This is a young vs old rematch. Veteran Amber defeated first-timer Laci by just 1 point in their initial sexfight(CF92). Now Laci has a winning record and has learned a lot since her loss to Amber and she finally has her chance for revenge. Breast-to-breast back and forth, both women swung their breasts into each other. Amber's breasts were bigger than Laci's and by the end of the 60 minutes you see how red Laci's breasts are. Bruises began to show an hour after the match was over. She really took a beating from Amber. It was extremely painful for both women and each suffered but never backed down. Their trib was never gentle. Clit-to-clit they pounded into each other. Their fingers clamped and squeezed each other's breasts eliciting groans and squeals as each woman fought on while enduring the pain. Lots of fingering, breast attacks and trib. This sexfight features two tough blondes, each using her breasts as a weapons, trying to force the other to quit and sexually dominate the other.