Two dominant women make this a sexfight of control. Each woman wanted to be on top and force the other onto her back. Alissa, bigger and heavier than Mandy and just as strong, is a more experienced wrestler. No matter how hard Mandy tried she could not hold her down. Early on Mandy threatened to punch Alissa in anger and we stopped until I could calm them down but the animosity remained. Good camera shots were hard to maintain as they threw each other around the mat. Mandy taunted Alissa which only frustrated her more. She wanted to humiliate Alissa and, at one point, treated her like her own personal doll, jumping onto her back and riding her like a pony. Their trib was rough and meant to hurt. Lots of wrestling in this domination sexfight and lots of animosity. These women still have a score to settle as a bitter rivalry was born.