Mandy has had two sexfights with Joslyn (CFC116 & CFC122) and was unable to defeat her each time. Joslyn's experience was just too much for Mandy. This third encounter had more at stake. Joslyn was out to take Mandy's SEXFIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE away. With "Anything Goes" rules and the 60 minute time limit Joslyn took the first orgasm from Mandy using scissor trib. Mandy took the second orgasm to tie the score. From there the women traded orgasms back and forth until Joslyn forced Mandy to orgasm four times in a row. I thought it was over but Mandy fought back and forced Joslyn to orgasm three times in a row. Dirty deep fingering, oral sex, sixty-nine, double dildo, clitfighting, pussy pinching, rodeo trib, scissor and straddle trib laced with name calling and dirty talk, it goes back and forth to a surprising ending that begs for another fight. This video is amazing! Choose the FULL version or any of the 6 smaller videoclips.