her to try sexfighting. She won't be turned off or scared away by cruelty or meanness. She will see 2 women competing as hard as they know how, but having a great time in the process! This is a great "couples" video!

"It's just you and me!" Veronika said. "And our clits!" Alexis shot back. Both sexfighters touched clits and ground them together. "Is your clit swollen?" asked Veronika. Alexis answered, "Yeah! Yours is pretty hard, too!" They chased each other around the mats. It was hard to follow them at times!

After more than an hour of hard sexfighting each woman had forced 3 orgasms from her opponent, including 1 mutual orgasm. They both lay on the mats exhausted and neither wanted to continue.  However, I insisted that it could not end in a tie. So they took a 15 minute break, drank some cold water, visited the ladies room, and returned to finish it once and for all!

The pace of the sexfight increased as each woman knew her stamina was low. One more quick orgasm and the match would be over. They had been grinding pussies and clits for over an hour as each fought for top position. "You know you want to cream all over my pussy, it's so fuckin' wet right now!" said Veronika from underneath as Alexis continued to grind! "I'm sliding all over it!" answered Alexis just before Veronika rolled her over and started grinding down from the top position. An amazing sexfight and one you will watch over and over again!